Final 4 FizzCast: Team Fizz Breaks Down the Win Over Marquette, Previews ATL

We are all over this unlikely run through the NCAA tourney.

Syracuse is back to the Final Four for the first time since 2003. Kevin Fitzgerald and Austin Pollack break down SU’s 55-39 victory over Marquette in the Elite 8, and look at how the Orange matches up against Michigan and Florida in Atlanta. Andrew Kanell called the game and joins the show from D.C.

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  1. WOW!!! Was I wrong(what’s new,right). Final Four!! Great story. But if you watch the media, they still seem not excited about SU in the final four. WHY??? You hear great stuff about Wichita State, Michigan and probably Duke/ Louisville. I wonder if JB has any thing to do with that. Or even the Fine investigation?? Yet SU still gets the ho hum attitude from the media. I hope the team and JB feel that to and get amped up because of it. Any way SU fans know this team will always be special to us no matter what happens. PS A Lot of skeltons are coming out of the closet now showing their excitement for SU on Face-book!!

  2. Terry,I too was wrong about this team. A month ago I didn’t think they would win a game in the Big East or NCAA Tournaments. I know that I owe a young man (MCW) an apology. When it’s all said and done,I will put one on the web for him to read. I really have to admit the kid can play when he decides too.

    I think that we’re going to beat Michigan on Saturday and then play Louisville for the national championship.

    One thing about the Syracuse Fans,when the going gets rough they start to complain and then some of them split,but on the other side,when the team is doing good well they all say that we were behind them 100% and they all knew this was a great team.

    I call them fair weather fans. I thought that I was the only one that noticed the news media ignoring the Orange. I hope Syracuse makes them all look stupid by winning the national championship.

    GO CUSE;

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