Fresh FizzCast: Team Fizz Analyzes Syracuse’s Controversial Loss to Michigan in ATL

We provide instant reaction following SU’s controversial exit from Atlanta.

Brendan Glasheen and Austin Pollack take over the mics to discuss what went wrong in Atlanta. What was the final play supposed to be? Was that really a charge foul on Brandon Triche? And how does the future look for Jim Boeheim? It’s all part of the final postgame FizzCast of the postseason run.

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  1. Carlton

    Few things.

    1. Don’t know what fizz member it was but u sounded like u where about to burst into tears during that recap lol.

    2. Don’t agree /w the ur thoughts about the zone. We play zone u can’t fault them for Michigan hitting 3’s from the F literally just over half court. Those 3 long bombs really hurt. they where also late in the shot clock. Only way u can even try an stop that is to strap it up an go man an SU doesn’t play man. Otherwise the 1st half probably would have ended in a tie.

    3. I do agree about j-south. Outside that 3 late he was a huge no show. Yes Michigan was all over him but he knows he’s a spot up shooter gotta work to get open. I don’t know if anyone here saw what KD did in the Indiana game running to complete circles to get a shot but that’s the kinda work j-south needed to do to get a shot an he didn’t do it. That’s just just is offensive struggles. He got pushed around under the basket an was out of place defensively. This was the reason grant even saw the floor. Very disappointed in his game. Tough way to go out as a Sr.

    4. The officiating was atrocious at the end of the game. This is getting ridiculous. Last yrs OSU game, the backcourt violation that wasn’t one the yr before that an then this yr u have Hardaway heisman MCW an they call the foul on MCW?!? That was a huge call! If he’s not called for that he has the ball at the end of the game not cooney. The the charge/block call is a bang bang play but the refs need to stop allowing players to slid under players after they beat their man in the lane. Did SU struggle in the 1st half sure but the refs made dam sure they couldn’t come back when SU clearly had Michigan rattled an on the ropes. I flat out disagree /w u guys sometimes u don’t have ur best game but that is not a reason to say the refs flat out costed SU the game late.

    5. Wtf was the offensive game plan? It was awful an that falls on the coaching staff. Made better adjustments in the 2nd half but just wow. A week to plan an that was it?!? Smh.

    6. MCW an Fair need to come back. MCW needs to get stronger and needs to work on his jump shot. I know some will say well he needs to help his family well ur 2nd contact in the NBA is the most importin an the richest one. If he leaves now he will sit on the end of the bench after being a late lottery pick an I doubt he gets that 2nd contract.

    Fair needs to work on his jumper an his handle as well an if he does will probably be a late 1st rd pick next yr. If he leaves this season he probably will go middle to late 2nd rd.

    6. Grant impressed me. He came in an went to war /w Michigans bigs. He stuck his body in their an did not back down. It’s disappointing that it was him an not J-south our sr leader.

    Last thing if u have the game On DVR go back to the last drive by cooney. The Michigan player clearly travels before he tossed the ball down the court. Just one more missed called.

  2. Brendan Glasheen


    My apologies. I lost my voice over the weekend for obvious reasons. Thanks for listening though. Give Michigan credit as its role players played huge. Yes, SU’s offense was atrocious, but the game plan on offense really is always a mystery. SU’s offense was great all tourney due to fastbreak points and getting steals/forcing turnovers

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