‘Cuse Clique: Incoming QBs & ’13 Syracuse Commits Planning Their Takeover

The recruits from SU’s 2013 class are already forming their own ‘Cuse Crew. The Fizz caught up with Orange commit and East Pennsboro QB Austin Wilson. The 6’3” 210 lb 3-star product explained that he, Zach Allen and Augustus Edwards are all planning on visiting Syracuse the same weekend after the season.

“We’re going to all take our officials at the same time, and try and do them all on the same weekend after the season so we can spend more time with the players and the coaches.”

You have to love the Syracuse clique they are forming. Wilson also mentioned that 3-star Xavarian RB Laray Smith, and quite possibly Jefferson 4-star DE Ebenezer Ogundeko might join the trio as well. Smith confirmed to The Fizz that it’s certainly the plan once the season is over. The SU commits are all making a concerted effort to keep up with one another and with Syracuse targets as well. Someone like Smith could see the bond that Wilson, Allen and Augustus have, and will hopefully want to be part of it. Move over Greg Adkins and Tyrone Wheatley, the Class of ’13 recruits are coming for your jobs.

The Fizz also talked with Asutin about his senior season so far. The QB got off to a killer start through his first four games (850+ yards, 13 TD’s). He had a rough outing last weekend, completing just 3 passes for 11 yards and an interception in a 21-14 win over Steelton-Highspire HS. He did rush for nearly 100 yards on the ground in the game. He is versatile, and showed his terrific “escapability” and scrambling. The Panthers are 4-1 on the year, and tied atop their league standings. Even despite his hot start, Wilson is staying hungry and humble (sorry Dion), and is looking to get even better.

“[I want to] keep improving on my leadership skills as a QB, and keep developing myself as a QB, by reading defenses, and being more poised in the pocket. Just keep consistency with my receivers, and keep having fun out there and enjoy the rest of my last high school season.”

Wilson admitted he knew his team was capable of the fast start. His squad plays rival Trinity HS Friday, possibly the biggest game of the season. The Panthers not only run a spread offense but also mix a little pro style as well. Wilson says he gets as much time under center as he does in the shotgun. That will surely helps once he gets to campus. Wilson is pumped for SU’s new, quicker offense.

“I’m very excited to come in and compete and play in that type of offense. It’s looks like a lot of fun, a lot of throwing the ball around. I think eventually in the fourth quarter of games it’s going to end up winning us games because it’s going to wear down the defense.”

And he may be able to do it sooner than you’d think. Back in June, Wilson told The Fizz he might be able to graduate early and enroll at Syracuse in January, just like Zach Allen. That’s becoming closer to a reality. Pending a waiver from the school board, Wilson says there is about a “60% chance” he’ll be able to graduate early. Because East Pennsboro runs on a trimester schedule (3 designated “terms” instead of the usual 4) Wilson could graduate around November 20th, the end of his school’s first trimester. He would then have to complete two online courses before enrolling at SU by January 15th. It seems like he’s busted his butt and put the workload and just has to wait on the school board’s decision.

Wilson also talks with Temple HS QB Zach Allen frequently. The two have a great relationship and text one another every week, going over game plans, and breaking down each other’s games. All the silly rivalry talk between the two is a myth.

“[Back in the spring] We were kind of joking around about the rivalry and all that kind of stuff, so that’s how are friendship started out.”

You couldn’t ask for the two future gems of your program to be on better terms right now. Allen isn’t the only QB Austin is on good terms with. The senior has developed a great relationship with Ryan Nassib. The two actually have a little family connection. Their brothers are teammates and roommates at Penn State – Bryce Wilson plays TE, Carl Nassib is a DE. Austin got a chance to meet the family at Metlife Stadium a few weeks ago.

“We ended up bringing [Carl] down to the [SU-USC] game and we tailgated with Ryan’s family beforehand. It was real fun.”

Bryce and Carl redshirted as freshman last year, and both enjoyed standout senior years at East Pennsboro and Malvern Prep, respectively. The two high schools are about an hour and a half away from one another. Austin tells The Fizz he’s very close with Ryan, and talked a lot with the fifth year QB when committing back in the summer.

SU’s 1-3 start may have demoralized some fans, but there is plenty to be excited about right now for the upcoming class. The recruits are bonding, getting to know one another, and already have a genuine concern for this program without even having stepped a foot on campus yet. Orange Nation will have to look out for Wilson and company when they take their officials. Orange: Next Gen is looking forward to storming the campus later this year.

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  1. Ron says:

    To all of the FF;that’s called “POSITIVE ATTITUDE WITH SWAGGER”. They’re(2013 recruits)looking to change the culture at Syracuse University.

    Who say’s coach Marrone isn’t doing his job?

    To the people who’s complaining;please ask yourself,do we really want to lose these kids with an attitude like that? I know it’s going to be hard making a decision,but go ahead and ask yourself that anyway.

  2. Frank says:

    Ron, I agree with you and this was a great article about SU’s future.

  3. Kevin Fitzgerald says:

    Ron and Frank:
    I have to be the Debbie Downer for a moment. I don’t think anyone is questioning Marrone’s job on the recruiting front. He’s has been on a tear, and his progress has been undaunted. There is no questioning that.

    But it has to translate to the field. It’s the X’s and O’x part of the gig that has lead to a 1-3 start. It’s the reason why I think someone like Greg Schiano won’t be too successful in the NFL. He was a fantastic recruiter. But to win in NFL, you have to gameplan to perfection.

    Have you guys been happy with management? What do think?

  4. OrangeCrush27 says:

    i’m around 75% happy with management.

  5. Derek says:

    I spent the other night watching Marrone/’cuse videos on Youtube from when he first became the coach, and ones from before he was coach (there’s an awesome college gameday special of Jim Brown and Floyd Little talking about just how far this program fell). I still believe 100% that Marrone’s the man for the job, even if this team is in a bit of a slump.

    Anyways, back on topic, I can’t wait to see these kids in Orange. Get Ogundeko and Moody as bookends on the d-line and this team will tear it up going into the ACC. There’s some exciting running backs already in our stable that I’m really looking forward to seeing on the field.

  6. Section 129 Smitty says:

    This could be the class that puts us back in the Top 25 where we belong

  7. Glash says:

    I agree with Fitz. How long is the program willing to wait for Marrone’s big moment. I understand you need the players to execute gameplans, but there’s too much talent to have lost to NW AND Minnesota (I give them a break for USC loss, hell losing at the half to Stonybrook.

  8. the sackster says:

    i beleive marrone will still be the guy. i sometimes get really discouraged with all the losing but i honestly feel doug’s the guy. i really beleive the recruiting is starting to take off here and there , were heading into a more profitable and stable conference in the acc which i’m hoping we update the whole football wing. if that happens i truly beleive recruiting should get a whole lot better.

  9. chris says:

    I like the fact the 2013 kids are talking and recruiting. I also like the fact that the Fizz is following that stuff. That Smith said what he dis is extremely encouraging. we need him and his speed in the backfield. Edwards and Smith running side by side would make for a great backfield for the Orange.

  10. Derek says:

    Nice little exchange on Twitter between Zach Allen, the Fizz, and I… https://twitter.com/ZachAllen_12/status/253322106480246784

    Gotta love this kid!

  11. Kevin Fitzgerald says:

    Have to love the fire.

    By the way, Derek mentioned a College Gameday piece about where this program was just a few short years ago. I actually watched this a couple weeks ago. Glad he brought it up.

    Absolutely worth 5-10 mins of your time to watch.


  12. Russell MacEachern says:

    I love this kid Austin Wilson already but its not the recruits that concern me right now…Im looking for a reason to keep the faith with all the talk about were almost there??I would’ve thought NW and Minny were Ws a couple weeks ago as the BIG is as weak as it will ever be and Mizzou is eminently beatable this yr!!Lets beat Pitt friday and at least 2 more (Temple,UConn)BE games and go from there!5 total wins for this yr is acceptable and thats lowering the bar!!I respect but don’t envy DMs task!!”Go Cuse”

  13. Russell MacEachern says:

    Smitty129,keep the faith,fans like us are “Cuse” football!!(us=whole fizzfam)!

  14. Ron says:

    @Kevin Fitzgerald,what level of management are you asking us about? Are you asking about the board of director’s management skills or are you asking about game planning by Coach Marrone and staff?

    I think that the Board of directors made the right call in hiring Marrone as our coach. I think differently when you start to ask about Nancy Cantor and Dr. Gross. When a team starts the season averaging 87 offensive plays per game by using a hurry up no huddle offense and then decides,for whatever reason,to restart the ground game tells me that all is not well within the ranks at Syracuse University. The game planning needs to improve. If it doesn’t then I believe changes in the coaching staff needs to be addressed.

  15. Derek says:

    I’ll be at the game Friday night. First one of the season for me. Pretty stoked!

  16. Terry says:

    The real question to ask the class of 2013 is “what’s on your mind if HCDM/dougie gets fired after the 2012 season”. You think us fans not happy with HCDM enjoy this tormet of his poor performacne after poor performances of losing. Someone has to say it?? The loca media won’t question his poor record. Yes the talent is better, but not great either. Yet we know great/super talent will not always becoming here, unless we win. Dougie when hired had no HC expierence at all. And after 4 seasons it has shown its ugly face with all the loses. He’s the illness to this program not the talent(DA-as you buddy the Axeman thinks)!!! In the back ground of all your minds you know a 2/3 win season is a likely-hood here. But you won’t admit it!! Do we still keep this poor act of a coach then. HELL NO!! Only his trolls want him then. Sincere fans don’t!! PS this is my second attempt to login this message. Hope I get in??? Here goes!!

  17. Terry says:

    Finally!! LOL!!

  18. chris says:

    Come on Fizz et back to football recruitingThats where the intrigue and speculation is sitting waiting for a news nreak Seek and you shall find.Forget Ebo,everyone who has a clue has written him off as a waste of time and print space. The search is on for big time O-linemen and a very fast RV from NY No names are required unless you just climbed from under a rock.

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