Who Will it Be? Shafer Has 3 Weeks To Name SU’s Starting Quarterback

With just about three weeks to go until the start of its season, Syracuse’s starting quarterback is…

Yeah, we still haven’t gotten there yet. The QB slot remains a mystery at Manley Fieldhouse during preseason training camp. Scott Shafer has made it very clear from the moment he was named head coach he values each of his six signal callers currently on the SU roster. But with constant flip-flopping of guys under center between first team and second team, it’s starting to become a headache.

Live Twitter coverage of camp tells us that Shafer believes nothing should be read into who’s playing with which team. Via WAER Sports’ Twitter account, Shafer said:

            “Definitely don’t look into anything related to first team or second team. Way too early.”

But we’re only about 23 days away from kickoff against Penn State at MetLife Stadium. He’s awfully confident whoever he does name the starter will immediately excel in that role. Let’s assess the beginning of camp thus far. Terrell Hunt has primarily handled signal calling with the first team, while Drew Allen has worked with the second team.

Even though Shafer said “don’t look too into it” this has to be a surprise. Technically a true senior, Allen didn’t come to Syracuse for his final year of eligibility to ride the pine. Last year’s back-up Charlie Loeb has been with the first team in the hurry-up drills.To top it all off, Shafer speaks very highly of youngsters Mitch Kimble and Austin Wilson, and, “wants everybody to know those two have promise for future.” Reports indicate John Kinder has switched to wide receiver. Ultimately, the coaching staff has to make a decisive choice, sooner rather than later.

When you break down all options, you cannot blame Shafer or George McDonald for taking careful steps into making this call. The next leader of the Orange into the ACC slate is a pivotal decision. There’s a lot that goes into replacing three-year starter (and two time bowl winner) Ryan Nassib. When talking football logistics, obviously the ground game is SU’s best building block offensively right now. That’s clear, but the quarterback can also make all the difference, and you don’t want to have to switch midway through the season. The defense brings back veteran talent, but your quarterback establishes a big part of a program’s identity.

Getting too harsh on Shafer is premature, but Orange Nation is anxious for some answers. The team also is more comfortable knowing who’s going to be its leader. Maybe the players already know who the favorite is and have been told to keep quiet. Perhaps since this is his first rodeo as the head man, Shafer is being particularly cautious. Everyone has loved Shafer’s intensity and mindset to play gritty football. In order for that personality to live up to expectations, bold decision making has to come with it. This one certainly will be.

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  1. LilJoe47 says:

    Syracuses’s future starting QBs predictions…
    2013: Drew Allen
    2014: Terrell Hunt
    2015: Terrell Hunt
    2016: AJ Long
    2017: AJ Long
    2018: AJ Long

  2. Ron says:


    You may be right LilJoe. But if I may,the following are my thoughts on the QB over the next few years.

    2013—#1 Drew Allen with Terrell Hunt as backup.
    2014—#1 Terrell Hunt with either Kimble or Wilson as backup
    2015—#1 Terrell Hunt with either Kimble or Wilson as backup
    2016—is when things get real interesting
    # 1 Kimble/Wilson and Long will be the backup.

    A new wrinkle has been added to the equation folks. Let’s not over look Troy Green,the son of Tim Green,who was added as a walk on in 2013. By the end of 2014 he will have been given a scholarship at Syracuse University.

    It’s all speculation on my part folks. Just trying to give a different point of view from LilJoe47′s point of view.

  3. LilJoe47 says:

    That looks good too… Just some fun speculation.

    If mine was to work, the #2′s would be…
    2013: #2, Hunt
    2014: #2, Kimble
    2015: #2, Kimble
    2016: #2, Green or TBD

    I’m thinking Wilson gets switched to TE eventually, and Kimble moved to WR later on…. Green is a bit of a wild card. We’ll see how his combination if skill and legacy plays out. I assume he redshirted last year at CFL. With sitting out this year due to transfer rules, does he become eligible next year as a red shirt freshman with 4 more years of eligibility?

  4. Ron says:


    It fun to speculate. It brings out some great “food for thought”,from the people who participate.

    You ask some very good questions. I can’t answer them because I don’t know how the system works.

  5. Ron says:


    It appears,between the two of us,that we’ve covered just about everything. We both are talking about using two QB’s over the next 4-5 years. So to have some more fun let’s throw in a couple more scenarios for discussion.

    Heaven forbid,neither Allen or Hunt gets injured during the season. If that happens,will Shafer put Kinder back in at QB? Or maybe throw either Kimble or Wilson(both freshmen)into the starting role?

    Tim Green said this morning,the reason his son transferred to Syracuse,was he had a better chance at becoming the starting QB here.

    Now lets not forget that Syracuse is after another two QB’s for the class of 2014,in 6’4″ 166 lb Randall Cunningham out of Arizona and LB turned QB 6’3″ 225 Bud Martin out of Florida.

    It kinda of looks like 6’3″ 225 Bud Martin out of Florida will commit to Syracuse by the end November. Now remember folks this is only speculation,but you heard it hear first about Bud committing to the Orange.

    Just reminding everyone that we as a group are on the cutting edge with the information that we offer to everyone. Hahahahahahahahah.

  6. Marroniac says:

    It’s going to be Allen and SS is going about this the right way. Give him plenty of reps as #2 on the depth chart and make it look like he earned the spot rather than being handed the job.

  7. Terry says:

    Like Zarrra, Green is going to be a wanta-be QB at SU!! No matter where he came from he’s not as talented as what SU has already!! There is many more needed positions for SU that walk ons should be worked at. GEZZZZZZZZ!! SU has enough QB’s and besides it can scare away some real TALENTED QB’s like Ron was talking about.

  8. Chris says:

    I agree with terry, oddly… But anyway I feel Troy green is just not up to par with a drew Allen or a even a John kinder at quarterback. There is a reason he went to central Florida in the first place, not a BCS level QB. Sorry Tim, your Kid will never be a pro like you though he may become as sketchy.

  9. Terry says:

    Ron is there going to be construction going around exit 17 on 81 for the Dome. I thought I read/heard that 81 is being ripped up around that exit. If so what’s the detour???? If not just have daughters/nieces with little ones coming for games that NEVER been to the dome. Just want to make it easy on them. Just the grand-pops in me!! But don’t tell them I asked, because they still think they are big girls. But they have given birth so the little girl in them has passed!! LOL! Thank You!!

  10. Ron says:


    I’m glad to hear that your bringing your daughters/nieces and the little ones to the game with you.

    Terry if your coming in from the south region,get off at the Brighton Ave exit,take a right hand turn at the first red light(Ainsley Drive) Take a right turn onto Ainsley Drive go to the very end and go up the hill. That will take you to the Skytop parking lot. Get on the bus and it will take you over to the campus where it’s a short walk to the dome.

    If all else fails,I will give you my phone number to call and I will meet you at a determined meet spot and lead you to where you want to go.

    Or better yet Terry,I will meet you at that intersection and you can follow me there ok. As we get closer to game time I will let you know what vechicle I will be driving and will wait for you in the parking lot that’s on the corner of ainsley Drive.

  11. Ron says:


    I forgot to ask,are you going to tailgate with them while your there? If you are Skytop is the place for that to happen,if not then I will take you to a place on south campus where you won’t have to pay to park.

  12. LilJoe47 says:

    @Ron… I think Wilson and Kimble will stay redshirted if there happens to be an injury to Allen or Hunt… They still have Loeb who is certainly capable and deserving (have to feel bad for him a little bit, but at least he got his education)… If Allen gets injured, Hunt gets elevated to #1, Loeb is #2, and then you still have Broyld (or Kinder) as an emergency #3. Though I would keep Kinder at WR, and see if he could become another Kevin Johnson….. As for Green, Long, Martin, and Cunningham…, I love the fact all these talented QBs are considering Cuse. What a great problem to have. If anyone shies away from that competition, then we probably don’t want them as the leading QB anyways…. Recruit the best talent you can, then let the most talented win…. Coach Mac always told his signees, that his job was to find the person to take their job. Great philosophy.

  13. Ron says:


    Great talking about the QB situation with you today. I think we gave everyone something to think about. It was fun.

  14. Ron says:

    Wow;I just found out that Thomas Holley was on campus yesterday and today. It’s being reported that he enjoyed his visit and will make his verbal on or before Aug. 31st.

    It’s also being reported that Syracuse is closing in on 3* WR Steve Ishmael out of North Miami Beach Florida.

    Russ,I’m not giving up hope on some of these kids.

  15. Ron says:

    Thomas Holley will make his choice of schools on or before Aug. 31st. I didn’t want people to think that he was going to commit to Syracuse.

  16. Terry says:

    Thanks Ron. Just wanted to give the girls directions in case construction is a mess. They don’t know the area at all. But over time they will!!

    Ron a couple/three times this year family and friends are coming up for games. I’m just trying to get all the ducks(not Oregon)in a row for a good/safe time. And we are flying down south(really driving) for a game or two depending how things go!! Not really tailgating as of yet. They heard about the fine resturants in Syracuse and want to try them out. I have a few in mind. Any ideas there to. Mainly steaks/fish/Italian/American food kind of places!! BBQ too!! Hard choice huh!!

  17. Ron says:


    I’ll get back to you with the resturants to visit in Syracuse.

    there’s so many to chose from.

  18. LilJoe47 says:

    @Ron and Terry…
    Moving from QBs to restaurants… Anytime I get back to Syracuse the “must-hits” are….
    The Blarney Stone (for burgers and/or wings; both voted “best in Syracuse”.
    Heid’s: The traditional best hot dog
    The Brooklyn Pickle (West side) as Best Deli
    Twin Trees; Best Pizza
    Dinosaur BBQ; for, not surprisingly, BBQ
    If I can hit those… I know my trip is complete.

  19. Ron says:


    Thanks for giving Terry the lowdown on some of the finest resturants in town.

    I could add a couple more,but why bother,you’ve given vistors to the city enough places to visit.

    Terry I hope those places are good enough for your family and friends to enjoy a great meal.

  20. Terry says:

    Steaks/Fish and Chicken are traditions after games or before games. Sit down enjoyment!! Thank You! Just looking for a few different experiences. We have a couple of decent choices for taste and price!! Thank you again. Seeing a CUSE FB game to us is a overall experience for us at every game at Syracuse or on the road. Just love the time doing both!!

  21. Russ says:

    @Terry,you’re blabbering again!!Keep it to sports!!LOL..so you can BS too?

  22. Ron says:


    Here’s a couple more resturants that you might want to try on one of your trips to Syracuse.
    Grimaldi’s Ristorante–6430 Yorktown Circle East Syracuse
    Mother’s Restaurant–201 1st St. Liverpool
    Outback SteakHouse–3112 Erie Blvd. Eqast Dewitt
    Sheraton Hotel(resturant)–801 University Ave.
    Spaghetti Warehouse–689 N Clinton Street Syracuse

    So many to list Terry. I hope these added to “LilJoe47″ list gives you enough choices to chose from. Enjoy them all if you can.

  23. Ron says:

    Terry,I forgot to mention the Varsity Club Resturant that serves pizza,wings,salads and other goodies,located up on Marshall Street on Campus. One of the HOT SPOTS before and after the games.

    If you want good food for a good price,I recommend Mother’s over in Liverpool. There’s a couple of great resturants on Genessee St(RT 5) over in Dewitt,one across the street and the other 2 doors down from the Fire Station that has great food. Another one(UNO Chicago Grill) located at the new Fayetteville Mall.

    I think that if you went to the Spaghetti Warehouse,you and your guest/family would come away with some great memories.

    I can go on and on about the fine resturants,but like Russ has indicated,I don’t want to sound like I’m blabbering.

  24. Ron says:

    Russ,just trying to help a member(that’s in good standing)of the Fizz Family wanting to have a great time with his family and friends when they come for a game.

  25. Ron says:

    Getting ready to go to Fan Fest today,looking forward to seeing these guys practice and hoping to meet Coach Shafer so I can wish him good luck in his debut as HEAD COACH OF THE ORANGEMEN.

  26. Russ says:

    Ron,I was just teasing Terry for doing what we do but when its us its “blabbering” lol!!

  27. TexanMark says:

    For Seafood the Calm Bar on South Bay Rd in North Syracuse is a must. Fresh (not previously frozen) Haddock is a must order. I also always get a dozen steamers.

    Syracuse overall has great independent restaurants. That is the problem in the new (high growth) areas of the SunBelt as most of the restaurants are national chains.

  28. Ron says:

    Russ,you didn’t have to tell me that. I knew what you were doing. You know when someone wants to get a point across,sometimes it takes more than one sentence.

    It took Terry a little longer to join the group.

    Terry and I have had our differences,but in the end I’m glad that he asked for some help. I hope he has a great time with his family.

  29. LilJoe47 says:

    Anyone get to Fan Fest today? If so, who won the the day… Hunt or Allen?

  30. Ron says:


    I put my thoughts on Fan Fest on another thread. The answer to your question(Drew Allen).

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