Mike Carter-Williams Center of Theft Rumors, Bilas Names Him Nation’s Best

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A bizarre 72 hours for Michael Carter-Williams. Reports surface suggesting he stole something from Lord & Taylor at the Carousel Mall. Jay Bilas says he’s the best point guard in the nation. Then SU Athletics tweets a happy factoid about MCW’s assist total. What should we believe/care about/question?

First, the story about MCW at the Carousel Mall. The picture is far from convincing. The Big Lead’s story is inconclusive to what happened. Worst case scenario is that MCW had a knucklehead moment and decided to snatch some stuff from a high end department store at the mall. Then SU found out about it and made it go away.

Best case scenario is he bought something, walked through the door, and the thing still had that damn magnetic tag on it, alarm went off, and Lord & Taylor security freaked the (bleep) out, escorting him out of the mall.

Seems weird that if it A) the pic wasn’t MCW or B) nothing happened that the store owners and Carter-Williams wouldn’t have just denied everything. But was it anything to get bent out of shape about? Seems unlikely. It’s been “taken care of,” whatever that consists of.  There’s one of these stories seemingly every year about the hoops team. Some rumor that gains traction on message boards, gets people riled up, then eventually just dissipates like a fart in the air.

It’s comical timing that SU Athletics tweeted today, “Good Afternoon #OrangeNation! Fun Fact: Michael Carter Williams leads the nation in assists with 10.4!”
That is a fun fact! I halfway expected it to read, Fun Fact: Michael Carter Williams has never been in trouble with the law in his entire life!

Most importantly is his game right now, which is next level. Here was a thought Bilas had on ESPN.com.

“This not a stellar year for point guards, but there are several point guards out there who can play. If I am considering a long-term prospect, and which point guard will best take me into the future, I don’t see a Chris Paul or Deron Williams in this year’s crop. But there is one I believe could be the best of the bunch in time, Syracuse point guard Michael Carter-Williams. He is very good now, as best evidenced by his assist numbers, but Carter-Williams also has the most potential to grow as a player and become truly special.”

MCW has raised his game, and is now the engine pumping this dominant Syracuse offense. It’s a remarkable development from a young man who couldn’t crack the lineup at the end of last year. But with his maturity and play-making, the Orange is a legitimate title contender. That’s the only MCW story that’s really means anything right now.

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  1. chris says:

    It appears this is a no harm no foul. Regardless you may sing along to the oldie “Kiss him Goodbye” Is there really anything else to know? He is the answer to “Who wants to be a millionaire?! MCW wants to be a millionair and will be one for Christmas 2013..Jimmy is bringing in a load of “One and Outers” In the mean time he is also hoping for a national Championship ala Carmelo out of the deal. He will get this and then consider calling it a career and go golfing.

  2. AnaheimOrange says:

    I read on Syracuse.com that MCW spoke with JB, who is in Florida on a recruiting trip. The real question here is: Who is Boeheim recruiting in Florida? Get on it, Fizz!

  3. CoachDuff says:

    Boeheim was most likely down in Florida recruiting Dakari Johnson.

  4. saltine44 says:

    Boeheim is in Florida having breakfast with Dickey V. at Another Broken Egg. Recruiting Trip my A$$

  5. Terry says:

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire!!!

  6. Cuse Don't Luse says:

    Agree with
    coach duff has to be dakari johnson

  7. bigdip says:

    Disrespectful…..when a story has no legs, dont entertain the garbage! If you guys at least posted the pics from TWITTER..it would be a juicy story, BUT COME ON….

    * D.A. – do you live in Boston? Because the Orange pulse in your veins, is getting weaker by the day….

    * You guys miss stories..games? 3 last week? You print some objective crap! Bad journalism…”the kid got pulled into the security office, while returning merchandise he bought..w/ a receipt!” – Only real Syracusans, get scoops like this, GET IT TOGETHER FIZZ….PASSIVE AGRESSIVE RACISM IS WACK!!!!! He was profiled….this city has racial issues & WHEN U 2nd hand, PRINT A OLD story like this, its in very TACKY TASTE.

    * So if it doesnt matter? Why would u bring more attention to it, you sold out ur FAN MEMBERSHIP for a PRESS MEMBERSHIP…

    * the worst fukin journalism…DA you have no loyalty! Fuk u

    * rather print a racial profiling case…disguised as bullshit! There is SU news out there…..this aint it!

  8. bigdip says:

    Passive aggressive reporting….”he’s the #1 PG in America, why was the NEGRO stealing?”

  9. bigdip says:

    MCW says, ” it was a misunderstanding!” – That screams profiling! He just cant say it because he’s on $50k scholarship/yr & HCJB wouldnt wanna expose RACIAL PROFILING in SYRACUSE, or maybe JUSTICE SYSTEM INEQUALITY!

    * How can Americans support African American athletes, yet see them as inferior HUMAN BEINGS? By being silent, MCW EXPOSED A BIGGER PROBLEM….Racism & subtle racism…like fans screaming RACIST comments at games…like racist rants at TEA PARTY CONVENTIONS! Its so embarrassing as the LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD! This old news you’re running is wrong on many a level…fan.human.man.journalist.thinker.moralist.entrepreneur.alumnus……

  10. Terry says:

    Calm down bigdip!! Don’t always agree with DA like the Axeman too! But the Axeman is kinda gone-T.Y.!! But DA is our only SU programs info digger out there really. Who is replacing Axe on TW?? I hope its someone more SU program serious!! Than the frigging Bills or Minor league teams!!! PLEASE!!! Quality SU programing is limited now to PS and TW!!!

  11. Carlton says:

    Did anyone see the pic’s? MCW is listed to be 6’6. The security guard has like 3-4 inches on the guy in the pic. So this would make him either the worlds tallest security guard or that wasn’t MCW.

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