Weighing the Pros & Cons of a Carrier Dome Center Court Floor Shift

Are there enough reasons to make the historic switch for just one game?

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After breaking the on-campus attendance record last season against Georgetown, Syracuse is deciding whether to move Jim Boeheim Court to the center of the Carrier Dome when Duke visits. Imagine the sound of 50,000 screaming fans going crazy when Coach K and Duke step onto the floor. It would be historic, but would is it beneficial for SU to make such a move?

There are a few obvious pros to moving the court to the middle of the Dome. The game would easily break the attendance record yet again, and accommodate more fans that want to watch the game in person (last year’s Georgetown game was officially a sellout). Also, instead of having fans in obstructed views in the further sections, center court would give those fans a better sight of the game.

A one-game move to center court would make a special night on the Hill even more memorable. The court switch would probably entice ESPN’s College Gameday to come for a visit. The theater of such a setup would be must-see TV and captivate the college basketball world. If SU wants to make a splash into the ACC with style, this switch will definitely do the job. Bringing in recruits to such an event would have to dazzle, and it could become an annual recruiting opportunity. Which opponent will the “center court game” be?

However, moving the court could pose some problems logistically. The digital broadcast wiring are not configured for that setup and would have to be adjusted just for one game. Next, the SU fire department would have to approve the fire code regulations for the new setup depending on how the seating charts will be arranged. Both do not seem legitimate threats to make or break a move to center court, but both have to be approved before SU has the chance to make its decision. More importantly is deciding where to seat the season ticket holders. Those fans have already bought their tickets and were not notified of a possible seat change for the Duke game. If SU did make a court location switch, Syracuse would have to take care of the season ticket holders to ensure fans who have paid for all home games are content with their new seating arrangements.

SU relies on the Orange faithful to create an intimidating environment and dominant home court advantage. Although there would be 50,000 fans going crazy, moving the court to the center would also impact the intimacy of the Dome. With the seating being more spread out instead of closer to the court, how much will SU’s roaring home-court atmosphere be altered by the switch? After all, fans would rather see a win against Duke than just breaking the attendance record.

Although the SU department is remaining quiet on the possible one-game move, the consensus is that if Syracuse gets approval to move the court, it will. And it that happens it’ll be an even more memorable day when Duke comes to the Dome.

Posted: Zephan Mayell

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  1. DA-SUFB with a new coach and staff starts fall practice today. Everyone is exciting about that!! That seem more of a story now than a piece on center court and DUKE!!

  2. This is s stupid story… If they rewire the Dome for this configuration…which is a big job, we’ll see it again and again! Whenever they think they can fill the place.
    Terry is right……
    I would say as bad as SU football will be this year..it’s still football..it’s still Cuse and that’s where the story is…….

  3. Aucontrare gentlemen. It is an interesting story and for those of us who have seen many a basketball game in the Dome, for a reconfiguring of the Duke-SU BB game (+ North Carolina too?)is worthy of some thought and commentary. Football yes, but also BB and LAX are interesting subjects. Now run out for a pass and i will see if I can get you the ball. If not, just keep running.

  4. First of allunderstand there will never be 50,000 fans in the Dome. There isn’t enough parking available and the streets would be completel ygridlocked. If hat were to a possibility and you have a ticket,I suggest you start walking now in the hopes you get there for the jump whistle.

  5. I agree with Chris in that parking is the biggest problem. They would have to offer free shuttles and alternative spots. I’m sure the season ticket holders would love to be part of history, and they’ll still get seats that are just as good. Otherwise, it’s an important article. College basketball has never seen anything like this, and it would be a huge recruiting tool.

  6. WsaltineW the Dome was built for SUFB. SUBB was an afterthought. Yet it made the SUBB what it is today over what JB ever did!! The Dome didn’t put sanctions on the SUBB team now or in the past. Its the start of all FB seasons the number 1 sport in all of sportsdome. So SU this season is starting anew with a fiery coach and many questions about the FB team. SUBB can wait!! Their season is much too long and any interest only starts when the NCAA’s start. Lets drum up some support for the CUSE this fall and admire a sport with a popularity not matched anywhere!!

    Ron you there??? Keep us SUFB freaks in tune about whats happening. I’ll send ya some windex for your glasses to see across the parking lot!! LOL!

  7. The Age of Diptron

    Kaleb Joseph on EspnU, playing pg for the USA ’14 Red squad vs the ’14 blue team!!!!!!! You only get so many to guage these kids with your own eyes…1. He looks stronger than Ennis 2. Jonny Flynn’s like athleticism attacking off the dribble 3. Distribution skills and poise…playing infront of DRose & John Wall

    * SU committee, 5 star, Chris McCollough is in this game as well….Sorry if you’re missing it…

  8. @Terry;

    I apologize to everyone for not making the practice yesterday. From what I’ve read,nothing exciting happened anyway. People seem to think Drew Allen will be the starting QB come game time. But we all knew that,didn’t we?

    Terry I’m not going to miss the Fan Fest on Friday. I promise to let everyone know about what I think will happen this fall. I promise ok. Thanks for the bottle of windex<I'm sure that I'm going to need it by the time the season starts.

  9. Ron/Russ or any CUSEaholic out there any word on recruits visits or anything. SU=#63 and falling. After all the hype about this staff I thought we’d be in the mid-50’s(now) and climbing and by Feb 2014 and sign a 40’s class. I know its early, but the verbaled talent is decent so far but not a class to content regularly in the ACC. No OL/TE verbals yet either. But this Batten kid looks real interesting. Fast and has size too!! Like him!!

  10. @Terry;

    I have’nt heard a thing about any recruit visiting Syracuse. The onlt thing I’ve heard and read is there are more schools interested in Corey Cooper. I hope the kid stays true to his committment and enrolls in January for the 2014 spring semister.

  11. How much rewiring really needs to be done? Afterall there are cameras when the Football teams plays so I’m sure they can use some of that wiring.

    As for infrastructure for 50,000. Up until the hiring of Greg Robinson getting 50,000 for a football games wasn’t an issue. Parking, concessions… restrooms… all were fine for Football sell-outs.

  12. Should have centered the years ago-

  13. saltine44

    intimacy, really is that the issue? I am sure that Duke or UNC will think 50,000 screaming fans will be intimate enough. In fact, I bet there will be more than that with floor seating on the edges. This will be a final four type atmosphere in the Dome. They could get Snoop Dogg (or Lion, whatever the hell he calls himself) to perform at halftime. Dicky V may even show up for this event. With Biden and Pres. Obama rocking the joint or smoking one. Hell, we could blow some sand in this place and have a party!

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