Fresh Fizz Radio: SU’s New Expectations, Is Broyld Being Used Correctly?

The explosive Syracuse Slash is only being used sparingly by the Orange.

It’s Kanell and Fitz leading the way with another episode of Fizz Radio. This week we ask, Is Ashton Broyld being used to his full potential? With a breakout performance against Stony Brook where the playmaker extraordinaire scored his first touchdown, The Fizz wonders if Doug Marrone has been holding him back too long.

Also, where does a loss to Minnesota put the Orange heading into the bye? D.A. joins the party with thoughts on Broyld and lets us know “What To Watch For” in addition to the Orange.

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  1. When he is lined up with Nassib we are all wondering why he is not passing out of this formation since he was a QB in Rochester… He must be as frustrated as his fans

  2. Russell MacEachern

    To be honest HCDM may be a lot of things but one thing is for sure….if he’s ready,he’ll be playing!!Put him in before he’s ready an all kinds of misfortune could befall him (us)…including turnovers and lack of confidence against 21 and 22yr old lean,mean ,killing machine athletes on Pitt ,L’ville and RU!!I believe Marrone has the kids best interests in mind so lets not pressure the guy who knows if he’s ready! When hes ready Marrone w/greenlight him!Thats not an endorsement of HCDM just confidence in his character!!

  3. He was a big part of the reason we lost Saturday. That was a horrific and inexcusable fumble.I admit the kid has talent but why dont we let the coaches decidewhen he’s ready for more

  4. Kevmonstah

    Listened to this and I’m not certain what to think of Broyld. I know what stats he put up in HS, I know he’s 6’4″ 229, and he’s supposed to be a top threat, but I just don’t see it yet. I see a QB who hasn’t thrown, I see an RB whose one great run against Stonybrook makes him a part of “SU’s successful three headed monster at RB”. I saw a QB returning kicks … huh?

    He might be fabulous, in which case he’s not being used correctly. He might not be ready, in which case why is he playing. I don’t feel a QB who hasn’t demonstrated passing ability at this level really needs to be out there in a wildcat to take the ball out of a 5th year senior QB who was/is among the top passing QBs based on most stats. I think the offensive staff would be much better off trying to work straight plays rather than plays with two QBs out there.


  5. Baily fumbled against Rutgirls last year and really got less flak than Ashton. Calm down!! This coaching staff is a joke so don’t fail to see that too!! I think that the bigger issue is what other recruits down the road see in this program. Yeah HCDM/dougie plays FR, but not playing Ashton could be a big mistake. It shows talented HS players that HCDM might not always keep his promises!! HCDM had to tell Ashton he’ll have playing time in 2012, but really hasn’t shown it. I’m my opinion Ashton is not totally ready either. But up scale HS talent will not see it that way. For HCDM/dougie or hopefully SU’s new coach for 2013 that will change. For SU to improve it has to get better than decent talent in here like the past 4 yrs. Take a gamble on a highly talented HS senior and tell him he will play. I’d gamble on that, than the HCDM/dougie way of red shirting NR/2 star talent. And if SU loses to PITT HCDM/dougie needs to be fired!!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    Terry,thats a lot of pressure to must beat Pitt as they have as much talent as L’ville and RU and it will take HCDM yrs to accumulate that kind of talent!!Lets say he has to win 6 games and make the pinstripe bowl!More realistic to say he must beat UConn,Temple,USF and Mizzou which would be an accomplishment in itself!!Thats more our level of talent at this point!!

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