Fizz Radio: Curtis Dukes on Staying at PSU, SU Summer Football Preview

Doug Marrone was visibly frustrated at Big East Media Day. We break down what it means for ’12.

Joe Hermitt, Patriots News

Kevin Fitzgerald and Andrew Kanell bring you a jam packed episode of Fizz Radio where Penn State running back Curtis Dukes joins the program to explain his choice to stay a Nittany Lion instead of transferring to SU. Plus, Doug Marrone talks to D.A. about why he’s frustrated and how he’ll approach things differently this time around. Kanell and Fitz discuss the newest arrivals to campus including Georgia runningback prospect George Morris.

Catch Fizz Radio live starting at 9a on the Score 1260 and streaming online at Every episode is also available on iTunes.

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  1. HCDM is a nice guy, but he shoulda been frustrated b4 :
    1 Philip Thomas suspension
    2 5 game losing streak ’11-’12
    3 off season “hot seat” status
    4 we lost numerous recruiting battles
    5 we scheduled USC
    6 the N.O. superbowl
    7 coming back to SU, knowing Brees was a HOF QB
    8 sub .500 record
    9 the Fan base started advocating for the best college coach available………u kno: the Kirby Smarts. Manny Diaz. Pat Narduzzi. R.C. Slocum. Tommy Bowden. Another sub .500 team and I’d take Bobby Petrino or Butch Davis. Lockley. Turner Gill….Mike BoBo! Anyone with a fire in their belly for fierce competition!
    10 bigdip was…lol

  2. Russell MacEachern

    @Dipper,sounds like ya don’t feel confident with the “Dougie”?I was starting to doubt him mysef but w/the uptick in recruiting im willing to wait….ya know changing coach’s sets ya back 2/3 years don’tcha?…after all he’s already putting most of the midlevel recruit’s in NY on lockdown…

  3. Russell MacEachern

    Dipper,jeez Dip I went out for the day and check earlier posts tonight?!?!you went off..these guys are your friends!!try being a little more amiable OK?btw Im also a big Giant’s fan….

  4. I get the message, Russ! HCDM is being very accountable, that’s a good thing.

  5. HCDM is lost and this year is a must win season or he’s fired. Loyalty to this man is great, but it won’t win games for him. He needs to know the cushion he sits on is electrified and it won’t be turned off unless he starts winning!!! It is starting to show with the BE meetings. Dougie get your act together for the fans.

  6. Russell MacEachern

    thanks BigDipper…

  7. Cuse Don't Luse

    Damn i thought Terry was gone for good

  8. Russell MacEachern

    @CDL,what can we do?I think the fact we have such a diverse cross section of fan’s and ideas is what makes this site so interesting and good…I would be disappointed if the “Terrys” and “Tebows” disappeared!..

  9. @ bigdip;you know the more you write the more you show us all just how naive and immature you really are. I want to take and answer your remarks in your post here.
    1–do any of us really know what happened with Phillip Thomas? I can’t recall if it came out in the paper as to why he was let go. I can tell you if you break the team rules your kicked off of the team. Maybe Phillip Thomas should have thought about the conquences of his actions harder.
    #2&8-go hand in hand. Remember Marrone inherited a team with undersized players that was there for a fun time and really didn’t want to play football.
    #3–only in your mind. Coach Marrone isn’t going anywhere’s soon.
    #4–if you think that Syracuse is going to win all of the battles for all of the recruits that they go after,your crazy! I noticed that you forgot to mention the battles that we’vew won lately.
    #5–we didn’t schedule USC,Dr. Gross did. We’ve played them twice before and lost both times. I believe that this years game will be exciting and close. I’ll be there watching the game live,will you?
    #6&7–what in sam’s hell has either one of those subjects got to do with the price of eggs in upstate New York? He’s living his dream of being the head coach at school he graduated from.
    #9–you mention coaches that you would like to see here at Syracuse. Coach Kirby Smarts(Alabama),Pat Narduzzi(Michigan State) again you forget to mention the main reason for their programs winning ways is that both coaches add longevity,discipline and leadership to their programs and aren’t in any hurry to leave the program. I would add Coach Marrone to this group because to me he’s doing the very same thing. All of the other coaches that you mention lost their jobs because they lost a game or two that the fans didn’t like or they broke NCAA rule which brought on probation or was dating co-workers half their age that caused them to smash their motorcycle.

    So bigdip who’s cryin now? Coach Marrone isn’t going anywhere get used to it.


  10. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,dang I didnt think so many of Fizz followers were unhappy with HCDM? it seems like he’s just now starting to make headway w/some talented young recruit’s…I think their gonna be pleasantly surprised at this year’s results!!…

  11. Well said….

  12. @Russell MacEachern;I just finished reading an article on about the very same subject. And it was depressing. it just goes to show how impatient and stupid people can be at times.
    we all know what Coach Marrone inherited when he came here. It takes 5 good years of recruiting to change a program from a losing to a winning program. Everyone seems to forget that he is currently in his 3rd year for recruiting and is definitely turning the program into one of respectability. I feel that we’re in the mess today because of the complaining about and the firing of Coach P. We lost a lot of recruits at that time,and then the university hired Coach Robinson and look at where we are today.
    We still have some of GRob’s recruits on the roster. Let’s all calm down and wait for them to graduate and have a team full of Marrone’s recruits. Until that happens is when we’re going to see the changes that we’ve all been wishing and hoping for.

    Russell do you live in the upstate area? If you do, would you like to go to Fort Drum to watch a practice? I will be going up on Wednesday for the day to watch.

    In the meantime I wish everyone would please keep their thoughts to themselves and stop putting all of the negative comments to print for everyone to read.

    They really need to come to grip with the fact that Coach Marrone isn’t going anywhere period.

  13. Ron – i changed my stance on HCDM..he’s accountable, that should = more wins?

    Russ- the fanbase gave HCDM a fair shot…this is a make or break season for him…or another coach will benefit from his work on the recruiting trail. Ex: Rich Rod(michigan). Fans know sports, HCDM has done an admirable job, but fans are either: 1 pleased or 2 displeased! He’s leaving a bad after taste in the mouths of many….the Xs & Os arent there? Sub .500 record is HCDM’s SU fan’s reality.

    Terry- Nothing wrong with EXPECTATIONS! He’s still playing with afew of GRob’s players in year four? Is that a subtle problem?

    CDL- If you thought Terry shoulda left, wat does Ron think of me? Lol

    * looked at tape of Ron Thompson from Senior season…hands, routes, jumping(A+)
    * Zian Jones..found footage on youtube: 355 lbs benchpress burnout!!!
    * checked out James Washington again…LB depth?
    * and for good measure, looked at Zach Allen ’13..bad team/ big talent

  14. He’s a college coach, Ron! Recruit, teach, win……that’s the EXPECTATION! But the FIZZ, like LIFE, like the CONSTITUTION, allows freedom of speech….u cant VIE for FANS to be QUIET….it isn’t American! Especially a big mouthed UPSTATE NYer like myself! I don’t do conservatism..have fun at Fort Drum ” Hooorrrrah!”

  15. Cuse Don't Luse

    I agree with Ron in that Marrone is murking of late in recruiting battles. You can’t get mad at a guy playing with G-rob’s seniors. If we fire him now even a great coach wouldn’t succeed, except maybe a Mike Leach type who I would love to see with Zach Allen. My point is Jeremiah Kobena, Ron Thompson, Dyshawn Davis, and many more impress you now wait 2 years and see what Doug Marrone can do with them then.

  16. @bigdip, well you asked ,so here is my reply.

    I agree with CDL,Terry hasn’t had a good thing to say about Syracuse when he writes and posts his thoughts.

    I’ve been thinking about the post that you’ve made previously. I didn’t like being called stupid and my support of Syracuse brought into question. So I’ve come to the conclusion that either your a complete Bullshitter or your older that what you say you are and if you are than that makes you a huge liar.

    I honestly respect your thoughts about the Syracuse program,but please remember the people that use this site on a regular basis are decent people and need to be shown the same amount of respect that you so desperately are asking for yourself.

    We all make mistakes,but none are laughed at and made fun of.

    Your last post was more respectable,why can’t all of them be that informative?

    Go Cuse;

  17. @bigdip;you seem to be stuck on the problem with Marrone’s recruiting.
    Do you actually think that money isn’t getting transfered from boosters to a players family during the recruitment of their son’s.
    Does Cam Newton/Auburn University ring a bell? How do you think all of these so called 4 & 5 athletes go to a place like Notre Dame or USC,LSU or Alabama? It’s the color green my friend, the color green.
    If none of this registers then you ought to read about the recruitment of Eric Dickerson that led the NCAA giving SMU the death penalty.

    Syracuse doesn’t play that game and besides doesn’t have the rich boosters that is going to give up some of their money for a young man to come and play a game of football for the university.

  18. Well said…?

  19. bigdip; How does a player go through the public education system get good enough grades go to college and ends up in the NFL as an all pro Hall Of Fame linemen from the Washington Redskins and is unable to read or write?

    Then ask yourself a question,how many of the current players in the NFL are the 4&5 star athletes coming out of college that CBS,ABC,NBC and ESPN would like to see in the NFL on Sundays. I know that when I watch an NFL game I wonder who and where did most of these players come from because I’ve never heard of them before.

    Makes one wonder don’t it?

  20. @bigdip. I actually want to say thanks to you for becoming so much cooler and more mature right away. I disagree with a lot of the first post here, but I’m glad for the respect you’re showing.

    I also think, in spite of all the naysayers and whiners, that Marrone is a far better college coach today than when he arrived. I’ve always loved his passion and committment to SU, but the recruiting has really taken off as well. When Grob left the program, we were only winning recruits from the likes of Toledo, Akron, New Hampshire, maybe RU and BC. Lately, we’re beating out Miami, Michigan (not always but sometimes) Florida, Fl. State and others. I wouldn’t trade Marrone out whatsoever right now. He’s on a role, and it’s just a matter of time before we see the top-25 again.

  21. Cuse don't luse

    Last year when we beat west Virginia and I looked at our remaining schedule I said bcs bowl top 15 finish an then we got shat upon Phil Steele and the preseason magazines say 6-6 at best well fuck them this could be our year the sky is the limit for broyld the defense will be solid especially at linebacker the secondary will be better than expected its the same as last year plus we get back eskridge Ho most have forgotten impressed a lot as a freshman but ended up redshirting and Wilkes for Thomas although Thomas hit hard he from time to time blew his coverage then u have a d-line bolstered with incoming threats to patch up a unit that last year was awful if u look at chandler jones injury and miranovichs inability to cause pressure but on the other side receiver looks strong and better than last year as sales replaces chew tight end looks deep the line is fine barring pughs injury and solid if he does go out as this is dougies specialty then nassib should be more consistent this year and a solid full back in Cleveland who hasn’t gotten to prove himself due to injuries we are deep at running back in the sense that we aren’t fucked if whoever our first string is starting day gets hurt but we don’t have elite talent their then u throw in broyld to the mix and our team is flawless besides pughs injury and the running back position… Fucl you Phil Steele the ‘cuse is coming back

  22. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,yes I live in Greater Albany area but have a couple of Drs appointments WED/Thur I have medical issues I want to get out of way before football season get’s rolling..thanks for the offer perhaps in a month or so we can get together for a home [email protected],you’ve impressed me w/ur taking my advice and with your refreshing freedom of thought’s and sticking too your ideals…we won’t find a more loyal fan than Ron and he’s earned my respect and I think yours also…

  23. Russell MacEachern

    @Bigdipper your football knowledge is amazing for a lad of such tender year’s….but don’t worry Dipper we won’t hold your age against

  24. Russell MacEachern

    @bgogo,come on admit it,RU hasn’t been this low in the recruiting pool in at least 4 yrs…we only got their leftover’s in the 4/6 year period (LBers Davis,Spruill) due to the #s game…even now w/us going to the ACC were chasing them!!WE have to do better in NJ!!!why do ya think Dougies heading south and west?Ga,Tex,Fla etc..NY don’t have enough talent to stock a football team…I know we like ragging on RU but it is what it is..but were gaining on them..

  25. Russell MacEachern

    when you think about it the last time we were good it was alway’s w/a Jersey sprinkled lineup and that’s the only thing holding us back!!IMO …but all in all bgo I agree w/most of your post’s…forgive me fella’s but I was raised in N.J. in the heart of soprano-land…Belleville/Nutley..

  26. I think I wasn’t clear enough Russell. What I was trying to say is that RU and BC were the best teams we could hope to recruit against, and yes, we lost too many to RU. I’m saying that we are now losing more battles to ND, Mich, Fl., Fl. State, etc. And we’re winning a few of them. It’s a huge step up to “hope” to beat out those teams as opposed to hoping to beat out RU. Broyld, for one, shows the tide is turning, since both of us wanted him badly. But, Edwards, Whigham, Laray Smith, EO, Sugar Thompson, etc., some we’re winning some not, but they’ve got offers from the Miami’s, Mich., so on. That much better than a kid with offers from Akron, Toledo and, at best, RU or BC. I don’t want to step on your roots, btw.

  27. Russell MacEachern

    @bgogo,thanks for the elaboration….now makes sense,…though I’ve lived in NY 32 yrs now it’s tough to take the Jersey out of me….I really understand the RU bashing as long as its correct…no problem friend!!!

  28. Ron….Phil Steele does a good job of past players, with their past ranking, sprinkled into and leading to the current roster (ex: ps#1 ’09 Qb Sheppard will be in bold print, he’s a wr now, but a light history of the position is given, (ex : they’ll give info or tidbits on Rueben Randle to Dewayne Bowe to Lafell w/ draft position)! Pretty informative

    .Russ / gogo ….NJ is super important! Kinda horrible that the “Jersey Shore” era kids dont come UPTNY like they used to…Ray Rice factor(curse of coach p) the football in NJ has been on that level lately. NJ is a player in BBall & FBall. The only reason to envy RU?

    CDL…Shat upon?

  29. Russell MacEachern

    thanx for the props dipper but NJ puts out some great bb players their men’s team has’nt taken advantage of it yet although Mike Rice has started to turn that around recently…still a lot to prove on the hardwood tho….Wbb is a different story with Stringer..

  30. Russell MacEachern

    I missed that Dip…”sh*t upon”uuhh gross…CDL please try using milder language ok?..this is a public board…

  31. Russ…i meant the state of NJ, pumps the players out: 3,4,5 stars! In both sports, my bad! Level of HS ball is very competitive, or it seems that way! You can compare NJ to HS sport heavy states in the northeast…Pa. Va. & Ohio…they’re becoming a recruiting hotbed.

  32. Russell MacEachern

    Your right Dipper ..NJ put out Franco Harris,Mike Rozier,Ironhead Heyward Etc I can go on and on they supplied every college in the country w/talent but RU untill the last 5/6 years!!Amazing a young fella like yourself w/see that when so many my age don’t even realize the talent out of Jersey…grid and hoop’s!!!good eye Dipper…and good morning..

  33. Russell MacEachern

    I think were ready for some training camp new’s?….Ron could ya keep us updated on what you see at Fort Drum?I’d appreciate your viewpoint on what’s going on!!!thanks in advance Ron…season’s getting close and were getting

  34. Russell; has a great article(today)about the size of the players comparing the defensive line to what one would see in the NFL and the growth of some of the linebackers.
    Makes for a good read. I will keep you posted as to what I witness at Fort Drum.
    FAN FEST is this Friday at Manley Field House from 3-5:30 pm.

    Getting real excited about this season,I think that there is going to be a lot of surprises starting on Sept. 1st.

    Can’t wait for the season to start.

    GO CUSE;

  35. A couple of years ago when the Duke Mens Lacrosse Team was in trouble,Dr. Gross came out and made the statement that Syracuse University would not take of the players that was going to transfer out. I can’t figure out as to why he didn’t make the same statement about the Penn State Football Players.

    I’m real happy that the decision was made that we wouldn’t take any of them now anyway. Our team is building it’s own identity.

    Russell;we’re approaching that magical number again.

    bigdip;we’ve had some great dialog here. keep it interesting ok. I too believe in our right of Freedom Of Speech. I only hope that everyone(that includes me)will keep it clean.

    Let’s all enjoy.

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