Fresh Fizz Radio: Can SU Build on the Pitt Win? Midnight Madness Guest List

Team Fizz discusses whether this is a starting point for Marrone & which hoops recruits will be at the Dome.

Kevin Rivoli/AP

Syracuse notched its first Big East win of the season in the conference opener last night against Pittsburgh. Andrew Kanell and Kevin Fitzgerald break down the Orange victory and whether there’s more of that to come.

Plus, Orange Fizz hoops recruiting specialist Alex Kline joins the guys for an update on the Orange Midnight Madness guest list. Orange recruit Tyler Roberson takes his official visit to Syracuse today on campus, and Kline highlights some names SU fans should look out for on the recruiting front.

And an exclusive interview with Orange 2013 LB commit Devan Carter. Carter talks about his recent injury and how it impacts his recruiting situation.

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  1. Carlton

    @fizz the link does not work.

  2. How could an injury AFFECT a committed player’s “recruiting situation”? He’s commited!!!!!!!!!!! Are the writers on this site INTERNS? I saw one of the Fizz’ old writer on an episode of the Axeman show….he had to be no older than 21 years old…most of the Fizz topics seem sloppy,and thrown together……YOU GET TOO MUCH TRAFFIC TO REPORT AS SLOPPY AS YOU DO?

  3. Russell MacEachern

    Give em Hell nephew!!If hes committed,there should be no problem,we have medical staff for that!!I hope they dont mean were one of those who go back on our word??Brian Leonard said thats why he liked RU!!

  4. StevenAustin

    As of 8:39am on 10/08, link still does not work.

  5. @Carlton;What happened to FSU? Just read that they lost to NC ST. Didn’t know it until reading about it today I thought you told us it was going to be an easy win.

    It just goes to show why the games are played.

  6. Brendan Glasheen

    @bigdip @Russell Thanks for the read guys. Yes he is committed and the medical staff is there for reasons like this, but it’s just a way of us teasing what Devan says on the show. He is reassures his commitment with the Orange. We are getting the link fixed ASAP. Sorry about this

  7. Carlton

    @Ron, Cant kick FG’s in the red zone. I’m kinda sad b/c i wanted to go to a NC game for cheap. Even have a friend that lives in Miami and had a place to stay. smh. Oh well.

  8. KevMonstah

    Listened to this, and I had a couple of comments …. First. Take the important win. Don’t care how ugly, they needed it. Take it. If they need 5-6 more of those, ok. This year, get the wins. Defense was great. That style got them to the Pinstripe Bowl. Do it and go from there.

    Ok. You do ask why a “talent” like Ashton Broyld isn’t on the field more, and I don’t think he’s totally ready yet. Yes he’s a physical wonder, but at what position? Do you want him as QB over a 5th year senior, who’s probably going to set most if not all SU passing records? He doesn’t have a pass attempt yet. I don’t know if I want him as a WR or wasting time as a TE when hopefully Thompson/Provo/Parris will be fine there. At RB, they might have too many options there now. If he’s ready good, but don’t put him out there just to say “he played”. And that brings me to …

    I think SU tends to overthink itself way too much. In all phases. Ex. Two punters, two kickers, different formations. Defensive calls and lineups that don’t always seem to make sense. Offensive plays that try for the complex when the simple would do. Just play the game, make the easy plays, make the right plays, and see how it goes. Don’t go with “I gotta get a true frosh in at QB to run the Wildcat/Pistol/Stallion/whatever they call it”, just to say they tried it, when you have (had) one of the top statiscal QBs in the game. Don’t make the redzone plays so complex. The I-Formation works. Try it. Punts: ONE guy should be sufficient, and you a) kick it high, b) angle it, c) go tackle someone. And maybe either set up a return or go for a block, but do something that might result in a game changing play. They used to get those here on punts, but not recently.


  9. BIGDIP:
    This is for you buddy, so listen up good buck-o.

    I think you have to simply shut your yap for a moment and take your finger off the caps lock. Being “loud” doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about. In this case it’s the exact opposite. You’re the one who actually looks like pretty dumb right now because you opened up your mouth without actually listening to what we discussed with Devan. Do we talk about his injury? Yes. Did we at any point speculate that his commitment is in jeopardy? NO. We’ve talked with him on numerous occasions and know the facts.

    So (without the caps lock on) tell me what was reported in a “sloppy” manor?

    And get your resume in, intern.

  10. @Carlton; I couldn’t get that game on tv up where I live. Sometimes when you have the opportunity to go to a game and you don’t take it,you end up feeling bad about it for days and sometimes months while kicking your self in the rear for doing so.

    I’ve watched FSU a couple of times this year and they look real strong. I believe they will be in one of the major bowls on New Years Day. LSU and their fans have to be feeling like crap after the shellacking they got from Florida on Saturday.

    I hope Syracuse looks good and wins the game against Rutgers on Saturday.

  11. @Fitz;Your response to bigdip;is kinda to the point and you didn’t pull any punches. That’s what I call a person backing up exactly what was said. A straight forward person doing some honest reporting. In today’s bull-shit world how often do you see that happen?

    Fitz good job bro,good job.

  12. If a recruit verbals to SU and gets hurt he’s still a solid verbal for SU. If the Coaches or Administration change their offer they should fire them “ALL”. SU only has its grace left after GROB/HCDM/dougie regime!!! Please show some big ones and stick with any fallen verbal!! GEZ!!!

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