If Marrone Ever Left, Could Jim Tressel Be a Syracuse Darkhorse Candidate?

Here’s why Tressel should get a look from the Orange if there’s an opening.

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It’s January, 2014. The New York Jets have suffered through yet another mediocre year under the supervision of Rex Ryan, and owner Woody Johnson has had enough. The time of aiming for the back page of the New York Post is over – it’s time to make winning the priority.

And to make offense a priority, the Jets sense the need for an offensive coach to restore discipline and humility to a franchise that has suffered repeated embarrassments on and off the field. Former Jets offensive line coach Doug Marrone is selected to lead the franchise forward. Satisfied with the direction Syracuse is headed, and unable to pass up a chance to be an NFL head coach, Marrone moves on.

In a recent article, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King ranked Marrone in the top five college coaching candidates for NFL head coaching positions. So who would theoretically make sense as a replacement if Marrone moved on?

Do you keep it in-house? We saw how a mercenary worked out last time. Nate Hackett could potentially jump to the NFL with Marrone to be his offensive coordinator, but would likely stay if he was promoted to running the SU program. Would you hand the reigns over to Scott Shafer? He’s a good in-game coach, but he’s not exactly known for pulling a lot of weight as a recruiter.

How about current Temple Head Coach and unabashed Orange homer Steve Addazio?

“Obviously, I’m rooting for them in a bowl game. Syracuse has got a special place in my heart. Aside from Friday, I’m certainly cheering for them.”

He used to coach here and has loyalty to the school, and brings a ton of passion and enthusiasm experience. The former Florida offensive coordinator has experience recruiting at a bigtime southern school. He has tremendous connections up-and-down the east coast, but might get plucked for a better job this offseason (some have linked him to the BC opening).

There’s no obvious solution if Marrone leaves. Dig a little deeper though, and an intriguing candidate emerges. He’s actually the perfect man for the job. Here’s his resume:

– Former SU assistant
– BIG name
– Proven winner: 5 BCS bowl victories as a head coach, including 1 national championship, 3 national championship game appearances
– Not a threat to leave quickly for greener pastures

Who owns the resume? Disgraced former Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel, a dream candidate for the Orange if Marrone bolts for the NFL. He’s the big-name coach that the Orange could never otherwise land. Just by name alone, he’ll take SU’s recruiting to another level. Yet he won’t easily move onto a better program, because he’s still widely considered a pariah.

It’s a great combination, one that Syracuse should take advantage of if it ever has the opportunity. Yeah, he let his players get away with exchanging memorabilia for tattoos, but in today’s college landscape coaches have committed worse offenses. Buckeye fans are over it, they gave Tressel a standing ovation before the OSU-Michigan even though he’s the reason the undefeated Bucks can’t play in the postseason.

Plus, the NCAA let Tressel off easy with its show-cause penalty. Tressel would have to sit out the first five weeks of the season if he were hired, and potential bowl game in the first year, but Syracuse itself wouldn’t face any punishments.

What’s the likelihood of Syracuse needing a Marrone successor anytime soon? Not too high. Marrone came to SU to rebuild his alma mater. The Orange is trending upward, but Marrone’s goal wasn’t to make the program an average team in the Big East.

But if he leaves, Tressel could be a dark horse candidate.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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  1. @Andrew Kanell;

    What an eye popping article you have today. Could Tressell even coming to Syracuse be a possibility? WOW,that really gives the fans something to think about.

    If you read this,pay attention to the first couple of paragraphs. Do you still think Marrone to the pros is a joke. The rumors of him leaving is gaining steam and everyone is talking about him going. I really hate saying this, but Terrie I’ve come to the conclusion that Doug Marrone won’t be the coach here very mush longer. People like you that has done nothing but complain has opened the door to another dark period for which Syracuse Football is about to enter.

    That’s sad for all of us.

  2. This would be huge! It be great for SU an I feel they could hold on to him as long as they are willing to pay him. He would help SU protect their house when it comes to NY prospects and probably helps SU steal prospects from places like Ohio an PA.

  3. Carlton;I can’t believe his name has come up. If Marrone does go, I hope like hell that Dr. Gross has the resolve to go after a guy like Tressell. This story definitely has the “WOW” factor attached to it.

  4. This isn’t happening. Marrone is sticking around for a while.

  5. This is the dumbest article I have ever seen. Not only is Marrone staying at SU for a while, but Jim Tressel would probably never be hired by Syracuse based on his cheating scandals at Ohio St.

    Also, don’t you think that one of the best coaches of the past decade would shoot for a job a little better than Syracuse, because you know, there are a few SEC jobs going around (Arkansas, Auburn). And I cant imagine Lane Kiffin sticking around at USC after his poor coaching this season. Not to mention Chip Kelly at Oregon would be going to the pros soon.

    To sum it up, Syracuse will probably do pretty poorly our first few years in the ACC due to the better competition, and I just cant see Jim Tressel coming to a losing program. Also, he made $3.5 million his last year at OSU, Syracuse pays Doug Marrone one of the lowest D1 salaries of any head coach at around a million

  6. Doug isn’t going anywhere unless he wins a national championship here and fulfills his goal of doing so. Once that happens he might consider another job but not yet and not now so get back to checking in on the best available recruits that doug is chasing down for this upcoming class.

  7. Asked Da..he was to lazy..from PostsecondaryEducation Equity in Sports
    Latest available..2010
    School. Under grads. Football. All Sports
    Revenue. Expense. Expense
    Cuse. 13.6k. $ 18.8m. $16.4M. $ 50.2M
    Louisville 12k. 25.7M. 15.6M. 83.8M
    Alabama. 22.6k. 92.2M. 76.8M. 92.2M
    Clemson. 14.5k. 31.7M. 18.0M. 60.9M
    Miami. 9.4k. 26.2M. 24.4M. 57.6M
    That’s the facts..I’m surprised. Says Cuse and Miami don’t support their team or the Athletic directors are doing a better job marketing product. Everything indicates LU has pumped it up in 2011&2012. We are well below Miami and Clemson. Don’t think we make it on $16.4M. Would love to see current figures. Cuse Football made $2m in 2010. Basketball made $8.0M.

  8. Revenue in 2010 was also Big (little) East money against ACC…big difference. Let’s hope the added revenue goes into football not the general fund!

  9. Dear Lord why is this a story? Syracuse clinched the Big East title yesterday and this is what you write? So dumb.

  10. Russell MacEachern

    How about Bob Diaco,DC and N.J. roots and great recruiter at ND being looked at by all the ambitious schools?Would bring youth,energy and instant credibility with all the young studs to the “Cuse”!!Id take a look at him!!….I’d look at Al Golden too but not sure we want to bump heads w/the “Canes” right now!

  11. Russell MacEachern

    @Carlton,was just asking about u on last thread,…thought all the excitement was too much for you lol,..congrats on this seasons success for ur schools!

  12. A .500 record in the college world is not NFL material. Going to the Jets/Bills/Cowboys/Steelers/Redskins/Patriots and whom ever is crazy to hire HCDM/dougie go head make my day. Complain is not the word for my statements. Concern for the SU program gaining back its respectability is my main concern. Other than the last 4 games of 2012 HCDM has shown little to us sincere SU fans!! Come on the snake oil salesman makes over a million a year for a .500 record. Other coaches get fired for alot less and he knows that. I dream of the times of 1959, the 80’s and 90’s too. Why not!! This coach so far for 4 years has not really sniffed at that great season yet. And I feel thats really hard to do, but why was he hired for??? But you homers will give him 7 years to do it. I won’t!! Also the Pin-Stripe is not a reward for SU’s Championship season. PSB is just a filled in bowl for a program that has fallen down in recent decades. And that proves SU’s FB rep is down. I want that Rep to build up again. That’s all!! If that’s complaining then live with it. If your boy HCDM?dougie fails next year too! You’ll hear from me. If he does great you’ll hear from me. I’m just tired of the complaining your telling me I’m doing. Hey dougie win and it will stop. PLEASE!!!

  13. @Russell MacEachern;

    Remember back I told you people considered this the year of the running back. Well take a look at what was just posted.

    Running back Tyler Rouse of C.W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville has been selected as the Gatorade Player of the Year for New York.

    Rouse rushed for 2,977 yards and scored 45 touchdowns on 333 carries this season in leading the Bees to an 8-2 record and spot in the Class AA Section III championship game.

    Watching him in that game was just unbelievable,the kid is fast,real fast.

  14. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,thanks for the tip,I really enjoy HS football like WBB it seems “cleaner” or purer than a lot of other tainted stuff were being sold!!I’ll keep my eye on Mr Rouse of Baldwinsville,LI NY I think!!I watched a lot of the HS playoffs on TWer from the Dome and liked New Rochelle a lot!!

  15. Russell MacEachern

    I think I’ll check out Kent St tonight on tv as MAC is good college football!

  16. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,noticed on the crawl that after last nights loss RU got a 3*commit from St.Elizabeths hs,Del,wr Andre Patton 6’4″ 195 lbs over WV,N.C.St,Iowa and Purdue??Wow,thats their 20th after losing?I dont get it!!Where do they keep finding these guys?

  17. Russell MacEachern

    Kent St27 NIU20…KSU=bracketbuster JMO../prediction…

  18. Russell MacEachern

    Hard to think the Dougie would leave this year but if BC was smart Kent Sts Coach Hazel’s done an amazing job w/KSU…imagine what he could do for UConn or BC?..lets hope their not smart!I heard they(BC) thought about B.Diaco,NDs DC!

  19. @Russell MacEachern;
    It looks like some Big Time Boosters to me Russell.
    Tyler Rouse of C.W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville has been selected as the Gatorade Player of the Year for New York.

    Baldwinsville isn’t on LI Russell,it’s a suburb of Syracuse NY.

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Oh,theres a Baldwinsville I think on LI but NYC and LI dont play they’re playoffs upstate ergo the (I think)..btw RU to Russell Bowl TBA Sunday against most likely VaTech!..I hope w/go Pinstripe but maybe Belk?..I cant find anything on us concrete yet,maybe their waiting to see if Pitt’s eligible!

  21. Enough with this crap. No one is going after Marrone.

  22. News/Rumors gtech an UVA are heading to the
    B1G come Monday. A lot of talk that G-Tech was leaveing today. Also rumors that SEC has invites out to v-tech an UNC. Kinda shocked that anything would happen before the buyout /w UM was settled but who knows. Blood is in the water an seems sharks are cricleing. The ACC needs to have the buy out hold up an go after Oklahoma an Oklahoma.st. Oklahoma was mad about the Texas tv deal when this all started. ACC needs to land a big fish. Then bring in Uconn an put pressure on ND to join an become the 18th member.

  23. Russell MacEachern

    Carlton,Ive been seeing the same thing after seeing how quickly they applied to the B1G,..where theres smoke theirs usually fire!!GT,UVA and possibly Kansas?!?Looks like at least 7 teams are looking to leave but I hope they pull together….but Carltons right nobody wants to be left w/o a seat at the table when the music stops!

  24. Russell MacEachern

    We need a ND or a Texas to stabilize the conference or we’ll just be right back in the same conference under a different name further south!Bring in UConn….I thought the B1G could have made a coup and killed off BC in one stroke by accepting UConn!!BC has withered on the vine into basic irrelevance!….BC has to make a real killing in their coach hire,he better be SPECIAL!!

  25. Russell MacEachern

    in above “latter post” I meant the Okie schools as UT is arrogantly “safe” w/own LHN bought and paid for by ESPN!!..unfortunately they (ESPN)own most of the ACC network already!!(at least to the best of my understanding?)

  26. I hope that what you guys are saying are nothing but rumors. But I want to make another argument for stabilities sake ok.

    We all knew that it was going to be a mistake for the ACC to accept Notre Dame into the league. Especially after what they did to destroy the Big East.

    If the “Big’s” only reason for raiding the ACC was to let ND know that they made a huge mistake by going to the ACC,then maybe they should throw a counter punch to let them know that the ACC means business.

    If the ACC has to take drastic steps to save the league and Notre Dame want’s to be an independent,then the ACC should help them reach their goal by kicking them out of the league. Where ever Notre Dame goes,trouble always follows. Kick them out and maybe stability returns to a once proud league.

    The ACC adding Oklahoma and Oklahoma State would be another drastic step for the league to take. Let’s only hope that things work out for the better for all concerned.

  27. @Russell MacEachern;

    Your right Russell about BC,but they made the decision to bolt the BE for the ACC.
    Look at them now, their programs are struggling and I’ll bet you that the administration is saying behind closed doors what a mistake it was to leave.

  28. Orange FB fan

    Can’t see it happening. I don’t think the Orange want the controversy that would come with the hire. You can’t follow up a guy like Marrone(whether he is fired or finds a better gig in a few years) with Tressel. I mean the man was involved in a fairly high profile scandal.

    If you can turn a blindeye to the controversy(which I don’t think you can), then Tressel would be a good selection for a program thats trying to restore some value. While he was at OSU, he was able to draw in quality recruits. We all know that a program needs to get talent into the fold. But, would SU be able to meet a Tressel asking price. I mean even with a diminished rep, he could still command a good offer from some SEC school willing to take a shot on a guy who has had past success.

  29. Russell; I just saw a score update,it looks like Cincinnati ahead of UCONN by at least 2 TD’s. It kind of looks like a return trip to the Pinstripe Bowl. Are you going?

  30. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I hear their gonna organize if were picked to PS 2/3 bus charter deal to the game out of Albany….Im waiting to see if thats our destination and take the charter deal (if organized)….I think Trailways is offering the daytrip from our area?…does Casenovia offer any extras?Are they reasonable?How much are the tickets “included”?Do they supply refreshments?

  31. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,did the 3 JUCOs commit?Where any HS targets visiting?Who?….did they like NY?UConn had a dozen or more HS targets at the game but none w/the WOW factor but RU has 4 four star types trying to pick between them and some real powers!!I think RU is running out of schollys??Maybe room for 2 or 3 more w/creative bookwork!!I hear we have room at SU for 4 or 5 more commits!!

  32. @Russell MacEachern;

    If any of the players come in tonight I will ask about the JUCO Players. All I can tell you is that I was told a week or so ago that a couple of JUCO OL players from California were coming and it looked good for Syracuse. I’ve also heard that Zach Allen and other recruits will be on campus in another week or so.

    There seemed to be a lot of concern about Coach Marrone bringing in JUCO players,that Syracuse was at a point where we didn’t have to do that. Well I watched the Kansas St. game last night and it appears Syracuse is not alone going the JUCO route. Kansas ST. has a lot more than three of them on their team and it seems to be working out pretty darn good.

  33. Russell; if we go to the Pinstripe Bowl and your going via Trailways, we’ll be coming in on the Cazenovia Bus Lines out of Syracuse. They all park in the same parking lot so maybe we can meet up then,walk across the street to the sidewalk vendor onj the other side and have a couple of dogs and a soda.
    What do you think friend,sound good to you?

  34. Now that’s good fandom fellas…@R&R most of these bloggers wish they were half as committed as you two! Go SU….have fun in “da bronx”

  35. @bigdip;

    I have the utmost respect for a guy like Russell. I’ve never laid an eye on him,looks don’t matter,for me he’s become a friend. I hope that we meet at the bowl game. It certainly make my day complete.

    bigdip;this old man,with heart felt gratitude,wants to say THANK YOU for the positive remark. I know that both Russell and I appreciate the comment.


  36. It’s funny how many people are calling people crazy to think marrone would leave.

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