Will Doug Marrone Be Forced to Suspend Marcus Sales for the Entire Season?

What will happen to one of SU’s starting wideouts after the traffic stop?

Marcus Sales gets jammed up in the traffic stop from hell and the question becomes: Does Doug Marrone have to suspend him for the season? Back in April, heading into the Syracuse Spring Game, The Fizz asked whether this was a new beginning for the Orange wideout. Sales was coming off an explosive Pinstripe Bowl, was penciled in as a starter and had three years of reps with Ryan Nassib. But as we noted at the time, “The problem with Sales has never been when he’s on the field, it’s just getting him there.”

So, will The Dougie allow him to get on the field? At the moment, it’s hard to imagine a Syracuse player being allowed to face felony drug charges a month before the season begins and still suiting up this year. Then again, maybe as the case unfolds it’s his brother that takes most of the responsibility and the ugliness of the incident begins to soften.

Here’s the biggest problem: No matter who takes ownership of the narcotics, Marcus was the one driving, running the red, admitting to drinking alcohol, and without his driver’s license. You can’t escape those facts.

Not to dismiss responsibility of drinking and driving, but if Marcus was not deemed over the legal limit, the real issue here is the drugs in the vehicle (which reads like an episode of Cops).

“Police found three knotted pieces of plastic containing a green plant-like substance that tested positive for marijuana, a plastic baggie containing 180 Lortab (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) tablets, three digital scales, a plastic cup with gin and other baggies with devil, superman and pit bull insignias on them.

Marcus Sales had $250 in cash in his possession and Michael Sales Jr. had $747 in cash, police reported.”

No matter what legal counsel the Sales family has, it’s hard not to see the writing on the wall. Weed, a ton of drugs, scales, empty bags with the freaking devil logo on them, and a bunch of cash. Look, Mike Sales might be a total baller – but who rolls around Syracuse with $747 cash? How many rounds of Amstel Lights is that at Looker’s? You could buy a stake in the nightspot Country Club for that price.
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We know this: Marcus is guilty of some awful decision-making. As a high-profile student-athlete in your hometown, you just simply can’t be driving your brother around town on drug runs. You obviously can’t have liquor in the car. And if you have to ask yourself if you’re doing something wrong, you most likely are.

This was a difficult weekend for Syracuse football after Prince-Tyson Gulley’s stabbing (although PTG told The Fizz over the weekend he was out of the hospital and recovering well). But eventually as the Sales case gets sorted out, Marrone will have to decide how tough he is on Marcus. Maybe he’s not suspended for the season, but wasn’t Brice Hawkes dismissed from the program completely for less than this?

The Dougie might conclude Marcus was sucked into a bad situation with his brother and decide a half-season suspension for his starting wide receiver is enough of a punishment. But for a coach who prides himself on running a disciplined program, it’ll be hard for DM not to come down hard on his wideout in a situation as ugly as this. Sales might not done for the whole season, but he’ll definitely sit for part of it. How big a part is up to Marrone.

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  1. Marcus Sales probably will get kicked out of school, let alone the football team

  2. An awful lot of the people who reads this web site have commented in the past, why can’t Syracuse land the 4 & 5 star athlete’s? Well everyone here’s one of those 4 star’s that everyone wished for. Is this what you want at Syracuse? In my opionion he’s just another kid who had a ton of talent,had a great chance at the NFL and decided to throw it all away because he couldn’t follow the established laws of NY.
    Why in the world would he drive a car while drinking without having a license and having drugs in the damn car? Why?
    The only thing for the coach to do is kick him off of the team and the university to expell from school.
    I guess that little joy ride with his brother was worth the millions that he could have earned at the next level.

  3. I’ll always gamble on 4/5 star talent for a WINNING” program. No matter what HCDM thinks. I’m not at all positive of having in CUSE’S 2012 recruiting class a majority of UTR to NR players. That’s for an average winning team at best. Just because your very talented your should not be considered the gangster type. Playing that gangster like role got Sales where he is today. He should be dropped from the team. If not dropped, at least miss a couple of games like the Pits QB has to do. What really hurts is there are not any 4/5 star talent on the team to replace him. After all it was Nessib and Sales that help beat KS in the Pinstripe Bowl.

  4. Come on with the 4/5 star players. This program was a joke under GROB. It will take some time to get the good ones and DM is not finished for 2012.

    Look what he has done in just 2 years. As far as for Marcus. Cut him asap and send a message to your other players that this BS will not be tolerated.

  5. cansrgreat

    As much as we as football fans would like to find a loophole in this situation and see Marcus play for the Cuse this year, no way. Even if his brother takes the rap for the drugs. There is no way Marcus did not know the situation he put himself in. Sad.

  6. As much as we need a good WR, we need the team to know this does not happen at SU. He has got to go!

  7. last time i checked wasnt dealling narcotic drugs online illegal since the ryan hyatt act,

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