FizzCast Spotlight: Prince-Tyson Gulley Talks Bowling, SEC & RB’s Fraternity

The Syracuse running back is coming off a huge game against Louisville.

Prince-Tyson Gulley piled up 98 yards on the ground and two touchdowns last week in SU’s dominating win over the Cardinals. Naturally, The Fizz Spotlight shines on PTG this week.

The junior has nearly 500 rushing yards and five TD’s this season. The Fizz talked with the Ohio native about the Louisville victory, how to become bowl eligible against Missouri, and the competitiveness of the SU RB’s on and off the field.

On Not Getting Too High After the Victory v. Louisville:

“[Coach Marrone] really wants us to focus more at the task at hand. We know we just came off of a big win, and we kind of want to ride that momentum, but still know what we have to prepare. This is a new team, just focus more on the opponent now, and don’t forget how you got to the last win.”

On Facing An SEC Team:

“Yes, there’s a lot of motivation. With [Missouri] being an SEC team, they already think they’re over us, because of the Big East, and how great the SEC conference is. So, it’s motivation because we want to go show people that we play football and put our pads just like they do. We’re ready to compete when the time is right.” 

On SU’s “Four-Headed Monster” in the Backfield

“We’re brothers, we keep a competition. We do everything together, we always compete. I’m the best Madden ’13 player in the room. We compete in everything we do, and we make it a fun environment because at the end of the day we’re still brothers.”

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. I just want to thank Prince-Tyson Gulley for coming to Syracuse to play football and congratulate him on the season that he’s having. I hope the he runs rampart over the Tigers on Saturday Night. I sure would like to see him get 100 yds or more and score at least 4 touchdowns. Before anyone responds to,the 4 touchdown comment,it’s only wishful thinking on my behalf.

    If I’m reading you post correctly he’s only a junior and we’re going to have him one more year. “THAT’S FANTASTIC”.

    To all of the nay-Sayer’s who object to all of these no nothings,2/3 star athletes that are to ignorant to play the game that Marrone recruits,what say you now? My response is we ought to let the coaching staff do it’s job and we’re also finding out they know more football than any of the fans who make idiotic remarks and post them on web sites across the country.

    Good luck Cuse; Beat the Tigers

  2. high character guy – glad to have him in a Syracuse jersey

    @Ron on the recruiting comment. I feel sometimes these 2/3 star kids who are overlooked by some bigger programs in their area (did OSU offer PTG?) come out hungrier and ready to prove everyone who overlooked them wrong. That’s a great motivating factor.

  3. This is a little off subject, but back to recruiting. It is so difficult to evaluate talent at the HS level outside of the top tier, freak athlete kids – the Jadeveon Clowney’s of the world. Evaluating kids who play in different systems (half of HS don’t seem to even throw the ball), in different regions of the country, and have various levels or competencies of coaching is VERY difficult.

  4. @Mike,I agree with you comment on recruiting. I’ve always thought that the star rating system used by Rivals,ESPN and is so overrated. There is no way that any of the people who’s doing the rating is going around and watching these kids play the game. I’ve said it before,give me a 2/3 star athlete who plays the game with heart and gives you everything that he has on the field is the type of player that you need and want.

  5. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah guys,if the star-rating was so perfect we could just end the season after the recruiting rankings every year!!FSU,ND,CLemson,Texas,UM and their ilk are good examples that kids are more than what there stars say they are and Boise,Kans.St and even Navy shows what can be done with smart, hardworking, motivated middle of the road athletes with heart can do for a team if well coached.The latter examples prove talent won’t always trump determination!!Of course both is even better!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,did Mosk leave the Fizz?I miss some of his work and liked him!!I wish Dip too would make an appearance!!

  7. PTG just hang on the ball!! THANK YOU!!

  8. @Russell MacEachern;The last time Jake Moskowitz posted Russell was October 4th. I honestly can’t remember if he left the Fizz to work at another news organization or not.

    I just don’t know Russell.

  9. @R&R….hey guys still here, just less vocal! For me that can’t be a bad thing? I dig the recruiting comments…2/3 star guys are overlooked, definitely. Even the “bigboys” fill their rosters with 1-star or NR players, some stop at 3-star players? A 2-star from Florida is better than some states’ top players, SU has overachieved with the talent that traditionally is recruited, and that’s a good compliment.

    SU week in review
    1. Su vs mizzou….bigboy fball in November? Battle for a bowl
    2. Tyler Roberson commits to SU bb….thank the bb gods
    3. SU women undefeated, Alexander is a force, 3-0
    4. Jonny Flynn in Australia? Wow…sux…
    5. Jumped Duke in bball, rank #8(from 9)
    6. Bball game tomorrow….

    * other than those happenings, all seems well! I’ll
    I really want SU to whup some ass tonight….can’t fool around with Franklin? They’re dangerous, theyve outrecruited us the past 10 years
    , and have a current winning culture…alot to envy! But theyre beatable! ….

    [email protected]…Way to keep the faith, we’re batting .500, with a chance to do big things. Hats off to the team and coaches, win tonight and solidify some history….HCDM 2 bowls? Would be huge…..

  10. Russell MacEachern

    @bigdipper,nice to see uv come back off ur “bender”,I was starting to wonder what jail u might be in lol!!The board aint the same w/o ur commentary!!

  11. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah Ron I enjoyed Mosks work and the fact he’d give and take with the commenters!!Seemed like a friendly kid!!I hope hes improved his lot in life!!

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Guys Mizzou’s had problems scoring all year lets hope it holds out 1 more week and send them to the showers w/the pressure of having to beat (which they can’t) tAm to make a bowl!!….the BE has a winning record against the SEC since “98” when they started the BCS system!!I still consider them a average Big12 type team!!They (Big12) haven’t beaten us in a Pinstripe bowl in 3 attempts!!

  13. Russell MacEachern

    Anyone else hear the rumors on twitter and a few boards that Md and RU to the B1G next week?I hope its just smoke?MD was in talks all last week and RU since Sept w/the B1g10!!

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Interesting the timing of all this with MD voting against 50M buyout and BE in TV contract talks w/NBC heating up!!w/o NYC they would get signifigantly less $$$..

  15. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I guess ur still working the HS game “playoffs” this week?

  16. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Prince actually had a handful of offers coming out in 2010: Kansas, Toledo, Ohio, Ball State to name a few. It really is all about what you dod with the kids you bring in. If you’re not bringing in 4 or 5 star products you have to win with what you have. Marrone has done that.

    Yes, Mosk has left, but he is still doing well.

  17. Russell MacEachern

    Thanks Fitz,I reslly liked him,he was a nice kid!!

  18. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I want to thank u for thanking PTG so many times on our board and if u please could u thank EO in advance for coming here so maybe u’ll have a good reason to thank someone???

  19. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,maybe tonight u could save some congratulations for the team in advance??Thanks Ron…..btw,congatulations advance!!!

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Carlton,Im glad to see u speak up on the Lax-Politico bs,I mean Im not insensitive but lets see JM show it everyday not just in the 95% white Lax world….heck Im white whose fighting our battles these days?Im feeling like a minority and I just don’t want to come here and have to listen to that “stuff”!!The kids got to pick his battles wisely!!I guess ur working this afternoon?

  21. Russell MacEachern

    Reports are breaking all over the place,MD,RU to B1G to be announced next week??No one else seeing this?I can’t believe MD would leave now?Whose next in line?UConn?Damn, I was hoping all the signs were smoke!!


    Let me see here-Syracuse win’s the game and goes bowling for the 2nd time in three years.

    Fact–Syracuse improves it’s record and becomes bowl eligible.

    Fact–I hate to say this to all of the people who wanted Doug Marrone fired, too bad,his job is secure well into the future.


    Oh! and I forgot to add what a game,WHAT A GAME.

    Hell of a good job Syracuse.

  23. Again I would like to say how good a player Prince Tyson Gulley is. He’s play’s the game with heart,stands all of 3’6″ tall and in my book makes him a GIANT OF A MAN playing against kiddies.

  24. @Kevin Fitzgerald;thanks for giving the information about Jake Moskowitz leaving the Fizz. I wish him well on his new job.

    @Russell MacEachern;yes I will be working the High School Championship Games(Friday,Saturday). Tomorrow and Wednesday I have to work the basketball games.

    Russell,I said at the beginning of the season PTG looked good to me and if you remember I got ridiculed for making that statement.

    @bigdip.nice to hear from you again. It’s been a great time to be an Orange Fan. It looks like the oranges are falling into the right basket for all of us to enjoy. I can’t wait for the remaining football scholarships to be offered to see who we will be bringing in.

    Your right bigdip,it’s been a tremendous week for the upstate area. Watchout ACC here we come.


  26. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,do u have enough thanks for Romey and Nassib and Lemon (neverdrops)and the rest of the heroes?my prediction is looking good!!”Go Cuse”…what a finish??

  27. Russell MacEachern

    Guys….what a game!!!

  28. Good morning everyone; look everybody keeps on reminding us of the 5 game losing streak at the end of last year. Can we please now forget about it and move on? Syracuse has won 3 out of it’s last 4 ball games and will probably beat Temple next weekend to complete November with an outstanding 3-1 overall record. I must be dreaming,3-1 in the month of November.

    I believe that Syracuse has turned the corner and good things will start to happen more regularly.

    To Coach Marrone and staff;good job fellas.

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