Ogundeko Out? Reports Say Ebo Narrows Choices to Florida and Clemson

Syracuse’s top target left on the board looks to have cut the Orange out before his visit.

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Looks like the Great Ebo Sweepstakes may be over for Syracuse. Multiple reports say the Brooklyn Beast is down to Florida and Clemson as the high school season comes to a close. Scout reports John Anselmo visited with Syracuse’s top target left this week, presumably to make sure Ebo didn’t make any decision until he visited SU once more.

The DE was scheduled to come up to the Hill the weekend of December 8th. If he has narrowed his decision down to the Gators and Tigers, then one has to wonder if he will still take his official to SU.

It would be a shame if New York State’s best player cuts the Orange out of the mix before that visit, simply because the ‘Cuse Clique will all be there. Quarterback Zach Allen has developed into a leader without ever having taken a snap for the Orange. He’s reached out to multiple recruits and commits, and developed a fraternity and bond with guys who are still in high school. December 8th was supposed to be a chance for the entire crew to connect on campus and start envisioning what the future could look like at SU. And what better time to do it? Syracuse finished the season on a roll, and will be soaking in the love from a solid bowl invite over the next few weeks.

If indeed Syracuse is out of the Ebo race, it’s understandable but still disappointing. Recruiting, especially in the tri-state area, continues to grow for the Orange. Augustus Edwards was a huge get for the Orange, and many thought he would be the first half of the biggest package deal in SU football history. Brooklyn has already delivered Gus, big ol’ Wayne Williams and possibly speedster Laray Smith, so it seemed like the Orange had an inside track on him.

But ultimately, it’s still difficult to beat the nation’s powers such as Florida, Clemson and Notre Dame – even with SU’s obvious growth as a program and grass roots connections with NYC high school coaches. There’s no shame in being beaten by schools that are perennial contenders. Hell, Alabama looks like they also whiffed on Ebo. Syracuse is in good company.

If Ebo heads elsewhere, we wish him nothing but the best. Always want to see Big Apple and Empire State kids succeed. But it’ll hurt if he chose another school before uniting with the ‘Cuse Clique on the Hill in ten days.

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  1. Very disappointing news. He should have gotten in touch with other top recruits leaving NY only to find themselves setting the bench for a couple maybe three years later when they could have played ball from day one if they were to chose the Orangemen.

  2. OrangeCrush27

    You know four straight years…first Easley, Ishaq, Jarron Jones, Kelly, maybe EO and next year Hayes have all committed to ND or a southern school. As a fan you hope to grab one of these kids, which we have lately (Reddish, Cornelius, Morgan, Williams, Edwards and possibly Smith). But winning cures all which ales our football fan base. ‘Cuse has never really reeled in top talent and may never (thank you basketball). EO could be that guy for us, but honestly the kid has been flipping his choices around since he de-committed from UCONN. He is better off drawing a name out of a hat because i dont think he really knows where he wants to go, and thats ok. He is a kid. Obviously everyone wishes him the best in his career, especially a kid representing NY football.

    The one thing i would tell EO is that look who your going up against for playing time. Clemson and Florida not only have upperclassman that will play for a couple years, but both Florida and Clemson are already in the running for many top prospects at DE, MLB and OLB across the nation. So are you going to Clemson/Florida for the academics, the pure entertainment of saying you play there or you going cause you feel that your going to play there. Coming to ‘Cuse your going to get alot more playing time and the chance to play against great schools. Clemson isnt known for its defensive like ‘Cuse/Florida are. You want to get out of the area/cold, i dont blame you, but if you have NFL aspirations, ‘Cuse shouldn’t be an afterthought.

  3. @OrangeCrush27

    I wish that EO would come to Syracuse and talk to Jason Bromley about his experiences at Syracuse.
    If you remember Jayson played 2nd fiddle to Ishaq and didn’t get noticed until he out played Ishaq in the all star game that both played in.

    After watching him play Doug Marrone offed him a scholarship immediately after the game.
    The moral of the story is after 3 years Ishaq has just gotten some playing time(was inserted into the rotation at OLB)for ND. Jayson Bromley came to Syracuse as a DE and gained weight/muscle and was moved to the middle of the defensive line where he has played for 3 years. Oh!!and he will go pro at the end of his career at Syracuse.

    EO should come and talk to Jayson. He really should.

  4. Getting EBo would be great but we are well covered at the DE position for 2013. A bigger stronger Brewster, Hilliard, Robinson Manley, Raymon all are good or better players.

  5. Ishaq has not done very much and EO could come in here and make an impact immediately. Look how Spruill and the deposed Malcom Cater saw action immediately. I wish I had his phone number to talk to him. Anyways, he met Jim Brown and Dwight Freeney this past summer and I hope he makes SU his choice.

  6. @chris,Lou R;

    Great points and your both correct in both assessments. I just finished reading future opponents for Syracuse. Now that ND has committed to playing 5 ACC schools a year with Syracuse being one of those 5,shouldn’t there be a home and an away game instead of the following?

    2014 ND @ MetLife Stadium
    2015 ND @ ND
    2016 ND @ MetLife Stadium
    2017 ND @ ND

    Come on Dr. Gross get off your high horse and renegotiate the contract with ND and bring them here to the dome for us to enjoy. Shouldn’t ACC games be structured as home and away games. I know everyone is going to say that the MetLife Games are considered home games for Syracuse,but as everyone reading this knows it’s a bunch of malarkey. We should be getting them here for a game.

  7. This is simply not news. It’s re-reporting other people’s information. You’re wondering if he will still take his Syracuse official visit? It’s been widely reported he still will. This isn’t really a story at all.

  8. Thanks for sharing the link to the Wayne Williams story. I forgot how much fun it’s going to be having that kid in post game interviews.

    Anyways, if I’m a kid coming out of high school playing defense, I give Syracuse a good, hard look. The way Shafer runs his defense, you know you’ll be given every chance to get after the QB. You also have to look at what Chan Jones is doing in the NFL now, even without a full career at ‘cuse, and know that could be you. Man, that’s hard to pass up, especially when you could see a lot more playing time than you would at any other school.

    Good luck to him and GO CUSE!

  9. 2 things!!! HCDM/dougie has a history for some reason of losing NYS HS FB best talent year in and out. And the second bye we don’t want you then. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!!! We can use his slot for OL help anyway!!

  10. I am starting to think the OrangeFizz staff is only writing posts that will increase their page views, because the idea that Syracuse is Out on Ebo could not be further from the truth. Mike McAllister from @CuseNationFox reported a story completely different from this post.

  11. Mike I guess we’re all going to have to wait to see where EO goes. Everyone has him going to Florida or Clemson.

  12. This what I found on espn.

    “Ebenezer Ogundeko (Brooklyn, N.Y./Thomas Jefferson) is down to two schools.

    The ESPN 150 defensive end with more than 20 offers has two schools at the top: Clemson and Florida. They are now the only two schools he is looking at.

    “Down to those 2,” Ogundeko wrote in a text message.

    Ogundeko’s last two official visits went to the Tigers and Gators, and the official visit to Clemson helped the Tigers catch the Gators at the top of Ogundeko’s list.

    Clemson assistant coach Marion Hobby made an in-home visit with Ogundeko, the No. 1 player in New York, this week.

    “Just things about the campus. The coaching staff and distance. And of course playing time,” Ogundeko said of the conversation with Hobby.

    Syracuse assistant coach John Anselmo was also in to visit with Ogundeko this week, and as his first BCS offer, he will still officially visit Syracuse the weekend of Dec. 7.

    The Gators are supposed to visit with Ogundeko on Friday.”

    He will visit but i found some other stuff out their that leads me to think he’s going to choose UF. I know ND passed on him b/c the feeling was he wanted to play in the SEC and ND had better kids /w more interest left to go after. Tough for SU to miss on this kid.

  13. @Mike;

    I tried to find your web site to read the article on EO and couldn’t. I also told you that this web site had members that provided great materials for us to debate.

    Read Carlton’s post and you’ll find out that everything he’s posted has agreed with everyone else as to where EO is headed. His points of interest are hard to argue.

  14. bummer

  15. Russell MacEachern

    who the heck is Mike McAllister?

  16. @Mike;

    you see,Russell asked the right question,who is Mike McAllister? Is he trust worthy? Is his reporting accurate or is he coping some other persons reporting and adding a few of his own twist to the story?

  17. Someone at SU or someone on this board needs to let this kid know this is not a good decision. Someone needs to knock some sense into him. Tweet him!!!!! Whatever he decides, I’ll wish him luck but I’ll be the first one to say I told you so in 4yrs.

    If he goes to Clemson or Florida he won’t get any playing time until his Junior year that’s a fact. Florida already landed the #3 and #8 OLB in the country and last year landed the #26 and #39 OLB. Not to mention the endless list of other players that they may move to that position (i.e. taking a fast big running back who doesn’t play and convert to LB). Clemson landed the 6th best OLB in 2013 and 2012 they landed 57th best OLB. 2011 #1, #2, #5, #29 OLB.

    Ebo is great but he is still anywhere between the 10th and 40th ranked LB in the nation depending on what site you looks at. There is still a long time before he reaches his potential. That will happen much quicker at Syracuse (actually getting playing time as a freshman) but not going to happen bench warming at Clemson or Florida. I don’t care what the coaches there have said, he won’t play and he’s going to waste 2-3 yrs. Nevermind the Sophomores and Juniors ahead of him now at the those schools, whose to say they don’t land the number 1 or number 2 OLB next yr!!!! Just look at Ishaq Williams (former CUSE OLB recruit now with IRISH) hasn’t played much at all in 2 yrs and just FYI he was rated 7th best DE in the nation…LOL!!. I call that a waste of talent. After the ND national championship game this year, good luck!!!!! ND landed the number 3, 10 and 12 DE’s in the nation and I wouldn’t doubt if they get more commits in that position next year.

    If he chooses Clemson or Florida he’s got a 50/50 shot at the NFL and who knows what round. All great players that come to SU go to the NFL…. period and are picked in the 1st or 2nd round. Again, if you are a great player. If his goal is the NFL he has to choose Syracuse. If your goal is a better shot at a National Championship then for now Florida and Clemson have a better shot, however, he will be watching the Championship game from the sideline.

    Ebo… choose CUSE’ !!!!

  18. Oh yeah, Syracuse was rated #7 best NFL football factories by NFL Network in 2008. This is because when CUSE players get drafted they actually play and they produce. Florida and Clemson didn’t even make the top 10.

  19. I know I’m going on a rant but Florida and Clemson coaching are not great either. All those teams can do is recruit so they have play makers that can score and hit. Florida goes 15-11 in 2010 and 2011!! What a joke. No reason why each of those schools should have anything but a 11-1/10-2 record every year. If Marrone was the coach at that school you wouldn’t see that. Just look and Les Miles. Best recruiter in the Nation but worst coach ever. That team without a coach could go undefeated given that it had the same players.

  20. @Texas;

    Slow down man, there’s some of us here that knows exactly what your talking about. If I was the coach at Syracuse and EO came for a visit,I would have him talk to Jayson Bromley before he left to go home.

    If EO doesn’t come to play here I’m not going to lose any sleep over his decision. Syracuse has recruited a couple of DE’s that ought to do nicely playing that position. He’s not going to be missed!!!!

    Now go take a couple of asprin before you have a heart attack or stroke, and please calm down. We’re with you on this one ok.

  21. The Zoo at the Monmouth Game on Saturday needs to CHANT E BO E BO E BO since he will be at the game.

    Show the kid some love

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