QB Quandary: Who Has Syracuse’s Inside Track Under Center This Spring?

Can Drew Allen step in and take the job even if he doesn’t join SU until the summer?

Spring football is finally upon us, and it’s time to play a game Orange Nation has not had to worry about over the last few seasons: Name That Quarterback. Three seniors and a junior will be battling until Syracuse opens up against Penn State inside Metlife Stadium in August. For now, let’s throw out the incoming freshman as competitors for the slot. What will Scott Shafer do in his first season at the helm, and SU’s debut in the ACC?

Oklahoma transfer Drew Allen has made things much more interesting, and The Fizz breaks down the QB options. Here’s what you should keep an eye on this weekend at the Spring Game.

Charley Loeb SR/ 6’4”/ 215 lbs.

Career Stats: 4-6, 49 yards, 0 TD’s

If Nate Hackett were still here, Loeb certainly would have been the guy heading into the season. The former offensive coordinator told The Fizz after the Pinstripe Bowl the offense would not skip a beat next season with Loeb. Since then, Hackett bolted for Buffalo, and Loeb has struggled to separate himself from the pack this spring. Charley’s biggest enemy is himself, and over the last few weeks he’s looked tight in practice. He got the most practice reps out of any QB last season, but Shafer is going to go with the QB that is competing the hardest right now. At the moment, Loeb needs to step up his game.

Terrel Hunt JR/ 6’3”/ 215 lbs.

Career Stats: N/A

Hunt has definitely improved over the calendar year, and his work ethic has shown the previous few weeks. Unfortunately, Kinder’s career is still most known for his minor shop lifting incident that happened in January of 2012. Regardless, he is getting the most snaps with the first team than any QB right now, and Shafer seems ready to reward the junior’s progress. It’s only April, but it seems Shafer is going to go with the hottest hand each week. Whichever QB is producing, he’ll ride him. We may not see just one starting signal caller this fall.

John Kinder SR/ 6’3”/ 190 lbs.

Career Stats: N/A

Right now John is probably last in the race. Kinder has always been in the running but never been able to leap frog other QB’s on the depth chart. His release is still a bit long, and you can make the argument that if SU does go with a one-year starter this season, Loeb or Allen are better senior options.

Drew Allen GR/ 6’5”/ 230 lbs.

Career Stats: 18-30, 160 yards, 0 TD’s

Allen is the biggest wild card. The former Oklahoma gun-slinger will not arrive up in Syracuse until the summer, so he’ll be behind the other signal callers in preparation and reps. He claims Shafer and the coaching staff have given him no indication he would start right away, but why else would a San Antonio native come to the Hill? He only has one more year of playing time left. You’d have to think something is in the works, but he’s thrown the ball just 30 times in his career. His game though, is tantalizing. His high school reel is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers. He’s got a big frame, strong arm, and can get out of the pocket fast. He was also impressive enough to garner a scholarship with the Sooners.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

Who are you most excited to see this Saturday at the Spring Game? Who will be SU’s next starting QB this fall? 

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  1. He still needs to get to SU in late spring or early summer if possible or legal. Believe me the cultures are different, from Texas/ Oklahoma to Syracuse!! Let alone the team chemistry!!

  2. Hunt looked so much better than Loeb in the two open practices that I really don’t think it’s much of a question who will start in the Spring game. Loeb will have to do work this Summer if he wants to start. Kinder has looked awful and should probably see about transferring with the new competition coming in. He’s not even in the race at this point. It’ll be interesting to see what Allen brings to the table.

  3. If anyone is interested in my insights on the last open practice, including how the QBs performed, I wrote a fanpost over on SB Nation going in depth (hope you guys don’t mind me sharing here):

  4. CuseOnly

    Kinder is RS Senior and has one more year of eligibility left after this year. If he wins the job, which he won’t, he would have another year.

    Hunt is a RS Junior and would have 2 years left after this year. He will be the starter after Allen…If he doesn’t beat out Allen this year or get overtaken by the underclassmen next year.

    Loeb is way more erratic than Hunt IMO and the starter will some down to Allen or Hunt at the end of Fall practice.

    The competition from Allen will make them all better this year no matter what.

  5. @Terry – I think I saw somewhere that Allen is planning to stay in Norman through the spring and maybe even the off-season, although he might return to Texas. He made no mention of getting up to Syracuse “early” at all. I don’t know if there is a rule that prevents him doing this. I hoep so for his sake. He needs adjustment and learning time and the team needs bonding time. I would hate to see him think he can walk in August and take it all on, and win the spot.

  6. Russell MacEachern

    These Tex/Okie guys are rock stars just off their HS years and seem to have a sense of entitlement!No offense CuseDontLuse cause ur a NYer at heart!I think if he wants the job he should get his butt here early as possible and try and TAKE the starters job from Hunt! What Im looking forward to is an azz kicking D going in and SHOCKING the ACC!..Good to see ya Malone!

  7. Derek that was a hard nosed article

  8. Ok guy’s;I just read that KJ Williams will be on campus and attending the Spring Scrimmage on Saturday. I for one will make an effort to see and talk to him after the game.

    Let’s all hope that he likes what he see’s on Saturday and commits later over the weekend. Can you imagine Williams and Funderburke playing WR’s and having AJ long as the QB throwing the ball to them? With either Kimble and Wilson as the backup QB things ought to be pretty darn good over the next few years.

    @Terry–doesn’t it seem like(the Marrone era)it all happened so loooooong ago?

    Go Cuse;

  9. Russell MacEachern

    Derek,I enjoyed your eloquent and descriptive insights…I felt like I was there,…keep us informed!Im looking forward to seeing how the ACC defenses react to the sight of those bull RBs Morris and Smith coming down on them and our swarming D attacking like an a hoard of angry wasps!!

  10. Malone I agree with you. I get the feeling he’s thinks he’s star studded, but coming to upstate NY might change his mind.

    Hunt looks like the man so far. But still not quality as of yet. But who knows?? I see a no win/lose issue here for HCSS. Allen works out or not and Hunt plays some it can’t hurt. At least now who ever wins the QB job will have good as targets or better targets than the past years!!!

    Ron there is still that pro-dougie image out there. I will always feel from day one he lied to the SU administration and fan base. Yes I was excited by his hire to!! But he’s whole issue with SU was showing the NFL people he’s got experience now. From the start with the Paulus experiment was stupid(but not to his fans/media check tniaam the feel Paulus was uplifting. Allen is at least a Div-1 QB. We’ll see! Dougie helped the SUFB program yes, but a savior is a total lie. He just saved his own wallet. Sorry!!

  11. Russell MacEachern

    Derek,especially the part where we underdress for cold weather in early spring…I always go out in just a sweater if its a degree above 30 lol!

  12. Thanks, guys!

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