Pinstripe Pounding! D.A.’s Knee-Jerk Reaction After Syracuse’s Blowout Win

The Orange destroy Geno Smith and WVU, to take home the Pinstripe trophy again.


h/t @CraigHoffman

The entire staff predicted Syracuse would win its second Pinstripe Bowl, but no one thought it would be this much of an ass kicking. Here’s my instant reaction to the blowout 38-14 win.

  • Props to Nate Hackett’s play-calling. For a heavy pass oriented offense, with a quarterback who was knocking on the door of the pros, he remained steadfast to the run on a messy night. The running backs did the rest. The play calling was patient, and responsible, without being completely predictable. The ground game worked, so why ignore the easy success?
  • Prince Tyson-Gulley and Jerome Smith snapped into Snow Plow Mode all day. ‘Romey was simply punishing. You hesitate to compare him to the great power backs like Christian Okoye, Mike Alstott, and Jerome Bettis. But how many college backs move straight ahead, take on tacklers, bounce off them, and fall forward so consistently? Ron Dayne was excellent at that with Wisconsin. But usually it happens when your body fills out more in the NFL. Also, PTG had the game of his life. He’s a mudder – which is a huge compliment.
  • PTG had Marcus Sales’ game two years later. Tyson-Gulley was a home run threat all day, finishing over 200 yards on the ground, another 50 through the air, and three touchdowns. His 67-yard scamper essentially iced it after the the phantom flag on WVU’s 4th down TD.
  • The officials were far too trigger happy all game. Interesting stat: 4 of the top 5 most penalized teams are in the Big 12. This officiating crew was from the Big 12. Sixteen flags? Ten on WVU? The flag on the 4th down TD could’ve made it 19-14. They missed Brandon Sharpe’s kick/trip on the second safety. Bad day for them.
  • Scott Shafer’s defense kept one of the nation’s great playmakers under wraps… again. Geno Smith is dynamic, and has ripped apart many defenses in his college career. He was held to under 200 yards passing, and absolutely nothing on the ground. In fact, Steadman Bailey’s 59-yard TD catch represents almost a third of all Geno’s offense. What a day for the Orange defense.
  • What kind of SU football karma gifts us two snowy, icy, frigid nights for our first two bowl games in years? I made it out to the ’10 game, and had an awesome time. But it was friggin’ cold. Tonight was a day-long snow storm. Forget a sunny, 70-degree day that most bowl teams get. This was real SU football weather. The way it was before the Dome, and it’s cool the Orange played well in both for wins.
  • Doug Effing Marrone deserves the slow clap. Look at what this team accomplished after the 2-4 start? Can you believe we were debating whether he was the right man for the job in October? Many felt he could only take this program to a certain level, and we had reached the ceiling. Since then, the Orange snapped off six wins in seven games, and played its best football down the stretch. Add blowout wins over UConn, Louisville, Temple and West Virginia, and this was a storming of the Big East past and present in ’12.
  • You have to feel incredibly good about the state of SU football. Heading into the ACC, the Orange has major momentum. Yes, you lose Nassib. But it feels like both coordinators and the head coach really found themselves this season. The Orange has another strong class about to commit in a month, and Ebenezer Ogundeko was at Yankee Stadium tonight. How can he not be impressed with this program? Jesse Palmer was skeptical SU can hang in the ACC next season. I disagree. This team knows who it is, has an unreal backfield returning, and is adding more talent.
  • New York, New York. The Empire State Building was lit up. The Pinstripe Bowl sold over 41,000 tickets. Syracuse cruised to a win. The ESPN crew fawned over New York City all night, on a Saturday evening, prime viewing, for a region of the country caught inside because of snow. That was a 3 1/2 hour commercial for SU. Happy 2012 Orange Nation. What a way to end it.
Posted: D.A.
* * *

Pinstripe Bowl ’12 kickoff is almost here. Time for the official score predictions from The Fizz staff. We’ll have complete coverage from the Bronx all day, including on Twitter @OrangeFizz – including an easy to use window below, which will include all our tweets from the game. All of Team Fizz’s tweets will be in the window below, and you can interact with them by either tweeting @orangefizz or using the hashtag #PinstripeFizz.

D.A.: To me this is going to look a lot like the ’10 game. Icy conditions, cold wintry night, and a lot of offense. It might not be Nassib to Sales, but the Orange will have a lot of success through the air again. Nassib is going to finish his college career strong, and establish his NFL stock on a postseason stage. He hits Alec Lemon on a 45-yard TD pass with 1:16 left to win it, 43-37.

Craig Hoffman: Two year ago Syracuse won the Pinstripe Bowl in large part to the big play, and I think that’ll be key today. West Virginia can’t cover so look for Sales and Lemon to try and get over the top and SU to pull out a 35-28 win in the snow.

Kevin Fitzgerald: There’s one advantage that SU has in the wind and snow, and that’s a much more balanced run game. The weather shouldn’t impact either teams’ game plan too much, but give SU the advantage in a game most of Mountaineers’ don’t even want to be in. SU 34, WVU 28.

Andrew Kanell: West Virginia’s senior QB comes in with more hype, but Syracuse’s leaves on top. 35-27 Orange.

Brendan Glasheen: At least 60 points combined by these potent offenses means a shoot out between Geno Smith and Ryan Nassib. The Mountaineers have been too up and down this season and haven’t turned in a decent defensive performance all year. Syracuse, however, has been hot over its last 6 and will maintain ownership of NYC in this potential snow bowl. Syracuse 35 West Virginia 31.

Alex Kline: This is going to be a high scoring affair, to say the least. SU 38-31.

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  1. EO was there… wonder what he thought of the game. Go cuse!

  2. OrangeCrush27

    Unbelievable win. Very sloppy but what can you expect playin in those conditions. The running game was goin on all cylinders. Eating up time of possession, yards and pounding away at West Virginia’s players.

    Def agree with the officiating. Very questionable at times.

    Jessie Palmer wasn’t like Gottlieb downgrading ‘Cuse, but it wouldn’t hurt to say some positive things regarding the move to the ACC. I feel ‘cuse should do well and the recruits will come with winning.

    Very happy to be a fan and hopefully we can continue this next year.

    Also hope a few ‘cuse players get their disciplinary issues resolved before spring ball.

  3. Cuse don't luse

    I laugh at those who said he would have 4-5 wins beating West Virginia is a perk for me to talk smack to my ut fan friends great win wish the pass game could have got going with scouts their for nassib but EO being there is huge the weather most likely didn’t bother him he is from New York City good game go cuse sorry for ever doubting Marrones recruiting the man knows what he is doing an finds hidden talent it wouldn’t surprise me if this fork union zero star kid is the next Justin Pugh with the way they scarp hidden talent go cuse!!!

  4. @Terry; this one’s just for you ok.

    Prince Tyson Gulley–what can I say? Rushed for over 200 yards,scored 3 touchdowns and became the MVP of the game. I guess your assessment of him earlier was right on the money right. HOW WRONG YOU WERE THEN AND STILL ARE WRONG TODAY.

    You told me that we were going to set in a snow covered stadium and freeze our a$$es off. WRONG AGAIN!!!!
    Watching the game and adding a light snow to the mixture just made for a magical night for me and my granddaughters. I will give you some credit though,when we first got to the stadium and see how much snow was on the field,the very first thing that came to mind was you and how you had said that it was going to be another snow bowl. but if you look at the picture it all disappeared before the game. HAHAHA.

    The win solidifies Doug Marrone as the head coach of Syracuse for as long as he wants to be here. HE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE TO COACH ANOTHER TEAM. I GUESS YOU’RE WRONG AGAIN. What’s that make 0 for 3.

    After yesterdays win in the Pinstripe Bowl,there’s no doubt in my mind that EO,Leray Smith and a couple of other recruits will commit to Syracuse on Jan. 4th. I guess you have 50-50 chance of proving me wrong on this one,but I think you’re going to be wrong on this one also making you 0 for 4.

    let me see,1st year he went 5-7,then 8-5,then 5-7 and finished his 4th year 8-5.
    If this is correct his record over the last 4 years is 26-24. Amazing,just AMAZING. I guess that makes you 0 for 5

    The only thing I missed was meeting up with Russell during the game. Russell just letting you know,I went looking for you over to the Yankee Tavern before the game.

    I said earlier because of people like you spilling your vomit on this web page that I was going to leave it at the end of the year. Well that time is here,there won’t be any more babbling between Russell and I. That should make you real happy.

    But before I go, I want to say just how mush of an asshole you really are. You’ve never had anything good to say about the program and people like you make me sick. Go bury your head in the sand somewhere and joke on the vomit that you’ve been throwing around here.

    To all of the others who have posted religiously and intelligently,it’s been an honer discussing the different point’s of view over the last couple years. I’m going to miss the chatter.


  5. this year was a very good year for coach marrone and company. what a great finish in nyc for the pinstripe bowl victory. we are new york’s college team and have been for years and years. as a huge su football fan i couldn’t be any happier, way to go syracuse..

  6. The new format of the article pages is horrible. It looks like a messed up incomplete HTML screen. All white, posts by fans are all jumbled up, there is no rhyme or reason to these terrible new screens. Go back to he old orangefizz look. I barely visit this site anymore because the articles are so painful to look at now!

  7. Smitty Section 129

    What can I say what a game.The Section 129 crew made the trip the game and enjoyed every minute of it. I agree the snow was almost magical and I wasnt even cold. Maybe that had to do with all the cheering. The team played great. The offensive line dominated and when I mean dominated it domintated. Defense played great and the coaches coached a great game.This team proved to alot of people that the talent level is back at SU and ACC watch out. EO this team is better then Clemson and better coached. This is a perfect fit for you. Loved the season and loved the game. Its going to be a nice enjoyable off season and even more exciting if EO and Smith committ. Do we crack the top 25?

  8. @D.A. I would like to tell everyone that didn’t go the game yesterday about some of thing that aren’t being reported on by the press. I know the old saying good things are not news worthy,but here goes anyways.

    One of the things that I noticed right off the bat was the difference between the “public, state supported school(WVA)and a private school in (SYR). WVA’s marching band came onto the field and performed before the game started,and what a site they were. The size of the band was almost double the size of Syracuse’s, and they put on a terrific show.

    No-one is talking/reporting about how classy the Yankee Organization truly is. After the coin flip and before the start of the game the announcer asked us to stand and remove our hats and all join in for a moment of silence(instead of singing The Star Bangle Banner)while the 20 something names of those people that lost their lives in the Newton Connecticut tragedy were put on the large screen for all of us to read. Later keeping with the baseball tradition,(the 7th inning stretch),they had a female member of the NYCFD come out and sing “America the Beautiful”. All of these event’s made a night to remember forever.

    So dominate was the Syracuse Defense,can anyone out there ever remember them scoring 2 safeties during a ball game,ANYONE? What about that offense? When was the last time that we had two running backs run for over 100 yards each in a single game? PTG 205 yard’s,and JS 150 yard’s. Another thing to remember,we didn’t have to punt the ball at all during the game.

    The resurgence of Syracuse Football led by Coach DOUG MARRONE was put on national television for all to see,and boy was it fun to watch and remember forever.

    I guess with the way ESPN and other news outlets operate,when great things happen and are done correctly,it isn’t news worthy and doesn’t get reported. The Yankee organization needs to be given a job well done.

    If Syracuse is given the chance,I would definitely go back again to watch the game.

  9. GREAT GREAT VICTORY!! OK!! I’m very sorry for doubting PTG!! He had a great game. A record game. But he really was not the MVP. The DEFENSE was!! No doubt!! Yes WV did not want to be there and you could see that. But the “D” played their best game of the year and maybe of your man HCDM/dougie’s career!! But the BRRRRR Bowl was still quite a game for a team with no respect. But remember you homer fans you said the same things after the last time SU won the BRRRRRRRRR Bowl 2 years ago. Let’s not forget that. PTG you the man of the hour and you are a MVP. I apologize for me negativity. ROCK ON!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!

  10. I don’t believe the trip on Geno Smith in the endzone was illegal. It would have been a penalty in the pros, but I have read a couple of online college rulebooks (granted not entirely sure of their veracity, but they looked official) that say tripping the ball carrier (and ONLY the ball carrier) is a legal way to tackle them. I know this is also the case in HS football, at least in NY state.

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