Murph & Da’Shonte Get Another Rude Return: Fizz 5 on SU’s Blowout Win

The former members of the Orange come back to another butt whooping.

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#4 Syracuse rolls again, remaining undefeated while crushing Eastern Michigan 84-48. Here’s the Fizz Five takeaways from the Orange win.

  • Jim Boeheim is not going soft, even if this is his final season on the bench for SU. Amidst the ongoing recalibration of the Big East, ACC and the look of college basketball across the country, one piece of speculation picking up steam is that this could be The Per’fesser’s final year. I’m not buying it. This team can be another championship contender, and it’s hard to believe he’d walk away after reaching a Final Four. With the recruiting prowess of this program, he’s also going to have a hard time retiring with years of elite rosters coming through town. After the game it was suggested the Orange expected to win this game. 

“To just assume we’re going to win games is the most arrogant thing I have ever seen in my life. I don’t like arrogance and I don’t like arrogant people. To just think it’s going to happen, it doesn’t work that way.”

No matter what, you have to love how cranky and uptight he can still get over seemingly mild questions like that. He’ll go down fighting, no matter when this ends.

  • Interesting how we though recruiting might taper off when Rob Murphy left. Instead it’s gotten better. Not suggesting he was holding the program back by any means. But the return of Murph was more bittersweet for him than Orange Nation. He’s running his own team right now, and all of us in SU Land wish him well. But for those who figured recruiting might take a hit when he departed, think again. Adrian Autry has picked up right where Murph left off, and Hopkins, G-Mac, Boeheim and the entire staff haven’t missed a beat. Makes you confident even when JB retires, talent will still come swimming through the Dome.
  • Hopefully Trevor Cooney shot himself out of that ridiculous slump. He walked into tonight’s game having missed his last 11 three-pointers. He missed his first five against the Eagles. It came with 8:00 left, and he finished with 11 points.

“When I was able to get that first one to go, if you’re able to get shots to go in, that’s big. Once I was able to get that first one out of the way, it took a relief off my back. It would be easy to say that it (the slump) hasn’t affected me, but if you let it really get to you, then you’re really going to be done … you can’t play a sport like this. You’ve just got to stay positive about yourself and believe the next one’s going to fall.”

It’s still very early, and Cooney will hopefully get a better feel for this next level as we make our way through the rest of the non-con slate. But for a marksman who is supposed to be lights out from deep, he’s struggled big time recently. Sounds like it’s mental. We appreciate the honesty, but time for Cooney to shake it off and start bombing with confidence.

  • Michael Carter-Williams has got to take care of the basketball better. He had six of SU’s 18 turnovers. Interesting to see the Orange get a taste of their own medicine as Murphy utilizes a 2-3 zone at EMU. But MCW leads the nation in assists, so there’s no reason he should be coughing up the ball a half dozen times. He’s starting to gear up to make that jump into the nation’s elite (if he’s not there already with those assist numbers). But he has to take care of the rock. 18 turnovers will get you killed in the Big East.
  • Strange to see Da’Shonte Riley back inside the Carrier Dome. What could have been. Three points, 5 rebounds, 6 blocks. Those are good numbers for an EMU player against a top 5 opponent. But the expectations were that Riley could become a dominant post player for the Orange. Gotta feel for him in many ways. Felt more comfortable following Murph, and dealt with injuries since he got there. But had he stayed with SU, you get the feeling he would’ve always seemed like a disappointment based on his hype coming in.

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  1. JB is right about arrogance. It has no place on this team and they have to go out each and every night and fight for the wins.

    Love this team even with all of the turnovers and Grant played well at tines..

    GO SU!!!

  2. @ D.A.;

    For me;it’s going to be a sad day when Coach Boeheim retires and when he does I feel that he’s leaving the program in good hands with Mike Hopkins and crew. I hope that Mike doesn’t have to go through the experience that Coach Boeheim went through while interviewing for the job back in 1975 and
    hope everything’s in place for a easy transition.

    The things I took from the game last night was the full court press and the amount of turnovers it caused. I haven’t seen Syracuse use that tactic to many times in the past. DaJaun Coleman looked good at times and is struggling to find his place within the college game. I know given time thing will work out for him.
    Trevor Cooney came out of his shooting slump,Michael Carter Williams was just super and Brandon Triche undoubtedly is the leader of this team. people need to watch out for Jerami Grant,that kid was just awesome!
    Overall Syracuse looked great and erased a 5 point deficient once they calmed down and played their game.

  3. OrangeCrush27

    Still a bit sloppy for my liking. Too many forced passes which led to turnovers. These games are to work on your transition/half court offense. D looks solid. Good to see Cooney to start to come out of his slump. Coleman def is starting to look better. Grant looks REAL good and good be a big contributor off the bench. Really a big fan of MCW. I think he needs this year and next year before he jumps to the league.

    Def felt that this team will be a top 5 team all year long if they can get the turnovers under control. Should have blown out Arkansas by 30

  4. BT need to get stronger with the ball and stop the TO’s. MCW needs to play /w better pace an knock the an-1 bullshit type passing off. Did anyone else think that Rak looked frustrated? I just don’t think he fits playing the wing at all. DC looks better an better each game. It be nice to see the guards feed the post more. I know the past few yrs we have had very guard dominated teams but Rak and DC should get touches in the paint. They got post moves feed them!

    Overall this team could be better then last yr’s team by the time march comes around. Right now they are not.

  5. Hey guy’s great comment’s and I agree especially about how BT plays the game. I think he is thinking way to much about what he wants to do with the ball instead of just going out and playing the game and letting his instincts dictate as to what happens during the game.

  6. They’ve climbed to #4 in the polls already and am concerned that they’re rising way to fast. They need to settle down and control the turnovers before going any higher.

    I’m glad that Kentucky has fallen out of the top 25,they deserve all that they are getting.

    Go Cuse;

  7. I don’t think there is any chance MCW comes back. He’s going to be a top 10 pick. This yrs class is down so he could very well slip into the top 5. If he stays next year class is loaded. Wiggins,Randle,The twins an Vonleh to name a few will be in the mix.

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