Summer Checklist: Syracuse Football’s 3 Most Important Recruiting Targets

So who are the biggest targets this summer for Syracuse football? Orange Nation has seen the program get close, but fall just short of nabbing a few elite players like Ishaq Williams, Gus Edwards, and Ebo Ogundeko. Even with the patience that comes with a head coaching change, there’s still an expectation by some of the faithful to snag a 4-star recruit or two in ’14.

ESPN has ’14 recruit A.J. Long as a 4-star dual threat quarterback, and he has said he’s completely committed to SU. Long has also been recruiting his cousin WR K.J. Williams to join him. Keeping Long under lock and key is the first priority of the Orange coaching staff. He could solve the QB situation down the road, and his athleticism would be a huge benefit in the faster ACC.

Williams hails from the same high school has Jarrod West, who is planning on making noise this season with the lack of proven wideouts on the roster. If SU grabbed Williams it would show a direct payoff of the new staff’s full year of coaching, and the resources being spent in football.

Doug Marrone did a lot of work to restore SU football to legitimacy, and Scott Shafer has to continue to work to keep improving It would also mean Syracuse could start winning national recruiting battles. Williams visited Michigan, and has been garnering attention from Notre Dame. A Williams commit (along with Long) would cement George McDonald as one of the East Coast’s best recruiters, and prove the new staff’s mettle.

A Williams commitment would also seem to solidify Long’s decision. Orange Nation was heartbroken when Zach Allen decommitted a day before he was to enroll because of the coaching change. Allen tried to recruit several members the class when he thought he was ending up at SU, but was the one who left. A commitment from Long’s cousin would make the Orange rest easier.

Another 4-star recruit hopeful is DT Thomas Holley out of Brooklyn. Holley’s attention has skyrocketed since we last looked at him, now holding BCS offers from every top program in sight. However, Holley said last week that he is still interested in Syracuse. Holley represents the next elite in-state talent the SU coaching staff needs to nail down. It would be huge to finally win a battle for the best in New York.

The Orange should feel good recruits are taking note of the upswing of the program and the new facilities. It wasn’t long ago SU had to battle against aging facilities, and being one of the worst teams in the Big East. But the work is far from over, and these are the biggest priority recruitments of the summer.

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  1. Brian says:

    Chad Mavety must also be a top recruiting priority. Successful teams, like Alabama, know the strength of the team must from the offensive line; hence why Alabama sent three OL to the NFL this year (two amongst the top 11 picks), and two more anticipated first rounders next year (LT Cyrus Kouandijo & G Anthony Steen). Mavety is a JUCO currently at Nassau Community College (yes, the school John Anselmo coached for 18 years). He has SEC size (6’6″, 320 lbs.) and SEC offers (Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee & A&M), but he referred to Syracuse as a dream school in a February 2013 interview. This year’s offensive line is not the team’s strong suit and has zero depth, especially at tackle. Mavety would be a starter from day one.

  2. Terry says:

    Totally agree with you Brian!! For some reason dougie(although being a OL kind of guy)never really super recruited OL talent. He got a few but his forte was the OL line when he came to SU. His lack of concern at the OL is showing this year??? But looking at the national recruiting sites and SU interests there’s a ton of 5’9″/5’10″ 185 lbs RB’s listed interested in SU!! Why so light??? Where’s the beef??

  3. chris says:

    Put Travis Lock and Mavety on that list and you have the players most likely to greatly impact the team early.We need another super RB Lock is that player. Putting him along side of Morris and we are looking at perhaps the best running back combo in Div1. I’m presuming that the O-line continues to improve to open up the seams for these kids. Once they clears the LOS,they are gone for 6. In addition going for a two point conversion is simplifiedMaking the defense watch those RBs makes it easier for a WR or TE to slip behind the defense for an easy throw and 2points.

  4. OrangeTruth says:

    Did SU offer DT Peter Monkuwah from Staten Island. Just committed to RU and coach is saying he had 40 offers but didn’t talk to the recruiting services about it. Damn RU.

  5. Mademan says:

    We landed that DT from Staten Island the day Nick Saban came to that school and offered. He is 6’5 305lbs and they want him playing DT. RU has a tendency to convert big D-linemen into O-Linemen. I believe in the B1G, you can’t have 250lb in the trenches.

  6. Ron says:

    In order to land DT Thomas Holley out of Brooklyn,someone needs to tell him to stay away from Ishaq Williams father. Let the kid sit with his parents and the three of them make the decision as to where he plays over the next 4-5 years.

    With that being said,Zephan,I feel that Syracuse has quite a few prospects that would be cosidered “big and important fish”to the program if they commited to Syracuse in the fall or winter to play ball here.

    Coach Shafer and crew have a ton of offers out to the recruits. Let’s see if there is going to be any surprises come NLOI signing day when everything gets signed and becomes binding. I believe that the Shafer/MacDonald combination is going to bring 2-5 4* recruits to Syracuse for the class of 2014.

  7. BigDip says:

    Listen here…. as SU ushers into the ACC officially.. lets support ELITISTS AND LEAVE GARBAGE RECRUITS where they belong! HCSS & OCTM lol.. want to upgrade the talent.. when a 3 star commits, we should pat da kid on his back, and continue recruiting harder.

  8. Terry says:

    Ron your right!! Mr. Williams history precedes him. I gotta believe HCSS and his staff have a feel for Mr. Williams and will prepare for his crap!!

  9. Mademan says:

    You guys do know that Ishaq’s father is an advisor in his recruitment right? Holley and Ishaq are friends.

  10. Ron says:


    Four years ago he advised his son to attend Notre Dame where he would play from day one and Ishaq would become a name that everyone in the nation would be talking about. Especially the fans of Syracuse University Football. Well it’s showed us all just how wrong his advice to his son was. Ishaq wasn’t the jewel out of the city 4 years ago that everyone believes to be the case. The real JEWEL to come out of the city was a kid by the name of Jason Bromley who started playing from day one and has become the man/leader on the defensive line here at Syracuse. Oh!! I forgot to mention that Jason,I believe will be a first round draft pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Let’s see where the house boat(Ishaq)ends up.

    Old man Williams needs to stay away from these recruits. If it were my son that was being recruited he wouldn’t be allowed to come within 5 square blocks of him.

  11. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,I told the board about DT Pete Mokwouh a few days ago cause the kid was a sleeping giant but wanted to stay near home!!NYC kids arent rated a priority by the big recruiting services but RUs staff is loaded with NJ/NY assistants….thats why Laviano was’nt offered by us last year!KJ Wms visited the dome last year and wasnt impressed and had Mich and RU as his finalists until he visited Mich and fell in love!! If we get him we can thank his cousin or he would’nt have even came up again!Blood is thicker than water..keep ur fingers crossed cause hes a bigger get than AJ Long is!!One more thing in our favor is Mich got 2 4*WRs in the last 10 days and may reach their WR quota and pull his offer b4 he commits anywhere!!

  12. Russell MacEachern says:

    One good thing is were his other option now instead of RU….how good is that?Its about time we steal one from them!!

  13. Terry says:

    Ron like the rock song says there’s “that smell” when Mr. Williams is around. He thinks he’s the HSFB posse leader for advise in the NYC/LI area. I hopefully don’t think its a dislike for SU, its just his BS coming through to the recruits!! McDonald will handle Mr Williams or go else where!!

  14. Ron says:

    @Terry & Russell;

    You guy’s are up awful early today. Can’r sleep,thinking about football to much. Look I thought that the class of 2013 was a real good class for Syracuse,adding more to the class after signing day has made it even better.

    But what Coach Shafer and staff are going after for the class of 2014 could be the best class ever. The offers are to WR,DE,OL,DL,QB,RB,S,LB,that have size and speed. There are plenty of recruits that have a 3 & 4* ratings. To date,I haven’t seen any of the players with a N/R after their names.

    I think that Shafer and staff is going to surprise the hell out of all of us when it’s all over and done with.

    I feel the tide is changing for the Syracuse Football Program. Can the both of you feel and see it coming? The one thing that really stands out for me is that we finally have a stright talking to the point coach with so much energy and enthusiasm,that I can’t wait to see the show he puts on during a game on the sidelines. That has to rub off on some of these big time recruits that we’re after.

    GO CUSE;

  15. Ron says:

    The ACC has released it’s list of Bowl affiliations starting in 2013/2014. With 9 of the 14 schools eligible to participate,Syracuse should go bowling for the second year in a row.

    Can you see and feel the tide turning yet?

  16. Ron says:

    Old topic new discussion, Wasn’t construction of the new indoor practice facility going to get started this spring once the snow had melted and the ground thawed?

    I haven’t seen any construction equipment up at Manley Field House yet. What’s up with that?

  17. Carlton says:

    Think SU goes 8-4 at best. A lot of toss up games on the schedule. Games that are toss ups for me included: Penn State, Pitt an GT. Teams that are better on paper are: FSU, Clemson, Northwestern. I see all three of those games as L’s. I feel like GT is the better of the three teams an with the game being on the road just don’t feel like SU will pull that one off. SO I put that one in the loss column and came up with a record of 8-4.

    I think the bowl game that SU will be looking at is the Russell Athletic bowl or Music City bowl. Those 2 bowls will be real possibilities.

  18. Andrew says:

    I say Cuse goes 6-6 at best (and that is a stretch). Lost too much talent to succeed in a conference much better than the former big east.

  19. Mike says:

    Much better? The conferences are dead even against each other for the last couple years. I don’t see how anyone could say the ACC is MUCH better than the former Big East.

  20. Terry says:

    Just getting up early to play some golf on a beautiful Tues. Morning!! Andrew hit it with a record of 6-6. I’d jump for joy and so would HCSS(but he wouldn’t tell you that) it SU gets to 6-6.

    Ron last I heard its was fall time to put the shovel in the ground for new facilities.

    I see the SUBB program can’t still get away from the Big Least. They still want to play the Villies, GT and so on. Let them. The BE was far better show 10 yrs ago then now any way. But why not SU always playing on BE team early on in the year just for giggles and old memories.

  21. Russell MacEachern says:

    @Carlton,man that sounds good coming from Tally where most underestimate the strength of former BE teams but following us u know better!!Even I ever the realist predict only 7-5 or 6-6 and hopefully a bowl win….we’ll probly win one we shouldnt and lose one we shouldnt!!My main concern is getting a flow to the offense with a new QB and Drew Allen dont excite me!!

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