Coach Tells Fizz Jarron Jones Still Considering SU, Conflicts WHAM Report

“He said PSU and ND were head to head and SU, UNC and VT were still being considered”

A story from WHAM in Rochester has elite recruit Jarron Jones no longer considering Syracuse, but his coach tells The Fizz the Orange is still in the running. According to WHAM, Jones has narrowed his schools down to a list of four after taking back his soft verbal to Penn State. Those four schools are PSU (still in the running despite the change in verbal), Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Notre Dame.

Syracuse fans have had a roller coaster summer on the football recruiting front. While SU has picked up a host of commitments over the last five weeks, the biggest names have signed elswhere, including Chad Kelly and David Perkins. However,  it looks like there could still be hope for the Orange. A text from Jones’ coach, Chris Battaglia to The Fizz says “Talked to him yesterday. Said PSU and ND were head to head and SU, UNC and VT were still being considered”

Chuck Wade, the WHAM reporter who wrote the Jones story, said in an email to The Fizz: “In speaking with Jarron today, he did not mention Syracuse as one of the schools that he was considering.  Our conversation was brief but I was also able to gather that he is planning to visit Penn State this summer and then Virginia Tech in the fall.”

Jones recently visited Notre Dame and liked what he saw, saying it reminded him of his high school, Aquinas, in Rochester.

“Notre Dame is a smaller school and that’s the kind of place I need to be.  Aquinas is a smaller school and I’ve been doing a lot better there.  It’s just a better way to explore my options.”

Battaglia recently told The Fizz that Jones would soon narrow his list down to 5 schools and expected Syracuse to be on the list. The Fizz predicted Jones might be different than someone like Ishaq Williams who chose the Irish because he liked a smaller football spotlight and was worried about being changed to offensive tackle from his defensive line spot

The Irish is already becoming the biggest villain on the recruiting trail for SU. If Notre Dame does pull off Jones, the Irish would have stolen an elite recruit from the Orange for the 3rd time in 6 months. Same song. Different verse. Someone make sure all these kids are watching highlights of Groobers’ win in South Bend a few years ago.

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  1. JTT2791

    apparently not considering us enough to name SU in the article …

  2. OrangeCrush22

    I refuse to read another article on Jarron Jones because i already know the outcome.

    Hey Jarron, become your own man and help rebuild something instead of being another big fish in a big pond

  3. Dr. Bill

    Jarron Jones is the type of 5 star recruit that SU should have the best chance of landing… he is a local NY state kid. If we can’t land him, who can we land. He says he has the best relationship with the SU staff compared to any schools on his list(WE HAVE HEARD THAT BEFORE) The Cuse has to ask the question: Why do all of these recruits love Notre Dame and not us. Last time we played, Grob beat them at Notre Dame! What is it going to take to bring Sexy back to the Cuse? We are not appealing to these 5 star hotties. That is what the evidence suggests. Cuse needs a makeover.

  4. Tony R.

    Jones plays for a Catholic High School and wants to attend a Catholic University.

    How do you fight that? This kid has been recruited every Sunday at Mass for the past 17 years.

  5. Carlton

    All those catholic hs recuruit players in the ROC. I doubt hes catholic tony. Dr.bill ND is a better program then `Cuse infact the best college football program ever. Its hard to get mad at somone that gets offered to go there and ends up choosing them.

  6. Frank states his Interest Level is NONE. I am starting to agree with Dr. Bill.

  7. One, who gives a sh*t what says, its not like they know everything. WHy do people think that what scout reports is always correct? heck, they said that guy twitty was offered a scholarship, but i guess he really wasnt. Two, Jones was never going to come to SU. Get it through your heads, SU is not going to become a top tier football program in one day. We won the freakin pinstripe bowl and now we are going back to the glory days, right. Takes a couple years to remake a program and these 5 star recruits are not coming here at least 2-3 years, and that is of the team continues to win. Three, Brolyd is not on the team this year, what r the chances he plays in the fall?

  8. The dome

    Listen, I’m all for this big fish out of NY plan, but when we can’t get the little brother of a player we put in the pros and a current player or the child of 2 su alumni, then maybe we need to change our outlook, then getting upset at a program like notre dame. What we really need to do is step back and look at the big picture. If marrone wants to keep the best in NY, that’s great, and a good goal, but if we want to take the next step to greatness, first we need to recruit under the radar, or better yet just under the star rating players. Look at a prospect like Bryce cottrel. He has offers from Arkansas and Mississippi state. If we can late bloomers like him we can succeed and then have 4-5 star athletes like the Wayne Morgans of this year fall into our laps in a few year. Another stategy we could take is building off the Florida pipeline that seems to be growing daily. This year alone, Syracuse has targeted 21 Florida players to 27 new York players and has received 3 verbals of those 21 and 5 verbals of the new York 27. My point is that Florida has almost the same amount of recruits on our board as NY. The bottom line is that Florida is arguably the best recruiting state alongside Texas and there is plenty of talent for south Florida, central Florida, Miami, Florida, Florida St, and many sec schools. If south Florida can get a 4-star tight end, than so can we, if were doing the right things and taking the right steps towards victory. I don’t mean a Terry or a disappointment when I say that we don’t have the recruiting poise and confidence at the moment to snag a player like jargon jones, but we have to stop hiding behind our 8 win season and blame recruiting on hcdm. Let’s go cuse!

  9. The dome

    *not blame my bad

  10. This would obviously be an enormous get for SU – and the fact that he’s from ROC still has me mildly optimistic. It’s hard to fight the prestige of ND and Brian Kelly – he recruited well even at Cincy. But I was there in South Bend on that frigid day SU beat the Irish a few years back – I need to personally sit Jones down and make him watch the tape. Great discussion here everyone.

  11. Jameson44

    Dome,who are you talking about? “but when we can’t get the little brother of a player we put in the pros and a current player”

  12. Terry

    He’s history. We’ll be playing against him. He’s playing games. Lately there’s an epidemic of that craziness up there in Rochester. Its gotta be in the water!!

  13. The dome

    Jameson44 jarron jones is the little brother of Chandler and Arthur jones

  14. Jameson44

    Dome, pretty sure there is no relation. The third jones brother fights in ufc and are from different parts of the state.

  15. Dr Bill

    Jarron Jones is the younger brother of Matt Jones, a 6-3 225 DE, who committed to the Cuse in the 07 class but never attended because of grades. “The Dome” had the wrong brother connection to SU, but his point is a good one. SU was good enough for his older brother, so there should be some love there for he Cuse.
    My take is that these “Big Fish recruits”, once they start getting offers from the Big Boys- Notre Dame, SEC, Big Ten, and yes, the ACC, an offer to SU then seems below them. SU is not seen as one of the Big Boys in the eyes of these recruits. SU vs the MAC….. SU looks real good. SU VS SEC/Big 10/ACC…… SU no longer looks so good.
    Cuse has to change that perception just like in hoops, the Cuse is now viewed as one of the Big Boys. We are going head to head with the Duke’s ,Carolina’s, and Kentucky’s for the top players.
    Will it ever happen in football? A lot would have to change as has already been discussed by the Fizz. Until then, we have to learn to win with the 2 to 3 star recruits who want to play for the Cuse and appreciate a Syracuse degree…. and like our Coach, SU is their Dream Job/School. Go Cuse

  16. IrishPA

    I wish you SU fans would stop your whining in regards to losing recruits to ND. Get over Ishaq and Perkins and move on. The Big East is a lame conference and last time I checked McNabb graduated. I guess you can always talk about your “impressive” win against ND years ago. That’s about all you have left. Go Irish! 🙂

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