Here Comes The Heat: Burner Brisly Estime Chooses Syracuse Upon Visit

A thermonuclear weapon arrives from Florida in the form of this KR/CB/WR.

Just yesterday The Fizz lined up the three late targets that could take Syracuse’s recruiting class from good to great. Make it one-for-one. Florida speed burner Brisly Estime made an official visit to the Hill this weekend, and left with a new home. The Orange offered him during the visit and he accepted. He has been committed to both Iowa State and Purdue before, but since Signing Day is Wednesday one assumes he’ll stick with SU and autograph his letter of intent to the Orange.

Estime is a kick returner/cornerback compared to Devin Hester by his head coach at Atlantic High. He tweeted that he’ll also be used in the slot at wide receiver for the Orange. He was used in all three positions in high school, and Estime brings incredible return talent. He had five special teams touchdowns his senior season in 7A, a no-joke league in a football-mad state with some of the largest schools. The Palm Beach Post named him the defensive player of the year for large schools for being a ball hawk in the secondary. He also nabbed four touchdowns receiving, and will be the most physically mature incoming freshman. Estime won a preseason appeal to let him play past Florida’s age limit of 19 years, 9 months.

Estime was born in Haiti, and moved to Florida when he was 5. He had originally been committed to Purdue, but backed off. He then gave his verbal to Iowa State, but the Cyclones revoked his scholarship offer after he visited Western Michigan (ISU asked him not to). This is yet another impressive victory by George McDonald. The relentlessly optimistic recruiter has single-handedly overhauled SU’s recruiting class. His relationships in Florida and incredibly magnetic personality has reeled in a number of high end athletes who would’ve otherwise had no interest in Syracuse. No one has had a greater impact in a shorter amount of time in the history of Syracuse recruiting than McDonald.

Both Estime and LB Malik Brown are rated as top 10 recruits in the Palm Beach Post’s reporting region. Should both sign with the Orange in three days, Syracuse would’ve nabbed two high end athletes from a tremendously deep and fertile area for big time players.

It’s no coincidence SU has landed three wide receivers within the week. McDonald has been handed the reigns at offensive coordinator, and can directly discuss how/where/when he’ll use them in the game plan. Corey Cooper and Corey Winfield were won over by The Mailman and his ideas for the offense as well. It looks like the attack will continue to open things up through the air, and the Orange is adding new and exciting weapons by the day.

The good news just keeps on rolling in for Syracuse’s ’13 class. Hey Brizz, welcome aboard.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. McDonald going for the 2 big talented tight ends, fast slot WR offense. New England Patriots anybody? I hate the patriots but man can they score with that system

  2. With the receivers we are getting I could set some records at SU

  3. @D.A.;

    I watched the tape on this kid and boy was I surprised. He does everything and just think a player with his skill level is only rated a three star athlete by the so called experts. What a joke!!!!!

  4. orangeinva

    The Mailman is delivering on the recruiting trail. It appears with Shafer, McDonald- the sucess in CUSE recruiting will be kicked up a few notches. Good we need it.

    Next question though is can the MAilman deliver an offensive game plan on par with what Marrone/Hackett had the 2nd half of 2012?

  5. Speed and more speed is the key to any quality football team and Coach McDonald is doing his job very well.EstimeWinfield will add a dimension to Syracuse football missing for far too long a time. Look out ACC the Cuse is coming.Do not under rate the power of a basketball program that still can play a great game of football.

  6. Yesterday AJ says:

    February 2, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    not according to what ive heard estime doesnt have an offer from the cuse point #1. Point 2 so he’s on campus but no offer something is wrong with this kid NC State and Someone else pulled there offer’s off the table this week.

    I guess that I’m not the only one putting all of his eggs into one basket.

    While @Chad hit the ball out of the park for a homerun with his response.

    Great job Chad,great response.

  7. love the speed, the kid can play wr, db, how about rb?? can he be a rb?? nice film. welcome aboard. also definately reminds me of hester and a little bit of prime time. obviously he can return kicks.

  8. Tayvon Austin 2.0 anybody?

  9. Smitty Section 129

    watched the tape and boy was I impressed. This kid may have an impact has a freshmen which is rare but I can see him taking one to the house on a kickoff on that turf in the dome.

  10. cusefan75

    I am kind of concerned about recruiting to be honest. On one hand I read the articles and comments on different sites and I get excited, for example reading about and looking at this kid’s tape. However, I look at classic rating sites like scout and rivals, and I see this class ranked in the low 70s this morning (sans the Estine addition). A big part of me is a firm believer in the multitude of flaws in the ranking schemes used by these sites. The disparity just between rivals and scout is pretty interesting alone. It seems like rivals leans toward southern schools while possibly scout leans toward northern schools. I also question how different the number 10 and 25 class really are, or for that matter the number 40 and 70 classes. I think a big distinguishing factor is who actually makes it to school among these classes (worry about a kid like Estine being a grade casualty). Anyway, I just can’t tell if my optimism for this Year’s class is because of smoke being blown up my ass with superfluous comments like “best class in years” or if we are legitimately bringing in an awesome group. I will cheer regardless and generally believe in coaching evaluation more pay per sites catering to fan bases. Just wanted to hear what you all say.

  11. Leray to Indiana.

  12. This class is rated in the mid 70’s by most sites. Yet we all feel its the best class in years(maybe 10 years)for SU. But far from the best ever!! Its spooky that with only a month of work this class out did all of dougies classes!! Thank you staff of HCSS!!

  13. Russell MacEachern

    cusefan75,Im like u in that I wait for the ingrediants to cook before Ill call it a great meal and Orangenation is hungry!!

  14. MCDonald shows it is people who can make a difference.This guy knows the game and surely can recruit. Talented kids and a good coaching staff = WINS. Godd for us all.

  15. cusefan75

    I don’t know about this class being better than Doug’s.
    Year. Ranking. Commits. Avg stars
    2013. 73. 18. 2.56
    2012. 65. 21. 2.62
    2011. 75. 26. 2.46
    2010. 78. 29. 2.38
    2009. 117. 14. 2.29

    2013. 72. 18. 2.44
    2012. 54. 22. 2.68
    2011. 51. 26. 2.50
    2010. 53. 30. 2.37
    2009. 104. 14. 2.14

    I guess I’m not seeing the major improvement this year as opposed to previous seasons.
    -there are only 18 commits on the sites at this time which will hopefully inflate the rankings as we add the final kids, but avg stars isn’t all that different regardless.
    -this is a transition year and this staff has done way better of a job at getting recruits than the limited class in 2009, so maybe the future is bright.
    -seeing our rankings in past years makes me believe that there is nominal difference in classes separated by 20 or so spots in the rankings, as we’ve had solid success considering where we were in 2008 and the mass exodus related depth issues we had. Also, I saw several teams that we beat or certainly would have a good shot at beating consistently much higher in the rankings,so coaching and who qualifies seems to matter (I have kept all classes above intact whether folks qualified and made it to campus or not).

  16. cusefan75

    Oh…. And I left out coaching and scheme as being paramount, as compared to rankings. I hope this group can coach, motivate and make adjustments. I felt the previous staff did well in these areas.

  17. Cusefan75,

    I see part of the reason why this class isn’t ranked as well as previous classes is because of the JUCO guys. From what I have seen and feel, most recruiting sites don’t really focus/evaluate JUCO guys as much as high schoolers. Since this class has a good amount of JUCO guys, I feel like they are being overlooked. For example, Luke Arciniega is the #5 OLB according to I have a hard time believing, according to Rivals, that the #5 OLB in JUCO (who is 2 years more developed and experienced than high school seniors) is worth less than the #17 OLB in high school. To me, that just doesn’t make much sense. It may be that they value the potential of high school guys higher than JUCO because of the age difference, or that the 2 years a JUCO gives you degrades his ratings value

  18. @cusefan75

    Three weeks ago I read about the fertile recruiting grounds out in California and how all of the SEC Schools are swooping in and taking all of top talent,leaving what we call the “B level players”. It also described how the 4/5 star athletes that got recruited were unhappy and leaving their respected schools and transfering to a DII school thinking that they were going to play and didn’t. They set the bench for the 4 years that they were in College.

    Have you ever watched Kenny Chesey’s “The Boys of Fall? In it they interview Coach Bobby Bowden who made a statement that went a little like this. If I had to chose between a 5 star player that came here with baggage and a NR player who played the game with heart that he would take the kid that played with heart over the 5 star athlete with baggage.

    I look at a lot of things when we recruit a player his size,speed and ability as a football player. When I make a statement that I think that this could be one of Syracuse’s best teams ever. It’s my opinionand I guess we’ll just have to wait for the season to start to see if they pan out or not. I truly beleive playing the game with heart has a lof of merrit and makes the player want to play faster and harder.

    My problem is that I’m overly optimistic and view things in a positive way. Last year at the beginning the season I try picking an overall win-lose record. I predicted 11-2,we ended up with an 8-5 record. But if Syracuse played a little against Northwestern, didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot against Rutgers and Cincinnati we would have had the 11-2 record that I thought was possible.

    This year with the players that have been recruited,if they have passing grades and get enrolled into college for spring classes. I feel the moons the limit with these players and again have looked at the schedule and predicting another 11-2 over-all record. @cusefan75–this is how strong I feel about the Syracuse program and for me it’s only getting better.

  19. @cusefan75
    Just a little food for thought. Louisville came into the dome last year and we destroyed them(not a bad game for a bunch of 2/3 star athletes)After reading about their recruits you’d think the team was full of 5/10 star studs. Louisville gets picked to play Florida in the Sugar Bowl and we all know how that ended,don’t we.

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,next years record will depend on how fast the kids adjust to a new coaching staff and new conference not to mention can we find Nassib’s replacement but I think the ACC will be surprised at our grit and eastcoast toughness!!Right now Id guess 6-6 but we’ll figure out more after spring practice and I’ll adjust my prediction then!!I think right now Im being optimistic but then thats why we play the game but were getting there!!Dont look back someones catching up with

  21. @R&R… like old times! @Ron..great post, expectations are gonna be sky high! I just want the team to be competitive in the ACC, we have a great foudation and HCSS is building on it daily!

    * This era in SU fb is called “the Purge”- buff took HCDM & the new staff is purging lesser universities for their best players. Lol…

    * I hope HCMcD can dial’em up…. if he studies defenses as hard as he recruits, we’re gonna score loads!

    * Russ….. can’t lie, I missed your crazy ass while I was on hiatus from the “fuzz”s shockjock fueled disloyal reportings! “You’re alive…I could lost u…” Happy new year buddy, nice to see u chiming in!”

  22. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah,I was away like u for a few reasons not the least was HCDM playing Spruill (even tho we didnt need him) in the bowl game and I couldnt stand to hear everyone raving about all the JUCOs!!I thought Dougie lifted the white flag on recruiting!!But as long as you,Ron and Carlton etc are here I’ll keep coming neff!!….At the end w/Dougie u could almost sense his heart wasn’t in it so I drifted too!!

  23. Russell MacEachern

    Dipper,I have no intention of losing contact with you or Ron!!!

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