Asiantii Woulard De-Commits From USF: Should Syracuse Pursue the QB?

The Orange has Austin Wilson and Zach Allen already incoming, but can they turn away a 4-star QB?

To nobody’s surprise, USF Head Coach Skip Holtz was fired following a 3-9 season that was capped off by an embarrassing blowout loss to Pittsburgh.

In response to the firing, Bulls commit and former Syracuse target Asiantii Woulard announced he was decommitting from the program.

Since The Fizz last covered Woulard, the quarterback’s stock has shot up. He’s now considered the top dual-threat QB in the nation by ESPN. His offer list isn’t as impressive as you’d imagine for a recruit of his caliber, so expect the vultures to come swooping in now that his recruitment has opened back up.

Currently, his listed offers include USF, North Carolina State, Boston College, UConn, Cincinnati, Duke, FIU, Indiana, Temple, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Ole Miss, Syracuse, and UCF. Woulard visited N.C. State on November 9th, but it remains to be seen if he’ll still have interest in the Wolfpack after Tom O’Brien’s firing.

Both of Woulard’s top two choices have let their coaches go. So where does he go from here? If it’s not South Florida or N.C. State, it’s a complete mystery who Woulard will now have interest in.

So you’ve probably been thinking, will Syracuse go after him? That’s a good question, and it’s a question that raises an interesting philosophical debate.

Some key factors in play here:

  1. Syracuse already has nine verbal commits in a class that recruiting coordinator Greg Adkins told The Fizz will be small – probably no more than 13 or 14 student athletes.
  2. Two of SU’s nine verbals are quarterbacks (Zach Allen and Austin Wilson). Terrel Hunt and John Kinder are signal callers that both have multiple years of eligibility left.
  3. Allen’s stock has continually risen since he committed to the Orange. Despite that, he has shown tremendous loyalty to Syracuse, making it abundantly clear that he will maintain his commitment to the SU.

Should Syracuse return the favor to Allen by ending any further recruitment of QBs in his class? It’s tempting to say yes, but The Fizz’s answer is no.

Having spoken with Allen, I can’t recall a covering a recruit during my time with Orange Fizz who was more impressive to talk to. Based on his enthusiasm for the program, and his efforts to already become a leader by rallying his fellow recruits, he seems like the guy to lead SU football to the next level. He also relishes the competition to prove his spot on the team, and has dove headfirst into his relationship with Wilson. You’d imagine Allen would also understand bringing in another talented signal caller makes everyone better, and he’d jump at the chance to prove himself with even more competition around him.

Syracuse also can’t make the mistake of assuming Allen will be the next Andrew Luck. He might be, and Doug Marrone can sure hope so, but recruits (especially QBs) are unpredictable by nature. Just a few years ago, three-star quarterback Jonny Miller entered the program with buzz surrounding him. He then injured his right shoulder and never regained his throwing form, and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of robbing and punching a man back in Colorado. Miller is no longer with the team.

The point is, there’s no reason to make any assumptions about a player’s career before he goes out and actually proves himself. Allen already has to compete with Wilson and the other QBs for a starting job. That’s the nature of the position – there’s only room for one person to play regularly.

Right now, Syracuse isn’t in a position to turn down someone with Woulard’s talent. Let’s put Allen aside, and forget about SU’s scholarship crunch as well. If a four-star recruit comes knocking, answer the door.

If Woulard has interest in Syracuse, then the Orange should pursue him.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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  1. Dr. Bill

    I think I opened the debate on this topic already on the Fizz. The word..Loyalty keeps coming up as it relates to Allen. Isn’t it in the best interest of the Cuse to get the best players we can? QB is the most essential component of an elite offense. Why not take 3 QB’s…let the best man win, the guys not selected to start will transfer…and open that scholarship slot back up in the next year. What is the down side?

  2. OrangeCrush27

    I absolutely disagree with this arguement on 2 levels:

    1) I don’t think Woulard is even remotely close to being interested in ‘Cuse (especially with more top schools potentially gunning for him now).’Cuse showing that their going after Woulard probably upsets/discourages Kinder, Hunt, Allen and Wilson. You have to stay loyal to guys that have committed to play for us right off the bat, not some kid who has committed/de-committed twice already. If Woulard was interested in ‘Cuse he would have shown much more interest long ago. We have 2-3 duel threat QB’s already.

    2)Marrone stated that NYC was going to be his new recruiting target. Whats that say when Hunt and Kinder go home to their friends and are displeased at how they play for a school with 5-6 QB’s?? They could very well give ‘Cuse a bad rap for future targets. Yeah competition is good and is needed. But kids go to school that they feel gives them the best possibility to play and even reach the NFL.

    I’m completely happy with the QB’s we have for the future.

  3. umm i feel that woulard would have to show su his interest first. i personnally don’t beleive he’s interested in playing at syracuse. i like the 2 we have coming in and the qb’s already on the team already. i will say however if i was t hunt or j kinder they better be ready to go or consider a possible position change because i feel this position is going to get deep soon. as of now we have loeb,kinder, hunt,allen,wilson, and a another player broyld.

  4. BronxBound

    Its been so long since SU had too many good QBs…

    But who can forget the war that raged between McNabb and Kevin Johnson in 1995, McNabb won and Johnson became his favorite receiver after Harrison graduated.

    Get the best athletes PERIOD! Stop with all the nonsense it’s all about upgrading the talent, to get back to the top 20

  5. KevMonstah

    He doesn’t offer you anything Terrel Hunt and Ashton Broyld offer, and neither of them have had a true chance to play QB with Nassib still around. No need. Besides, Hackett’s offense requires good throwing skills; I’d rather they recruit more pro-style passers.


  6. If Doug goes after another QB he better make sure he lands him or you might see Allen andWilson looking elsewhere as well.

  7. saltine44

    i would find out his IQ first who cares if he is a 4 star athlete if he cant learn the playbook. This might work for defensive players not so well for your starting QB. if RG3 yes, if Michael Vick no.

  8. Russell MacEachern

    Thats all we need in the middle of a grueling season when hard-hitting ,fast athletes are at a premium…..5/6 highly rated QBs sitting on a bench w/clean uniforms!!….I agree with everything Cuse27 says,plus he never showed any real interest when we did!!…fuhgettabout him!

  9. Haven’t we gone through this mess already? Look we went heavy after a QB that attended CBA in Syracuse and ended up in Duke playing basketball. After graduation he decides to come to Syracuse for a free ride for one year. What was his name? I can’t remember what his was!!! Oh,Greg Paulis,well it’s my opinion that we don’t need him here. Look isn’t Terrell Hunt a 4* dual threat QB? What about John Kinder? With Zach Allen and
    Austin Wilson coming in the competition for QB in 2013 is going to be fun to watch. Let’s not forget to mention Charlie Loeb or Ashton Broyld in this debate either.

    My point is we don’t need him,if he wanted to come here he would have signed in the first place,BUT DIDN’T.

    I think the cupboard is full and we have enough candidates competing for quarterback here at Syracuse. Let’s use what we have and see what Spring Practice brings.

  10. Dr. Bill

    Just because you have quantity…doesn’t mean you have quality. What has Loeb, Hunt, Broyld, or Kinder done to demonstrate they can be the big time QB we need? Woulard is way more acclaimed than all of our QB prospects at this point. Someone must see something special in this kid….that no one saw in our current Roster.
    If he is genuinely interested in Us…we should be interested in him…that is all I am saying……There is no evidence he is interested in the Cuse…that is true!

  11. @Dr. Bill;

    I agree to a point with your assessment Dr. Bill. yes it’s true we don’t know what any of the quarterbacks that we have on campus can do in a game. I guess we won’t know until one or more of them get into a game to find out just what their capabilities are. In Ryan Nassib’s first year,he had to set behind Greg Paulis,the second and third year of his career he was booed for his play and people wanted him gone. But take a look at what he accomplished in his last year for the Orange,he broke just about every record ever held by any quarterback that ever played for Syracuse and is still being questioned as it being legitimate or not.

    Moral of the story Dr. Bill,is people are to fast to judge one’s abilities in today’s society. I believe that we should give the quarterbacks in house a chance and everyone stop complaining if we don’t go after so called 4* player.

    I see Charlie Loeb as the starter with John Kinder as the backup quarterback for 2013. I believe that some of the others will be asked to play another position(receiver maybe). Zach Allen and Austin Wilson will get a red-shirt season to learn the playbook and will be #’s 1 & 2 staring in the 2014 season.

    If this kid out of Florida was interested in Syracuse at all I think that he should have signed earlier and he wouldn’t have had to decommit from USF because of the coach being fired.

    I think the kid might be just as confused as EO and both are confused as to what they really should do.

  12. @Russell MacEachern;

    I’m going to change the subject here; but I’m giving you an update on the girls basketball team.

    Kayla Alexander led the team in scoring lastnight with 34 points and 13 rebounds in a 66-28 game against Wagner at the dome improving their overall record to 8-1 for the season.

  13. We need O Linemen!!!! Kinder ran the Scout team all season and Hunt is a dual threat as is kinder. Now with Allen and Wilson coming in we don’t need another kid who might not qualify.

    We need Alex Officer and HCDM needs to reel him in.

    EO is Florida bound but we have other players coming in who are going to make an impact.

    Where is Pancho Barnwell is all of this… He was at Milford Academy

  14. Ronette please keep this to FB!! Loeb is a bomb!! Even in his backup role he was not impressive. He’s been here 4 yrs and really shown nothing. Also never heard anything rumor wise about Loeb abilities. If dougie goes after Woulard then HCDM knows the QB position is lacking!! Just have wait and see. But way to many JUCOs coming in that’s worrisome!!

  15. @Terr;
    I don’t know what part of the country you live in,but where I come from basketball is considered a sport and last time I checked this web site is dedicated to the reporting and talking about all sports.

    When I posted the above to Russell about the team,I knew Terrie that you’d be the one who would complain. That’s another reason I put it on here,I wanted to get you a little upset and by the looks of it succeeded in doing so. It’s easy Terrie to push your buttons. REAL EASY.

  16. Ogundeko is bound for Florida? So you sleep in his bed with him and know all of his thoughts Lou R?

  17. Russell MacEachern

    Thanks for the update Ron,there “WBB” looking very good this year thanks to coach Qs recruiting efforts…theres a new power sport at the Cuse!!

  18. Russell after Saturday’s(83-48) win over Loyola that improves their over-all to 9-1. I believe the ladies will make the NCAA tournament this year.

    If Kayla Alexander keeps playing like she has been of late she should get the Big East MVP or the Offensive Player of the Year awards for her performances this year.

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