NY Post Report: UConn Beating Syracuse in NYC Football Recruiting Battles


If you’re a Syracuse football fan, winning the New York City turf war is of huge importance. Too many elite players have left the Big Apple for greener pastures elsewhere in the past few years. If you can’t beat Notre Dame or Clemson to a kid, it’s understandable. Rutgers did a very good job under Crazy Eyes Schiano of dominating New Jersey, and now a shift to the B1G should help them even more. Syracuse is now in the ACC, so there should be some more success on the horizon in the 5 boroughs, right?

Maybe not.

A piece in the New York Post last week titled “UConn winning city’s football recruiting battle” highlighted the encroachment of UConn into what was Syracuse territory.

“The Empire Challenge is the culmination of the high school football careers of local prospects from New York City and Long Island. But last night’s lopsided contest at Hofstra University… also symbolized the start of Connecticut’s aggressive approach to talent in the area.

The city team, hammered by Long Island 40-8, featured three UConn-bound prospects in Christ the King tight end Jordan Fuchs, Beach Channel defensive tackle Fatukasi Folorunso and Poly Prep defensive end Cameron Stapleton.”

So how did the Huskies jump on three top New York kids? The loss of Doug Marrone’s staff opened the door.

“For years, Syracuse was attached to numerous players in the game, but a seismic shift occurred when Bronx native Doug Marrone left the Orange to take over as the Bills head coach, taking top city recruiter John Anselmo with him. Local high school coaches were said to be impressed by new Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer, who attended the All-City Dinner in January, but he has yet to see results.

‘We were always competing with them,’ UConn linebacker coach and city recruiter Jon Wholley said. ‘We got some of the guys [they were recruiting]. Losing people that had city connections like Doug Marrone and Anselmo definitely can help us.’”

Shafer’s crew, led by George McDonald and the General Lea, have made some big time dents in places like the Midwest. But maybe the Orange are trolling Illinois and Georgia because they’ve sacrificed NYC to the competition. There’s far more talent-laden grounds than the Big Apple for football. But should SU be still keeping some of its focus in-state?

“Taking a play from Syracuse’s playbook, UConn jumped on Folorunso and Stapleton early, before other Division I programs expressed interest, and landed early commitments. Fuchs picked UConn in January, but was focused on the Huskies since the spring of his junior year.

The three players lauded the dogged recruiting job by Wholley and comfort they felt at the school at the time of their commitments. Their coaches talked about the promise Pasqualoni and Wholley made about them being set for life and making sure they will be taken care of.”

Getting in early on recruits has been a Syracuse staple. And with the move to the ACC, while UConn languishes in conference purgatory, SU should be able to wrestle any kids it wants away from the Huskies. But you can’t expect to swoop in late. The new staff may need to be getting its feet on the ground as early as possible with kids in the Big Apple as well as other places.

“‘They have a genuine interest in you as a person, for you to grow on the field and in other aspects,’ Fuchs said.

Funny, that’s exactly what local recruits used to say about Syracuse.”

Low blow! Below the belt line from the Post. Players still say that about SU. The Orange just need to make sure its coming from the mouths of NYC players more often, not just those in far away states.

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  1. LouR says:

    Coach Shaf and Mac will get there act together for the next wave of recruits out of NYC, NJ and LI…

    Nassau CC will continue to be a recruiting pipeline for the Orange..

  2. wwxnash says:

    no mention on the on the abilities of those that are going to UCONN over Cuse.. Maybe they weren’t top on our list or that heavily recruited by us… Its all bunk anyway. Its all hype until they take the field and produce. Yawn….

  3. Good article DA;you’ve shed some light on a question my Friend Terry has been asking of you for some time now. Why are we losing NYC/LI Talent?

    Everyone and I mean everyone underestimates the ability of Coach Pasqualoni. You know,he’s the same person that Syracuse ran out of town long ago.

    What about the promise that was made to these kids? “Their coaches talked about the promise Pasqualoni and Wholley made about them being set for life and making sure they will be taken care of.”

    If I’m a kid being recruited,I’m walking away with the idea that no matter what happens,UCONN promised to take care of me for the rest of my life. Doesn’t that bring up the idea of money possibly passing hands? It does for me. HELLO NCAA INVESTAGATION COMMITTEE.

    Are you sure that this is top talent from the city? How is it that wehaven’y heard anything about any of these kids before this?

    The whole state of Connecticut is nothing more than a suburb.

    Can’t blame a kid who wants to stay close so that his family can come watch him play.
    It takes a 4 hour drive to get to Syracuse from the city. Compare that to hopping on a subway train and taking a 20-30 minute ride to UCONN to watch a game.

    You mentioned Marrone and John Anselmo as leaving for Buffalo. If they didn’t leave would they even have noticed those players at all or shone any interest in them at all?

    Everyone,even you had posted at one time if things hadn’t changed at UCONN,Pasqualoni would be gone at the end of the year. If I were any coach in the Northeast region,I wouldn’t underestimate the strenght of Coach Pasqualoni’s recruiting abilitites.

    Those are just a few of my concerns as to why UConn is beating Syracuse.

  4. orangeinva says:


    So UConn is getting talent from the NY city area- good for them. I’m glad 2nd level talent from the 5 boroughs has a place to go. Scout rated the 3 players(2 TE and a DT) mentioned as all 2 star recruits. Rivals listed them as 2-2 star and 1-3 star.

    Cuse recruited 2 TEs and 1 DT also//Scout rated them 1-2 star and 2-3 star..Rivals had them as ALL 3 star. It would appear that at these positions, CUSE recruited better.

    THIS year CUSE has 6 recruits..UCONN 2. Who is recruiting better and is the success of a program predicated on being able to recruit NY City only?

    The NY Post article is both a stretch in concept and wrong on paper.

  5. Matty says:

    Agree orangeinva. To a kid in NYC, Cuse is just as foreign as any other school…its just too far to be considered SU’s “backyard.” To Rutgers and UCONN, it is. Dr Gross has done a good job with the whole “NY’s Team” but the truth is, NYC folks could give a shit about upstate NY. While I’d love to grab those recruits, focusing on other area’s is not a bad thing…hell, go where we are getting some commitments…we keep getting spurned by the NYC kids so why keep focusing there. Midwest, FLA, GA, PA, MD and Upstate NY are ahead of NYC in my eyes. For football…basketball is a whole different ballgame.

  6. Eddie says:

    Syracuse is a member of a REAL conference.
    Obviously these student athletes aren’t thinking bowl games and TV exposure.

    The only good NY recruit I read about was in buffalo ad he was looking at Wisconsin, Surscuse an some other very high level schools.

    We lost a great recruiter in John Anslemo (NCCC), but we gained a George McDonald who has the South and Florida locked down.

    Not a major loss in my book

  7. Terry says:

    Ronster what the hell are you saying if joking or not. You said about UConn “money possibly passing hands” and they should be investaged by the NCAA. That’s classless and of no proof. Again your flipping attitude just went overboard!! I’m no real fan of Coach P or UConn, but I wouldn’t think anything or say that unless its true. Calm down!! Take a pill!

    Also Ronster on Syacuse.com there’s an article about Coach Moore and he hit on the head. Must read for all SU fans. He said they want players who want to be at SU. And not interested in players that think they would be god almighty(liberal use of words) for the SU program. He mention little things to-IPOD stuff. And the major effect of HS coaches. Great read.

  8. if you make a promise telling thewm if you come to my school,you’ll be taken care of for the rest of your life. Take it anyway you want to Terry. Sounds like the possibilty of money changing hands to me.

    promising a student that they would be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Get it fool.

    Oregon was just put on probation for 3 years. One of the major findings against the university,improper payments to individuals/recruits. It’s you Terry that needs to get a grip on reality,not I.

    And as far as Coach Pasqualoni goes,he’s got more class in his little toe,than you’ll ever have the rest of you live.

  9. I read it and I agree with everything Rob Moore said in the article. DiD it make you feel any better knowing what some of the problems were as to why Syracuse wasn’t getting the NYS/NYC recruits?

    As far as I’m concerned the new recruiting grounds for Syracuse are,the southern region,State of Goergia and the midwest.

    Did you notice what Rob said at the end of the article? The kids usually don’t succeed when they go to other schools. Why don’t you start to question the Fizz(as why they don’t do an article)on what the success rate is of NYS kids that leave and go elsewhere?

    Come on now Terry,it’s something new to bitch about over the next couple of years. I know you got it in you to do it. don’t let us down now.

  10. Terry says:

    Ronster cowboy or whom ever you are you looked at the wrong end of your horse and it sh*t on you. You are your own worse enemy!! I feel for you bro.

    Watched Gruden show last night. He’s really high in Ryan chances in the NFL(aired before the draft). Many blamed Ryan for the lack of success SU had in his years at SU. I have always been in his corner(also loved Shark to) and stuck up for him and gave it out to dougie for his mis-adventures. We will see how valuable Ryan was to this team this year. No one and I mean no one will play as good as his last 2 years at SU!! I only saw him on the playing field and no real live interviews!! He’s as smart as hell and Gruden reminded us of that. Again thank you Ryan for your play, guts and brains. That also goes for the Shark too!! Counting down the days to dump(like dougie did) the Big Least for the ACC!!!

  11. CuseOnly says:

    The recruits that UCAN’T is getting are from 2nd and third tier talent. NONE of them, i repeat NONE of them even has an offer from SU . Check these recruits offer lists, none of them have a BCS offer either, oops UCONN is now not a BCS offer either. Funny.

    The article itself is a joke and the fact that the Fizz lends credence to this garbage is even funnier.

    Did anyone do any research on these kids?

    Did UCAN’T land Holley, did they land anyone of note from that area? Has anyone heard of any of these kids?

  12. thesackster says:

    guys lets not get to excited about this uconn stuff ok.. look i’m not knocking these kids but we picked up other players from florida,etc and lets not forget we were also aggressive with juco players. theres only so many scholorships available. i’m putting my trust in this coaching staff to get this done period. moving ahead into the acc though we need to upgrade the football facilities .

  13. @Terry;

    your latest post indicates to me that your mind wanders an awful lot and is always taking you backwards. Ryan Nassib is history and so is Shamarko Thomas.

    What in sam’s hell do either one of those players have to do with your comments about UCONN out recruiting Syracuse in the Big Apple? Or have to do with you denigration of a 17 year old kid because he failed to qualify academically for admission to Syracuse University. Please remember,comparing anyone of the QB’s that might get the starters job and saying he won’t do as good as Ryan is so frigging stupid it isn’t funny. Ryan had three years as starting QB,and set the world on fire in his senior year. Not one of the current QB’s fighting for the job has played a down yet during a game. Your comparing apples to oranges,and the comparison is useless.

    So who’s horse sh*t on who? I know it isn’t mine.

    The only one that seems to think UCONN is out recruiting Syracuse is you and the idiots that work for the NY Post.

    Priceless man just priceless.

    Oh,I almost forgot; “Hi-Yo-Silver!,Away!”

  14. Terry says:

    You swollowed Silvers best it shows!!

  15. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,I read that last week in the NY Post!!It’s a teeribly researched article…none of those kids were even considered by RU or SU except maybe Fuch’s a little RU interest but no full court press!!Generally UConn will get ours and RU’s B list type kids or Jersey kids overlooked by RU like Donald Brown RB who wanted an RU scholly!Now and again they’ll beat us out but VERY RARELY if we really want him!PP was a good recruiter but his time past when we lost him and he’s STILL STUBBORN about GDL??I admire loyalty but to carry it to the degree he does?They (fans)hate the coaching staff in Storrs and want a young sexy hire!

  16. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,I respect Rob Moores accomplishments as a player and all I need to hear from him as a recruiter is “who did you sign”??I wonder if he’ll be able to continue as a NY/NJ recruiter now?You can’t win back NY with vinegar and by diss’n downstate kids!Right now I want to regain our traditional recruiting footprint!Sure,we all privately agree with him but sometimes the less said the better!He sounds “frustrated”!!

  17. Terry says:

    Russ great points, but I would think since the beginning of the dougie tenor SU has probably kissed a$$ all around NYC/LI!! And Coach Moore has a great point that the ones SU missed one you don’t hear alot about. That would play into SU hands, but still it doesn’t. Its something about the environment there that SU can’t get ahold of. Coach Moore was right about what SU wants. Players who WANT to be here at SU and no egotistic players who think they are gods gift to SU!! I’m starting to see that the NYC/LI area(and some upstate areas-Buffalo) is playing games against SU. No use to waste energy and $$$$ on those areas if they don’t want to wear orange. If a player from other states wants to badly play at SU sign him and screw the local areas that just refuse SU. Maybe in the long it will help SU. But now its nothing but a negative story!! I TRULY believe that Coach Moore and the SU Staff are shoved aside regularly in the 3 mentioned areas above and after awhile they just have to say/deal with its BS. Give’m hell Staff!! They just have to sign some of upper stared kids from out of state!! And they will!! 3 DAYS UNTIL IN THE ACC!! Bye lonely BIG LEAST!!

  18. @Russell MacEachern;

    Rob Moore was one of the best ever to play the game at Syracuse University,had a good NFL career and is now coaching at his alma mater. I respect the man and the things he has to say.

    I read the article,giving his thoughts as to why we don’t get the recruits from downstate. It’s a different world in which we live today Russell,than what you and I were raised in.

    If UCONN was getting the top talent out of the NYC/LI/NJ area over us,than that would be the time for concern. Members of this website have complained about losing the NYS talent,but when I posted earlier that Syracuse had reached out to 30 prospects and gave 23-24 scholarships to whom they felt were D1 players. I got ridiculed and was told that not all of the players should have been offered.

    It’s going to take time to change the recruits mind set about Syracuse University,but Russell with Goeorgia,Florida,JUCO players and the Midwest Region opening up for Syracuse,should we commit the energy and money into the NYC area for recruits? Shafer is making inroads into NJ and has offered over 30 scholarships to recruits within the state. NJ is a fertile recruiting area and Syracuse should make an all out effort there.

    In the end Russell,I think all things is going to work themselves out.

  19. Russell MacEachern says:

    I agree Ron,lets just show kids the love and build back our bridges by getting who we can where we can and win!Winning will straighten out most all of our recruiting shortcomings!Were at the point where were getting good talent again and by reaching a bowl yearly will be happy and proud again in Cuse football nation!….Get out the way ACC cause Cuse is coming!Look out,Here come da PAIN!!

  20. @Russell MacEachern;

    Terry made an excellant point about the NYC/LI/Buffalo areas playing games with Syracuse University.

    With that being said,it magnifies the problems set forth by the GROB hire and continued to some extent with the Marrone hire. Too many bridges were burnt with the high school coaches across NYS. GROB couldn’t find CBA or Henniger high schools within the city of Syracuse,let alone going after recruits like Brian Leonard out of Gouverneur NY. Doug Marrone focused all his energy on the NYC/LI areas trying to rebuild relationships with the coaches and ignored the upstate region. It wasn’t until his 3rd & 4th seasons that he realized that other regions had quality players also and started to show interest in those regions as well. Holding football camps out in Rochester for the players from Buffalo,Rochester areas was an effort that was “too little and to late”,which ended with one recruit Ashton Broyld.

    I think some of the problems was due to the timing of these hires. GROB an Marrone had to hit the trail running if they were to be successful,they didn’t. If your going to recruit the state you have to start early and stay with these recruits,stroking their egos and showing them love and consideration and help them if needed through difficult times. Helping them understand that academics is cruical to their success.

    Coach Shafer has a leg up on GROB and Marrone. He’s been here a couple of years now,knows what and where the talent is located and as head coach of the program has gone after it early. In the end I believe his efforts are going to pay off. I see a lot of good things happening at Syracuse,building trust again with the high school coaches and bringing the NYS talent to Syracuse is one of them. We the fans just have to be patient.


  21. Big weekend for the football program. Chad Mavety and a couple of other key recruits on campus this weekend. let’s hope they like what they see and commit to the Orange.

    Go CUSE;

  22. Chad Mavety won’t be on campus this weekend after all. Boy I hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come.

    Starting to worry a little now.

  23. Russell MacEachern says:

    Good analysis Ron,one more bit of information…Jimmy Hogan tried to give RU his commit yesterday but found it was given to Doug Bedell and he waited too long!Its a whole new ballgame at RU with the B1G affiliation and I found out the only DE’s they will accept from are Darius Slade of Montclair,NJ HS and some kid named Keihn from Maryland!I guess they will only take top rated guys with there last 7 schollies!!Damn Ron recruiting is crazier than the games!!I guess maybe we can grab Hogan now or Temple or UConn ..RU never before would turn away a 3* local kid like Hogan!!

  24. Russell MacEachern says:

    I meant Temple ,UConn and us (SU) are his only choices and were in the best situation with the ACC affiliation!

  25. Terry says:

    Mavety no-show or no-visit. The conspiracy continues!! Coach Moore hit it right on. Get players who want to be here and no prima-donna’s, Mavety before all of this seemed a solid SU get and still could be??? At least that’s what he implied!! Playing games!! God the staff has got to feel the stress from these kids!! Oh yeah these kids get a full ride education from a national University, but that’s not important!! Hang in there staff go elsewhere for now!! Some day these players will see the CUSE light. Just WIN!!

  26. Russell MacEachern says:

    @Ron,They made me look stupid??After the problem yesterday with Hogan’s attempt to commit they accepted it today with Kiy Hester’s of DePaul Catholic a 4* SS!20 commits with Jamie Herr of Elkton,MD OT expected to commit next!! Man,there gonna be done by July!

  27. Russell MacEachern says:

    @Terry,Mavety was never a lock…247 has him a heavy OSU lean and Mavety himself said “NO ONE is in the lead”Please don’t listen to everything these kids say or you’ll go nuts!I think were still in it but don’t fall in love till he signs!

  28. russell you have to remember that these are 17 and 18 year old kids wgho always think that it’s alway better somewhere else. After they get to where they committed to,sometimes they realize it’s not so rosie and that they’ve made a huge mistake.

    prime example Jason Bromley has played since day one since coming to Syracuse,and no doubt will go pro. Ishaq Williams committed to ND and has been a practice dummy for all of those blue chip players over the last 2 1/2 to 3 years and is hoping his name alone will get him into the NFL. Let’s see what their senior years bring and what happens after graduation in 2014.

    My money is on Jayson Bromley.


  29. Malone says:

    Mavety is still in the fold. I dont’ know the issue, but I am willing to assume it was weather related. There was an extremely violent storm that ripped through the NYC area. Not sure that was a factor or not, but I heard he is already rescheduling.

  30. @Russell McEachern;

    DE Jimmy Hogan 6-3/225(Ramapo HS)
    Franklin Lakes, NJ Committed to Rutgers on Friday.

  31. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,yeah Ron I posted it in above post with Kiy Hesters commitment!!@Malone,I know we had some storms but if the Yankee game was played I don’t like the feeling I get when these kids hem and haw!I’m getting a bad feeling!I think kids think we’ll wait forever and don’t worry about our offer?I hope Im wrong?

  32. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,Hogan is 6’5″225 not 6’3″!

  33. Cuse17 says:

    If Shafer is going to get us back to respectability he needs to get back in bed with the NYS kids and coaches. Miami lost their local connections and lost their edge. It’s easier to work local kids and create a buzz. It takes time, once you loose it, but you need camps, local scrimmages etc. take a look at Miami’s 2014 recent commits..highly ranked.. Lots of Fl, a lot from recent camps. It takes time! Look at SU basketball…Syracuse, Canada, Philly,…..Jimmy doesn’t have to go far!
    Also remember….Coach P was a classy guy with a good reputation in the Ct area. He did us solid and while results weren’t always great..we and he were respected. Coach P is a big draw to NYC area coaches ,kids and parents. How else could they recruit with their conference issues.

  34. Brick City Russ="wink" says:

    Cuse17,actually that article is bogus/biased UConn recruiting is so bad there fanbase is in “revolt” this year…some are going so far as to consider dropping FB?I go to the “boneyard”(UConn’s board)daily cause of the CR issues and many other outsiders do too!Good study in fan’s and stress in these trying times for borderline schools afraid of the music stopping and being left w/o a chair!!They just got there 1st recruit last week!

  35. Malone says:

    I agree with Brick City Russ. I think UConn was behind that story and I gave it to the author on Twitter when it came out ten days ago. I think he is a Cuse hater even though he denies it. That said I told him UConn winning kids with little option is not the same as losing to ND, Miami, and Clemson. He only came up with one common recruit and we must not have gone hard since I didn’t know him. I told him good luck to them recruiting the AAC against the ACC. I told him good luck deals with the same coaching turnover when P gets relieved of the hot seat. He said P was there as long as he wants. Ha. And I like P. perception is 9/10.
    still hope we have a shot at Holley, but that Coach Moore article was just as deadly. While he may be right as a Coach, you can’t call kids out like that on the recruiting trail, no matter what. His attitude is all wrong for recruiting NYC if that’s how he feels.

  36. Malone says:

    Also, on Hogan Ron&Russ the is no way a Ramapo kid doesn’t go to Rutgers with Schiano and Pernetti both coming from there

  37. Russell MacEachern says:

    Yeah forgot about that Malone…oh yeah forget the brick city ..Russ is still fine lol!

  38. Russell MacEachern says:

    Everybody seems to change monikers here lately!Ha ha

  39. Russell MacEachern says:

    Malone,I forgot that’s your neck of the woods!

  40. Ron says:


    Are you telling us that the article in the NY Post was a snow job,and UCONN really isn’t out recruiting us in the Big Apple!!

    I too,have read,the natives are restless, and Coach P will be let go after this season.

    Kids today don’t want to or understand the truth when it’s told to them. Rob Moore told it like it is and that alone is going to bite us in the rear,getting these recruits.


  41. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    No more “Cowboy Ronster” Russell. I think I made my point,and had my fun with it especially when I signed out the same as the Lone Ranger did at the end of every show with “Hi-Yo-Silver!,Away!”

    Your new moniker Brick City Russ=”wink” pretty funny Russell,pretteeeeeeee funny.

    Have a good one old friend.

  42. Russell MacEachern says:

    @Ron,the wink was aimed at you ha ha!!I figured you’d know it was me!!

  43. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    I understand and I also am one of the few who understands,that you have a great sense of humor.

    Your still the “KING OF THE ONE LINERS” Russell and no one will ever be able to replace what you have.

    With that being said,Malone really shines light on certain subjects that no one else can,doesn’t he? I’m glad he’s on our side Russell. The guy’s very informative and to the point with his comments.

  44. Malone says:

    @Ron I think UConn is beating us with lower tier recruits. For the time being I guess that could be a “so what” event, but it can build relationships and momentum, especially with junk articles like that last one. Author told me he has been accused of being a Cuse homer. That is laughable. He is a city kid who hates NJ but went to college at Drew in NJ. Just had an argument with him about Cuse hoops. He’s a hater, not a homer. Maybe he didn’t get into Newhouse? Either way articles like that hurt however small. I don’t worry about UConn too much because I don’t think P has long to coach there, but we can’t expect to pluck the one or two 4* from NYC just because we’re in NY.

  45. Ron says:


    I too have gotten into some good arguements(at Penn St.in Beaver Stadium,Cap Center in DC,Gator Bowl in Florida,with Sparetin and Wolverine fans when i visit Michigan) over Syracuse. People who live outside our area hate our hoops program because of it being successful. Hell man,we have fans in the Syracuse area that’s been hollering for years for the university to fire Boeheim.

    I think those people are sick and really don’t understand the game.

  46. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,I notice we get almost more info in the .Fizzfam network of commenters than truth on the traditional sites?We hold their feet to the fire!!Good day to ya friend…u too Malone!

  47. Ron says:

    Russell,we should be thrilled with the fact that we have a diversified group of people with diversified opinions that makes for great debates amongst the members.

    Our membership covers 99% of the country and gives us insight on current recruits from the Northeast to the South to the Midwest to the Deep South in the State of Texas and finally West to the California.

    The Fizz Family is huge Russell and it covers a lot of territory. I’m glad to be a small part of it all.

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