The Fizz’s Big East Bowl Projections: How the Final Two Weeks Will Unfold

Where will Syracuse end up playing in the postseason? We shake up the magic 8-ball.

Syracuse wraps up its regular season today in Philadelphia, so it’s officially time to start projecting the bowl bids in the Big East. We know the Orange is eligible, and unless a bizarre set of upsets happen across the league over the final two weeks, SU is essentially guaranteed a bowl spot because of how few teams will get to six wins in conference.

Here’s how The Fizz sees the season and bowl bids unfolding:

Friday: Syracuse beats Temple on the road, Cincinnati defeats USF at home.

Saturday: Louisville drubs UConn at home, Rutgers travels to Pitt and wins.

Thursday: Rutgers knocks off Louisville at home on national television.

Next Saturday: Cincy goes to UConn and wins, USF beats Pitt in Tampa.

That will mean the final standings look like this:

Rutgers 7-0, 11-1

Louisville 5-2, 10-2

Cincinnati 5-2, 9-3

Syracuse 5-2, 7-5

Temple 2-5, 4-7

USF 2-5, 4-8

UConn 1-6, 4-8

Pitt, 1-6, 4-8

By virtue of winning the conference, Rutgers will get the bid into the BCS game – heading to Miami for the Orange Bowl. The Fizz projects Florida State winning the ACC, and facing the Scarlet Knights.

Three teams would be tied for second place at 5-2, and SU, Cincy and Louisville would have all lost to one another, so here’s the Big East tie-breaking:

All three teams have either a 6-1 or 5-2 record and have each won one game and lost one game against the other tied teams in the mini-conference. In this case, the highest ranked team amongst the three earns the bid. If two of the three teams are tied for the highest ranking, the bid is earned by the team winning the head-to-head match up.

So let’s assume the Cardinals are ranked, meaning they’re the Big East’s 2-seed and the Russell Athletic Bowl will take them. UofL will take on Clemson down in Orlando.

By virtue of beating Syracuse, the Bearcats become the three-seed. The Belk Bowl takes Cincinnati, and pairs them with Georgia Tech.

Meaning Syracuse is the four-seed again in the Big East, and the Pinstripe Bowl comes calling for the second time in three years. However, it’s a juicy matchup. As the Big 12’s team, the Orange will battle TCU at Yankee Stadium.

(Update: This post originally had SU taking on Texas. Correction, the Pinstripe has the Big 12’s seventh team. If Texas loses to Kansas State this weekend, and Texas Tech and TCU both win, UT could drop to 6th. So instead of the Horns, let’s put the Horned Frogs against the Orange in the Bronx. Still a fun matchup with some sizzle.)

In our standings, no other Big East team will finish bowl eligible.

That’s how we see it playing out. Note that bowls are not obligated to take teams based on order of finish. So who knows, maybe the decision-makers down in Orlando or Charlotte love Otto the Orange so damn much, they ignore the tie-breakers and dial Doc Gross. But playing in the postseason is a delicious end to the season no matter where.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. Russell MacEachern

    Thats as well thought and laid out as any projections I’ve seen and I agree!!Especially as we”ve EXCEEDED the dire projections everyone else had for “Cuse”(except Ron who had us in the NC game) in preseason and came a LONG way from last years collapse. Win “we will” or lose today congratulations fellas on proveing u can never write off Cuse football!!

  2. Russell MacEachern

    SU31-Temple20…SU finishes regular season 7-5 as per my preseason projection!!…bowl announcement soon,…hopefully in front of the hometown fans and recruits in da Bronx!!!How great would it be to beat Texas in the Yankees house?

  3. Holy Orangemen,everyone had us playing either West Virginia or Iowa State in the Pinstripe Bowl instead your predicting the Texas Longhorns!!! UNBELIEVABLE AND UTTERLY FANTASTIC.

    I was going to respond to the post on the other thread about Syracuse being 3-8 and another person saying we were just a few points from going 8-3,but didn’t.

    If Syracuse wins today against Temple and goes 7-5,except for those self inflicted,foolish mistakes in the early part of the season against Rutgers,Cincinnati,Minnesota and Northwestern,Syracuse would have finished the season at 11-1 and I wouldn’t have been too far off of my prediction on their over-all record.

    Again I want to congratulate you on your prediction of them going 7-5. It’s right on target friend,good job.

    I will remember 2012 as the year that Syracuse under achieved and let the season slip away by not realizing their potential. On the 25th anniversary of Syracuse going 11-0-1,wouldn’t it have been nice to have them go 12-0 and headed to the National Championship Game? Isn’t that what dreams are made of? For me,what could have been for this team’s 2012 season will never be forgotten.

    Russell,moving onto the high school championships today and tomorrow and won’t get a chance to watch the game. UGGGGGGHHHHHH!

  4. @Russell MacEachern;If they do get chosen for the Pinstripe Bowl and if you are going we’re going to have to make plans as to where and when we can have a drink or a sandwich together and talk some about football and changes to what 2012 has brought to college football. Looking forwards to the Bowl Game.

  5. Wow, creepy and weird. A sandwich and a drink. Lets talk about changes to college football too, guy. Sounds tintillating. Get into my van, I have some candy, we can talk about changes to college football in 2012 too, kid.

  6. Great article, except for one point. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. The pinstripe bowl is a matchup between the big east 4th team, vs. the Big 12’s 7th team, not the 4th team as you have said. That places Syracuse in a showdown with either WVU, or Iowa State. Please corrct me if I’m mistaken.

  7. Vito ur a prick! @R&R are regulars….we dont take kindly to disrespecting the founding fathers….Real FANS gather? My uncles wanna have a drink in “da Bronx”…. get off their seasoned scrotum!

    * morning fellas!

  8. Unfortunately, there is no shot Texas falls to the pinstripe bowl.

  9. Pinstripe bowl is a bowl game but really not what SU needs. It will get lost in all the hoop law of the coming bowl season. Yes SU’s in a bowl game, but to grow they have to get out of their own “town” and show the ACC local talent their stuff. NYC game won’t do that. Maybe for BB but not for FB.

  10. I disagree Terry. Syracuse is clearly trying to sell it’s program in NYC, New Jersey, PA. What better way to put your goods on display in NYC and a venue like Yankee Stadium, than by playing down there where recruits can attend the game in their own backyard.If we sell our program to kids from the southeast, it wont be because we’re playing in some sterile environment like Charlotte, or Orlando where there are no Cuse fans in attendance. It will be because they were snubbed by the likes of Clemson, Va Tech, FSU, ect. The more connection we have with NYC, the better.

  11. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I hope it stays at 31-20…exactly my prediction!!!3 minutes left!!!

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Ron, this Vitella,he thinks were kids …Effinn greaser ggrrr…Id like to catch him in a bar in Hells kitchen and give him an Irish kiss Ggggrrr,the guys a real fruit and I dont mean Orange,he shows on the fizz when hes not doing the rounds on the Minnesota strip!!

  13. Russell MacEachern

    I heard about Texas possibility on their last loss as a possibility as WVU dont really want to play us lol!!When TCU beat them announcer said it could be a possibility!!Last week?I forget?

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Im glad u were able to control urself per “no comment” on previous thread as u know I call it w/o the glasses and thankfully so does my nephew!!

  15. Russell MacEachern

    CONGRATULATIONS on a WINNING season and not JUST 6-6!!Now we’ll have a plus season whatever happens in a bowl”we’ll win”!!Ron,Vito probably took ur working hs game as your a hs player!?!?

  16. Russell MacEachern

    Some of us are small thinkers,Texas aint our powerhouse of years gone by….no wonder people dont respect us when u think small how good are ya?They get their pick of recruits yet the last 2 years there not good,Im not sure they even made a bowl last year!!

  17. Decent year for the players and HCDM/dougie!! but still feel College FB is more a national sport for recognition and talent. For SU to grew firmly they must be acknowledged outside the NE too!! So the Pinstripe would be OK for local insight but not national. ACC is a coming and the talent level now SU has will not match up well at all. We need national attention to be just competitive.The Belk bowl would be nice for talent to see SU outside the weak talented NY area. Its just the facts. SORRY!!

  18. Russell MacEachern

    But a chance to beat their BRAND?How great would that be?I hope more of our fans have confidence in our guys to play the real brands!!

  19. Good game today …good seeing AAM coming out of the woodwork and doing work. One thing I realized is that this is the first season in awhile where we aren’t relying on senior running backs and how important it is when you’re grooming a new QB next year to have two proven workhorses he can rely on in Smith and PTG. Good to see that AAM will be right there in the mix too.

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Now TCU had no problem with the “big boy”!!And just a year after they came to the BE “us” hat in hand!!

  21. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah Derek and Ron says G.Morris is the best of all them,just needed grooming!!.good point as next year the RG is gonna have to carry the O!!

  22. Very nice job… congratulations to DM and the team.
    I was clearly wrong! DM has ended the season
    with a string of nice wins. Good solid football.
    Not the toughest opponents but win is a win.
    He has had a successful season regardless of
    what happens in whichever Bowl. He deserves
    the opportunity to lead us into the ACC.
    Again… He has made a believer out of me…
    Good job!

  23. I’m excited about G. Morris too. I’ve been high on him since before he committed to ‘cuse. I just think that with the way Smith and PTG are running, he won’t see much time on the field until his RS Sophomore year.

  24. Russell MacEachern

    @Cuse309,u may be right but I just passed on what I heard the announcers say on the B12 network TCU/UT game,Im just speculating friend!!I hope we get them I really dont want Iowa St as RU drummed them last year and they have no brand!!

  25. Russell MacEachern

    Very classy Cuse17,thank you!!

  26. Russell MacEachern

    and I also still aint 100% sold but we are solid and appear to be improving!!

  27. Section 129 Smitty

    Heres the thing we just beat Temple to finish very respected 5-2 in the Big East. Upsets always happen and those predictions have the favorite winning every game. There will be an upset in one or two of those remaining games and SU will finish eihter 2nd or 3rd. I still see us playing WV in the PinStripe because that would sell out as WV travels well and is a rivalry game.

  28. Russell MacEachern

    Ya know Smitty it could be and should be who comes as I was on their board reading their comments and some want to gat “payback” for the butt whippin we gave them last year and they have a ton of alumni in NJ and downstate!!Id prefer them to ISU who lost there to RU last year!!

  29. Just to correct you guys, Charlotte is not a sterile environment. Half of upstate NY lives in the Carolina’s now and Cuse along with Sabres/Bills pack it down here. Cuse would have huge attendance numbers in the Belk Bowl. I think it would be a better bowl for Cuse for future ACC recruiting.

  30. Cuse309 – thanks for catching that. I thought the Pinstripe got the Big 12’s 6th seed – and was hoping for Texas to drop there. You’re right – it’s the seventh pick. So let’s hope for some reshuffling and TCU to fall to the Pinstripe Bowl. I’d like to see the Horns vs. the Orange. Thanks for chiming in everyone. Go Orange!

  31. @Vito;are you any relation to a guy named Terrie?
    You have a problem with two guys getting together to have drink and a brew to talk some football. If you have a problem meeting my Irish friend in a bar to get bitch slapped by him,you surly don’t want to meet me then,because you see I don’t have to be in a bar to bitch slap someone,I’d pull you out the drivers window of your drug filled van,just to get a laugh.

  32. Well fellas I feel a little vindicated after today’s game and will explain a little later.
    But first”Cuse17″ like I said in a earlier post it takes a big man to admit he made a mistake and that he was wrong. Good job and your apology accepted.

    @Russell MacEachern,except for the new clown called vito,we had some excellent post from the membership and even got some backing/support from the big-dipper. Family sticks together and I’ve come to appreciate the banter discussing one’s opinion that we all share when trying to make our points of interest known to the rest of the membership.
    But Russell”KING OF THE ONE LINERS” you hit the over-all record right on the money. Great job friend,great job.

    To all of the rest who have posted here during the year,if you can make it to the(Pinstripe) bowl,we should make a strong effort to meet there and introduce ourselves to each other. Wouldn’t that be a blast over a beer? Not trying to scare anyone away but Vitro,you wouldn’t be welcomed so stay away ok.

    Go Cuse;

  33. Fizz Family;
    I felt vindicated because of the ground game Syracuse displayed this year. Prince Tyson Gulley, Adonis Ameen Moore and the power running of Jerome Smith.

    I made the statement after the Spring football Game that these players all looked good. But I also said the best running back in that game was George Morris III.

    Let’s face it no one and I mean NO ONE saw the year coming that Jerome Smith had this year. I think he passed the 1000 yard mark. Adonis Ameen Moore,How many TD’s this year,7 or 8? His main goal was to be the wrecking ball this year and I guess he proved himself today,didn’t he? Prince-Tyson Gulley, what can I say? He plays the game with heart and gives all he’s got every weekend. I’m glad that he chose Syracuse to play the game. The future looks great and the sun is starting to shine brightly on the Orangemen.

    For all of those fans out there who feel that Syracuse’s Offensive and Defensive Lines are going to suffer in 2013,look at the recruits that are coming in and then look at the schedule. Syracuse isn’t going to lose a damn thing,Coach Marrone is going to be our head coach and we’re headed to the ACC for better competition.

    What more do you need as a member of the ORANGE NATION?

    Jackie Gleason use to say,”How sweet it is”. So I want to say”How sweet it is”.

  34. Section 129 Smitty

    I went to the last pinstripe bowl and the section 129 crew plans on going again.

  35. @Russell MacEachern;
    Texas is struggling again this year,I can’t believe it. I mean don’t they shut the state of Texas down year in and year out by getting all of that 4/5 star talent that’s there? I mean come on,how can that be?

    And Russell your guess was correct,they did not go to a bowl game last year with a 5-7 over all record. I think that someone reported that the 5-7 record was probably the worst in Texas’s history. But they still love Coach Brown!!

  36. @Section 129 Smitty,
    That’s great news. I,my son and some of his friends will be going to. I think it’s going to be a blast.

    I think we will be taking the Cazenovia Bus down again if it’s offered. Last year they had 8 buses out of Syracuse go down.

  37. @Russell MacEachern,Derek;

    Here’s a tantalizing thought;with George Morris III and Augustus Edwards in the same back field together.

    That would be equal portions of a powerful running game that could cause a seismic shift in the fault plain that could cause an earth quake while running the ball. Unlike anything that anyone of us has ever seen here at Syracuse University.

  38. @Russell MacEachern;

    good morning russell;hey after reading all of the post again this morning I noticed that I made a couple of mistakes and would like to correct them.
    1st–I said meet for a drink and a brew,(should have read drink and a sandwich.
    2nd–I said I took the Cazenovia Bus down to the bowl last year(should have been 2 years ago)
    Sorry everyone for the little mistakes.

  39. Great win! Cannot wait to hear who we’ll be matched up against in the Pinstripe Bowl! The way Syracuse closed the season makes me think we finally ‘learned how to win’. That’s the mark of great teams; you don’t need to blow teams out, you just need to execute and make more plays than the opponent in the close ones. I feel like the first half of the season we were on the opposite end of that…..

    With all this talk about Texas, it got me thinking…. How does Mack Brown still have his job?? With all the talent they assemble every single year – hand picking the ‘best of the best’ from TX, the on field performance has been pitiful the last few years. Clearly QB play is huge in college FB – glad to have NASSIB on the Hill!

  40. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,until late in this season Coach Brown WAS officially on the hot seat untill he put 3 wins in a row like “Dougie” and it “cooled off”lol…some of us (me)follow college football nationally from my gambling days!!Like I told u I used to live off the “book”!!

  41. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I really don’t care if you call me Irish or Scottish (dads a Scot,moms Irish just dont call me late for dinner!!Or kickoff lol!!Ron,usually Mac’s are Scot’s an Mc’s are Irish….tho not a rule along w/Welsh their all Gaelic…..wheres “sweet Vito?Probably at Bernies lol “weekend at Bernies”!Lol..if u get my drift??

  42. Well done SU !

    I’m still not a big fan of the offensive play calling . Especially in the first half , but the second half was much better , and it’s a huge win .

    Not only for the program , but it’s a great win for the seniors who busted their butts to get to a bowl again . take a bow guys , you deserve it !

    Doug , i’ve been a critic , especially the first half of this season . You made me a believer , as i’m sure you have for lots of other SU fans . So here’s more gatorade down your back !

    And let’s not forget to thank Pitt and Connecticut for their victories today !(and normally i would not even think of doing so )

    So i assume we tied for the BE title , as we played 1 more game in conference , and overall , than did Rutgurs . Did i read that correctly somewhere ?

    Well either way , great job guys !

    Now let’s go bowling !!

    One More Win !!!!

  43. w1ll somebody please explain to me ( why Louisville doesn’t get ask to join another conference ). Not that we would join, but you would think we would be ask. we have a descent T.V. Market the Metropolitan area is about a million plus we are the only show in town so it makes no sense.

  44. @Russell MacEachern;
    I apologize Russell if I offended you in any way about commenting on your heritage. I didn’t mean to do that at all. I learned long ago that both the Irish and Scott’s are proud people and wouldn’t say a bad thing about either of them.

  45. Congrats on a great, great season – vs a very tough schedule. The team will be ready for any opponent. Last time we played Texas, we won. Last two times we played West Virginia, we won. As for the move to the ACC, last time we played Clemson, we won 41-0. Last season we played Wake (who was #1 in that conf. ) and we won. Not really afraid of any of these teams. We are literally 1 or 2 turnovers (Rutgers, Cinncy and NW games) from being 9-3 and going to a BCS bowl. GO CUSE

  46. @HedgeHog;

    We played Clemson in the 1995/96 Gator Bowl down in Jacksonville. I have some great memories of that game,and your correct,we totally destroyed them.

    Great post.

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