Don’t Sweat the Technique: Georgia Pass Rusher Rakim Peters to Visit SU

The DE/OLB says playing in the ACC and watching the SU hoops team are big factors to him.

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Doug Marrone said at Big East Media Day he’s never felt better about his recruiting, and that includes growing influence down in Georgia. Earlier in the week The Fizz discussed Syracuse’s top 3 targets down there for the Class of 2013, and 3-star DE/OLB Rakim Peters from Apalachee HS made the list. He’s ranked in the top 100 nationally at his position. The 6’4” 230 lb. hybrid pass rusher tells The Fizz he will be taking an official to SU at some point. That bodes well for the Orange, as it battles with ACC and SEC schools in landing the Winder, GA native. Peters has over a dozen scholarship offers, but fortunately for SU, Rakim places a big emphasis on being the first Orange recruiting class to play in the ACC.

“It’s very important. If I go to Syracuse I can have my mom drive out and watch me play [at road games]. I just know I have family and friends that can come out and watch.”

Peters has scholarship offers from schools all over the southeast, but his top 5 right now includes Syracuse, Clemson, Missouri, Kentucky and Mississippi State. Rakim will most likely wait until after his football season to take his official visits. He originally wanted to plan a visit to SU back in June, but never made it to campus. The Georgia product admitted that he and Greg Adkins, who has been recruiting Peters, will be planning one for either November or December.

For now, Rakim will focus on his senior season. Peters is very versatile because he can play in either the two or three point stance at the DE or OLB position. His coach Shane Davis describes to The Fizz why that makes Rakim so dangerous on the football field.

“He’s got height, and really good size and he just moves well. He understands the game well. He plays fast, and does a little bit of everything on defense. We played him at the DE spot in our 4-3 front, but when we go to our three-man front we actually drop him into the secondary. He can do a little bit of everything.”

Peters recorded 70 tackles and racked up 6 sacks last season. The pass rusher is a very respectful and intelligent kid, and would certainly fit in with the type of players Marrone brings in. Coach Davis said Peters is looking for the perfect fit – a school where he is most comfortable and not just a big name. He’d rather focus on the character and success of the team, something that Marrone stresses. Davis believes Rakim has one of the best team attitudes.

“Rakim is a very humble kid and all this is very new to him, and it’s been a great experience for him. The last thing he wants is the spotlight to be on him, he’d rather it be on his team.”

Reeling in a player like Rakim Peters will further extend Syracuse’s ever growing roots in the Peach State. Marrone has brought in 5 Georgia prospects in his last two classes, most recently George Morris and Josh Manley. Marrone is also targeting a specific region in Georgia, right around the Atlanta area. All 6 SU players that hail from Georgia on the roster right now and two more ’13 targets are all from within an hour’s drive around Atlanta. That includes WR Keenan Hale, RB George Morris, LB Cameron Lynch, OT Kris Curtis, TE Josh Parris, and DE Josh Manley as current Orange, Peters & 3-star OLB Kristopher Smith for ’13.

Marrone is trying to brand the Syracuse name in that specific location, and it certainly has paid dividends. The Orange will play in Atlanta regularly when it travels to play Georgia Tech in upcoming seasons.

One other tidbit to keep in mind is Peters will also be a four-year varsity starter on Apalachee’s basketball team this winter. He’s a huge hoops fan, and tells The Fizz getting the chance to watch the SU basketball squad every year is a big factor to him. Peters is also a Carmelo Anthony fan. Can somebody get him a Midnight Madness ticket?

It’s still a long way off before Peters makes his decision, which he says will be in either December or January. But SU is already high on the sensational pass rusher’s list. And that could only mean good things for Marrone’s thriving pipeline in Georgia.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. @Russell,starting with the article on the three recruits from Georgia that Syracuse is after and finishing with this one, the responses(64,49,50) have been off the grid.

    Who would have thought such a thing would ever happen? Thanks fellas the dialog has been clean and has been fun to follow.

    To the Fizz, I don’t want to get into trouble on a copy right issue. But having a 2’x 8′ ORANGE FIZZ BANNER to fly/display while tailgating would be awesome. Is it possible? Is one the the way? What say you?

    GO CUSE;

  2. Russell MacEachern

    Kudo’s to you Ron,while most of us are thinking about something your already formulating a plan to promote the “Orange Fizz” Nation….it seem’s we’ve tapped into something multi-generational and multi-regional growing right before our very eye’s.We seem to be creating a cyber-family with genuine respect and affection for each other that transcend’s just the football binder!!……..on another note I wonder what the Dippers up too?And Norma should be getting back from the Canadian wedding soon!!

  3. Cuse Don't Luse

    @Russ whether its tv or person my dad doesn’t miss a syracuse football basketball or lacrosse game, however he isn’t as into the recruiting as me, though he gives the page a weekly glance. If you have evert been on that page you know commitments are very out of the blue and unanticipated. On top of that they usually give where he was from and his other offers and maybe a highlight tape which just wsasnt enough, so i googled syracuse football recruiting and have been reading here ever since the days of Ishaq Williams

  4. Russell MacEachern

    CDL,as I said your growing on me,I was following recruiting when most fans thought players came under the Xmas Tree’’ve always realized recruiting was were the games are won…its the lifeblood of every bigtime team,similar too the NFL draft is too the NFL…most casual fans only follow the games…guys like us want to know where are we improving and whose gonna fill a graduating stars place!?!?You seem to be a pretty cerebral young fella…SU has an excellent media school and u may have the aptitude….remember when you think of your future look for something u would do for free and make a career out of it,you’ll always make money doing what you enjoy doing.btw I assume ur in the Houston area,whats the feeling about them joining the BE?They should’nt have problems assembling talent!!

  5. @Russ I’m never far lol. 54 posts? U guys forgot the “newest” article: Laray Smith. Just watched Melo & team USA recieve their gold medals,,that was a good game!
    @Ron the traffic has been crazy, you guys are showing & building fandom simultaneously! *Copyright: its like making a poster, use a play off the verbiage…ex: “orange fizz fam” “orange fizzed” “Fizz’d”……since D.A. jacked “teach me how to Dougie”…integrity has been iffy! I have an active interest in marketing & logos lol!
    @CDL thats cool ur dad doesnt miss anything ‘Cuse! I came on about Ishaq as well, just wasnt as vocal.

    * Christmas tree? Russ u drop a classic “one-liner” every post, but recruiting is for the sports “nerd”. Its not a bad thing, but everyone isnt going to be interested. Its an acquired taste. Stat guys get it, bigger-faster-stronger, leads to production, which leads to winning, which leads to cheering and bragging rights! Recruiting info is a guilty pleasure for a fanatic sports nut, like me of course. VIVA PASSION lol


  7. Russell MacEachern

    @Dipper,You always keep a smile on my face,Thanks…figured you’d be watching the Olympics,don’t worry Dip I did’nt miss it “medal ceremony”….I like the way u pop in every time I think your in thr “ice cream store”Lol…keep me laughing u blacked out of Jet game yesterday?…

  8. @CDL;last summer when college expansion was the talk of the nation, I called a local radio station and said If the Big East was going to be pro active and expand then they needed to go after Houston and SMU and bring them in along with TCU.

    They thought that I crazy and told me that it would never happen. We don’t get to see TCU, but I do think that Houston and SMU will be good games to watch. It’s to bad that Syracuse won’t be playing either in the dome for our enjoyment. From what I see watching SMU last year,I think their program is starting to take off again.

  9. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,I hear ya,I feel the same way you do!!I’ll continue to keep my eye on the BE just because watching eastern football is what I enjoy of course not at the expense of SU!!I think people will be surprised how good SMU,Houston,UCF and BSU are gonna be.@Dip,i b4 e xcept after the c lol..structure,this is a

  10. Russell MacEachern

    @Dip,when it comes to cerebral I don’t think I need to tell ya….your top’s,innovative,creative,enterprising but most of all FUNNY…lol..

  11. Russell MacEachern

    @Dip,oh yeah grasshopper?not vocal?mmmmmm,I think i remember CDL making his first comment not too long ago,when did you first start commenting?”O Silent One”

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