Stabbing at Carrier Dome May Force Changes to Syracuse’s Orange Madness

You can’t blame Syracuse University for a couple of knuckleheads finding it the perfect time to throw down during a free, non-competitive sporting event/concert like last night. A stabbing on the floor of the Carrier Dome during Midnight Madness is just idiotic. Go duel it out Jets/Sharks-style under the 81 overpass. Don’t get blood on my Otto t-shirt.

In every crowd, at every stadium, fans get boozed up, find those beer muscles, get pissed off at something inane, and decide to prove just how tough they are. How do you keep out every idiot out of the joint? Unfortunately, the dummies always seem to outnumber you.

But are there ways for SU to prevent the violence? There’s certainly some possibilities to limit it. You can charge for the tickets from here on out, but honestly how much would you pay to watch the SU hoops team practice? $5? $10? And does a few bucks really scare away the fools that want to fight? People pay way more than that for tickets to games and we still have fans doing battle. I’ve witnessed the drunk tank under Gillette Stadium during a Pats/Jets playoff game. Those people paid $100 or more with 75 other bozos to spend the night in a dog cage.

You could limit the tickets to specific distribution points, like picking them up at the box office, getting them at Wegman’s – forcing people to make an effort instead of just waltzing in for some free entertainment.

The stabbing is the part that scares everyone, because then it’s not just two drunks throwing some fists. It’s a knife, blood, and medics having to whisk a victim to an ambulance. Why not institute the pat-down? Maybe fans had to be frisked last night, but if so there was a security guard that missed a blade. When I head to Giants Stadium or Citi Field or Yankee Stadium, I get frisked. You have to just expect that it’s part of the experience.

If we’re missing knives on the pat-down, maybe it’s time for a few metal detectors. No one wants to feel like they’re walking into DeathZone 2065, but if it keeps these incidents out of the Dome, then fine. We deal with it on planes, at government offices and other places. It’s part of the world we live in.

My guess is SU takes this thing seriously, because it could’ve been worse, and it’s front page news on Thankfully it’s only a handful of dopes and they’ll all survive. But if this were a shooting, then we’re talking some serious potential disaster. Can’t ever underestimate the idiots.

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  1. Jimmy C. says:

    Charge money for the tix, install metal detectors and mandatory pat down stations.

    And you are right DA, change the easiness of getting tickets and the riff raff and wannabe gangsters only there to see Wale out of there. I heard the fight was over a girl and that they were only there to see Wale and that the game was secondary to the act.

  2. Jimmy C. says:

    Maybe stop bringing in certain artists only there to impress recruits and instead bring in rock and roll acts. Not country acts, rock and roll acts. If its a well know rap artist on Jay-Z or Kanye’s level, Eminem or Snoopr Dogg, old school rap, thats fine too

  3. Ron says:

    @Jimmy C;What’s wrong with country music? how old are you? Take a damn good look at the crowd next time you go to a basketball game,how many people do you see under 21 there?
    The crowd at the dome is aging,instead of playing to the younger crown they should change the scheduling and start looking at the older people,you know the one’s who are spending the money.

    The City of Syracuse was just awarded a $500,000 grant to get rid of the gangs in Syracuse. I suggest that the mayor,common council,police force and sheriff dept. start spending the money wisely by doing their jobs now.

  4. Cuse don't luse says:

    I’m the only one in highschool here and if I was a recruit I woul go to sleep to country music or rock keep the rap install metal detectors it’s not that complicated small blunder with a couple idiots no deaths is a positive because now it will get fixed and no one dies

  5. Malone says:

    I don’t think you can make this event about an older crowd when it is 19 year olds playing a game, trying to recruit 17 year olds to go to their school when they turn 18. Put this all into perspective. We who are not students, players, recruits, are spectators and supporters. It is not about us and as an alum, that’s hard to say but its true. First and foremost it’s for the recruits, then the players. Everything after that is residual. I am angry because thugs decided to make it about them and risk the reputation of my school and all the recruiting efforts. Did we just increase the chances of losing all the guys there and everyone of the recruits at home who have nothing but ESPN stories to tell them and their parents how safe that environment is. I am not sure what to do about it yet, but pat downs and metal detectors are a must if this is the element events like this will draw. I went to the first one of these at Manley and it was a little boring so I understand the need to enliven it, but this event cannot work in reverse and scare recruits away, or it won’t continue and that hurts everyone

  6. Ron says:

    @Malone;your probably correct when you say an event like this is not for the crowd but for the younger people who play the game.

    Good post,

  7. Russell MacEachern says:

    Yeah Ron I agree with the sensible Malone and our young lad CuseDontLuse too!

  8. Russell MacEachern says:

    But like you Ron I love folk and country as well as Rock music!!

  9. Pat says:

    I believe you had to go to certain places(bank ect.)to get tickets. you couldn’t just walk into the dome.

  10. Carlton says:

    Sad. hip-hop and bball go hand in hand. Rock and Country just don’t fit.Hip-Hop and basketball are just culturally linked. Gotta keep the thugz out. Plain an simple.

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