Big Blocker: Syracuse Battles Illinois for 3-Star Chicago Lineman Aaron Roberts

Can the Orange walk into the Land of Lincoln and snare a Midwest product?

Syracuse’s ’14 football class has shaped up nicely with the recent commitment of K.J. Williams, who wrapped up the first wave of Orange commits. Many high school seniors are waiting until after their season to begin making decisions, but one player plans to make his in the coming weeks.

Aaron Roberts, an offensive guard for De La Salle Institute in Chicago, is down to Illinois and Syracuse. Roberts already visited Illinois recently and loved his trip to Champaign. He plans visiting Syracuse on August 9th and will likely to make his decision shortly after. Oklahoma also has shown interest but unless the Sooners offer soon, Roberts will probably be in a shade of orange.

The 6’4” lineman almost tips the scales at 300 pounds and is already blessed with the size SU loves. The three-star recruit has been one of the many players active with current SU commits on Twitter. If all goes well during his visit to the Hill, he’ll be using the #CuseTwitterArmy hashtag quite a bit.

Roberts could be a key pickup for the Orange with the recent uncertainty surrounding Chad Mavety. The Orange are thin on the offensive line, so a boost in the protection department is crucial for this class. With Macky MacPherson entering his final year with the Orange, a stockpile of talent on the line will make it easier to find his successor. A move to the center or tackle position could be in the cards for Roberts.

Roberts is an example of a continued effort to recruit heavily in the Midwest. With all the connections the coaching staff has in the area, it makes sense SU’s impact is being felt there. Running backs coach DeAndre Smith has been heavily involved in recruiting Roberts. Smith grew up in Missouri and would love to have a big body like Roberts to block for his players. Syracuse is battling Illinois for a big lineman, and it looks we may have a decision in the next couple of weeks.

Posted: Zephan Mayell

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  1. orangeinva

    Mr Roberts looks pretty good on tape.
    Get him SMITTY!!!!

  2. Malone

    I feel pretty good about this one. I think we are in the drivers seet with Mr. Roberts, and only need ot close it on his visit by wowing him. I think he has a pretty good relationship with current commits, like Zaire Franklin, and presumably Colton Moskol, as well as chatting very friendly with fans on Twitter.

  3. HRoberts an an Orangeman would continue to elevate the quality of this season’recruitment list as expected given that it will represent SS’s first full year of recruiting as a united group of coaches. A lot more to come I expect in the RB spots and a possible LBer big name board kid.

  4. cusefan75

    What’s your prediction on win total this year?
    I’ve got 8-4 as our ceiling and 6-6 as most likely.
    Must wins: (all at home) BC, Wake, Pitt, Tulane and Wagner = 5 wins. Each of these teams are picked as middle of the pack or lower clubs in the ACC. Therefore, you must beat them at home if you want to be succesful (such as 8-4). The two out of conference games need to be gimmes based on the rest of the schedule.

    Make or Break Games: Maryland (Road), Penn State (Neutral), G Tech (Road), NC State (Road). Cuse can probably play with ANY team on the schedule in my opinion. However, this pool of games includes those that we will likely be underdogs in, but could readily steal a win. We need to win at least one game from this pool, if not two in case we lose a “must win” game.

    Big Upset Wins: Clemson (Home), FSU (Road), Northwestern (Road). Syracuse could certainly win any of these games, especially the Clemson at home or NW on the road contests. That being said, if we are honest with ourselves these are less likely to be wins.

    6-6 with a bowl would be a succesful year in my mind. Win our 5 “must haves” and take a game from the “make or break” pool. Any additional victories are gravy for me.
    What say you all?

  5. Hey Santa put this big guy under SU’s christmas tree please for 2014!!

    Recruit Mavety also has gotten HCSS/Coach McD’s ears lately, but I don’t know how loud his voice really is.

    Rumors has it there’s some more commits coming. Hope so # 61 nationally sucks!!

  6. @cusefan75;

    i guess I’m not the only one predicting an upset when Clemson comes to town.

    Liked everything you had to say “cusefan75”. Your words of wisdom have made my day,thank you.

    I have them going 9-3 or better. Watch out ACC here comes Syracuse.

  7. cusefan75

    9-3 would be absolutely sweet….but I find it hard to buy, even as a Cuse optimist. For that to occur, basically every question entering the season would have to be answered in resounding fashion. The QB position with Hunt, Allen or Loeb would have to provide great production. A few at the WR position will have to step up opposite West (I have high hopes for this position and really think that between Clark, Funderburke, Kobena and others that somebody HAS to emerge). The OL will have to gel with two new starters and most important our RT will have to play well. The DE position will have to sort itself out and somebody will need to prove that they can generate pressure. Is Trejo going to play this year or not? I heard that he is academically ineligible and that really sucks if so. Anyway, that’s a ton of question mark areas.
    I do think that we could surprise Clemson, but don’t think that it is likely.

  8. @cusefan75;

    Clemson is coming in here and favored by 8 points. For a team that’s(loaded with talent)suppose to play FSU for the ACC Champioship. Don’t you think something is funny here? I do.

    I think the odd’s makers in Vegas is seeing something that no one else is. An eight point advantage for a team,considered by many to be one of the teams making a run to the national championship,isn’t very big.

  9. Russell MacEachern

    @Cusefan75,Ron had us 10-2 last year but gotta love his optimism!I was right last year and I predict 7-5 this year before a bowl!

  10. cusefan75

    You usually get 3.5 pts for being at home, so the true spread is 11.5 pts. This means that Vegas things that Clemson is 11.5 pts better than us. They also factor in things like recent opponents and how beat up a team may be. Cuse will be coming off of a bye week and Clemson will have played games the previous 2 weeks. Marrone was known for his ability to gameplan over the bye week and that perception may still remain. That could account for a couple of points in the spread too. I’d guess that if both teams were fresh and on a neutral field that the spread would be 13-14 pts.
    That being said…love the optimism and we’ve shocked the world the last couple of years, so why not again! We will have been battle tested with PSU and NW.

  11. cusefan75

    Yep, optimism is contagious! I think that we are basically in a similar spot to what we’ve been in the last 4 years….looking at a win spread between 5-8 depending on luck, injuries and some question marks becoming exclamation points. We have more depth and talent, but have played tougher schedules the last couple of seasons versus Doug’s first two years (arguably). Our first Pinstripe bowl season was a smoke and mirrors scenario. We had a major weakness up front on defense that nobody had exploited. We had two FCS teams and then were beating solid teams like USF, WVU and Cincy on the road. We were like 6-2 but fizzled becauase teams realized they could run up the gut and beat us into submission. BC and Uconn follwed that recipe well, despite us being better than them in most other facets. Marrone was a genius schemer in my mind (thinking that Shafer was too…at least hoping so)

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Yeah that was the year we caught RU with their pants down!! I expected to win but that was great D in that one!

  13. Russell MacEachern

    I don’t know why but I think we shock Clampson too!!Ron’s got me believing in that game!

  14. @cusefan75,Russell MacEachern;

    Guys,my optimism has always been strong,matter of fact very strong,and year after year,I’ve felt Syracuse would do better than the year before. Not bad for a senior citizen that set’s like a bump on a log and doesn’t say a word during a game.

    @cusefan75;thanks for explaining the spread on the game to me. I never could figure it out. We have a loud mouth from Clemson saying that he would take all comers giving the spread(8 pts) for $500.00 a whack. I just might take him up on the bet.

    I mentioned earlier in another thread that,from 1949 to 2013,Syracuse has come full circle. has anyone noticed the similarites between Ben Schwartzwalder and Scott Schafer. Both were/are hardnosed individuals that have the will and know how to build a winning program. Give Scott Schafer a set of black rimmed glasses and put the picture of the two next to each other and compare. I think we’re on the right track,and am looking forwards to the end of the year to watch Syracuse accept another bowl bid.

  15. @Russell MacEachern,cusefan75;

    Does anyone remember what the spread was for the Louisville game last year? Does anyone remember the point spread of the WVA Game in the PinStripe Bowl? I know we were heavy underdogs in both of those games. Weren’t we?

    Oh!!!!!!wait a minute,it doesn’t matter. I guess whatever they were,we covered them both because we won both of the games.

    So much for all of those who predict the outcome of a game before it’s played.

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