Hunt Will Get Plays vs. Wagner Meaning Syracuse Opens Up QB Competition

There’s no other way to look at it: Scott Shafer is open to starting Hunt at some point.

There is no doubt about it now. The Syracuse coaching staff has officially opened up the quarterback competition again. Drew Allen is the starter against Wagner, but that’s really a formality. Terrel Hunt has been told he will get some playing time this weekend, and rightfully so. Allen has been close to terrible, while Hunt led an energized touchdown drive late against Northwestern.

But the fact that Scott Shafer and the coaching staff is openly giving Hunt a shot in just the third game of the season speaks volumes. No matter how badly Allen has played he should rip through Wagner. This would be an easy game to draw up a few big plays, watch SU’s bigger, faster wideouts beat smaller, slower FCS corners and give Allen some confidence. Instead, guaranteed time for Hunt means the long-term plan with Allen has been thrown in the recycling bin.

Quarterbacks coach Tim Lester tried to put lipstick on the pig:

“I know Drew is going to be our starter. He has the most reps, he’s running the offense well. But Hunt’s going to play. We’ve committed to giving him a shot. I don’t know when that’s going to happen. That’s up to Coach (Shafer).”

Under almost no definition has Allen “run the offense well.” But to publicly rip the starting quarterback after eight quarters of football doesn’t help you either. That Hunt will get snaps means the staff is intrigued enough about his potential, and what we saw out of him in just one drive against Northwestern.

If SU was convinced Allen was the guy, he would use all drives against inferior competition in Wagner and Tulane to polish up before the ACC slate. But the Orange knows Hunt may give the team a better shot at winning games, especially later in the season with some experience. SU wants to see if Hunt rises to the challenge, if the change lights a fire under the team, and if it forces Allen to play better to keep his job.

The staff knows this will be an extraordinarily long, excruciating season if the quarterback play doesn’t improve. Allen has thrown bad passes, gotten picked off six times, seems out of sorts getting some plays in, and overall is uncomfortable in the position. There’s simply no way the Orange can beat teams on its schedule, an ACC slate with Clemson, Florida State, NC State, Georgia Tech and others, by only handing the ball off and playing defense. The rest of the parts just aren’t good enough to carry the team.

And no one wants to wade through a 3 or 4-win season, watching a quarterback who won’t be here after the year go through the motions. If you’re gonna lose, your quarterback better be taking his lumps to come back better next season. The staff figures A) Hunt may be a better option right now to move this offense and score points, B) at least Hunt can use this experience to help the team in ’14.

The staff can dress it however it wants. They’re openly giving Hunt some reps. That means this is an open competition again.

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  1. Play Hunt!
    It’s not Allen’s fault. The offense sucks, the offensive coaching stinks. The receives cam’t run routes. The offensive line can’t pas or run block. The play selection is bad.
    But Allen’s the problem. I didn’t say he was good. I said no one could be!
    Play Hunt and let’s give him some experience. He’ll get killed but we have nothing to loose.
    Please don’t act as though we’ve turned it around if we beat Wagner. It’s embarassing we’re even playing them.
    Spliting time is stupid.

  2. Lou Mohawk Valley

    I saw Hunt move this team down the field on short passes over the middle and he made some good decisions. The game was in the bag for NW but I think if you insert Hunt that at least SU will have another option.

    I notice that the TE #87 did a great job when he was thrown to.

    The offense needs to be fine tuned and Hunt needs to lead the way.

    GO CUSE!!!

  3. Playing Hunt and Allen isnt a stupid idea at all for the simple fact what happens if Allen comes out and throws 3 more picks and leads SU to 1td. Then Hunt comes in and runs the offense and they score on 4 out of 5 possession with no ints. Wouldnt that make you think that Hunt should start if he out plays Allen?

  4. Bringing Allen has accelerated Hunt’s developement.PSU has NFL coach, qb,and others. NW is at it’s peak,a top 10 team.

  5. There is a world of difference between a player who practices well and someone who brings it at game time. The coaches should have realized after the first few series played in the Penn State game that Drew Allen is not a gamer. And they should have realized after the last 5 minutes of the Northwestern game that Terrel Hunt is. I don’t care that he was going against the second or third string. He did something that we have not seen since Ryan Nassib left. He had complete command and respect of the team, and drove the ball down the field like a seasoned veteran.Terrel Hunt should be the starting quarterback, the strong running back corps should form the core of the offensive plan, and players like Aston Broyld, George Morris II, and Brisly Estime should play crucial roles in moving forward. I am sure that Drew Allen is a fine young man that can help the team out as needed as a backup, but Terrel Hunt is the gem right under the coaches noses who can set the ship right and make the rest of the season a success.

  6. Hey guy’s;I’m all for giving the ball to Terrell Hunt for the rest of the season. I also hope that bringing in a 5th year transfer for one year to play QB is over and done with period.

    Terrell Hunt has been here a couple of years now,he’s paid his dues. I think the competition at QB is only going to intensify over the next few years. it’s going to be real interesting to say the least.

    Now after watching this team for the last two weeks. The games against Wagner and Tulane at home are not a given. These are both going to be a lot closer that what we all first thought at the beginning of the season.

    Boy,did I just say that!!!!! I’m really going to hate myself if Syracuse struggles in these two games.

  7. Cuse had a chance to win against PSU, a team that thier nfl head coach says has 10-12 nfl players.NW came out on fire and put SU out of thier gameplan,forcing them to pass and allowing the NW secondary to take chances and sit on routes. Hunt wouldn’t have done better.

  8. Drew Allen “close to terrible? Any closer and this page will be rated XXX. Terrel deserve the opportunity to get in there and make the offense far more productive. What I’m afraid of is that Allen shows enough to maintain our interest in hi and the next big game he reverts to this “close to terrible” level once again.

  9. The rest of this season will be tough going. The QB competition isn’t really re-opened but HCSS is giving the team the best options to win. We all can see that there are immense growing pains across the board of which experience and only experience will provide the answer. Just count your blessings that we aren’t Texas in re-hiring Grob and his pet stuffed bear. Now they got problems!

  10. Hunt is the best option, always has been.

    Out team doesnt have enough talented weapons for any of these QBs to REALLY succeed, so what do we do? Lets use the QB who is dual threat and can keep defenses honest with his legs and maybe open things up for our other “playmakers”.

    Didnt he also have good rapport with Kobena? WHY THE HELL ISNT HE STARTING!?

  11. I think the team members prefer Hunt. Terrel started atv Syracuse and has gone through the process.Allen is a gunslinger for hire and hasn’t gunned anyone down while shooting innocents in the mean time. Innocents might be thought of as turnovers and the inability to inspire the offense with anything. His running is far from proficient. Some one had the audacity to write that Allen’r running ability was superior to Hunt’s.Sorry ,we have seen the facts that disprove that garbage.Allen can’t be described as a “pocket-passer because a good pocket passer doesn’t get his passes tipped for interceptions.

  12. I was at the Northwestern game Saturday and Allen did not seem to know the plays and was out of sync. Yes it is true that when Hunt came in the game was all but over . He did however seem to know what Tim Lester was calling and knew the assignment. The best they can do this season might be 7-7

  13. Right as we are about to enter the Wagner game SU has no real quality QB on its roster. SU has 2 Fr QB’s in the barn!! Yes a Fr QB is coming but his fame really hasn’t lit up the national boards. So what goes?? I’d start Hunt only because Allen looks lost. But does SU’s real future depend on the true FR QB’s on roster now and any QB coming in Febuary 2014. I think so. I stuck up for Ryan for years and now you’d love to have him back. Wouldn’t you??? Right now there is no one close to Ryan in his abilities.

    Mr B Su will not win 7 games this year. 4 maybe 5 at the best!!

    I do believe in team chemistry and I believe the team is in Hunt’s corner. That can’t hurt him!!

  14. @Mr. B

    Are you working for Obama’a Internal Revenue Service? You have to be,because your using that fuzzy math most Liberal Democrats use down in DC. Where did you come up with a 7-7 overall record? The most they play in a seson is 13 games,12 regular season and a bowl game if earned.

  15. my bad on a 7-7 season. was looking at weeks and not counting games . sorry for the mix up. they still need help though and a change at the QB position may work a bit. this is a New coaching staff and it is to be expected that they have growing pains. And so is the fact that SU will have a bad season.

  16. Happy Birthday Pesident Barry better than the fascists on the right either tea party freaks or Russ-ites. Not our Russ here I hope!! LOL!! Right now SU has no quality QB to play period!! Heaven help HCSS. Let alone Coach Lester or coach McD.!!

    Other than TE any word on injuries???

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