Boom Perkins De-commits from ND & Calls Syracuse Coaches Immediately

The Orange was the front-runner until the Irish swooped in. Now?

High profile recruit and one-time Syracuse target David “Boom” Perkins is no longer Notre Dame-bound. The South Bend product has de-committed from the school five months after choosing the Irish. When Boom decided on his hometown program over SU back in June, ‘Cuse fans lamented another recruiting loss to Brian Kelly. The Fighting Irish head man has recently yanked big-time prospects Jarron Jones and Ishaq Williams from New York.

Now, Orange Nation can hope once again for revenge. A source within the SU Athletics Department tells The Fizz Perkins placed a phone call to the Syracuse coaching staff as soon as he de-committed from Notre Dame. There is optimism within the program the Orange can secure the four-star prospect. A jolt of electricity hit the SU coaching staff when news broke of Perkins’ about-face.

The way Perk picked Notre Dame always seemed peculiar. One week, his coach says SU is the front-runner. The next, Perkins is holding a press conference announcing his intent to wear blue and gold, and shaving a shamrock into his head.

Allegations that Boom didn’t qualify academically to play at Notre Dame were denied by the South Bend Washington senior via Facebook:

“LOL mos def nothin wrong wit my grades smh wrong source my guy.”
A more likely theory is Perkins disagreed with the Irish staff about a position change. Many believe Boom wants remain on offense. The Irish recruited him to play linebacker. SU did not ask him to make the switch.

If it’s true that Perkins is adamant about staying on offense, it’s encouraging for Syracuse. Boom’s high school coach, Antwon Jones, told The Fizz Doug Marrone was the front-runner over the summer. Jones said his player had a tremendous relationship with Running Backs Coach Tyrone Wheatley.

“One of the [reasons why Syracuse sticks out] I think is that Coach Wheatley has established a great rapport with him.”
The Orange likes the 6-foot-2, 209-pound Perkins on offense, and has liked him there from the start.

Unfortunately, Syracuse is not the likely leader for Boom’s services right now. LSU has entered the picture. A late offer from the the nation’s current top team could be too much for Perkins to resist – he’s been talking with Tigers coaches for months.

Whether he privately has a leader in mind, Perkins insists on Facebook all schools are equal right now.

“No leader everything is wide open listening to everyone even new schools…Big question I have is why is this the best place for me?”
Once upon a time, the South Bend recruit almost decided Syracuse was the best place for him. In fact,’s Allen Trieu told The Fizz back in June just how close Boom was to choosing the Orange.
“The only thing that had kept him from [committing to SU] was actually getting to meet some of the coaching staff in person. I know he wanted to commit to the head coach in person and Syracuse being as far away as it is from South Bend, he couldn’t get out there.”
Words that once stung disappointed ‘Cuse fans are now a source of hope. Jones, Perkins’ high school coach, is an Irish alum, and SB Washington is located just seven miles away from the Notre Dame campus. Perhaps outside pressure got to Boom and caused him to jump the gun with his commitment.

Perkins is attempting to start from scratch again with the recruiting process. Maybe he’ll rediscover that Syracuse was always his best option. With LSU in the picture, it might seem like a long shot. But Orange Nation at least has a ray of hope.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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  1. KevMonstah

    Hey, I hope SU can get him, but this:

    “…Syracuse being as far away as it is from South Bend, he couldn’t get out there”

    is [only] a good reason if he ends up at Ohio St, Penn St, Mich, MSU, Pitt, WVa, Northwestern, etc.

    I’d think it’s not the true reason if he ends up at LSU or Oregon. My geography is not totally clear on Baton Rouge, but Oregon is a tad further than Syracuse is.


  2. This would be great news. You have to think that he’d have a better shot at early playing time at SU than at LSU. The ACC move probably helps a bit too. I’m gonna try not to get my hopes up, but it would be awesome if he chose ‘cuse. And hey, maybe Jarron Jones will decommit and come to ‘cuse too!

  3. David really needs to look hard at all of the options available to him. It’s nice that he’s left Notre Dame and reopened his recruitment and looking at other schools. It must be nice to have a school like LSU interested, but I hope that he looks at the overall big picture. Playing time won’t come until maybe his senior year where as if he came to Syracuse he would probably start as a true freshman.
    I’m sure that he has a lot of weight on his shoulder’s in making the right decision and I hope he sets with his parents and ask them for their advice in deciding on which school would be the best for him. I believe that school to be Syracuse,I’m hoping that he arrives on campus next August to begin his journey to the pros.


  4. If SU truly wants this kid, then Head Coach Doug Marone has to take a visit to see him and Perkins has to make it to a game at the Dome.

  5. I really like that he immed. called SU coaches. Apparently the coaches feel like its Xmas in November with this news too. But man, I dont know if they can beat LSU to a kid. We’ll see.

  6. You’re kidding right? No way David comes to the Orange.

  7. Is the administration at fault about letting us know about the phone call??? A great get for HCDM if possible. But to win out would get the talent we are losing. Its not always about personalities. If it was then this kid would verbal today, since he likes Wheatley!! But I’ll chew on my feet if he verbals here. Or are we still looking for UTR players???

  8. Would the Athletic Dept get in trouble for mentioning his phone call to the coaches?? I would have to put my feet in my mouth if HCDM pulls this off. Could be a start of something great. But I think winning out would make it easier. I think also its Wheatley that’s the secret here. His name and really not HCDM’s is always mentioned when recruiting is mentioned about mid-west players and others. He won’t be here long if that keeps up. Other programs see that and will offer him a position. Unless Gross gets out the checkbook. But the move to ACC and the cost of that will take away any raises.

  9. OOPPS!!! computer puked though I lost it Sorry!!!

  10. I hope we can reel him in, Go Cuse #BeatUconn

  11. Saltine44

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t Delone Carter “OH player of the year”. I don’t get all this we’ll never get this/that player to come to SU vs. LSU. OK let’s go down the list again: McNabb, Harrison, Ismail, Freeney, etc. Should have grabbed Vick & Rice too. You never know why these kids make the decisions they do. What I do know if Boom is tight with Wheatley (based on the phone call) then he must be interested. The staff has to be careful with this so SU doesn’t get into a recruiting violation. Don’t worry, we’ll get our fair share of recruits. My question is if Boom de-commits is there a chance for Ishaq will do the same? OH by the way, Phillip Thomas is the “real deal” and I think he is from Miami.

  12. City of Cuse

    Ishaq is a freshman at ND…

  13. Wave bye bye to recruiting after another game that turns our stomachs.

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