Height Advantage: Syracuse After 6’6″ Jamal Custis, Developing Big WR Crew

SU is looking to create a depth of talented wideouts for the next starting quarterback.

Wideout Jamal Custis from Philadelphia has Syracuse on his radar, and he could one day give Orange quarterbacks a terrific security blanket. Custis is 6’6″ with a huge wingspan, and is known for his ability to go up and get it. High passes are a part of the game. Not every throw will be right on target. There’s always a few that sail just a little too high.

With Custis on the field, those too tall passes might end up as big gains. The Class of ’14 target has received offers from Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia, UConn, UMass and UCF as well. He lists medium interest for Pitt, Rutgers, Virginia and Syracuse.

A.J. Long would love to have a wideout with this type of size. Custis made a visit to Rutgers last month and told NJ.com:

“I like Rutgers. They are really high on my list. I wouldn’t really put it in any order just because I have to visit other schools to compare. But right now, I like Rutgers more than the other schools on my list.”

Custis will make his final decision by the end of the summer. He’s a three-star recruit according to ESPN’s Recruiting Nation and the 21st best player in the state of Pennsylvania, the 106th nationally at the wide receiver position.

He has the quick feet and can use his size against a defender. Last year Ryan Nassib’s wideouts were Alec Lemon at 6’2″, Jarrod West at 6’2″, and Marcus Sales at 6’0″. Syracuse only has three players who are 6’6” or taller and all three are offensive linemen. Quinta Funderburk and Adrian Flemming are both 6’3”, meaning the Orange could have a crew of huge targets.

The Orange already have two wide receiver commits in KJ Williams and Corey Cooper. If Custis commits, he will be the third wide receiver, and perhaps one of the three passing options for A.J. Long.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. thebigsqueez

    Scout reports a 4.37 40 yrd dash… i think he would make a difference in the ACC for sure.

  2. These are the players you build a program around!! Coach McD needs his best to land this kid. Rutgirls does it to SU again. Facilities,facilities and better facilities are killing SU now. Might be too late for any measure of SU new facilities to affect recruiting this year. If they ever start constuction!! That’s the only problem I have with Doc Gross. He sat on his hands too long and it shows, concerning SUFB!! But SUBB got what it wanted.

  3. @Austin Pollack;

    Nice article Justin,thank you.

    I believe Rutgers has reached their limit on recruits for the class of 2014 and maybe at the end of summer,when he does announce his decision,Rutgers won’t have an opening for(Jamal Custis)him.

    I hope he commits to play for the Orange.


    Syracuse starts fall practice on Sunday Aug.3rd and will hold “FAN FEST” on Friday Aug.9th.
    Will you be attending “FAN FEST” on Friday? If your going,let’s get together and talk about the upcoming season.

  4. 44forever

    We need to get this fine young athlete.

  5. Carlton

    @Terry, BBall got what it wanted bc melo picked up the tab. If u wanna bitch at someone go yell at D-Nab or Marvin Harrison, Freeneey an so on. Mind blowing /w all the NFL player current an former SU can’t get all them to pitch in.

  6. Custis in orange uniform would be a huge coup for the program and HCSS.The idea of Custis,Cooper and KJ in one class kind of makes the mind spin with possibilities. Corey Winfield will also be part of that unit and the outside shot at Chris Clark would make it incredible.

  7. Duany Duany

    Same HS as Rick Jackson and Scoop Jardine…can’t hurt our cause.

  8. @Carlton;

    I agree with your point of view Carlton;but having said that,I honestly believe the shoe is on the other foot here at Syracuse University.

    It’s hard for me to believe that the Big East Conference wasn’t paying the schools more than what they all were revieveing over the last 35 years. By joining the ACC,Syracuse has seen a 100% increase in revenue from $10 to $20+ million per year.

    It would be nice to have some of the past players,who have gone on and played in the NFL donate to the school,but with the increase in revenue,I don’t think they should beg anyone of them for a small part of their life’s earnings.

    I’ve always been told a Syracuse degree opens doors for all who’s earned one. If that’s true,then why doesn’t more of the alumni donate some of their hard earned money?

    The old saying,there’s two sides to every argument. I would think that any (N/R,2,3* player) that Syracuse had turned into NFL players would show some respect to the school,by giving back in the form of a donation,exactly what the face value on the scholarships were at the time of graduation that made it all possible for the players to play on Sunday afternoons,making millioms of dollars.

  9. @Carlton;

    Just letting you know,I’m rooting for FSU to kick Clemsons a$$ this year.

    Destroy them,I mean,I hope you guys beat them 88-0.

    Kick their A$$es!!!!!! HOW’S THAT ALL OF YOU CLEMSON FANS?

    OH! I almost forgot,you guys need to buy some new uniforms. We’re the Orangemen and we are playing at home. You guys need to wear a different color. Your fans should wear pink,or maybe the color of elephant dong. Yea I guess that would be more appropiate,elepahant dong.

  10. Hey Russell & Terry;I don’t know about the two of you but just letting you know,I’m starting to get into the football frame of mind already.

    Terry just letting you know, it does get stronger and I do become more rabid as the season opener gets closer.

    Not bad for an old timer setting on the log and doing nothing.

  11. Malone

    So I am not sure about Custis. I think he is a Pitt lean. I have nothing but a gut feeling telling me that (based on his twitter feed). He doesn’t tweet much about his recruitment, but he has retweeted some Pitt noise. I know that AJ and Franklin talk to him. I am not sure about KJ. He is well aware of the Rick Jackson and Scoop connection. I think he would rather play hoops, but knows his skills and opportunity is better with FB.

    On anther note, I think Aaron Roberts is in the fold with a silent verbal and believe I saw that he is talking with Marcus Applefield on Facebook. Roberts is another Chicago guy who may help pave the way for Miquell Cotten (but I think he leans heavy Iowa State) and Sykes, who I beleive we have a legit chance with.

    Chris Clark sounds VERY promising. I think he is loving his visit today and already has love for SU. He was at the Pinstripe Bowl last year. He is class of 2015, so there’s a ways to go there.

    Ish I beleive is ours. We’ll see tomorrow.

    Hallmon is an enigma, but a few people beleive we will get him. He just tweeted that he is committing soon. This is before any visits and after he said that he was going to commit on TV an All Star game in the winter. I forget if it was the UA game or not.

  12. Malone

    Also I think Mavety is OSU bound. Just a gut. They are the only school he retweets from and he was following the Deleumenor (sorry on that spelling) recruiting pretty tight. They are both Jersey guys, but they were also both OSU recruits, and rumor I heard was that OSU didn’t accept D’s commit, because they wanted to hold that spot for Mavety.

    Havent heard anything on Ishmael from Florida, or Ollison. Ollison is supposedly a PSU lean, with Wiskey or Pitt in the #2 spot.

    As for the IPF, they are still short the money. The design is all but done. It is not a $17 million facility, its a $9-$10 million building, but other projects, some in part to make room for the IPF, make up the rest of the that figure. I am not clear if they are short on the IPF money, or the whole array of associated projects.

  13. Maloney for the last 10-15 years SUBB has been king on the “HILL” and Doc Gross let it happen and he should of-I have no problem with that. Melo got away with it while at SU until he got drafted, so the center is just hush $$$$!!! But SUBB has also shoved the SUFB aside at times. Even though the DOME is a Football facility FIRST!! The Dome helped make SUBB what it is today not totally JB!! Also SUBB has given SU a black eyes as well as recently with the NCAA investagation. Your absolutely right other alums(FB related have not shown up, leave out Little), but we still don’t know that as of yet!! The good Doctor has not done his thing with the SUFB program enough in my opinion. But he surely did with the SUBB program!!

    Ron I’m retired but work weekends to help the facility I once worked for. My old lady said that ain’t retired, but its just helping out an old friend for awhile! So been saving certain weekends for the games we want to attend!! Sorry!!

    Ron yes I’m Psyched about the start of the season. My PSU in-laws are giving it to me hard, but just mention Joe-Pa and usually it quiets them. They are great people and great at game time win or loose! We all are going to G-MAN Stadium for the game. Tailgate and all. Can’t wait!! Got new orange gear for all to wear at the PSU game!! Bets are lining up already and not all bets are $$$ related.

    Other than my In-laws I have in recent times met other fans for other programs that have come to Syracuse for FB games. And to the “T” the # one mentioned item is the great food Syracuse has around town. Other than the game its self the food gets them baqck to Syracuse and I agree with them. And of course their 2nd mentioned issue about SUFB games is no real tailgating. They say with such a great foodery all around Syracuse, why not a great tailgate atmosphere??? I always tell them I bitch about that all the time. You listening Doc Gross and SU/City administration????

  14. @terry;

    I hope you enjoy the game or games this season. If you need any help in equalizing the arguement with your in-laws, give me a hollar and I will be more than happy to join you in discussing the history between the two schools.

    There’s no doubt Terry that this years squad is young and inexperienced. they have the size and speed to compete with anyone this year. I hope that they stay healthy and by mid year start to gell as a team and surprise a lot of the pundits. Your prediction of 6-6 maybe on the money. I hoping for much better.

    It appears our friend @malone has the inside track on a lot of different recruits. Let’s hope that the information that he’s provided us changes and more of what he talks about switches our way. I believe that good things are about to happen for Syracuse.

  15. Cuse don't luse

    Malone grinds recruiting info sup men sorry that I so sporadically join on the convos I got out of the swing of commenting but know that I always read all the comments anyways good to get back in the game

  16. No matters what others say(not sites) about a recruits feelings on a certain program the recruit and his supporters will make the decision. So only guessing on our part is our saving grace. Most of the above mention talent will not show at SU at all for next year. Do you blame them??? I don’t!! The education is great but the program is far from being like a PlayBoy Mansion!! Now, winning and a better fan base and better facilities will change that. But hell making an educated guess at times is enjoyable!! So why not, but be realistic on your guesses!!

  17. Jack Martell

    Went to the ‘Cuse but moved back to my hometown of Chicago. Excited about the Northwestern/’Cuse game. I will be there in Orange! Talking facilities, I always considered Northwestern a sleeping giant of sorts…if they only had the right coach and could get facilities going. Well, they have Fitzgerald (who has turned them into a tough team) and they recently unveiled plans for an amazing indoor facility on the shores of Lake Michigan…just google Northwestern football facility. Amazing what these schools are doing!

  18. Ron,my power board was f’d and just got it fixed!What happened with Ish Witter?I heard RU won’t accept his commit yet?Did he commit to us?Been offline but I thought he was commiting yeasterday?He was supposed to announce his choice on Bright Sports Net in Fla on the 1st!

  19. I’m hearing RU has some big fish their holding out for with there last 5 schollies?All 4 or 5* types?Will that drop Ollison,Custis and Witt/Mavety to us?I hear RU is B1G on J.Hilliman the big back from SPP in J.C.NJ?

  20. @Russ;

    I find it interesting that Syracuse didn’t/hasn’t offered John Hilliman a scholarship.
    Could it be that we’re after 4* 6’0″ 221 lb RB Donte Thomas-Williams out of Durham NC?

    Schools of interest for MR. Williams are;
    Alabama,West Virginia,Virginia Tech,Vanderbilt,Syracuse,South Carolina,Purdue,Ohio State,Notre Dame,N.C. State,Minnesota,LSU,Georgia Tech,Georgia,Florida State,Florida,East Carolina,Clemson.

    I know it’s going to be a long shot to get him,but according to rivals(as of now) we’re on a equal footing with those all of those other schools.

  21. We represent a lot of unknowns. Can’t stress how much might be riding on the way we perform this season. Nobody knows what our staff can and will do on the field. Nobody knows what the rest of the ACC is gonna be like. The better they all are, the better we are, but the ACC has not fared well in bowls, even when compared with the much maligned BigEast. To many questions for recruits right now.

  22. Guys,I have a feeling were gonna pick up a few we might normally not expect!If Hilliman goes to RU Witter should be ours and Custis is leaning Pitt I think but might end up with us too!As the bigger state schools burn up there schollies a lot may fall to us and when we win this season 7-5 before bowl win 8-5 overall the rest will see were for real!I feel pretty confident about this year and think the recruiting will improve too!Top 46/48 class this year top 30 next year!We have to crack into the jersey nut not to sound redundant!Im concerned at QB but beat PSU and all bets are off!Remember,their greener than us at QB!

  23. Any kid that size with that kind of speed is by default a “must get” kind of prospect for the Orangemen. Having him on one side and KJ on the other and maybe Corey Cooper in the slot makes for possibilities that freaking boggles the mind. If you include a solid O-line and a some what competent QB you have an offense that can strike from any point on the field on any given play.

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