Rumors Swirl Around More ACC Defections: Could BC, GT or UVA Be Next?

Twitter is abuzz about the Big 10 eyeing three more ACC schools.

Those damn winds of change. On the heels of Rutgers and Maryland bolting conferences for the riches of the Big 10, now the college football universe is a twitter with more moves: Boston College, Georgia Tech and/or Virginia to the B1G. Like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, Syracuse fans are screaming, “Remain calm! All is well!” as chaos breaks out around us.

At 14 schools, obviously the Big 10 couldn’t poach three new schools. The conference would have to choose just two of the above group. But if Jim Delaney does toss an offer at any of these programs, they’re likely going to jump. And if that happens, then what becomes of the ACC? Does is start breaking apart like Pangea before SU even calls it home?

The $50 million exit fee was supposed to render the ACC immovable. How could any school justify paying that much money to hop leagues? But once Maryland decided to push forward anyway (based on Big 10 Network projected revenue), all bets were off. Would the Eagles, Jackets or Cavs come to the same conclusion? Probably.

Of course, the Terps were an athletic department bleeding money. Maryland has been operating at a loss for years, so this was a life raft for desperate ship-wreckees. Would seemingly stable institutions like BC, GT and UVA have the same urgency to leave?

The dollars of the Big 10 Network are dazzling, but more importantly, no one wants to be the last one sitting at the lame prom table. College sports realignment has become an increasingly paranoid art of dumping your girlfriend before she dumps you. So if BC, GT or UVA feel the ACC is primed for more defections, they may bolt simply because they can bolt.

Maybe the ACC made its deal with the devil by allowing Notre Dame to join the conference without football. Some believe Delaney wanted to make the ACC pay by grabbing one of theirs. And that could be the domino that sets off another round of seismic changes.

But this is reaching theater of the absurd. Worse case scenario? Two more ACC schools are invited by the Big 10 (let’s say BC and GT). Florida State and Clemson figure it’s time to get out and move to the Big 12. And suddenly Syracuse is left in a shaky basketball conference just like it was in 2010.

Best case scenario? This is all just mindless conjecture and pot-stirring, and the Big 10 is going to sit tight for the time being. Boston College is a private school, with a dreadful football program, and poor football support in a pro sports town. Virginia is a state school like most of the Big 10, but they’ve already added the DC eyeballs with Maryland. What other major markets are you chasing? Richmond? Roanoke? And Georgia Tech is only the second most popular college team in Atlanta, the first being Georgia, who ain’t going anywhere.

No matter. Even if it doesn’t make much sense, we’re all freaking out anyway. Because no one wants to be left at the lame prom table. Everyone try to stay calm. All is (ahem) well.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. @ D.A.;In a jam-packed room full idiots. COOLS HEADS HAVE TO PREVAIL. They need to think about what it is that they are about to do. What happens if and when the money goes dry? Will these same schools go back to the conferences that they once belonged?

    Now is the time for the ACC to force Notre Dame into the league for football or join the other greedy fools that belong in the Big whatever.

    If two of those three schools mentioned leave the ACC and Florida State and Clemson follow in their footsteps,then it’s time for the Big 12 and the ACC to merge conferences,form their own TV network and stick it right in Delany’s ass big time.

  2. @Ron – Are you talking about a 22 team conference? If ACC is left with 12, and FSU and Clemson bolt, where do they go? Do you think the SEC will take FSU and Clemson? Will Florida and SC allow it? Most believe the Big 12 is the destination. So now the Big 12 has twelve (weird huh?) and the ACC has ten and they merge. Don’t you think that would upset FSU and Clemson? Do teams get weeded out? Is SU one of them? I could see Wake and Duke being left behind as hoops schools. I know NC State has eyes on a strong football program. I would have thought BC would get weeded out, but if above holds water, they might leave on their own (even if they seem the least likely of the 3 to go B1G). ND is a major lynch pin here. Football might get pressed hard, but I really don’t see them caving. That said, they’d be independent in all sports as a result. Maybe TT and Texas go Pac 12. Maybe OU and Ok State go with. If so, what’s the draw of the Big 12? Kansas and K-State? WVU? TCU? I don’t really see it.

  3. Russell MacEachern

    Really BC? Thats absurd,no one would be looking at a shrinking fanbase thats become BC!?!The B1G won’t break their bylaw that schools have to be connected already to the B1Gs footprint but now south into the growing SE is where they’ll look next?UVA and NC or if they were to waive the bylaw it might be for GT!!…the only chance a BC would have is a deal with the devil “ND”!!

  4. Russell MacEachern

    Its unbelieveable but the biggest mistake BC made was to go ACC w/o a real “partner”!They’ve never recovered since the last of the BE “03” recruiting class left and their isolation’s killed them….they reaped what they sowed!!Im not a big fan of the “beagles”!!I can still see D.Shalala gloating at our expense in BCs pressbox!!judas..

  5. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Malone,Dipper and Carlton,Happy Thanksgiving to all and may things break our way in the New Year!!We have to appreciate what were blessed with when things look bleak think of UConn!!btw anyone remember the character “stumpycuse”?I warned him about being highbrow about goodfortune cause you never know when the winds change!!I havent seen him since!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    forgive me Carlton and L’ville too as I know thats your dog in some of this and I respect all my friends views and opinions!!

  7. the bottom line to this nightmare of conferences is that syracuse must invest in there athletics. to be in the big boy league we must keep up with the jonses. invest in the athletics.

  8. @Russell MacEachern;thanks for the best wishes bud, and the same back to you and yours.

    @Malone;whats wrong with having a 22 member super-conference? It seems to me that’s exactly what people want. When and if they merge have them form their own tv network and the rest would be history.

    @the sackster;YOU HIT THE NAIL SQUARELY ON THE HEAD WITH YOUR POST. Syracuse has always had an endowment fund in excess of $1 Billion Dollars,they just finished a fund raising event that gave them another $1 Billion Dollars to add to the money that they already had and finished it early. Anyone that goes up on the hill for a game can see all of the construction going on all over campus. How much of that money is going into the athletic dept? My guess is $0.00 dollars. If the alumni has that kind of money to give freely,then why don’t they give it to where it’s really needed to upgrade the athletic dept and bring it into the 21st century?

    Just curious as to why it’s not happening!!

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  10. BC fan here. BC’s football program has greatly deteriorated only in the last couple years under an incompetent Frank Spaziani. Prior to that they were one of the consistently better teams in the conference. One bad hire, as you know, can be a disaster. Having said that, the BC staff and faithful love the ACC and would never be a good fit for the Big 10 as a mid sized private university in New England – not even close. The best fit would have been Pitt – but that is not going to happen soon. Its possible the Big would approach Virginia but they are too ingrained in the ACC from an academic side and GT is quite happy and would only consider the SEC. The ACC needs to quietly and persistently work on two huge long shots that would fit: Penn State and Vanderbilt. UConn is unlikely for a host of reasons not the least of which is that UConn sued Swofford in his personal capacity back when they sued BC for leaving. Those of you who have been sued will believe that. The rest of you will not. I just don’t see an alignment of Midwestern factory schools with southern schools. Maryland will regret the move.

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