Syracuse RB George Morris is Looking to Make a Name for Himself – Literally

The redshirt freshman comes into his first year of playing time with high expectations.

For the last time, it’s George Morris the SECOND. We’re only six weeks away from Syracuse’s season opener against Penn State so let’s get his bloodlines in order. The redshirt freshman running back is poised for a solid season behind leaders Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley and Morris is on the campaign trail to educate Orange Nation.

Throughout his recruitment in ’12 and while playing football down in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Orange fans were excited to be landing a big bruising tailback, with great speed. He attracted offers from solid BCS programs like Vanderbilt, Illinois, and Purdue. He told The Fizz after signing his letter of intent he would go down in the Syracuse record books.

“I feel that I am an every down back. I feel that I can go between the tackles or beat you outside or line me up and motion me out and catch the ball. I expect myself to be one of the best tailbacks to come out of Syracuse.”

But somewhere along the lines he became George Morris III. It was spelled that way even on his SU Athletics bio page (which has since been changed). His twitter handle used to read @Geoo27Morris, but now it’s @GMII27 to help clarify. Morris redshirted last year, so he didn’t have a chance to step into the spotlight of the Carrier Dome. But the Georgia native expects to be a crucial part of the Orange offense, and it was time to speak up. Morris told The Fizz on Twitter he wants everyone to know the correct name this summer.

“I just want to make sure it gets right before the season starts”

He joins a running back fraternity at SU that will be a huge part of the inaugural season in the ACC. The Quartet in the backfield do everything together on and off the field, which keeps everyone close, and fosters competition.

“I love working with [Prince] Tyson and Jerome [Smith]. They’re my brothers and like role models for me, they help me break things down and they teach me a lot. I love hanging with them on and off the field because we’re a tight nit group and we stick together no matter what even though it’s a competition at the end of the day, we’re there for each other.”

The ground game is going to be enormous for the Orange as it breaks in a first year QB in a much tougher conference. But if he learns from his veteran teammates and shows the talent that got him to the Hill, Morris won’t have to worry about fans getting his name right. He will have already made a name for himself.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. @Kevin Fitzgerald;

    After watching him last year in the 2012 Spring Scrimmage Game,he convinced me then he was going to be something special coming out of the backfield.

    If I remember right,George broke through the defense and ran for a 60-70 yard TD. He needs to get on the field this year to play. I hope Coach Shafer and staff have plans for that to happen.

  2. Here’s a little food for thought. I would like to see George Morris II and Jerome Smith together in the Clemson Game punishing/pounding the living hell out of their LB’s all game long.

    This message is to all of the pundit’s that’s picked Syracuse to be last in the ACC. Syracuse will have close to the best(if not the best) running game in the ACC for the 2013 season. Watch out ACC,’HERE WE COME”.

  3. Gilert

    Sounds good, Make it happen. I’m liking the tape and his attitude. Now lets show it on the field

  4. Last season the recruiting maniacs wanted a kid by the bame od Laray Smith.zhe had am abundance of speed. He went elsewhere and it occurred to me that we already had aa Smith on the roster with that ability and perhaps even more talent as a running back. Of course it is George Morris. He will not be a disappointment for the Orange. He will impact far sooner tham many realize this comming season. I’m not sure how Devante will be used but he too is a big time talent. Using him in the slot along with Broyld might be an option.We are going to shock this ACC conference with our talent No championship this season but we will at the very minimum gather respect. I can’t wait for PennState to play us in late summer.

  5. 44forever

    Ican’t wait for them to knock EO on his butt. Ebenezer baby are you homesick yet?

  6. Russell MacEachern

    When we play Clampson their gonna think “other forces” are in play there gonna get beat so bad!!!

  7. george looked good in the spring game. i feel we gradually get him reps and increase productivity as we go. my concern is to keep all rb’s fresh and healthy because its a long season and feel everyone will get some carries.if george could put on 10 pounds i think that could help him.

  8. 6 foot and a little over 200lbs RBs is what the doc ordered right Russ!! And SU has 2 redshirt RBs in that situation!! Plus talent ahead of them too!!

  9. @44forever;

    If I were a betting man,my money would be that EO doesn’t even get into the game against Syracuse.

  10. @Russell MacEachern;

    Nice article on rivals website about Paramus Catholic wanting to become the #1 high school team in the country.

    Two things that were mentioned in the article was the number of schools in NJ that were nationally ranked.

    It mentioned all of the players who recieved offers from and will be attending D1 schools in 2014. I noticed that Syracuse University wasn’t mentioned at all. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? We need to become more agressive,in recruiting New Jersey,if we are to get some of those top talented kids.

    The article featured a kid thats been mentioned here a few times. Their saying Jabrill Peppers is the best player to come out of NJ over the last decade.

  11. Andrew

    Let’s be honest, Jabrill Peppers is NOT coming to Syracuse. No use wasting our time on kids we cant get.

  12. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I think we need a new NY/NJ area scout/recruiter to develop good relation’s there?Maybe a NJ native?

  13. Russell,I agree,bringing a past player back to the program with Johnny Morants credentials would be huge.

    Give him the NYC/LI/NJ area along with Rob Moore and I think we start breaking down those barriers to those top rated players.

    That was a great article Russ,and I understand now why you were so on on this Peppers kid. I wish him the best of luck at trying to b ecome the #1 team in the nation.

  14. RON-Right now GOD couldn’t recruit NYC/LI/NJ area for SU!!! There is a problem there that no one want to disclose about SU and its killing SU in its rep!! Coach Moore is the man for that area. The problem won’t go away unless someone cleans it out!!

  15. @Terry;

    I think if Coach Shafer were to hire a person solely for recruiting purposes,it would be Johnny Morant. He came from NJ,knows the areas,his family still lives there,and his credentials are impeccable.

    With the new monies the schools recieving from the ACC,hiring Johnny is a no brainer. Teaming him with Rob Moore for the NYC/LI/NJ areas,could be our “Batman & Robin” that could bring us some expected results if given the chance.

    Because of Russell MacEachern and Malone,both have given us information about the recruits within the state of NJ. I think it’s time we become more agressive and step up the efforts for those recruits.

    Please remember there was a time,Syracuse got some of the best out of NJ. Johnny Morant was one of those players.

  16. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,I think we can forget Holuba as he seem’s to favor Stanford and NW as a backup from what I understand and Winfree I think likes RU more than RU likes him?That’s just my take and I haven’t seen Winfree’s final list yet!Though 247 sports has him 100% RU in their crystal ball!!

  17. Just my wishful thinking Russ. Doesn’t hurt to wish for the best,you know.

  18. Russell MacEachern

    I think we’ll get a couple surprises Ron..HCSS has the staff to get it done!!

  19. Russell MacEachern

    Wisconsin seem’s to think that their in his top 3?(Kurt Holuba)Ron!!

  20. Amazing bit of information Russell. You know the old saying.”IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS”. I guess it’s going to come down to the wire this year and were going to have to wait an see what happens on NLOI in February.

    You may be right about getting a couple of surprises.

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