Fizz 5: The Reasons Drew Allen Should Be Syracuse’s QB vs. Penn State

The experience of Allen could be the difference maker for Scott Shafer.

A week from today we’ll finally know who Syracuse’s starting quarterback is. Will it be Drew Allen, the fifth year player from Oklahoma, or Terrel Hunt?

After the Spring Game, Hunt had the inside track. Now as the summer winds to a close, we’ll get our answer at MetLife Stadium on Satutrday afternoon. Hunt and Allen are two very different style quarterbacks, but Scott Shafer will have to decide on one. Here’s five reasons Allen could be tabbed the guy:

1) This is Allen’s fifth and final year of eligibility. It’s his first shot at being a first string quarterback. This is like the Greg Paulus situation. He came to Syracuse for a year after doing his undergraduate work at Duke and became the starter. Allen didn’t come to Syracuse to sit on the bench. Shafer is going to pick the man who gives the team the best chance to win, and Allen brings experience and maturity.

2) Allen is similar to Nassib. The New York Giants rookie ended up as one of the most prolific passers in program history and won two bowl games at SU. The offense could enter the season with consistency by staying with much of the same philosophy as the Orange had last year. The receivers would be able to understand the concepts of the aerial game easier if Allen takes the reigns.

3) It would give Hunt more time to develop. Allowing Allen to take the snaps gives Hunt a chance to grow into the role. Allen is only here for one season. While the Orange has talented quarterbacks coming in this February (including AJ Long), Hunt will be well positioned to battle for the job next summer. Hunt will also be able to learn from Allen from watching him play.

4) Allen’s experience at Oklahoma will help. OU is a perennial power, and Allen couldn’t get much playing time because of the depth the Sooners had under center. But practicing against an OU defense that has produced David King, Stacy McGee, Jamell Fleming, Frank Alexander, Ronnell Lewis and Travis Lewis (all NFL draft picks over the past three years), can only help Allen produce in the ACC.

5) It sets up the Orange well for both this year and next. If Allen is the best choice this season, then the Orange hit the opener with an experienced leader under center. That would set up SU well next year, with Hunt entering a battle with other young QBs after having gone through a competition already.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. @Austin Pollack;

    Great in depth article as to why Drew Allen should be the QB against Penn St.

    I agree with it all. The only down side of your article is mentioning Greg Paulis,and Marrone letting him come here to play in the first place.

    Shafer will bring in Terrell Hunt against the likes of Tulane and Wagner. If he stumbles,Allen comes off the bench and takes control in those games and for the rest of the year.

    Go Cuse;

  2. I have to think Fizz that you will come up with SS’s pick by mid week. The decision has been made and its only a matter of a kid spilling the beans on the way to NJ. It shouldn’t be all that difficult to come up with this Scoop! Good luck and we await the news from you.

  3. Hello fizz followers. I have been reading the fizz now for some time and love this site. I like all that you folks have to say. So I would like to join in on the conversations. Hope u like the points that I make.

    This topic of the QB is good. I feel that this situation is very different than the one Marrone took over when he became HC. All good points to the above article but just one big difference to me.
    Greg Paulus went to Duke to play bball(as we all know). I feel he was a better fball player than a bball player. So being that he never studied the game for 4 yrs and then tried to come here and do it in 1 was wrong. He was out of his element and lost track of the game. Just look where he is now. Coaching bball at osu.
    This is why I feel Drew Allen and this situation is different. Drew has been doing the film and game preperation. He hasn’t lost reality with the game being at ou. So in turn I feel that this is different. I will feel very comfortable with him starting. Having Terrel Hunt come in on different situations in the game to give him game experience will be great. Just hope that it”s not a predictable situation. I can see spliting the time with 2 qb’s this yr will help the team in the long run.

  4. UpstateAndy,I think your right on Paulus!!I think he chose the wrong sport and had he stuck with FB he would have used his BB instincts to become a Drew Brees/Fran Tarkenton type shrewd QB!Its all water under the bridge now but I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my asessment.Welcome to the Fizz!!

  5. Carlton

    So did the fizz forget that the basketball team played in Canada this week? Just wondering.

  6. @Carlton;

    I think Terry gave them hell for writing so many bball stories and scared them away from reporting about them.

    Now all joking aside,did you get a chance to watch the Carleton game last night? They went up 17-19 to 3 over Syracuse to open the game up. They couldn’t miss and their defense was really good. They held Syracuse to 24-26 first half points. That was a real tough test for Syracuse last night. Really a tough test.

  7. Smitty Section 129

    I agree with upstateandy on Paulus and have said that myself if he had played four years of football he’d be playing on Sundays right now. Anybody else going to the game this week? The Section 129 crew is going and plan on bringing back a win. My biggest concern continues to be WR not QB as I feel either Allen or Hunt will get the job done.

  8. After reading that article about Coach Shafer this morning,only reinforces my thoughts about having “Shafer” as the right man for the head coach of the orangemen.

    Elevating Scott Shafer to head Coach of the Orangemen is definately the high point of Dr.Gross’s career as AD,to date.

  9. Hey ss 129 glad to hear that you are going to the game. I wish that I could be going. Went to the usc game last year with my father. Just a great experience. Was wondering though how much tickets were. I know that the tickets that I had last yr and tried to get this yr had doubled. Which was crap in my eyes. I wish that I could be there too. So excited for this season. I do have to finish my house projects though. Tring to get renovations done.

  10. KalifOrange

    I generally like reading the Fizz for recruiting updates etc. but this is article is pretty weak.

    1) Clearly Allen didn’t come here to sit on the bench, so he’s extremely motivated and that’s a good thing. The question is, how is that different than any player? Do they all come to campus expecting not to play?

    2) How is Allen similar to Nassib. Nassib did a great job as a system quarterback. He went in the 4th round and isn’t exactly lighting it up in preseason. No knock on Ryan, but he doesn’t have a shotgun for an arm, threw everything as hard as he could and isn’t ultra-athletic. He is very smart though. Allen, from what I’ve read, does have a big arm whether he’s as smart as Nassib is not something that can be answered yet. Claiming that Allen is like Nassib is pre-mature to say the least and since Allen’s biggest strength was one of Ryan’s biggest weaknesses (i.e. the deep ball) how does that translate to continuity for the receivers?

    3) You mean, actually playing in meaningful games wouldn’t help Hunt’s development more than watching Drew Allen from the sidelines?

    4) I can’t argue that practicing against better competition doesn’t make you generally a better player but it doesn’t necessarily translate into better than the specific guy you’re competing against.

    5) Huh? How does having a bunch of inexperienced quarterbacks next year equate to being “set up well”?

    I’m not advocating for either Drew or Terrel. I’m sure they’re both great kids so let the best man win. I am criticizing this sad promotional attempt of an article. The Fizz has done so much better.

  11. God, I hate Penn State! I think Allen makes sense as well. I hope we get a pleasant surprise and Shafer has been able to work some magic. Penn State stood up well last year with all their issues. Sign of good coaching and tough kids.
    I’ve never forgiven them for abandoning Eastern Football for the Big Ten. Sounds silly today with all the jumping ship for the money. It was the begining of the end for good regional rivalries and top notch football in the East. Syracuse/PSU, Pitt/PSu,WVa/ all great battles with history.
    Oh well, at least it’s not in Happy Valley.
    Looking for Allen, a stronger performance on defense than expected and good sound error free football…..would be a great start to Shafer’s time at Cuse.

  12. Smitty Section 129

    I paid 100 for section 144, loved the 44 idea. We are in the 3rd row. Everything fell in place for us plus didn’t want to miss Schafer debut

  13. Smitty Section 129,I hope you are your crew enjoys the game. Are you setting right behind the team?

  14. You guys are somerthing else!! Paulus sucked for one year or if he played for 4 years he’d suck. He was worse than Nunes and that kid gave it his all most of the time. GET OVER IT THE DUCK THROWER IS HISTORY!!! Like a bad headache eventually he’ll go away if you let him. Thank you!!

    Right now its SUFB going big boy football. Who cares about Div 3 type BB from Canada!! If SU started a hockey team then WOOOOOOOOOW that would be worth following!! Sorry JB!! Bring Hockey to SU better fit than Baseball. Look at the rivals already there for SU in hockey!!

    Looking at Scout recruiting it rates both Hallman and Ishmael=NR!! Interesting!! Coach McD is after Ishmael hard!! Yes others see talent different I guess!! Rivals has Halmman and Ishmael at 3 stars!! Is SU looking at a Hillman to??? I’m confused!! I know alot of you out there think that!!

  15. Russel – Please tell me you are not a “double agent” posting on I know that you live in NJ and frequenst the site, but I am hoping you are not the poster of the same name on that site.

  16. Malone,I have a cousin of same name(named after great-grandfather) who is a pilot and still lives in NJ and is a diehard RU fan!I told Ron and others about the “mixed family allegances long ago” and I have 2 nieces who went to SU!!I’ve also seen a couple of his posts but what am I to do?Start a family civil war?I lurk everywhere but NEVER POST anywhere but here!Agent?And no Malone, I grew up in NJ but live in Capitol District near Albany but I loads of familt in NJ still and visit once or twice a year!

  17. I wondered if his posts would get back to me!I’ll have to have a word with him but I’m not sure thou I’m 31 years older if it would temper him!

  18. Russ don’t worry, family fireworks are ok here and with a little cranberry and coconut rum to!! Get on your deck and enjoy!!

  19. I am very happy to hear it. I gotta say, he’s pretty pointed in singling out SU in his attacks. No civil wars needed, he has a right to be who he is. It would be different if it was you. A chill went through me when I first wondered. I didn’t beleive it could be true, so I decided to go to the source.

  20. Im relieved to here it because I only noticed it last week and said Oh OO I know how many of yous guys read it as I do for recruiting news!I even tell you guys check it out if you want to know where I got my info.I espescially know you Malone are in touch with all things NJ and expected troubles here with my friends?My cousin had his handle always with aviation touches because he was in the USAF in the middle east and is a pilot who grew up in the Brunswicks!I couldn’t sleep good last night wondering who was I to think for him?Ive always been sensitive about the way the fanbases treat each other and try to avoid the “hate” stuff as its a sensitive topic in my family with us older 60+ staying out of it!I noticed Terry had similar family issues with Penn St!Thanks guys for being understanding because I thought I might have to leave the “Fizz” for the better of the “Fam”!That stuff gets awful heated.

  21. On to important stuff…we should be adding a DB from Fla today who will certainly boost our prestige down south!This afternoon Deion Hallmon is gonna commit to someone and most think its SU…Keep an eye or ear on news this afternoon for updates!

  22. I am nervous Russ. Read my last posts on the previous article. Eric White sent out a bible verse last night on twitter about half truths still being lies.

  23. @Russell Stugots;

    Russell what are you talking about? Leaving the Family!!! No way Russell,NO WAY.

    Someone in your family made some foolish comments,not your responsibility,buddy.

    Russell,you’ve always been honest and told us exactly how you felt about things. It’s members like you Russell,that makes this website great. You have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to apologize for old friend.

  24. Russ kitchen heat to much!! Blogs are designed for thought, insight, delight, anger and many more emotions hopefully based on actual facts. If your uncomfortable so be it, but it won’t change and should not change. Its amazing how fans feel about their beloved teams. Blogs give us sincere fans on good and bad days an opinion page!! My PSU in-laws are rabid PSU fans. As we(my side-lol) are CUSE fans. But you all know how strongly I feel about the PSU scandel. PSU should of got a SMU for child rape!! This site gave me at that time to blow off steam at Joe-Pa and the PSU faternity!! You just don’t do that to human beings let alone a child!! So at times I do have family issues to concerning CUSE football. But with respect er sort of-LOL!! My grandkids are so jumped up about going to GGGGGGG-MAN stadium for a CUSE game its unbeilieveable!! They know how I feel about sports issues when they ask “pops” questions-I’ll answer like my “pops” did. Family feud as we call it will be a blast this coming Saturday in GGGGGGGGGGGG-MAN stadium!! Don’t let it get ya down Russ. Just go with the flow and sit on your deck with a coconut rum and cranberry and wind down!!

  25. Russ is A-OK with me. I don’t want any misgivings. I saw something that struck me odd, so rather than react poorly, I wanted to give him the benfit of the doubt and ask him about it. I buy into his answer and the matter really never happened, because my fears were disproven. Russ’ family is A-OK too, as his cousin is only voicing his own opinion about Rutgers in a different forum than this. I have no argument against that, and recognize that’s what makes our country great (apparenlty thanks to people like Russ’ cousin, so I owe him a debt of gratitude). I am a NJ guy so I get Jersey pride. I just got confused because Russ and his cousin share the same name.

  26. Whats going on with Deion?I see a Miami sportswriter changed his pick on the crystal ball and the time to 630 instead of this afternoon?This kid is flaky the only thing you can count on is you can’t count on him?….btw guys as I always said…I don’t denigrate any east coast teams but we’ve always told the way situations are in the East..too much hate between the publics/privates on the east coast(more than whats healthy)!!I understand the RU knocking and deal with it thou anyone who’s read or knows me can read between the lines(Ron,Terry,Malone,Carlton and maybe CDL but he’s very young)..I don’t hate them but Cuse is 1st with me or Id be on Rivals RU site instead of here!Lets let it lie for now tho or newbys perception will become reality!!Im not going anywhere w/o Ron!!LOL

  27. Everytime I go to the Drs and come home to this board everything gets crazy!I appreciate the trust and the support from you guys but Terrys is Johnny on the spot loyal here I respect his persistance,stubborness and determination!Ron,I relate to as most like me in his loyalty and thinking and Malones playful and pleasant nature not to mention his keeping constant tabs on all Cuse related items in the media/in the wind and for his love of NJ!Our core is not found in many places!Like a bunch of guys hanging out in our local watering hole(if you indulge)!

  28. Along with my father, an uncle,4 first cousins and dozens in Canada(PEI,Cape Breton Island) and Russell is the most given name in my family if not a 1st name its a middle name!Scotland the Brave(on dads side)Erin go Braugh(Ireland) on moms side!

  29. Mademan

    Dieon is RU bound…..I’m telling you guys…..don’t get cha hopes up

  30. How can you know when no one else is sure?Inside?Or hunch?

  31. Russell;Mademan is correct,Hallmon chose Rutgers. Damn!!!!!!!

  32. Saltine5

    I read Cuse 17’s comment. A copy is below:

    Cuse17 says:
    August 25, 2013 at 11:13 am

    God, I hate Penn State!

    Well Cuse17, I can’t disagree. Let’s hope the Cuse sends them home 0-1.

  33. Damn,where does he get his info?I thought RU didn’t have a scholly available with 6 local NJ kids still available and did DH even visit either RU or SU?This stuff is getting tiresome, Kyle Flood is worse than Shady.Even the Miami press was split about his “DH” intention?I waited all day for good news and now hrs after we should have known its bad news! Malone was right about this guy I never had any faith in him even if we got him but we have to win SOME of these LOCAL recruiting battles with RU/BC!Addazio is also killing it in his 1st year at BC? Were definitely more attractive and more recently successful than the Eagles!!

  34. Carlton


    Didn’t get a chance to catch any of the games been back in FL for couple weeks now. I had great summer. Visited Louisville an Bloomington IN. Caught up /w old friends an got to see assembly hall. Then went home to NY to see fam an friends in upstate. I know haven’t been around a lot but I should be now. Season is coming quickly! Can’t wait to watch! Hope everyone here as had a good summer as well(even u terry!)

  35. I noticed you were missing for awhile Carlton but I figured you were off knowing FB and BB seasons you don’t get many breaks!L’ville/ND to the ACC must have you excited plus you get to see more SU sports too!!

  36. Well fella’s got a surprise at work last night. (G)Ron Patterson,(F)BJ Johnson and (F)Michael Gbinije came into the store and had a chance to talk to them for a couple of minutes. They’re all looking forward to playing in front of the big crowds expected at the dome this winter. I also congratulated them on their recent(4 game) sweep through Canada last week.

    All three seem to have great personalities(great kids)and will make great additions to the basketball team.

  37. On Hallmon – Flood knew a week ahead of time and some have said that he tweeted something that hinted at the news. He must have pulled it down, because I looked and didn’t see anything. He has had an eye on RU for some time, and I think in his mind we were second fiddle for the entire process. It came down to RU having other priorities on their board and I guess once they came through, Hallmon was next up. I thnk they wanted to lock the RB and WR first. Hallmon has not visited RU or SU for that matter. He doesn’t seem to think it will matter. I think that can only be true if you put blinders on. I guess they have been pushing their (recent) history with Fla DBs and the staff made him “comfortable”. I don’t know how that works really, but I guess there’s just a chemistry. I guess McD made him think, but RU seems to have beat us to him early on.

    We have other targets, and Lamar Dawson is already rated higher for the same position, but this was a very public situation and that can hurt. Here’s hoping for L. Figaroa or M. Cotton (heavy Iowa St. lean IMO). Lines are key and then skill positions. I bet they stay in touch with Hallmon, but I am not sure they pursue hard.

  38. Ron, great insight. Love our hoops machine. They are getting good guys. I would like to see some more athletic bulk and Patterson is the kind of guy I assume can fill that role. I miss the days of the dominant PF like Wallace and Coleman. McCullough is long and active, but thin.

  39. Malone,all that maybe true but in DH’s and Witters case I don’t like the fact that some of these kids are turning recruiting into “psychological warfare”!!They’re sophisticated far beyond their years or just plain insensitive?Its become a season outside the season!Maybe I’ll feel better when HCSS and staff get a few “local guys”(NY/NJ/Conn/LI) on staff?Who here knows much about midwestern kids?Im OK with Fla/Ga though as everyone has relationships down there and its a goldmine of recruits!!

  40. Russ, I agree, but think its more insensitive than savy. Really its a me first and nobody second attitude. Maybe that’s savy since they are building their own brand. I agree some downstate “local” coaches would be a good thought. I’ve always wondered if Toal at Don Bosco could be enticed. His kids are all out of college. That said, watch out because most of them went to BC. I want to look into the hot young coaches in NJ and see what I see. How’s this for irony? Toal is on staff at my HS Ramapo, because Chris Simms is there and Toal wants to send/coach his son with his buddy Simms. Mike Miello is HC. He’s also AD. He is not a great coach, but puts together a good staff. Heck, he developed Schiano and Pernetti. Toal wants the HC job, but Miello won’t give it up, especially with Simms coming in. Ramapo wins state.

  41. They have at this time a great rivalry with Wayne Hills, and the Olsens. You probably know NFL TE Greg Olsen. So Schiano is hired at RU and immediately hires Miello. He is gone from the field in one year, and from RU in two, but his value was getting Schiano in good with other NJ HS coaches and ADs. Like I said, he wasn’t that good a coach. Meanwhile, Toal is angry with Ramapo and takes on Don Bosco, and brings the Ramapo staff with him. Toal was an excellent HC at Hackensack, and would rather not drag is 3rd and 4th sons there, like he did his 1st. He has no love for Miello, and sends his kids to play LB for O’Brien and Jagodzinski at BC. BC enjoys immediate ACC success with the Don Bosco pipeline. This is a program to get in bed with. Bergen Catholic is a program to get in bed with. There are other factories in NJ, Catholics in particular, that recruit and attract talent in ways public HS in NJ can’t. This is where the effort should be focused, at least in NJ.

  42. Malone is right about the Catholic line in NJHSFB!!! By far the better talent. But the Urban HSFB in NJ should not be overlooked. Diamonds are there. My buds(some coach) in NJ and are tired of the Catholic’s (as they say) they recruit their kids to their programs. To them(buddies) Rutgirls is playing that rough tough image and most kids like that and Hallman bit on that. NJ has ALWAYS had talent!!! Nebraska and many top tiered programs years ago until Florida developed raided NJ for talent. SU also neglects PA only trips through there at times. Yes PA is a bulk-up kind of talent state as programs say, but SU’s latest OL NFL talent came from there. SU gave up on the Pittsburgh area and handed it over to Pitt/PSU/WV and mainly is looking at the Philly area more!! My NJ buds have said many times SU just seems too lame to the local kids(mainly dougie). But to them(coaches) lame is better than over the top behavior these kids are looking for. Hallman good bye!!! HCSS has spoken again. These guys are no fans of either the Catholics(they are of that faith by the way to-LOL) or Rutgirls. They just want the best for their kids!!

  43. I think “at least in N.NJ” firing PP soured a lot of friends (HS coaches) of G.DeLeone and PP, and Grob and FHCDM thought “arrogantly” that they didn’t need NJ and things just got out of hand? At least thats my perception of the NJ/downstate issues?

  44. Russ, I think DeLeone had created an enormous presence for SU in NJ. I remember him being mentioned by HS coaches in newspaper articles as an example of “how to do it” when questions arose about Rutgers prior to Schiano. Schiano knew we were his #1 thorn, and he pounced when we slipped. Grob was a huge mistake. He had no area ties whatsoever and he was Dr. Gross’ biggest rookie mistake. coming from USC, Gross had ideas of going national and he wanted to do it with a Texas guy. Grob ignored everything but Texas and didn’t recruit Texas well either. Gross misunderstood the NE dynamic to say the least and I believe his view wsa distorted because of where he was coming from. Pete Carrol could recruit NJ in part because USC was a national brand and in part because he coached the area with the Jets and the Pats. he also had Orgeron, who coached with SU during the PP years. Orgeron gave him Florida and the deep south too from his Louisiana roots and his Miami D-line coaching days. Orgeron was/is one of the best recruiters in the country. USC got guys like Cushing out of NJ, but their recruiting was designed as national. Gross wants to do that with SU still, but he recognized that it can’t just start there and that is why he hired HCDM, because DM brought an offense first cache, and a NY centric approach to recruiting. DM needed to rebuild bridges burned by Grob, and either he just plain started in NYC and never got to expand it, or he never really had intentions for LI and NJ. Either way, that too was a mistake, but of much smaller proportion, and we had so much work to do anyway, that it has been hard to see anything he did in that region as a mistake. I feel better about our offense/defense balanced product now, and trust that Shafer better understands the dynamics of the region, because he’s been here for a few years. This will turn, but having a downstate guy (and unfortunately that is not Moore IMO) can only help accelerate it.

  45. Malone,Im a strong believer in you recruit from your footprint out not the other way and I remember when I used to bring that up here a lot of our own fans bought into the “who needs NJ or downstate attitude” we can always go south for recruits?….I think once your footprint is covered THEN work to fill out the roster in the south!I’ve heard kids negative perceptions of us comes from the fact we don’t get our own kids so why should I go there?Its a question I get tired of hearing? How about education? History and tradition? Try telling kids that at 17 or 18!?!

  46. Drew Allen,are you ready for the press putting pressure on your shoulders? Can you feel the weight? Will you feel it as the season grows longer?

    If you lead Syracuse over Penn St to victory tomorrow down in the MetLife Stadium,young man your world will be turned upside down. The fans are going to start coming back to watch you play in the dome. They will scrutinize every aspect of your life,your game,women will be calling you at all hours of the day and night. If you beat Northwestern next week to go 2-0 you better be prepared.

    Your going to find out one certain thing here and that is Drew,the Syracuse fans have been put through the wringer lately. We’ve been waiting for a start like the one that you have the opportunity to give us.

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