Building an Arsenal: 3 Receiver Recruits Syracuse Can Land to Help the QB



With 8 verbal commits so far, Syracuse has likely recruited a big chunk of its ’13 class. Fans are pumped to see how the already tight-knit group pans out on the field. But there are still dominoes that could fall either way for Doug Marrone. Since he’s wrapped up QB Zach Allen – who is already talking about the resurgence of Syracuse Football on Twitter - why not round out the class with some fresh targets for ZA to hit downfield in the future? Here are 3 realistic wide receivers SU can win to complete the ”Next Gen” football lineup that has everyone so excited.

Sean Avant/Miramar HS (Miramar, FL)/6’ 180lbs

Best trait: Hands

Notable Offers: WVU, Marshall, Wake Forest, Syracuse

With 32 catches for nearly 500 yards in ’11, Avant has developed into a premier target for Miramar. We don’t have to be reminded of the relationship SU has forged with Miramar HS:  Ri’Shard Anderson is from Miramar and Keon Lyn is an alum. SU can exploit that to land Avant late in the year (SU just sent an offer yesterday, according to Miramar’s twitter). ESPN’s notes on SA:

“Avant is a productive receiver prospect with good underneath quickness, speed, and pass-catching skills. Versatile and athletic with good ball skills. Has more than adequate height and length but is lean and in need of strength and bulk. Plays on the outside but projects best in the slot.”

In need of strength and bulk? That’s nothing a modern strength program with updated facilities can’t deliver on.

Dionte Taylor/University School of Nova South (Ft Lauderdale, FL)/6’ 167lbs

Best trait: Speed

Notable Offers: Missouri, Nebraska, BC, Louisville, Miami (OH), Wake Forest, Syracuse (Michigan has shown interest, but not offer)

Taylor is another South Florida gem who is drawing attention from big schools despite a two-star rating. With a 4.79 second 40-yard dash, he’s quick. With 34 grabs for 520 yards and 5 TDs a year ago, he packs a solid offensive punch as well. He’s stirring lots of late interest from big names like the Huskers and Mizzou. Avant may fit better in the slot, but Taylor is a certified vertical option that could make things mighty comfortable for a new QB in CNY. Powers are flocking, so SU would be wise to stay in touch.

Brian Lemelle/Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg, PA)/5’11” 175lbs

Best traits: Catching in traffic, hands

Notable Offers: BC, Penn State, Nebraska, WVU, Rutgers, Iowa, Purdue, Cincinnati

The Keystone State has been kind to Syracuse of late, providing the other buzz-worthy QB prospect Austin Wilson. Lemelle is the No. 11 ranked player in the state, and his offer list backs it up. A 3-star guy who was named first team all-state for Class AAA, BL is the best receiver of this trio. He tallied 1,630 receiving yards for 15TDs last year alone, and has almost 3,000 yards in his career at Bishop McDervitt. ESPN scouts like what they see: 

“Lemelle is a highly productive player best suited on the outside or inside at the next level. Possesses competitive speed. Showed the ability to split the defense at times.”

It will be critical for Syracuse have success in the Big East starting tomorrow not only for the sake of its season, but because it’s in quite a few battles with other schools in the conference on Lemelle’s list. The move to the ACC, SU needs to prove its not only a better option than Rutgers and Cincy, but also ready to compete with Clemson and Florida State. It’s an uphill climb, but wins are going to be instrumental in getting key recruits like Lemelle. A guy with his skill level who is within reach of Syracuse’s recruiting territory should be a priority target.  

With just 4 offensive players and no wide receivers in the class so far, SU would benefit from snagging as many of these guys as possible to set up the future of the Orange WR corps. It seems strange that SU would mysteriously lose interest in WR Prentavious Morehead, but maybe it’s because Greg Adkins is pursuing one of these guys. Since all-time SU great Alec Lemon and premier weapon Marcus Sales are both turning the tassel after this year, it would do Marrone good to replenish the ranks.

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  1. Ron says:

    @Jake Moskwitz;With 8 verbal commits so far, Syracuse has likely recruited a big chunk of its ’13 class.

    Jake;Syracuse has 21 seniors on the team this year that will graduate. Don’t we have another 13 or possibly more scholarships to offer to the 2013 class?

  2. Ron says:

    Syracuse released an article saying that their 2013 football schedule is all set except for 1 game and that they are in talks with 5 different schools to fill the open spot and that we will have 6 home games and a game against Penn State at MetLife Stadium counting as the 7th home game of the season.

    So who will we see in the dome next year? We’re going to play all 6 teams in the Atlantic division with three of those teams coming to the dome. Will it be Florida State,Maryland and Boston college? Think of the possibilities. We have to play 2 teams from the Coastal division. Pittsburgh will be an away game and one of the remaing team in that division will have to come to the dome. Could it be Miami or possibly Virginia Tech?

    Our 1st home game will be against Tulane. So people my message to all of you is the future of Syracuse is changing you better come aboard because it’s going to new and interesting.

    Oh!!! I’m going to order tickets to the Penn State game(and take my grandchildren) as soon as possible.

    Can’t wait;GO CUSE

  3. Moskowitz says:


    SU Recruiting coordinator Greg Atkins told the Fizz:

    “The bottom line is we don’t have many seniors on this team. So there isn’t going to be many scholarships for this particular class.”

    He also referenced a tentative “cap” of 12-16 recruits the coaches would like to end up with when all is said and done. Tentative is the operative word there.

    It’s always a guessing game trying to figure out exactly how many kids a program ideally wants to offer and later have commit. Going off of Atkins’ thoughts, though, 8 is probably at least half the size of the ideal class, possibly 75% of the final number. We’ll see though.

  4. Ron says:

    @Jake Moskwitz;Jake I looked at the roster and counted the people who were listed as seniors. That’s where I got the 21 number from.

    Thanks for the interesting and surprising information, and thank you for taking the time and responding to my question. The FIZZ taking time to answer your readers questions is what makes the FIZZ the number one web site for all of Syracuse Athletics information.

    Thanks again really appreciated.

  5. OrangeCrush27 says:

    Love discussing recruiting.

    I think the top 3 guys that are high on coming to ‘Cuse are Benton, Smith and Officer.

    I think the top 3 we need are: EO, Boyd, Corey Smith.

    I think we land 5 more and save the other scholarships for the following year.

  6. chris says:

    Considering that we have 8 verbals and we have other positions to recruit the smart path would be to verbal early and shut out the others. We need O-line and secondary help,especially at the Corner back position.Five more is probably correct which means the smart kid should declare early and soon.We all know that too many of these kids think that they are exclusively desirable players.

  7. 0range says:

    @Ron: How many of those seniors have a fifth year of eligibility? My guess is, a lot.

  8. Russell MacEachern says:

    @OrangeC127,last week I checked rivals recruiting site and was disappointed A.Officer did’nt have us in his top 5 and posted it here on the fizz!!I was so mad I suggested pulling the scholly so he would’nt embaress us!!I liked him too!!Keep the faith!!”Go Cuse”

  9. Ron says:

    @0range;orange I don’t have an answer to you question. You may be right,I just don’t know.

  10. CuseOnly says:

    Dionte Taylor – Best trait, speed…not at 4.79 it’s not. I hope that is 4.39 or 4.49 at worst and 4.79 is a mis-print. I am in my early 40′s and still can run under a 4.8 40.

    Wayne Williams, our incoming 335 lb defensive tackle runs a 4.9 40 yard dash. Lets put him at receiver instead.

  11. Sarah says:

    Fantastic presentation and great ideas. I think one of the most cauicrl points you raise is the fact that social media is *not* a channel for feeding, ahem, bullshit. I’ve seen so many brands rush to be on everything and anything that their presence ends up being appropriate and content is weak and unhelpful.Interacting with your audience allows you to tap into conversations and uncover more about what your candidates, clients and customers want from you.

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