Chad Kelly Chooses Clemson, Syracuse Loses Big Fish Again

The Buffalo quarterback picks the Tigers and the Orange is left empty-handed again.

Not surprisingly, Syracuse recruit Chad Kelly is heading to Clemson. He made his decision at an announcement this afternoon at his high school in Buffalo. While the quarterback said all the right things to The Fizz, the latest scheduling by Team Kelly indicated loudly his desire to sign elsewhere.

From Kelly’s twitter today:

“Man it feels good to be a tiger”

“I’m a Clemson tiger baby can’t wait”

While many Syracuse fans are not happy with moral victories, it speaks volumes about the direction of the program that SU was in on a blue-chip quarterback recruit with the likes of Alabama and Clemson. Geography helped; Kelly was just a two-hour drive away. But being close to home didn’t automatically make SU players. While University of Buffalo was included in Kelly’s final list of seven schools, did anyone truly believe the Bulls were contenders?

The signal-caller spoke in glowing terms of the Orange, the coaching staff and the family atmosphere on the Hill. If you listened to the tenor of his voice while discussing SU, it was impossible to fake that type of enthusiasm.

But another hard lesson: Syracuse is not a power school yet. The Big East will never be the SEC or Big 10, so the Orange will have to sell something else to the blue-chippers and program-changers. Kelly was one of those. The Dougie is going to have to pull off a minor miracle to land one of the five-star recruits he’s been in on, but not closed. But the first is always the toughest. It’s a book Orange Nation would like to avoid reading again: Close, but no cigar.

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  1. Dr Bill

    Lets take a look at a few things: Have any of you ever been to Clemson? I have… It has a beautiful campus with a lot of Southern charm. I live about 45 minutes away from the South Carolina border in NC and I can tell you, the weather is great. Throw in the Big time feel of a tradition rich,football crazy campus. Did I mention the southern bells that dot the campus like snow flakes in the dead of winter in central NY. This kid was looking for this type of atmosphere and he got it in Clemson. Su, and I love my school, can’t compete with that kind of atmosphere. From an academic perspective, we blow Clemson out of the water. But it is obvious that was not what kelly was looking for.

    What does this all mean? Don’t blame SU or the staff for not reeling in Kelly. Once he had the type of offers that he had from the SEC(Bama) and a school with an SEC like environment(Clemson), it is hard for SU to compete. I think Kelly would have made a better choice in picking the Cuse from a football standpoint, but when you are 18, like to party(That’s what the rumors say), I could see why Cemson would be hard to say no to. Forget Kelly, We need to keep a big 5 star DT from Rochester in State…… that should be our focus…… Go Cuse.

  2. He picked the right color… but the wrong team. It’s baby steps, but Marrone has got the program moving in the right direction and its only a matter of time till prospects see that.

  3. don’t get excited about jones

    if not getting kelly is like almost beating the eagles, getting jones would be like beating the packers by three touchdowns in green bay.

  4. Losing out on Kelly is tough but it is clear that we are moving in the right direction because 2 years ago with Robinson we would have never been in contention. It is promising that every recruit talks up the relationships which Coach Marrone and his staff are building. What we need to focus on now is continuing to develop our facilities (and dare I say it possibly start looking into a new stadium). It is clear that the Carrier Dome and Manley cannot compete with the type of facilities offered in the Big 10 and ACC. Hopefully another bowl win or two and the best players from the Mid-Atlantic will start to see the program as legit.

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