New NY-Boston Rivalry? B.C. Hires Former Syracuse Coach Steve Addazio

How does the hiring of Addazio affect the Orange recruiting trail in the new ACC?

Steve Addazio’s hiring at Boston College will have a direct impact on Syracuse football. The energetic, passionate Addazio signed a six-year contract Tuesday to take over the Eagles, and has SU and northeast ties throughout his resume. In fact, just four years ago he was a popular choice to be hired on the Hill instead of Doug Marrone.

Addazio was the offensive line coach during the McNabb glory years at SU from 1995 to 1998, then moved on to Notre Dame and Indiana as an assistant. From there he was hired at SEC powerhouse Florida, and eventually was the offensive coordinator for some of the greatest teams in Gator history.

In ’08, before the firing of Groobers, Addazio’s name surfaced in what is now known as “The Letter.” Rob Konrad penned a note to Darryl Gross picking apart the faults in the program. In it the former SU fullback pleaded the case for Steve:

“A group of prominent football alumni, including several team captains and NFL players, have joined me to collectively provide their opinions regarding the current state of the program and possible remedies to the situation… During our group discussions regarding coaching candidates, we have consistently arrived at one individual who as a Head Coach at Syracuse would fill the critical needs of the program addressed above: Steve Addazio.”

The letter sparked a community-wide debate over whether former athletes should have a say, if Gross would be listening to anyone, and whether a relative unknown in Addazio was the right hire. He certainly wasn’t buzz worthy. But often times the best candidate isn’t the one that steals the headlines.

Of course, Doug Marrone would eventually be named head coach, and was a great hire for many of the same reasons Addazio would have been. He had familiarity with the Syracuse program, recruiting ties within the northeast, a conviction and will to push the school forward out of the pit of despair it had fallen into.

With recent rumors that Marrone could possibly get a call from the NFL, The Fizz mentioned Addazio as an obvious replacement. Steve’s son Louie is a tight end for the Orange.

Addazio inherited a Temple team that had been built from the ground up by Al Golden, and took it to a bowl game in his first season, then a 4-7 finish in its inaugural year back in the Big East. It’s a no-brainer for Addazio to jump to an ACC school which had reached back-to-back title games just a few years ago and still has the ability to pump out NFL talent like Matt Herzlich, Anthony Costanzo and Luke Kuechly.

Interestingly, Addazio brought in dynamic back Montel Harris as a transfer from BC. He turned out to be the Owls plow horse. Addazio will implement his tough, physical style of football in Chestnut Hill. For BC this is a great hire. A Connecticut native, Addazio was a former player for Central Connecticut State University. His connection with the New England area is invaluable in understanding the Northeast. He’s known as one of the best recruiters of this area’s talent anywhere.

But most importantly to SU, how big of an impact will he make on the Orange recruiting soil? Marrone’s pitch to prospects in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York becomes a bit more challenging with Addazio next door. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Syracuse program. He knows what SU can sell and cannot. Syracuse seemed to have a huge head start in the area heading into the ACC because BC’s recruiting (and on field product) was so atrocious under Frank Spaziani. Now, the Eagles become much more formidable again.

The good news is a rising tide lifts all ships. If Syracuse and Boston College, Marrone vs. Addazio, are both successful it can only mean good things for the overall health of the conference and the two schools. Maybe this becomes the next great rivalry for SU football. You can also rest assured neither man will negatively recruit against the other. They both are from the same close-knit fraternity, and are known for their professionalism in all aspects. Two schools battling in the same conference over the same piece of recruiting turf, with a close knowledge of one another’s head man. If they are successful it will equate to the resurrection of both programs, and the New York-Boston battle just found a new chapter.

Posted: Brendan Glasheen

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  1. A good hire for BC. This puts alot more emphasis on the SU BC rivalry…. GO SU!!!

  2. I think this is great news for SU and the state of Northeastern football. Part of recruiting great players and getting fans in the Dome is playing tough opponents, especially when they’re our rival. Also, the other ACC schools will judge the Northeastern teams collectively, so what’s good for BC is good for SU. I hope he does well there… it’s going to be fun!

  3. Really looking forwards to the BC vs Syracuse game. I know it going to be hard but maybe and I say maybe we can start up again where we left off. Having a great football game on a Saturday against a team that will eventually become a rivalry.

  4. Russell MacEachern

    I have new respect for the ACC conference after they told BC yesterday to get off UConn or your welcome to leave!! STRONG MESSAGE!!!what turncoats and jealous haters they (BC) are!!I can still see UMiamis AD Donna Shalala in BCs private box w/a sleazy grin on her face knowing they took our slot in realignment in “05” before they left us behind!Food for thought guys,…lets remember their “not our friends” when next we meet!…but I must admit recruiting just got tougher in the NE with Addazio there and RU going to the B1G!! “beat WVU” ….

  5. Russell MacEachern

    No offense to u Derek as I think you live in the Boston area? just sayin…its “BC” got some payback coming!!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    Guys were lucky NDs DCer Bob Diaco from Cedar Grove,NJ didnt take the job or then we would’ve had something to worry about!!I cant believe most Eagle fans were disapointed in Addazio’s hiring,..who did they expect Chip or Brian Kelly?lol…man are they living in the past!!

  7. It’s amazing how northeast football is rising again. In 2 years, you will have PSU vs RU, Maryland vs RU, PSU vs Maryland, SU vs BC annually. Hope we schedule the Orange annually for a rivalry. It’s only going to help everybody. My knights being in the B1G is going to make recruiting intense.

  8. Great hire for BC. I believe Addazio was our 2nd choice after Marrone. I’m sure he would have done a decent job at SU, but I’m glad we have Doug. There’s just something better about having an Alumni / one of our own – on the field again. Just feels right.

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