Week 3 D.A.’s Knee-Jerk Reaction: Syracuse Blows Out Wagner 54-0

The Orange did whatever it wanted in a blowout win over the Seahawks.

Dick Blume, Syracuse.com

Syracuse gets its first win of the season in a blowout over Wagner. Here’s my knee-jerk reaction:

-Terrific performance by Terrel Hunt. He just grabbed the starting job and never looked back. A dominant game, 265 yards, 3 TDs, 0 interceptions. He was composed, confident, and made all the right reads. He also gives the Orange a threat with his legs. The offense looks completely different with him under center. Not that Hunt will solve all the problems of SU, but if he’s clearly a dynamic play-maker the rest of the season, you have to wonder why the coaching staff chose Allen to begin the year. Did it cost the Orange two games?

-Syracuse took care of Wagner exactly the way we hoped. Never close, the flood gates open, the offense pours it on. For how critical we all have been of a suspect attack, even if it was against an FCS school, this was what the offense needed to feel better.

-Charlie Loeb played most of the 4th quarter, but wouldn’t it have benefitted the offense to have Drew Allen play as many reps as possible? If Hunt goes down with an injury (knock on wood) it’s imperative to make sure Allen can step in. Although maybe the staff was rewarding Loeb since he likely won’t see the field again the rest of his career.

-Love seeing young guys like George Morris, Devante McFarlane and Brisly Estime get some snaps. Those were all good recruiting wins by the Orange and letting these guys get some action was a nice reward for their hard work.

-Should be another blowout next week vs. Tulane, but the Orange can’t take anything for granted. Nice to see an easy win over a team that should’ve been exactly that.

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  1. @Terry,didn’t I say last week the team seemed to respond better with Hunt in the game?Even though it was when the NW 2nd string was in they showed more fire and spirit!I noticed the kid who went to BC last year scored BC’s only TD against USC yesterday!I guess BC likes him to let him play as a true freshman?Looked like a nice kid.

  2. btw I know that the Wagner game isn’t a stern test but I think Tulane should tell us a little more.Time for the Gmen to get off the snide in the battle of the Manning brothers!

  3. Hunt, clearly is the QB going forward. I am trying to figure out what the coaches saw in Allen. Was it a case of wanting something to be true…ie. A top HS recruit..going to a Big time Oklahoma program….he must be a big time QB that can win games for Syracuse. I just don’t see it. Even after the obvious, Schafer was still hesitating when asked about who would be the starter going forward. He needed to see the film….REALLY!!!! That was funny to me. Go Hunt…go Cuse!!!

  4. Breaking news on twitter today was SU was breaking ground today on new indoor practice facilities for football.

  5. Its true Carlton. The predicted speed of the construction is questionable, but it was happening today, that was sure. Still some obstacles to the facility, but this is a huge step. As you may have read, they needed to offer some time to other programs. It has been a cost issue all thei time. The facility is not the $17 M everyone is saying, but $7-$8 M needed to be allocated to the satisfaction of other interests, and the contractor’s estimates were not in line with everyone else’s, so that stuff needed to be sorted out.

  6. hunt has proven to be the starter from now until?? allen really doesn’t get the job done. the offence runs so much better with hunt at the helm. allen shows nothing than confusion.

  7. saltine44

    T. Hunt knows how to play QB. He makes the progression reads and doesn’t stare down his receivers. He has a tremendous arm and moves very well in the pocket. His mobility is obviously the duel threat we have been looking for. As far as D. Allen, I am sure the coaching staff felt some obligation to give him a fair shake but he doesn’t look comfortable at all in the pocket or running this offense. Must move forward with Hunt at this point if we want to make it to a bowl game. Go Orange!

  8. DA- you said “Should be another blow out next week vs Tulane, but the Orange can’t take anything for granted”. How do you keep your job is amasing. Any knowledgeable fan knows Tulane is a complete toss-up game. It ain’t no Wagner!! A statement like that is homerism!! No wonder that real stories(dougie’s dump of players at the beginning of his term and NYC/LI top talent no go’s to SU for HSFB players to name a few) never get out to the public eye! Tulane just put that quote of yours on their board for all to see. Tulane will be a war. Both teams are tredding water now to stay alive. Don’t over look this game. Just ask HCSS what he thinks!! GEZ!!!

  9. @Malone;

    You were right on the money Malone. You know some people just don’t have any patience,NONE AT ALL.

    It seems that you have an inside connection as to what is happening at Syracuse University. Good for you!!!!

    But I want to ask if you’re dating Nancy Cantor? Your not in any way swapping saliva are you? Are you on the Board of Director’s? You must be one of those filthy rich people that smoozes up with the likes of that nuckle head Obama down in DC.

    That last paragraph malone is meant to b e funny. I respect what you have to say,mainly because your always right and keep us all up-to-date on current affairs.

    Thank you

  10. Sorry folks,I misspelled nuckle head. it should have been knuckle-head.

  11. That’s ok Ron that’s how I spelled knucklehead for your man Romey too!!

  12. @Terry;

    My vote,write in ballot,was for Sara Palin Terry. As in the past when the rapist/crook/frigging indiot Bill Clinton ran for president,I voted for Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. I felt both could have done better than what he did while in office.

  13. Sarah Palin she sure was a “BRIGHT” choice!! Ron the water your drinking has brain eating microbs in it!! The same water Russ Limbaugh drinks!! PS he’s a Rutgirls fan to!! LOL!!

  14. Terry,say what you will about Sarah Palin,the one thing you can’t change is the fact that she’s already proven that she’s smarter than anyone in the Obama adminstration. So who is fooling who here?

    I figured out long ago what you were made of and what your political affilation was. How sad!!! Just remember this is not the place to be talking politics.

    I want to make comment about your boy Tyler. He’s run the ball 14 times and has only gained 58-59 yards with the longest being his last(29 yards)when he scored his only touchdown. Let me see 13 carries for 29 yards=2.2 yards per carry. Pretty damn good for the 2012 NYS Gatorade Player Of The Year. Wouldn’t you say? Do you actually think that he’s going to run any better aginst the likes of FSU,Clemson,Virgina Tech and the rest of the ACC?

  15. Hear ye ! Hear ye! Easy now , it was just Wagner .

    And Carlton , that new facility is a long overdue step in the right direction . But did you catch Oregon’s new facility ?

    If SU can even look at all impressive against Clemson …. I may still hold some hope . And I have said from game 1 , that TH should have been put in , in the second half of the Penn St. game . They still could have won that near the end .

    Beat the Green Wave this week !

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