Grading the Orange: The Fizz’s Mid-Semester Marks for Syracuse Hoops

We hand out our marks to each member of the team, looking ahead to March.

With three weeks to play in the regular season, it’s time to hand out the Syracuse basketball team’s mid-semester grades. The Orange has played itself to a top 4 seed, but has been wildly inconsistent over the past month. Here’s the Dean’s List for SU, and those who need some extra help.

Jim Boeheim: A-

SU has been in the top 10 all season, and is cruising toward another solid seeding. Wednesday’s 66-58 loss to UConn was not one of the season’s better moments, but overall the Orange has won more than its lost. Some of his lineup choices in the UConn game leave us wondering why JB didn’t insert C.J. Fair or Jerami Grant for James Southerland late in the second half, but it’s only one game. Boeheim’s team is 20-4 and 8-3 in the Big East. He also got his 900th win of the season on Dec. 17. Syracuse is 15-0 at home, and maybe this is the team that finally gets Jim his elusive 4th Final Four. He also knows how to call out media members and rally the troops. Will it work?

Michael Carter-Williams: B

MCW has looked at times to be the best PG in the nation, but he has also has spurts in turning the ball over too much and missing important free throws. His near double-digit average in assists during non-conference play deserves kudos, but in conference play, he hasn’t been the same. He still leads the Big East in assists at 8.2 per game and in steals with 3.1, but his 87 turnovers in 24 games averages over 3.5 turnovers per game. Sometimes we see great games from MCW, sometimes we don’t. He has been very good, but needs to have more games with 15 points, eight or nine assists and limit turnovers to one or two down the stretch.

Brandon Triche: A-

Triche has been the leader of this team. He’s the lone senior in the starting lineup and leads the team in points with 14.3 points per game. Although the Jamesville-DeWitt product is shooting just 16 percent from the three point line in his last five games, he has played crucial roles throughout the season and in big games. Triche gets a lot of credit for making five of seven long shots in the Louisville game, finishing with 23 points. He comes up in the big moment and although he has his struggles, most recently, he has helped the Orange win important games.

Jerami Grant: A-

He was an afterthought when the season started, but Grant is deserving of his high grade. He has been a great choice off the bench for Boeheim. The 6’8″ freshman from Maryland is only averaging 5.4 points per game, but he is a good option when starters aren’t playing well. He grabs big rebounds, including a career-high nine on Wednesday against UConn and seven on Jan. 21 against Cincinnati. Due to James Southerland’s suspension, Grant was Boeheim’s go-to man off the bench. When he started playing well and helping the team, Jimmy B gained enough confidence in him to play him 40 minutes against Pittsburgh and Notre Dame.

C.J. Fair: A-

He might not wow you, but he just does everything well. In his first year in the starting lineup, he’s scored just under 14 points per game and grabbed over seven rebounds per. He averages 33 and a half minutes on the court. Fair has scored in double digits in 14 straight games and is an 82 percent free throw shooter. Fair has helped this team in big ways. He is becoming more comfortable shooting a long jumper, and is shooting 42 percent. Fair has been solid, and has stepped up well following the departure of Kris Joseph.

Rakeem Christmas: C-

Orange Nation had very high hopes for the McDonald’s All-American but his main function on the court is winning the tip. Christmas has height, but often he doesn’t show it. SU needs production on the boards, but Rak only averages five per game. This entire season, Rakeem only has two double-digit rebound games. His best game of the season came on Jan. 9 against Providence, when he had 15 points, eight rebounds and three blocks. One of the biggest factors he brings to the court is his shot blocking. He’s a big man and very intimidating. He has 2.1 blocks per game, which is third in the conference. SU would love to have him step up during the stretch run.

Baye Keita: INC

Keita is very tough to analyze. He doesn’t score, but he isn’t supposed to. He’s supposed to do the dirty work. averages less than 15 minutes per contest, and has grabbed 3.7 rebounds and blocked about a shot per game. With Christmas struggling and freshman DaJuan Coleman out with an injury, Keita is asked to do a little more than he’s supposed to. Every great team needs its glue guys to do the little things, and Keita can help contribute more of that.

Trevor Cooney: C+

Fans thought Trev would be a three-point machine, but he hasn’t quite been that. The supposed start shooter is only making 32 percent of his shots, but at least is drilling 28 percent from behind the arc. He was hot during nonconference play and earned playing time when he was in double-digit scoring figures in early December. If he can be more effective shooting during games and not just in practice, that grade has the chance to increase.

James Southerland: B+

Every night, you never know what type of Southerland you’re going to get. You might get the Southerland who makes three early treys to get the team fired up. Or, you get the Southerland who is 0-for-5 shooting deep and his shot isn’t on. For 26 minutes on average, he’s scoring 13.6 per game and grabbing just under five rebounds. When he’s good, he’s great. When he’s not, it’s ugly. He had a 35 point game against Arkansas earlier this season. He had four consecutive games of at least 15 points from mid-November to the end. He just needs to be more consistant and know when to make the three pointer. When he was suspended it was an obvious loss for the Orange. He’s always the X-Factor. A hot, confident Southerland is a game changer.

Overall team grade: B

The Orange has found ways to win, even if it’s been ugly. Boeheim has admitted SU was fortunate to get victories in a few close conference games, and hasn’t truly played its best basketball yet. There’s been some maddening losses (Temple, UConn), but also impressive wins (at Louisville). With a wide open college hoops landscape, a team with SU’s talent can be very dangerous as long as it doesn’t beat itself.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. I think you along with every other sports writer has overrated MCW as one of the best point guards in the country. I think Coach Boeheim should give him a 4 year extension on his scholarship and maybe just maybe he might become a point guard worth at least a C- for his efforts.

    Come on now 87 turnovers in 24 games(NOT GOOD). If he does go pro after this year,then maybe one of the recruits coming in will show us how a point guard should play the position during a game.

  2. Diasgree Completely on Cooney. “The supposed start shooter is only making 32 percent of his shots, but at least is drilling 28 percent from behind the arc” At Least he’s making 28%?!?!?! 28% IS NOT GOOD, not for someone who was raved about for his natural shooting ability. Other shooters who played limited minutes as a freshman like Rautins or even Mookie managed to at least hit more than 30%. He gets a D if not an F from me because he hasn’t contributed anything other than about 3 games where he made more than one basket.

  3. God Ron I agree with you!!

  4. @Terry;

    Constructive criticism shouldn’t hurt anyone Terry. I honestly feel that MCW is a hugh bust and Brandon Triche should be bringing the ball down court more than what has been done so far this season.

    Syracuse scored 24 points in the first half against UCONN,and for me that’s TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE,against any team in the country.

  5. Ok guys,I have to change the subject back to football.

    @Russ, as usual you were right about Juwann Winfree. I see that Michigan,South Carolina and West Virginia have been added to the list that have offered a scholarship to him.

    Syracuse has gone after another kid 6’4″ 290 lb. DT Thomas Holley out of Abraham Lincoln High School located in Brooklyn NY.

    Here is a list of the schools that have offered early. Connecticut, Florida State, Massachusetts, Miami (Fl), Notre Dame, Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse.

    Let’s all hope that Coach Shafer and staff can get these kids to stay at home by playing for Syracuse.

    Side note here,tell Mr. Williams to stay the hell away from these recruits. He’s not helping us at all.

  6. orangeinva

    Williams is “the mule”

  7. I really hate talking about the star rating system,because I don’t believe in the people who are doing the rating of these recruits.

    But please can someone explain to me how a kid can be rated a 4 or 5* star recruit in January or February? Is it based on their collective individual performances as Sophomores and Juniors headed into their Senior season that does it? Please someone explain it to me will you. Are the schools in Florida and California playing football year around? If they are one might think the kids would be worn out from playing so much football.

  8. Dujuan Coleman an F. A five star dud in all respects.Not even a glimpse of potential for this overrated player. The freshman card can’t be used for him regarding every aspect of his ability thus far this season.Cooney runs around aimlessly on the court and comes up empty more often than not. Giving him a C is more than generous. Its unrealistic.Christmas is very proficient at dunking Anything else?

  9. Cooney has the look of a kid that been on all night bender and just rolled out of bed in time for the game. He has not played well all season. He gets a D.

    Rak is the biggest dissappointment on the team. After the tourney last yr I truly thought he was going to take that next step. Just hasn’t happened. He gets a D+.

    Fair and Grant both get A’s in my grading book. Grant is gonna be a good one and fair just keeps getting better and better. I don’t think fair gets enough touches. Be nice to see him demand the ball. I just dont think thats in his make up. Like to see grant work on his handle and outside shot this offseason.

    I agree MCW should have a B. I think ppl are being a little hard on him. He needs to play well every game for this team to win and he knows that. Sometimes that leads to him forceing the issue when he is struggleing. He needs to work on his decision making and improving his shoot selection/percentage. He wont be back next season though. This yr’s draft class is down and he’s a lock to be picked in the top 10. Next yr’s draft class is loaded. He could end up sliding if he stayed.

  10. @Chris

    I dont agree. I think DC gets a C+. He did a lot to transform his body to get rdy for the season. That just shows what kind of kid he is. Also look at all the bigs in the class. Noel, Adams and Austin are the only 3 big guys from DC’s class that are currently listed as 1st rd guys and that is mostly based on potential then what they have done on the court this season. Now keep in mind as well that last yr’s class was loaded /w big men. Lastly before DC got hurt he looked like he was finally was starting to become comfortable out on the floor. It’s a shame he got hurt.

  11. Smitty Section 129


  12. Smitty Section 129

    Ron, I agree keep Mr. Williams away from any recruit in NYC. Even if he has good intentions what ever he says to the recruits keeps them from coming to SU.

  13. Okay with the grading system but a wee bit generous I think. One exception for me is Cooney who came in and red shirted as a deadly 3 point shooter. He has shown little and in each and ever game he fails to produce. Sick tummy? Bad Karma? Drunken benders? Against UConn he was zero for 3. So far I give him a “D”.

  14. saltine44

    unfortunately Nerlens Noels injury isn’t going to help MCW any. I am sure Carter Williams was watching this and saying to himself….how do I do the minimum so this doesn’t happen to me.

    From the naked eye, he looks like after the L&T incident, he has checked out. Maybe going Pro is the best thing for the program with a kid like Tyler Ennis coming in.

    I am not a big Calapari guy but you have to admit, somehow he gets his 5 star/#1 draft picks to play together as a team!

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