Honey Badgers Do Care: Ex-Teammates Recruiting 4-Star WR Canteen to SU

Isaiah Johnson is selling the dynamic WR Canteen on rejoining him at SU.

With Syracuse football’s recent success and move to the ACC many have wondered if Scott Shafer can leverage the momentum to pull off big commits in his first class. He already has one 4-star commit in AJ Long that is doing some recruiting of his own on Twitter.

Looks like there’s another 4-star talent looking at SU. Freddy Canteen, a WR out of Eastern Christian Academy (Elkton, MD), has showed quite a bit of interest in Syracuse. Rated by Rivals as the 6th best player in Maryland, Canteen is an above average talent but the power schools might still be a little late to the party. Canteen currently holds offers from UConn, Hawaii, Maryland, Rutgers, and Temple. Canteen has stated Rutgers is an early frontrunner. This is a great opportunity for SU to jump on him relatively early. SU has stated how important developing an early bond is with talents.

Eastern Christian Academy should ring a bell. This is the same controversial football powerhouse Isaiah Johnson attended that was under investigation after a report by Sports Illustrated last August. Johnson and Canteen were teammates last season before being cut short due to the football team being suspended. The two have been talking on Twitter and Johnson made it clear he wants Canteen to join him in CNY.

The versatile wide receiver, who also played snaps at defensive back, reeled in 114 receiving yards with a TD in three games for the Honey Badgers. Canteen will get a chance to prove himself in a full, upcoming senior season. Canteen plans to visit Syracuse at some point this June for one of Shafer’s summer football camps. His teammate, Vashon Tucker will be visiting the Orange on June 9th vying for his own offer. Another teammate to keep an eye on is Jamie Herr, who drew heavy interest from Syracuse in the winter. Herr is a 3-star recruit who already has received an offer.

Canteen told NJ.com that academics, early playing time, and a family atmosphere were all major factors in deciding where he wants to go to school. Luckily for the Orange, it rates well on all three of those factors. Canteen is a talent who should be high on the radar screen, and maybe another 4-star prize.

Posted: Zephan Mayell

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  1. Terry

    Maryland has been one of the CUSE’s better spots for talent in alot of sports!!

  2. Derek

    Didn’t realize that Long was a 4 star, although it looks like ESPN is the only service that has him as a 4. Maybe he’ll move up in the other services with a good season or some good camps this year. Zaire Franklin is on the brink of being a 4 star.

  3. Russell MacEachern

    @Derek,did you notice in a recent thread I wondered where you were?You were always a integral part of our site…good to hear your view’s again!Welcome back!Were you lurking? Or just busy?

  4. RealityDip

    Had ta go look at AJs tape again.. he’s a good player. 4 star upgrade would mean a jump into the state of Tennessee’s top5 prospects & espn250, possibly. Cool accomplishments!!!!

    Zaire was a haul, and a prospect from Pa. who has big10, & ACC clubs in his backyard. Great job pulling in the talent, which looks better than ACC foes GT, Wake, and Maryland at this stage of recruiting.

    Can’t complain about getting national recruits verballed b4 June 21st, there is a definite talent influx, between 1 draftees 2 returners
    3 tranfers and 4 recruits… the cubbard hasnt been this full in years.

  5. Russell MacEachern

    Tennessee?He’s a Pennsy kid..wasn’t he at a prep there for only 1 season?Show’s how little talent comes out of Tenn that one of its top 5 kids are from back east!!I watched his recruitment LAST YR!!I wondered if he had issues when he dropped off the radar!He looks a touch short?Maybe 6′ even!I REALLY like the Zaire kid…Dip,tho only 3 commits I like the fact there all quality kids and not UR types or JUCO’s!Looking like were finally recruiting TALENT again!

  6. Russell MacEachern

    @bigsplashreality,reinventing yourself again?Cant make up your mind?Or just throwing curves at us?lol..

  7. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,are we close with any of all those Illinos(midwest) kids? Matt Dome camping here?How about that shortish LBer(5’11″/6′) that visited(from Illin?)..any OL men?

  8. Russell MacEachern

    It’s 4 day’s later and Freddy Canteen has been in Piscataway 2 time’s and hinted there he’s ready to commit “soon”…my guess he’s sticking with his frontRUnner!!Sorry but I wanted to beat or scoop Carlton who down in Tally gets new”s quick!!!

  9. Andrew

    Really excited to see what this staff can do and I really hope they pull in some high-profile recruits

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