Week 10 Fizz Five: Syracuse All Smiles After an Enormous Rout of #9 Louisville

Every unit executed on Senior Day and in the biggest win of Marrone’s tenure.

A crowd of over 40,000 fans in the Carrier Dome was a key 12th man for Syracuse to maul #9 Louisville, 45-26. Along with the crowd’s inspiration, everything on offense, defense, and special teams worked to perfection for SU. The seniors were certainly sent off in proper fashion, and the win sets the team up to clinch a bowl game. Finally, Syracuse showed how capable it is of winning big games in the Big East. The Orange could actually finish tied for 2nd in the conference if things fall correctly in the final two games. Here is this week’s Fizz Five in the victory over the Cardinals.

  • Ryan Nassib has a case for best in the league.

Teddy who? Nassib not only led a huge offensive attack against the Louisville defense, but made a case that he is the best quarterback in the Big East conference. The captain was 15/23 for 243 yards and 3 TD passes. He broke the Big East all-time record in completions, now with 738 in his career. In these big games, Nassib is calm and cool in the pocket and lets his instincts take over on the field. He took care of business, while Teddy Bridgewater couldn’t find his rhythm at all. Bridgewater never made those signature superstar plays, while Nassib hit Jeremiah Kobena right out of the gate for a 45-yard gain. Nassib also executed his deep ball to perfection. Doug Marrone said this was the best he had ever seen Nassib throw the long bomb. Ryan’s demeanor continues to impress each and every week, and we should expect no drop off in his performance in the final two regular season contests.

  • Alec Lemon overcame his Louisville curse.

Lemon had a terrific game, being targeted 17 times, reeling in 176 yards receiving and two touchdowns. He joked after the game that he never had a good game against the Cards. But Lemon was totally fixed on not letting that happen in his final game at the Dome. He had a classic foot drag TD in the back of the end zone and made the highlight reel on multiple occasions. Credit Nassib for finding Lemon, but Alec made some solid catches and got yards after catches as well. If anyone deserved a send-off like this it was Alec. He consistently leads by example for this football team and is a key component in getting the Orange to bowling season.

  • SU’s running attack was relentless.

You would think with all of the Nassib to Lemon connections the ground game wasn’t much of a need for the Orange. But Syracuse’s running duo in Jerome Smith and Prince Tyson Gulley contributed to a 278 yard day for Syracuse, compared to Louisville’s 48. Smith rushed for over 100 yards in his fourth straight game and has emerged as a top running back in the conference. He admitted after the game how he individually is trying to get better a lit bit each week. And PTG was like a bus on Saturday. He refused to go down, especially when he ran in a score from 55 yards out and almost tripped himself a few times. The heart and guts on this day was from the RB unit. Nassib only had to throw the ball 23 times. The backs helped SU clobber Louisville and manage the teams third-down efficiency at 14 of 19.

  • SU’s defense/special teams got back to the fundamentals.

Fans were probably upset the Orange settled for a FG once they reached the red zone early on. But then came an added spark, as Louisville’s dropped punt return set up SU with food field position when Llewellyn Coker recovered it. Dyshawn Davis had a key interception to seal the game. And the defensive line got back to the basics by stopping the run effectively. Deon Goggins said postgame it was tough giving up 600+ yards in the past two contests, but the team came out and took care of business. Bridgewater did throw for over 400 yards, but the defense never allowed him to get comfortable and make the highlight reel plays he’s capable of. Syracsue needs similar efforts from this veteran-studded defense in the final two games.

  • Syracuse is capable of winning out.

This is finally the complete package we’ve been waiting to see Syracuse fans. Every phase was executed to perfection. Syracuse didn’t turn the ball over and the penalty number was cut down significantly to seven for 55 yards. It’s certainly possible the Orange win out and finish 7-5, 5-2. But that same focus and determination from this win has to remain the same. The intensity level can’t drop off as it did last year during SU’s five-game slide. Nassib addressed that:

“We played mistake-free football, just tried to play our game and not do too much and had fun doing it. Having success early on puts the pressure on the opposing team. It gets the momentum going and that’s what happened today.”

SU is just one win away from a bowl. Let’s hope this win over fuels the Orange to finish off its season with a bang, and end the program’s tenure in the Big East on a serious high note.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. such a huge win for the orange. i would have never thought possible, but was so happy for the team that they did and was also glad i was there at the dome to see it for myself. offense played the best in that game so far this year, just rolled louisville. i couldn’t beleive my eyes. i am so happy for these seniors because i know how hard they worked throughout there syracuse careers, and am very glad they decided to play here at syracuse university as well. i hope we can keep this momentum and win one or two more games to get a bowl game.

  2. @Brendan Glasheen;great post Brendan,informative and to the point.


  3. This game shows that 3 members of this team are the main reason they won Saturday and hopefully the rest of the season to. They are the sole of this team!! Two of these players will be gone for good. One coach could be gone after the season too. Because he shows his value game in and game out. The players are Ryan and “The Shark”. Both of these guys are not replaceable as I can see. Both have hearts bigger than HCDM/dougie’s ego!! The other is Coach Wheatley!! Coach Wheatley made these running backs. No doubt. Smith is better than expected. You can almost say he’s as good or better than the RB’s years before. PTG is getting better too! But he still scares me with the ball going all over the place in his hands. I would not be surprised if Wheatley went back to U Mich. Sooner or later he will. HCDM/dougie just needs to get him the horses. Or find a replacement.

  4. DA???? Teddy who!! He had a pretty good game to. He didn’t lose the game for the Cards!!! Did he?? He’s quite a talent.

  5. Cuse Don't Luse

    I never thought i would say these words but I agree with Terry that he has made these backs I just hope we can hold on to him and yea Bridgewater had almost double nassib’s passing yards and no one receiver had 100 yards meanwhile we had the alec lemon show going not sure nassib did much else then find lemon time and time again

  6. Russell MacEachern

    @CDL,Im not surprised,Terrys a lot of things but stupid aint one of them…most of his posts show knowledge beyond most of our posters,its just the way he usually does it that irritate some and even the ego comment is spot on!God forbid we have a run of success his head(Dougie) will get too big for that silly visor I wish he’d shitcan!!But I still think he’s done an admirable job for now!!

  7. LOL!!! Come on I’m mellowing out a little bit. Again I keep an eye out on the NYC HS FB talent site. And EO is NOT at the top of that list. I can’t remember the last time I heard of an EO great game?? But what I hope your man HCDM/dougie does is check out the speed that some of those players are showing. I still feel in the athletic sense of our talent speed needs to improve. Mainly on ST. The late 80’s showed what SU can do with speed on the DOME field!!

  8. @Terry;it looks to me like you HAVE TURNED THE CORNER HERE.
    Please remember that Syracuse is still in the hunt for those players out of the NYC area. I’m just hoping when I say Ebenezer Ogundeko will become a defensive end for the Syracuse Football Team. If he does come he will be a starter at that position opposite Markus-Pierce Brewster or be in the starting rotation for that group. The only thing that bothers me is knowing that we have only 15-17 scholarships to offer with 8 of them already gone. I don’t know how this will effect recruiting over the next couple of years.

    I feel last Saturday’s game against Louisville didn’t hurt Syracuse’s chances for these recruits. The game this weekend will help these young men make their decisions as to where they want to play.

    Looking forwards to a lot of good things happening with the team.

    GO CUSE;

  9. All the remaining Big East teams should be very glad that Syracuse is leaving this conference. With the new offense and the great recruits coming in, combine with a great coaching staff and the history and tradition that is Orange football – SU would literally dominate the conference over the next decade. We will however be glad to go over and rule the ACC. The Cuse is on the rise !!!

  10. @HedgeHog;I love reading your enthusiastic post man. I think it’s going to be a couple of years before we contend for the ACC Championship though. Mind you that I’m not ruling it out that it could happen earlier.

    I honestly feel that we’re going to be ok in the new league.

  11. I guess I should have put this in this post:

    EO has gotten back in touch /w ND from what I saw on twitter. Don’t know what that means but rivals had him having a top 4. I couldn’t look at it b/c i don’t pay for rivals so i’m not sure who was in the top 4. Just passing that little news along.

  12. If EO wants else where let him go. NYC HS FB news still shows the lack of ink on this kid. If he is so great he’d be mentioned more. He does not play in a small time HS either in the city. NYC people are not quiet about their beliefs and so far they are mum!! Just interesting!!

  13. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Carlton,just came home from the “Getwell Hotel” and everythings OK!!btw Ron,I would’nt count on EOs commitment as his top 4 don’t include us from my research!…but as the “Legion of SuperHeroes” has more promising news with a possible RB commit from the “FLASH” w/possibly “Superman” at WR,I hope the news helps alleviate the pain of EO?Ron,any political news or menu’s??

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,theres a DE/OLB out of the Philly,PA area who has CUSE in his final 5 who don’t want to go too far from home…a high 3 star type,almost as good as EO…Justin Moody,6’4″ 230lbs w/good growth potential but hes looking at Pitt too!!…RU was on him until that 4 star DE/T frosh Justin Pollard changed his PSU commit and went to RU!!I think Temple/MD and WVU were in the mix too?

  15. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,if SU and the Dougie pull off a BE title or a share maybe we find some of those cheap “Dougie Visors” and sell them for ten times their worth at the Pinstripe or whatever Bowl for HUGE profits?Might make more than selling hotdogs huh?HaHa..

  16. @Russell MacEachern,good to see you writing again bud. Must be everything went well during your operation. I like the idea Russell of selling cheap “Dougie visors”. If we sell enough of them it might cover the cost of going to the bowl game.

    Russell,I was shocked to see Terry write that he underestimated Prince-Tyson Gulley as a player. His explanation was sound and I think grew a little bit after eating “crow pie”. He said that he thought he was mellowing out a little,lets hope he changes his way of asking questions and voicing his opinions. Have you noticed that I’ve started spelling his name correctly? We’ve drifted a little bit from our commitment to be civil to one another and to keep this site clean. Let’s all hope that all goes well from this point on.

    With the recruits that we’re getting Russell,I believe the team will be all set for play in the ACC.

  17. @ussell MacEachern;Cuse17 didn’t like my response to his post Russell when I said we ought to let the story die here and let it be settled in the courts. As far as political news goes,sometimes it’s good to let certain things go unspoken.

    As far as the menu for Saturday goes,I’m taking my granddaughter out to dinner to an Italian Resturant before going to the Zach Brown concert on Friday. So I can’t have pasta two nights in a row. My son’s want pizza and wings with a few brews. it might be time for a good steak smothered in mushrooms and onions with scalloped potatoes,pickled beets,sweet corn and a loaf of good Italian bread.

    I want to have the meal as exciting as the game and enjoy both when Syracuse wins and comes back to the upstate area knowing that they’re going bowling.

  18. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Im a lot like ur son I love Pizza and wings too but ur description of Steak and onions/mushrooms sounds better to me right now,…Im getting hungry hearing ur description and Ill bet ur son is too?Smothered Steaks wins by KO!!Yeah,Terry is mellowing a little w/the wins and Im trying to keep it positive too!

  19. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,right after the Bernie Fine article already in LaCrosse there starting w’the politics again?Im not happy coming to a sports blog and having politics thrown at me!!Did u notice yet?…

  20. Russell MacEachern

    I try to stay away from politics by coming to a sports blog as Im private that way and nothing good comes out of it when ur dealing with such a diverse group!

  21. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I think Cuse17 is also trying to keep it positive so try not to bait him if u can?…

  22. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,replied ur questions on previous post!!

  23. @Russell MacEachern;I must have missed that Lacrosse article Russell. It doesn’t matter anyways,I’ve said my piece on the matter here and have asked people to let the story die and move on to more important things.

    The whole mess will get straightened out in the courts.

    I’ve read your responses as to where to get information on recruiting. Thanks a bunch.

  24. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,ur welcome Ron,I try when were not winning to keep the negative news to myself for the mood of the board unless asked!…I like our chances with Mizzou this week and see a W in my “crystal ball”!!”GoCuse”…7-5 or bust..

  25. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,did u see the MAC conferance doubleheader last night?I think their massively underrated?Good football in the “cradle of coaches”!!

  26. @Russell MacEachern;I’ve heard a rumor saying that Division II and Division III schools along with OCC have approached school officials to try and make a deal for them to bring to the dome(playoffs) and regular season games. Let’s all hope things can be worked out. I follow the DII playoffs every year and they are interesting to watch.

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