Wide Receiver U: Syracuse Adds Commitment from Philly’s Jamal Custis

The Orange continues to pick up commitments from solid wideouts across the region.

Attention ACC defenses: Syracuse continues to stockpile oversized targets, this time it’s 6’6” wide receiver Jamal Custis from Philadelphia. Custis announced his verbal commitment via Twitter. He’s a three-star recruit according to ESPN’s Recruiting Nation and the 21st best player in the state of Pennsylvania, the 106th nationally at the wide receiver position.

Custis’ wingspan allows him to get up and outreach corners, something George McDonald has mined for since he took over at SU. GMcD has coached wideouts his entire career, and plenty of recruits are listening. Custis becomes yet another 6-foot-and-more wideout to commit to the Orange.

Custis also had offers from Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia, UConn, UMass, and UCF. In July, Custis listed Rutgers as high on his list. The Philadelphia native could create a connection with quarterback A.J. Long, who is expected to be Syracuse’s starting quarterback of the future.

Quinta Funderburk and Adrian Flemming are both 6’3”. K.J. Williams is 6’2″, 188 pounds (he has also committed to SU). Arguably the best player in February’s class was wideout Corey Cooper. He’s just 5’11”, but is considered a major talent. SU also added slot receiver/do-everything-playmaker Brisly Estime just before Signing Day. The wide receiving corps is becoming extremely deep.

This is a big pickup for Syracuse. With little wide receiver depth this year, and the loss of Flemming, Custis could come in next season and make an impact.

 Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. Great pick up if he signs in Febuary!!

    Coaching change has hurt this team greatly. New system for HCSS and his coaches!! They just haven’t picked it up yet. Or will they at all.

    Allen is a flop. Hunt went up against 2nd and 3rd string talent and HCSS admitted that!! So calm down if you think Hunt is the next coming of Donovan. If so he’d start against PSU!!

    4 wins this year might be the best SU can do unless for heavens sake something comes that we do not expect!!

    The “D” sucks and NW played them like a yo-yo!! LB’s have shown at times, but were less of a show Saturday. DB/S are lacking in talent even though the coaches and media built them up all spring/summer!!

    Get Thompson back on “O” now. Has he really played that much on “D”?? SU needs that scary element on its game plan.

    OL and RB’s are a no show. Smith so far has not shown up. Other than his fumble!! PTG did score ,when the game was over. I call that press-clipping-titis!!

    I was sick about Flemming injury, but he is not a top quality WR either. Staring WR’s are not manning up at all!! TE until Saturday are no shows to.

    Don’t want to mention ST’s. GEZ

    Still no word on SUFB new facilities. No media light on it either. WHY???

    23,000 for game against Wagner??

    OK good stuff. Play the younger guys for two reasons HCSS. First your starters don’t give a damn and second it will help you build for next year showing you play freshmen. Damn the loss of a year’s elgilbility!! At least they play their hearts out so far. Clark has filled in nicely, but he ain’t going to do it alone!!

    Hell I can’t think anything more that is good for now!! Wait a minute!! That expression of “dougie” moving his hand up and under his visor after he knew his JILL’s lost to NE!! JUST LOVE IT!!

    MY GGGGGGGGGG-MEN played like SU last night!! LONG LONG LONG year coming up.
    Coconut Rumed on the horizen!! But will have a good cigar with that to!! Can it get worse???

  2. Custis, 21st in state and 106 nationally. Consider how many kids play football in PA and nationally and them look at hose two ratings and suddenly Custis become far more than a 3 star rated WR. This kid could be the jewel of the class thus far in GM’s verbal commits thus far. If they all send in their LOIs on the big day GM and SS will have done a great job in their first full year of recruiting. NOw if they begin to string up some victories on the field we can all relax ansd appreciate the accomplishments off the field in recruiting.

  3. @Terry;

    I agree with you,if the upper classmen don’t want to play,then play the freshman and get them ready for next season.

    Look this team has the talent to be successful. I think the problem with the team is that they were trying to tell/show the coaching staff of their unhappiness with Drew Allen(an outsider)coming in and taking over the team,over a guy that’s been working hard over the last two years at becoming the starting QB.

    As I watched the game in disbelieve on Saturday,my thoughts were they just didn’t have the right players in the game at all. The days of redshirting incoming freshmen are over. Play them if neccessary. I was disappointed when they moved Ron Thompson to DE. I think the move was made because of the problems he has with his hip and the coaching staff felt that he would do better at that position and wouldn’t take the beating frfom the opposing defenses after catching the ball.

    They went to the TE’s 3 times in that game,why haven’t they used them more? With the success that both Jerome Smith and Prince Tyson Gulley had last season,has made them targets. George Morris II,Ashton Broyld and Jeramiah Kobena,Brisley Estime need to be in the game more.

    Coach Shafer made the decision early on that he was going to let his assistants make the calls on both sides of the ball. I believe he needs to get involved more by calling the playes from the sidelines. Over the summer the paper’s built these guys up to be something special and we were all fooled by their reporting. It’s now do or die gentlemen,it’s big time football,your not coaching Central Michigan anymore,you guys need to start winning some ballgames. I hope for you sake that you can deliver what was promised.

    One last thought,Dr.Gross and Coach Shafer,I guess we didn’t learn our lesson from the Greg Paulis experiment,for the remaining time that your here at
    Syracuse,if a player doesn’r commit to us as a freshman then PLEASE DON’T BRING HIM HERE AS A 5TH YEAR SENIOR FOR ONE YEAR. We just don’t need it. The fan base if totally fed up with this BS. Do something and do it now.

  4. I agree with most if not all of Terry’s observations as I watched all of the game on Saturday. Allen and OC must take into account that you cannot pass into coverage as the linebackers are dropping back! Also, it looks as though the receivers are not running their correct routes as your getting 2 receivers in the same area. NW was too quick for defense or defense didn’t know what they were doing , line shift right, NW runner goes away from shift for TD.

  5. well on the recruiting front, i’m glad we picked up this player. some of the wr’s marrone picked up may be converted over to db’s. on the football front lets relax a little bit. penn state only beat us by 6, as they were lucky to win that game. nortwestern just outplayed us in that game,as there was no chance of winning that one. i feel nortwestern will take a run at the big 10 championship game so we all need to relax.

  6. Ralph Foscolo

    Does anyone else think its peculiar that so many recruits call it the University of Syracuse and not Syracuse University?

  7. Lou Utica

    This Kid will be a star here… GO SU and who needs Wilson who committed to Pitt

  8. Watched ESPNU college football and finally SU got mentioned. Well errr sort of. The Robinson story of being hired as the Texas “D” cordinator. The ESPNU commantator said Robinson made “SU the worse program in the nation”!! And latter on during the most impressive teams of last week they mentioned SU against NW was “not impressive”. Well kind of truthfull, but HCSS or someone should mention this on support for the CUSE. To let these comments go(and for years no one said anything about SU poor play)is “NUTS”!! SOMEONE in authority has stand up and say yeah SU has stuggled but SU is trying to improve. And will improve!! But to say nothing is agreeing with them. Stand up for your program and forget about getting a paycheck for a change. Grow some and tell the nation SU is going to get better. Who knows that right player might find that hepful and sign with the CUSE. SU needs fighters not big birds with their heads buried in the sand!! Come on!! Stop the BS about Syracuse. Show some pride for a change. What can it hurt???

  9. Ok guy’s;I have a take on Jamal Custis committing to Syracuse. I believe that I’m going to compare him to the “LITTLE ENGING THAT COULD”. We all know the story about how the little guy succeeded in getting the train over the mountain. Well,I think with this commit,Jamal Custis is going to pull the train to Syracuse University.

    I know it sounds kinda corny,doesn’t it? “The Little engine(JAMAL CUSTIS)that could. Has a nice ring to it fella’s.

  10. Ron I thought you quit drinking!! LOL!!

  11. @Terry;

    Drinking that damn Wilsons Whiskey straight from the bottle does some awful funny things at times.

    I just thought putting some humor on this website after the game on Saturday,would give somone a couple of laughs.

    But you know Terry,I going to be pulling for that Little(Jamal Custis)Engine to succeed.

  12. @Terry;

    Terry,I should have said,Drinking that damn Wilsons Whiskey straight from the bottle does some awful funny things at times that have long lasting effects on the human body/soul. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in over 40 years.

    I’ve thanked my beautiful wife for forcing me to stop every day that we’ve shared together since then.

  13. We have another 2 sport athlete that’s committed to Syracuse. As we all know Jamal committed to SU to play football,but he’s also one hell of a good basketball player. Looking for him to join the team in 2014 as walk-on.

    Good luck to you Jamal Custis with your college career,and WELCOME TO THE ORANGENATION YOUNG MAN.

  14. Cuse should play Rutgers in the final game every year in Yankee Stadium on Thanksgtveng weekend. That would build up Eastern Football .B1G vs. ACC , a real rivalry .

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