Calling Coach P! Can UConn Deliver An Early Holiday Gift to Syracuse?

The Huskies need to help the Belk Bowl reps make the decision a little easier.

Update: Saturday 7:27a. Can Coach P deliver one final victory for Syracuse fans? UConn hosts Cincinnati in their regular season finale this afternoon, and the outcome directly affects the Orange.

SU has earned a share of the Big East title by virtue of Louisville’s win Thursday night. A Huskies win means the Bearcats can’t claim the same thing.

UC is 8-3, 4-2 in the Big East. Should Coach P find one more college football Saturday of success, the Orange will finish ahead of Cincinnati in the conference. Even though the Bearcats have one more overall win, that shouldn’t be enough to keep the Belk Bowl from choosing Syracuse. A Cincy win puts them at 9 overall victories, and the same conference record as the Orange, meaning SU could be in the Pinstripe Bowl again.

While geographically, Cincinnati is a few hours closer to Charlotte than Syracuse, the Bearcats attendance has been dismal this season and the school does not traditionally travel well. While SU is not Oho State or Nebraska, the Orange will likely represent decently at the Belk because of the renewed optimism of the fan base and the late season momentum. The Belk probably wants to choose SU. The Huskies need to help make that decision a little easier.

UConn has been fairly terrible this season, with just two wins in conference. But the crazy overtime win over the Cardinala last week shows they still have some fight left, and Paul Pasqualoni may be coaching for his job. The Huskies become bowl eligible with a win, so there’s certainly something to play for. It’s time for Coach P to secure one last win for SU.

Posted: D.A.

* * *

Update: 6:53p. Trusty Fizzer Andrew Kanell tells me that the Russell Athletic Bowl will prioritize overall record and not the conference one. So a scenario where Syracuse finishes with the second best league record (5-2) vs. Louisville’s third place slot (4-3),  reps would still choose the Cards over SU because of UofL’s total wins (9 to 7).

If that’s case with the Belk Bowl too, Cincinnati already has eight wins, so SU would be slotted to the Pinstripe no matter what. This is a world I can’t live in.

* * *

Update: Thursday 4:56p. There is a groundswell of SU fans who would love to see Rutgers fall to Louisville tonight, giving the Orange a share of the Big East title. I’m squarely in the other camp.

As I diagrammed below this weekend, there was still the slim mathematic possibility the Orange could win the league’s BCS bid with that 5-2 mess (should the Cardinals win). So why not root for a sluggish UofL win and cross your fingers?

But the numbers were spat back at us a few days ago, and they don’t give Syracuse much of a chance in that scenario. Neither Louisville, Rutgers or Syracuse are ranked in the BCS top 25. None were in the AP Poll either, but the Cardinals and Knights both received votes. SU did not. In the USA Today coach’s rankings, Louisville’s 23rd, while Rutgers is 25th. Cincinnati got votes, Syracuse didn’t.

Last week the Orange did get Harris Poll votes, and SU garnered 10 of those this week. Unfortunately, the Cards are 24th in that ranking. Rutgers got 302 votes.

So even if UofL wins tonight, it really doesn’t matter. There is almost no scenario where the Cards win and Syracuse hops them to win the Big East’s BCS bid. That’s why you should be rooting for Rutgers. 

An RU victory gives the Scarlet Knights the Big East championship outright, and hands Louisville its third loss. If Coach P can deliver one more win to the Syracuse program and knock off Cincinnati this weekend, Syracuse sits alone as the 2-seed in the Big East and is going to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.

Even a Louisville win tonight would likely give Rutgers the second-seed in the Big East, and it heads to Florida. If Cincy takes out the Huskies, the Bearcats probably travel to the Belk Bowl. And that leaves SU in the Bronx. Again.

So say it with me… “Let’s go Rutgers (clap… clap… clap clap clap).”

Posted: D.A.

* * *

Can Syracuse actually represent the Big East in a BCS game? The possibility is still alive after a pair of incredible upsets Saturday. Considering where we stood after the first half of the season, it feels utterly impossible SU could be heading to the Orange Bowl. But the words that scrolled across ESPN’s “Bottom Line” tonight beamed bright like the lights of the Carrier Dome.

“If Louisville and Connecticut both win, then either Louisville, Rutgers or Syracuse will win Big East based on BCS rankings.”

First, Syracuse had to take care of its part of the bargain by beating Temple Friday. Check.

Then the nuttiness happened. A dreadful Pitt team, rated near last in the conference Power Rankings by The Fizz this week had to upend the #22 Scarlet Knights, who were 5-0 in the league. Check.

Not only did the Panthers win, but they dominated 27-6. RU looked hollow all afternoon, possibly paralyzed by the opportunity in front of it.

To top it off, UConn had to pull the upset on #19 Louisville. Check. The Huskies had been obliterated by the Orange earlier in the season, and played lifeless, pathetic football for most of the year. Connecticut blew a 10-0 lead before winning in a zany triple overtime, 23-20.

So now we have two enormous games for SU’s season. The Orange have been bumped up from the seemingly certain fourth spot in the conference, to a very real possibility of a share for the Big East championship. Louisville plays Rutgers Thursday night on national television. A Cardinals win gives UofL, SU and RU all a 5-2 record. If UConn beats Cincinnati, the Bearcats can’t join that group.

Louisville will likely end up in the Orange Bowl in that tie-breaker because before today’s loss it stood at #20 in the BCS, while Syracuse is unranked in it. Rutgers is #18 in the BCS, but would surely drop below UofL with a head-to-head loss this week. Could Syracuse somehow jump ahead of UofL in the BCS?


This is why we need to be rooting hard for a sloppy Cards win and Coach P. UConn knocking out the Beracats is good for business, since UC beat Syracuse this season. The Orange beat Louisville, but will finish 7-5, while UofL would have a 10-2 record.

So where’s the hope? The Harris Poll. Syracuse actually received votes last week (3) in it. So with the Temple win, maybe the Orange crack into the BCS 25 (Arizona and Washington are both 7-5 and rated #24 and #25). Could today’s loss to a terrible UConn team PLUS a dreary win over an unranked Rutgers team PLUS Syracuse’s head-to-head victory propel the Orange percentage points ahead of Lousiville? Probably not… but there’s A MATHEMATIC CHANCE.

Buckle up, Orange Nation. Even a Cards win gives Syracuse at least a share of the Big East. A UConn win and you can lock the Orange into the Russell Athletic or Belk Bowls at worst. Thanks to two crazy upsets today, things just got real interesting.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. ‘Cuse going to the orange bowl? Who knows! If they do stop by for a beer in tally!

  2. Cuse Don't Luse

    This is the wrong scenario Rutgers and Louisville are already ahead of us in the rankings if lousiville wins then both them and rutgers will be ranked higher but if rutgers wins and cindy looses then we go to the russel athletic bowl (#2 big east team) vs an acc team which is a more intriguing matchup and the more reasonable good situation for the orange

  3. I need to clarify something I believe to be correct. When it comes to how the teams are placed in a bowl game. In this case we’re talking about the Russell, the Belk, and the Pinstripe.
    No bowl game, other than the BCS bowls are, ASSIGNED to teams in order of finish. Russell gets the Big East #2. That does not mean whoever finished 2nd goes to the Russell. It only means that the Russell bowl committe gets the second pick of bowl elligible teams from the Big East. The Belk then gets third choice of who’s left, and the Pinstripe gets the fourth choice. That being said, we’re almost guaranteed the Pinstripe, even if we finish second or third. What always hurts Syracuse in the bowl selection committees eyes, is the fact that Syracuse fans DO NOT TRAVEL! They don’t fill hotel rooms in the respective city, and in turn, the stadium is half full. The committe takes into account who will put on the best performance, who will sell tickets, who will fill hotel rooms, and who can fill a stadium, so when people see the game on TV it looks impressive. I hate to say it but Rutgers, Louisville, and Cinci, both travel better than Syracuse. Hell, we cant even put 40,000 in the Carrier dome in our own backyard. If we were in Orlando we’d be lucky to get 8,000 fans in a stadium that holds 70,000. The Belk may be better as someone pointed out due to all the CNY transplants living in Charlotte, but of all those transplants, is there really enough to make a decent showing down there? No. Not like the amount that could drive from Cinci, Jersey, or Louisville.

    Syracuse v. West Virginia in the Pinstripe. Unless the planets align and Syracuse ends up ranked higher in the BCS than Louisville, or Rutgers. This would undoubtedly make the BCS committe very unhappy.

  4. Good morning everyone;
    I had to work last night and I got a chance to talk with one of the very happy players,this is what he said.

    Rumor is Justin Pugh has told the coaches and the team that he is turning pro at the end of the season. We have two JUCO(offensive line)players that will commit to Syracuse and should help the line immediately.
    Cuse Don’t Luse;is correct with his post, because that’s exactly what I was told last night.
    Right now it appears if things stay the same and Syracuse come’s in third place we would be going to the Belk Bowl instead of the Pinstripe Bowl.

  5. No matter what happens, I love seeing us in the conversation as even that helps with recruiting and I loved driving past the house that Russ mentioned in previous posts in my town, the one with the enormous Rutgers flag out front this morning and knowing that despite it all, they still can’t put us away and may have to share their only title with us!

  6. saltine44

    If not the Orange Bowl, then lets follow Doc Gross to Gotham so we can market the hell out of Syracuse Football once again. Put the Shwartzwelder Trophy up for grabs and make it very interesting TV. Cuse vs. WVU one last time! Sounds about right. Go Orange!

  7. Syracuse never has that kind of luck What always happens is like lining up a thousand dominos to fall over on each other and when it gets to999 that block falls over sideways

  8. We probably want Pitt to lose. A lot of folks are rooting for back yard brawl matchup.

  9. Justin Pugh going pro isnt the best of ideas…he better check his status b4 entering…teams are going to make sure that shoulder is 100%..he needs 1 more year!

  10. Justin adds a great deal to the OL and him turning pro now instead of getting a Masters and turning pro with one more year of experience is a loss no matter who is coming n to replace him. He is a great young man and I wish him well, but I also wish for him to stay one more year. Then that 2013 OL would be awesome.

  11. I think if you’re to look at how the top 4 teams in the Big East are playing you’d have to say Syracuse has played the best football the last 5 to 6 weeks. I think the Syracuse should overtake the top BCS ranking of a BE team. I literally don’t see how Rutgers or Louisville could get a single vote in any of the polls. I could see Syracuse getting a few.

    If you are to look at the fully body of work the way the ncaa basketball committee does than we’d have issues, but the week to week rankings in football are heavily weighted on recent play.

    With what happened yesterday, this season has truly turned into ‘what could have been’….. but still very proud of this team!

  12. Cuse 309… see it exactly your way.. years ago
    Syracuse traveled real well… like basketball.
    Takes some time to get the Cuse fans back in
    the game.. lots of years if loosing.
    Pinstripe is better than nothing but the kids and
    DM deserve better. Very nice season eanding streak.
    A game in NYC in early December..
    in the afternoon …is not a big recruiting tool or audience

  13. Pinstripe would sellout w/ SU! BCS is definitely RU vs UofL winner. Pugh has helped stabilize the OL, if hes at least a 3rd rounder in the NFL draft….I say go! Two bowls…plus Nassib/Lemon/Sales will all be at the combine this year, Pugh better utilize the record setting year, and leave on a high note! Frosh QB or Loeb = 2013? Which in turn = no $$$

  14. I do want 33% or 25% of the BE crown…to accompany the bowl game, that would be the best dagger ever

  15. @bigdip;points well taken and I agree with all of them. Let’s go back to the BE media day when the coaches picked Syracuse to finish last this year in the league. It kind of looks to me like Marrone made fools out of all of them. I wonder what the commissioner is thinking right about now? How did this happen? It wasn’t suppose to be this way,was it?

    If Pittsburgh wins this weekend then both teams headed to the ACC will have been involved in a bowl. Great job to both Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

  16. Russell MacEachern

    Dipper,your right RU already has a deal w/Russell bowl in case of a loss and the “ville” will go Sugar if Kent St gets a bracketbuster!I’d love to see MAC Kent St embarress and expose FSU as overated!!But Id bet on RU to Sugar!…if all that stuff the story says happens they still aint taking us,why blow smoke up our “YKW”!!

  17. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah Malone,thats the truth….when I was at my Moms I let a few digs “slip” to my niece whose a RU grad slip….aint I naughty!I missed my nephew who graduated “Cuse” who was on LI visiting old HS friends!

  18. Russell MacEachern

    Are all u guys in denial about realignment?Im not hearing anything good for Cuse in the news on the 8 ACC schools applying to BiG 4 conferences!?!?…VaTech seems to be the only loyal school who’s trying to save us!!

  19. Russell MacEachern

    Malone,I see the bones of a solid team next year if we can develop a QB quickly with a decent recruiting class!!…we need to have a little more patience and we’ll get there!!I see us being relevant again pretty soon!

  20. Russell MacEachern

    I dont get it @cuse309?Don’t these guys think their arent NJ and Oh transplants in N.C. too?I agree with all you said about poor traveling!The Carolinas are loaded with NE transplants not just CNY? LI and NJ are all moving to the Carolinas!!

  21. @Russ Great bones, but a lot of pressure on the new QB. I am not sure it will be Loeb, but anyway you cut it, if not Zach Allen, it will be a one and done (alla Kevin Mason). I think that only happens if he red shirts, like McNabb did but I doubt he’d be hurrying to enroll for the second semester if he was planning to red shirt.

  22. Uhhh, no. Even if this were true, I wouldn’t want to pin my hopes on UConn beating Cinci. Also, I hate Rutgers and them going to a BCS bowl hurts our ability to recruit in NY, NJ and PA.

  23. There is no scenario where I would ever root for Rutgers to win an outright Big East Championship. Ever.

  24. I can’t see rooting for Rutgers when a Lville win gives us a share of the Big East Championship in our last season as a member. That being said I completely agree with Cuse309’s bowl breakdown and the thought of a Conference Championship, albeit shared, and a possible Pinstripe Bowl berth against, lets say West Virginia to keep the Schwartzwalder Trophy sounds like a much better and more engaging end to the season than our other bowl options.

  25. Russell MacEachern

    @Carlton,let me be the first to congratulate you and ur school on beating RU tonight and gaining a BCS birth in Orange or Sugar bowl….Im happy for u cause ur a “real” guy!!!I hope next year SU can achieve a BCS!”GoCuse”

  26. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,wow,what a game?It looks like the BE is a clusterf*ck now?Which bowl Ron,Belk or Pinstripe?I cant get to the Belk!

  27. @Russell MacEachern;\

    I can’t believe it Russell. Rutgers first play from scrimmage scored a touchdown and they end up losing the game. WOW!!
    If UCONN wins their game on Saturday against Cincinnati then there will be a three way tie for 1st place in the Big East and I’m hoping a return trip to the Pinstripe Bowl for a game against who West Virginia?

    Russell, I think Carlton was the one who mentioned for us to look at Charlie Strong to return to his home and be the Coach at Auburn University. Did you hear the announcers make the statement that he might be going back at the end of the game?

    make no mistake about the game tonight,when one of the QB’s play’s the game with a broken wrist,sprained ankle and reported broken ribs. It was a hell of a college football game.

  28. Congrats SU 1/3 of a championship, much better than expected!!! Great work players!! Oh yeah you to HCDM/dougie!!

  29. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,Carlton must be celebrating down in Tally 2night cause both his schools in the BCS maybe?I hope we go Pinstripe!!Did’nt I tell ya EO was leading us on?I thought he’d be the first on the board 2night(Carlton)?Im glad for him but sad for my state!!But he deserved for me to congatulate him first and I hope he did’nt take my rant (realignment)personal!Like w/u whether we agree or disagree we’ll mostly take a pass on clashing out of respect!

  30. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I think Strong is gonna end up in Arky not Auburn!Purdue offered Butch Jones the B1G job today!

  31. Holy shit, Terry is giving props to Dougie… does this mean the program has turned the corner?

  32. @Russell MacEachern;

    Listed below are the girls recruited by Coach Hillsman for the 10th ranked class of 2013
    6’4″ Bria Day (post player) from (NC)
    6’4″ 4* Briana Day (center) from (NC)
    6’1″ 4* Tasia Butler (wing) from (MD)
    5’7″ 4* Alexis Peterson (guard) (OH)

    One of the McDonald-All-Americans Brittney Sykes told me at the beginning of the school year that more good players would be following them to Syracuse. I guess she was correct. Good job Coach Q. Good job.

  33. Russell, just went to the web page,doesn’t look to appealing to me. Don’t think that I will be using it to much,(too much speculation and guessing from the fans going on there).

  34. I sincerely hope that the only point of this post was to increase your page views. Why on earth you would not want Syracuse to be Co-Big East Champions in their final year is beyond me. This program has gone through so much despair since the last time they won a Big East Championship, that wanting anything but a Championship seems very shortsighted.

  35. @Mike;

    The Fizz always posts what they feel is the best for the Syracuse program. We always don’t have to agree with their point of view and for me that makes this site unique.

    I was rooting for Louisville to win the game last night,because I wanted Syracuse,as a member of the Big East,to be CO-CHAMPIONS before leaving for the ACC. Remember everyone picked them to finish 7th in the league before the season started.

    For anyone who watched the game last night,watched an instant classic. The performance of QB Teddy Bridgewater under center in that game will be remembered for a very long time. Here was a player who had a broken wrist,broken ribs and a severely sprained ankle guide his team to a win,a Big East Co-Championship and a BCS Bowl Game. It was for me one of the best performances that I’ve seen at any level of any football game. He should get the Heisman Trophy for that performance alone. For me that game had the WOW factor to it and I enjoyed every minute watching it.

    But please remember Mike, you don’t always have to agree with the material the FIZZ have in their post. It makes for some good debates from the fans.

    See you all down at the Pinstripe Bowl.

  36. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,where the heck is Carlton?Maybe too much success drove him nuts,lol..or to the local watering hole in celebration!

  37. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,ur right thats why its not my “cup o tea” but some “homers” that wear the “tinted” glasses like it!!Most is gossip and wishful thinking on!!We like it real!!btw,I heard on twitter that the B1G held a vote on GT and accepted on their end!?!

  38. Russell;I wouldn’t believe anything that I read on twitter either.
    Carlton is alive and well,putting some facts on other threads that are making people look a little foolish.

    Must Reading.

    Russell,going to be a great basketball game tonight against Arkansas.

  39. Russell MacEachern

    @Good for u Ron,have fun u lucky guy!btw I just seen a Carlton post in newest thread!

  40. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,did u ever click on the black line under your name?You see what im talking about?

  41. Russell,yes I did and it got me no where. My firewall blocked it because it didn’t recognize it. So I guess that I will leave it alone.
    Russell I really don’t know why that shows up under my name and not the majority of others using this same site.
    I told you he was alive and well. You need to read what he posted on previous threads also.

  42. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,yeah u mean the 1 about EOs recruitment?Me and Carlton have been on top of that for awhile but no one here wanted to listen?Is their anything else he writ I should see?I seen were u and he backed me up and I commented!!

  43. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,same happened to me…my firewall said I could’nt enter w/o a “special” code and I got curious? Strange huh? Very few have that link?

  44. Russell, I think that I answered your new found friends appropriately. Their comments were childish and doesn’t need repeating.

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