Marrone Looking for First Win, Tasker Says He’s Changed Buffalo’s Culture

The former Bills standout and CBS analyst says the players are responding to their new coach after a rocky start.

Doug Marrone’s first few days of training camp were not the best foot forward. In early August he got incredibly defensive when Buffalo media questioned why star defensive end Mario Williams had been missing for three days without explanation. Marrone even invoked FERPA regulations for not being more forthcoming. Yeah… about that. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act only pertains to college kids, not professional athletes.

It seemed like a college coach who was in over his head, and already losing the battle of strong arming local media. But since that time Marrone has led a disciplined, controversy-free preseason. The Bills are developing a young quarterback, and almost upset the Patriots in the opener. This week the Bills get a second home game to nab Marrone’s first win, when they’ll host the PanthersNFL lines at Sportsbook has Buffalo as a three-point underdog.

I had 7-time All-Pro and member of the Bills Ring of Honor, Steve Tasker, on my show Friday morning. As an analyst for the NFL on CBS, he believes the new coach has pushed all the right buttons in Western New York.

“I think Marrone has been very impressive in the handling of his players, the program he’s put together, the preparation of his players at One Bills Drive. Marrone has been nothing but impressive. The team is rallying around him. He handles them extremely well. He’s changed the culture somewhat. The way they do things around the locker room, around the team, on road trips. I think the players have really liked the changes, and they’re thriving because of it. But they still have to keep working to make it come to fruition.” 

Syracuse fans have their own set of problems, with an uninspiring 0-2 start, and an offense that looks putrid. It doesn’t help matters that the early returns on the last coach on the Hill have been growing more positive by the day.

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  1. He will always be a flu like figure in my mind. He lied and misguided SU community-totally!! He fooled us all. His record was not god like at all(.500 under that if Toledo was called right)!! I always rooted against the Jills BEFORE dougie arrived there. It makes it easier to root against them now!! He’s a fake for whatever reason he can explain. Buffalo you got him now. He’s a coach with determination, but is that for the team or for HIM!! Good bye!!

  2. bk su fb fan

    Let it go. The guy ain’t here anymore…so be it. I’m a NYG fan but I’d like to see anyone with connections to Orange football succeed after leaving….except for maybe Greg Robinson….”I keed I keed”

  3. Terry,I never trusted Dougie and subliminally considered he may have deep-seated problems?Really,after the RU game last year I told Ron here I thought he might lose it?Observing him in public situations he seemed distant/ackward and more than uncomfortable.I think he’s at his best out of the scrutiny of the public eye/press and as a delegater/CEO!CFB needs needs fiery or fatherly type figures kids can relate with who actually LIKE recruiting!He’s not a bad guy but just more suited for professional FB with his personality type.I’m still not sure what to make of HCSS?I like his words but can he hire the right people and is he a good X and O guy?It might take awhile to see what transpires but for now I think he deserves the benefit of doubt!No doubt he’s a great DC!I thought Dougie was wrong when we hired him but gave him the deserved benefit everyone deserves!…Tulane has me concerned!?!

  4. bk su fb fan-GROB was terriable but he never skipped out of a program he so called “loved” like dougie did. GROB just isn’t HC material. dougie screwed SU with his actions and it is showing this year. HCSS will never say it, but this years team still has dougie written all over it. I think that is one major reasons dougie left, he knew the team was going to be weak this year!! HCSS will have to weed out dougies leftovers. In a class act HCSS didn’t dump any players from the dougie dump reign. dougie did!! I don’t think those kids deserve that-the first dougie dump. Those kind of things need to be mentioned so the dougie fans out there know what this snake is like.

    I to am a GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-MEN fan!! I wanted dougie to struggle just like his “beloved Jills” have done so far. Great for one’s feelings!!

    Russ your right for some reason dougie didn’t liked the college thing and prefers the NFL thing. He just doesn’t care about SU or at least he would explain his dumping of SU!! He’s gutless!! He made 4 million from SU. At least tell us the truth. He’s set for life, but some SU fans arn’t!! dougie you deserve Buffalo!!

  5. SU 36 Wagner 10, but it has to be better than that.

    Russ your right Tulane is no pushover. Correct me but when SU last played Tulane (I really can’t remember if won or a loss)they gave SU a good game!!

    Any HSFB talent at this game. I’ll be there!!

  6. Boston Jay

    Doug did a good job here, righting the ship and it’s hard to blame a guy for heading to the NFL. But I can’t see him being a huge success up there. Sure, he’s better than the crap coaches they’ve had up there recently but I can’t see Dougie being anything better than a .500 coach. There are far better coaches in the NFL.

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