The Biggest Weekend in Marrone’s Recruiting History? 11 Stars Visit the Hill

The Cuse Clique is dominating campus, a crazy collection of talent taking their officials.

This is an enormous weekend for Syracuse football. With 11 recruits on the Hill, it’s one of the biggest collections of talent the program has seen gather on campus. The Cuse Clique is in town for their official visits, some of them having already committed, others are still deciding.

The biggest name still uncommitted is the Brooklyn Beast, Ebenezer Ogundeko. He’s recently narrowed his list down to Florida and Clemson, but there’s still an outside chance a weekend like this one could keep SU in the race. He’s visiting campus with one of his best friends Augustus Edwards, and tweeted a picture of the crew. The Brooklyn running back committed to the Orange over the summer. He’s also hanging with speedy back Laray Smith, who is still weighing the SU offer.

Malik Brown is also uncommitted. The defensive end from West Palm Beach is in town, tweeting about his visit. So far, sounds like SU is doing it right. Brown says he feels like a president in the town car the university sent for him, and tweeted a picture of the meal left for him at his hotel room. He also has offers from Illinois, Purdue, USF and others.

Maybe most impressively for SU though, is the leadership of Zach Allen. The Temple, Texas product has spent the summer and fall roping up fellow Syracuse commits and building a bond. It’s been an amazing dynamic to watch. A player stationed 1,600 miles away has reached out and created relationships with SU’s best and brightest. He obviously brings talent to the table, but it’s becoming evident Allen’s greatest strength is his maturity and ability to lead. He has also tweeted about the trip, and will tighten his friendships even more, in what may one day be considered one of the great classes in program history.

Let’s hope the hoops team smashes Monmouth and the Dome is rocking. SU’s football recruits will attend the game, and watch Doug Marrone’s squad go through practice in preparation for the Pinstripe Bowl. The program is working with serious momentum, having gone to a second bowl game in three years, finishing the season with a flourish, and entering the ACC in September. If SU plays its cards right, this could be the most impactful weekend in Doug Marrone’s tenure.

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  1. Cuse Don't Luse


  2. Great article D.A. Let’s all hope that it ends well for Syracuse. Eleven recruits on campus WOW!! I thought only the 4 from the down state area were coming this weekend.

  3. Section 129 Smitty

    Guys this class will win the ACC at least once during their time there. EO you may start on this team next year if you come and if not start you will see snaps and dominate by the time you decide to leave for the NFL. This team puts DE’s in the first round ie. freeney, jones. Smith your speed on the turf OH my god I can see it now you taking a screen pass and going 90 yards to the house. Edwards so glad your coming and does the #44 look good on you. Allen and Wilson one of you will be the next Nassib by putting up awesome numbers in this fast pace offense. Malik Brown and EO as DE’s on opposite sides watch out ACC if all the pieces fall in place this team will be in the TOP 20 consistantly.

  4. “I need to sit down and just think about things..”
    “Last night was mad real.” – EO on Twitter

    Sounds like the guys got him thinking. Being on the Hill with his boys has to mean a lot. Got the clique clicking!

  5. Ha, I love this convo between Zach Allen and Isaiah Johnson. Showing that leadership:

  6. you know honestly i don’t see whats wrong with playing football here at syracuse. your never going to get wet or freeze inside a dome. i feel we just need to update the football facilities and we should make out ok..i hope the recruits are enjoying there visit. go orange

  7. The facilities upgrades going on are already paying off. Malik Brown posted a pic from the new facility:

  8. EO is history!! Is Samuals and Rouse here for a visit too?????? They should be!!! Lets see if HCDM/dougie shoots himself in the foot this weekend!!

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Any big HS stars outside of EO and Justin Brown there? OL A.Officer,DE/T Justin Moody or any surprises? Im not too big on juco filler types!

  10. Russell MacEachern

    EO,why would u want to leave NY and all your friends who need you here?Take a shot and bring your home state back to its glory years instead of going where ur just another body…hero here or benchwarmer there..Hmmmm..

  11. Hey Terrie; you haven’t changed one bit Terrie,not one bit. Still the sarcastic pessimist that you’ve always been. Didn’t expect to much from you supporting the team.

    You may be right;but I always try and look at the bright side of things. I think EO will announce in a couple of weeks that Syracuse University is the place for him.

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Hey Ron,at the game?see the new recruits?Ill bet they were impressed huh?

  13. CuseOnly


    You don’t like JUCO filler types…look at Alabama’s offensive snd defensive line. Six total Jucos, look at K-State…tons of them on there. Both were 1 or 2 in the country this year because of JUCO’s.

  14. saltine44

    I hope the recruits took a look at our basketball team and said to themselves “Syracuse is committed to winning and Championships can be won here”. It really helps to have not only the football team recruiting these guys but when they see studs on the basketball team that stayed in-state and played, hopefully this will turn some of these guys.
    Im sure HCDM has made these guys feel real special this weekend so there might be a few surprises coming to cuse nation in 2013! Go Orange!!

  15. Chill out Ronette!! Your blood pressure is increasing. EO might not be what he seems. We’ll see!!

  16. Section 129 Smitty

    Marrone grabs another solid JUCO guy in Miller. I dont mind the JUCO guys. Loved Goggins he was one of my favorite players, Diabete was very good, Tiller was a draft pick, Brewster played well this year. Alexander saw time on the line this year. Clark got into the mix this year at WR. Keep up the good work on the recruiting front. We were at the basketball game the other night and keep saying how it is so nice to be pumped about the football in December and still talking about them. We have The #4 team in the country and we were talking football. Thanks Dougie for bringing football back to the spotlight.

  17. @Russell MacEachern;

    Yes I worked the game but didn’t get a chance to talk with any of the recruits. They usually set in the reserved seats on the Syracuse end of the court,but wasn’t there lastnight. I think the group was setting in the first couple of rows across from the Syracuse Bench in section 125.

    I’ve just read that we got(John MIller 6’3″ 317lb)a JUCO player to commit. Fantastic news.

    I agree with Section 129 Smitty and CuseOnly about their views on using JUCO players. They’re season players that can come in and help the team immediately.

    We’re not only opening doors to recruits in Florida and Georgia,but Terrie have you noticed lately how many players we have on the team from California and what schools were after them besides Syracuse? Geez,I thought you told us that Coach Marrone and staff didn’t know how to recruit.

    I believe that come early January,Syracuse and it’s fan base are going to be pleasantly surprised when the recruits that were on campus yesterday start to commit. And yes I believe that EO will commit to the Cuse.

  18. @Terry;

    You and MUST-READ are two peas in a pod and probably belong to the same fan club. Your arrogance precedes the both of you. Always looking down your noses at people,making assumptions on things you know nothing about,judging a book by it’s cover without reading it and making stupid remarks on the content in the end.

    I wonder what it’s like being on an island all by yourself.

  19. Whatever happened to Poncho Barnwell from last years class?

  20. ItwasPleaseReadAss

    D.A. – great article.

    @Ron- you defiantly got one to many wedgies as a kid and guessing by your little bitch attitude haven’t gotten enough as an adult. This could be one of the best all around periods in SU sports history – quit bitching.

  21. Two JUCOs for the offense and one for coach Safer’s defenseA good start for the list available. It could be far better and worse of course but the weekend isn’t over to reach those extremes.

  22. Russell MacEachern

    @CuseOnly,were not Alabama or Kansas St,u dont want to know what I didnt say youngster,Where are all the HS stars?Obviously not here!!Ive been a recruitnik since 1968 and listen to me and learn!!Kansas State done it and there traditional bottomfeeders,…DON’t Compare Cuse to KSU and HCDM is NO SNYDER!

  23. i have no problem with juco’s as long as there academically eligable.

  24. Russell MacEachern

    JUCOS=LOSER IN RECRUITMENT GAME….so much for fillers were stocking up on em!!

  25. Russell MacEachern

    Jucos are alright one or 2 if ur not using them INSTEAD of hs players but as a temp measure,why in year 5 of HCDM are we coming up short in so many places?What have we been doing?We should be stocked by now!CuseOnly,arent u the one who told me we should bench Nassib 5 weeks ago?

  26. Russell MacEachern

    Look at UNLV and N.Mex. ST tons of them!!

  27. Russell MacEachern

    ItWasPleaseUrAnASS,its definitely… not DEFIANTLY and your right about one thing,..ur on ur period!!ASS is a perfect name for you!!

  28. CuseOnly

    @Russ – Since the 2013 recruiting class, Bama has given scholarships to 13 Juco and prep school players. No we are not Bama or Kansas St.

    Let me ask you a question Russ since you have been following recruiting since 1968. How many stars were given out to players in 1970 ?

    Simple correct answer is ZERO because recruiting websites and ratings didn’t exist back then. How did you know if a player was good ? You relied on the head coach to know what he was doing, which I might add, Marrone does.

    Go take a look at who is rating these kids on the sites. If they are so good at evaluating talent, why aren’t they on someones staff making more than 40K a year?

    Check to see how many of them have NFL or College coaching experience and know what a stud looks like.

  29. CuseOnly

    @Russ – No I am not the one who told you that Nassib should be benched 5 weeks ago. I actually have been a fan of this site long before you started posting here.

    I just don’t post 42 times per article so I can see my own words in print.

    Seems that Russ gets little touchy when he is challenged on anything.

    How many recruits get to play Significant time in a program as Freshman and Sophomores ? Not very many, it is better to let them start and play 2 years at a JUCO to develop than sit the bench. Especially if they are linemen, offensive or defensive.

  30. Who is this Trevon Trejo?? Juco?? Ronette SU has been my team since the 60’s. I like to research them on all kinds of fronts if possible. And nationally as well. You just stick to your posse of buds and gleam what little they know. I am not always right, but I’m at least educated on my opinions. EO for an example was not seen at all by me in Yet he’s Defensive player of the year, there. But no ink at all. That’s why I’m interested in Samuels. Hell Rouse got more attention in the local media around Syracuse!!. EO is a puzzle. We’ll see about him?? BEAT WV!!

  31. the dipper

    Idiots…..juco from Cali just committed!

    @cuseonly & @terry…Ala is mixing jucos with 5 stars/4stars, that equals success!!!! A team full of jucos couldn’t beat Delaware (fcs) ? Go SU

  32. the dipper

    @terry….educated opinions should be the least u have to offer? u want grown MEN to say your “opinion” means wat?

    1. You’re one of this sites’ CLOWNS
    2. By saying “posse” .. do u feel alone at times? Lmao..
    3. I respect who I want to.. @R&R. They’re cool gentlemen, #UsuckBallz
    4. By harrassing two 60+ yr old men = @terry aka “DaWorstFanEver”

  33. the dipper

    @terry…get the dildo outta ya biscuit! Ur opinion is Str8 poop!

  34. The success of K State has largely been attributed to rebuilding the program by bringing in JUCOs. Guess what Syracuse is doing? Rebuilding the program by bringing in JUCOs.

    A team that’s rebuilding doesn’t have the luxury of bringing in only studs out of high school, so use JUCOs while you redshirt younger players to groom them to have an impact when the JUCOs graduate. It’s pretty common sense.

    As long as the program continues to go in the right direction, which it is, then I’ll happily defer to HCDM and staff to build this team however they see fit.

    Getting some fans behind them might go a long way towards getting some recruits to get excited about coming here, rather than dismissing the fan base as a bunch of pessimistic dicks.

  35. Gez don’t they have a age limit here. Some of these kids need to be carded?? The dipper is not only a minor the name is perfect to for him/her too. By mentioning Trejo I was only asking about him. I’m embarrassed not knowing who he is or where he’s from. JUCO’s is a method HCDM/dougie is using lately. I can understand his position on getting JUCO’s, but there are issues with signing them to. My fear is why can’t(as of this date) dougie recruit quality HS players for the long term. There must be something to not getting quality HS players. JUCO’s are fillers for now no doubt. I just don’t see it yearly. Maybe 2/3 a class. The major programs will get the diamonds of the JUCO class just like HS players, anyway. BEAT WV!! ESPN just picked WV!!! No respect!!

  36. Trevon Trejo=DE 6’5″ 240lbs. West Coast JC!!! HUMMMM!!! Kinda sounds like a EO no show huh!! ESPN just predicted WV 5 passing TDs game against SU !! No respect. Get your ire up HCDM/dougie!!! Or just chew your gum harder!!

  37. I’m glad someone like Derek actually posts on here. After reading so many idiotic comments on here, it’s nice to know someone understands the many facets of recruiting HS and JUCO kids, and how that relates to other programs as well.

    Usually when I read these comments, it makes me lose my faith in the Syracuse football fan base, and sometimes humanity. A hard thing to do considering my usually biased opinion of our program. So thank you Derek for restoring that faith that people like Terry generally destroy.

  38. @Terry;
    Syracuse has been my college team since 1959. That’s when i started reading about them in the papers and haven’t stopped yet.

    So you tell us your responses to the different opinions that are are posted here are educational,because you do all kinds of research. I think that is one of the most idiotic remarks ever written and posted here.

    You just got done calling the people(my posse and buds stupid) I call the people who post friends not members of a posse,because I’ve never read any of their comments putting other people down by calling them stupid. The only one I call a friend is Russell MacEachern and that’s because I feel I’ve come to know him pretty well.

    I will tell you something that I’ve said in the past here. I’ve never looked down my nose at anyone. I respect their opinions whether I agree with them or not. I try answering them correctly and when I make a mistake I get corrected.

    Your responses are arrogant,condescending,overly pessimistic and just plane rude.

    If you want respect from the younger fans who post here Terry,then I suggest you change the way you respond to other participants. You,Russell and I have to be about the same age. Start acting your age and when you do I’m sure that people will treat you a little more kindly.

  39. @Terry;

    I’m going to try and be a little respectful responding to one of your post.

    The reason these kids go to junior college is as we all know their grades coming out of high school probably weren’t that great. While attending JC, schools that were recruiting them first probably lost interest in them. Did you see what programs were still in the hunt for this kid? He turned Michigan State down to come play for Syracuse. I was told two weeks ago that 3 Juco players were coming here for a visit,they did and 2 of the 3 have committed. The 3rd player will commit hopefully by the end of the week.

    I want to go back to the recruitment of Ishaq Williams and think about this for a minute Terry. The real prize coming out of NYC 3 years ago wasn’t Ishaq it was a kid by the name of Jayson Bromley. He’s been a starter ever since he gotten here. Gained weight,like his high school coach told us all he would,if you were listening and is now 6’4″ 305 lbs playing nose tackle on the defensive line and will definitely go pro after graduation. To me that’s what the program is all about That’s what Coach Marrone told us he was going to do,try and get kids coming to Syracuse ready for the NFL and life after their football career’s are over.

    I think he’s doing a hell of a job and I also know that you don’t agree with what I’ve just posted.

    I would like to meet all who post here. I feel all have something to offer Terry and I’m not the guy who’s calling anyone stupid. Life’s to short,way to short to be bitter towards anyone here. I apologize for babbling because I know you don’t like that either.

  40. @Terry;

    I forgot to say that I feel ESPN is a bunch of losers trying to tell us how much of a professional they all are.

    The WVA game against us ought to be interesting. I’ll take the bet as a 5 touchdown underdog any day of the week.

    Syracuse has beaten them the last 2 years. I’m looking for a repeat performance this year down in the “SNOW BOWL”. Game ought to be interesting. Syracuse will embarrass all of the fools that work at ESPN when they defeat WVA and bring home the second Pinstripe Trophy.

  41. @ItwasPleaseReadAss;

    Just to let you know I enjoyed all of the wedgies I received as a child. I will agree, things are really looking better for the Cuse but to think I was bitching. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN OR READ ANYTHING YET BUD. Be careful for what you wish for.

    You must feel real proud of youself telling a couple of 60+senior citizens(who could probably kick your silly little ass)on how they should act or what they should write. Please keep in mind,I was just trying to be friendly here. FOOL!

  42. @Terry – You sound an awful lot like a douche from the website named Florida Steve…hmmm. Same writing style and douchy attitude.

    You embarrassed yourself over there and haven’t shown your face back there yet. Now you are coming here to embarrass yourself…LOL!!

    Your opinions and rants are as dumb as ever…go back to mama’s basement before she takes away your computer for not cleaning up the hot pocket wrappers from the floor!!

  43. Yea, wat @cuseonly said! Lol….@terry aka “my biscuit aches”

  44. Russell MacEachern

    @LoseOnly,now I remember ur the douchebag Ron and I blackballed from responding too!!BTW they didnt hand out STARS in the pre-mid70s douche!

  45. Russell MacEachern

    @loseOnly,I have more to do than suffer fools outside of football season!Lets see what u have to say at the game!

  46. Russell MacEachern

    Terry dont worry about the loser LoseOnly hes a douche and punk who hides behind his handle….speak O nameless one!

  47. Russell MacEachern

    showing interest is NOT an OFFER!

  48. @Russ – You must be losing your old senile mind…just a few articles ago, you were acting like my best bud and now you are throwing me under the bus. Schizophrenic, bi-polar or just dumb??

    And also stating things that never happened, like you and Ron blackballing me.

    Never heard someone talk as tough as you and then say someone else hides behind his handle. Especially for a senior citizen, seems mature.

  49. Must say I like the way our recruiting has improved every year since HCDM got here. Understand why we need the JUCO’s. Remember guys just a few years ago this team was dead, no one with any real skills wanted to play here. We aren’t at the point yet where we get impact freshmen that can step in and play but we are starting to get looks from them. Using JUCO’s who are ready to play while the underclassmen develop makes perfect sense. Players like Goggins and Diabate prove it works. Keep improving on the field and the need for JOCO’s will lessen.

    As far as the negative comments I’m sure there are negative posters on the ND and Bama boards today too. Some people just like to push buttons.

  50. The bottom line is this… These bastards Notre Dame and Florida, as well as other SEC or southern schools need to be STOPPED from coming into NYC or NY and taking our #1 recruit every year. It pisses me off. Ishaq was a real blow to us, as both his parents were SU grads. If anyone should have come here it was him.

    When it comes to defensive ends there is no reason why these guys should be snagged away from us. Syracuse obviously produces elite DE NFL talent and has a proven system in place to do that. This Ogundeko guy needs to stop thinking about Florida and Clemson crowds of 90,000, and start thinking about where he has the best chance to play right away, gain experience, and have the best shot to play in the NFL. It amazes me how convoluted the minds of these kids are. Emphasis is put on the wrong factors when they make their college choices.

    The last thing is education for Ogundeko. This kid has made it obvious that he is hell bent on making it to the NFL, so it amazes me that he is more concerned with being asked for autographs and being recognized than entering a program where he will play almost immediately and which will give him the best shot to make a quick entrance into the NFL. I’m sure Marrone stressed these things to this star gazing, lusting-for-fame recruit.

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