Terrel Hunt Hopes to Outshine Tajh Boyd, Spark Dome Crowd On Saturday

SU’s QB discusses the huge matchup against the #3 Tigers and how the hype fuels him and the Orange.

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Terrel Hunt said numerous times on Tuesday that Saturday’s game is not Hunt vs. Tajh Boyd. He made a point to make it clear that it is Hunt vs. the Clemson defense.

But that doesn’t mean Boyd isn’t in his head.

“I want to outshine him,” Hunt said.

No. 3 Clemson is the first real test to see if the Syracuse offense, with Hunt as the quarterback, is for real. The blowout wins against Wagner and Tulane went to show that Hunt can score points for his team, even against, as he put it, “a lesser opponent.” Hunt went on to add that “it’s still a win at the end of the day.”

He’s right. But the sophomore faces the toughest task of his young career: a Tigers team that has a Heisman trophy hopeful and a potential national championship title.

Hunt watched the Penn State game from the sidelines. He watched almost the entire Northwestern game from the sidelines as well. This is his real test. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s on national television. Can he help lead Syracuse to be one of the top teams in the ACC, alongside Clemson and Florida State?

Ryan Nassib led Syracuse to two big, and perhaps unexpected, home wins in each of the last two seasons. In 2011, it was a 49-23 win over No. 11 West Virginia. Last season, a 45-26 win over No. 11 Louisville. Those two teams were good, but this Clemson game is a bigger test. A win is an indication that Hunt makes his team deserving of a bowl game while giving Syracuse the image of a legitimate program in the NCAA.

The Syracuse campus is hyped and ready for the game. After the two losses against Penn State and Northwestern, the atmosphere was dead and the panic button was a week from being pressed. Now, after two big wins and a different style of play with Hunt as the offensive leader, people are ready to see a big game. It’s Cuse’s first game in the ACC, against a big team that could very well win the national championship, and Syracuse has scored 50-plus points in two consecutive games.

Hunt expects the Dome to be loud. He said it’s a benefit for Syracuse to be playing at home because he can control the crowd. He said if he needs to quiet the crowd down in order for the offense to be more effective, that’s just what he will do.

Hunt is ready to go. “Your momentum is there and your confidence is boosted so we’re just going in there ready to play.”

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. @DA;

    I think your losing you mind DA. How can you say that Clemson is way better than what WVA was in 2011 or Louisville was in 2012?

    If I remember correctly didn’t WVA beat Clemson 70-0 in the 2011 Orange Bowl Game?

    A couple of weeks ago NCST gave Clemson a run for their money and showed the rest of the country just how weak their secondary really is. I think Syracuse wins a hard fought thriller in the Dome 21-19.

    Go Cuse;

  2. Isaid it earlier that it’s been a long time that I’ve seen any team members hang together building frienships and comradery,building trust in your teammates.

    I’ve seen Terrell Hunt with a group of his teammates at the womens soccer and hockey games supporting other athletes that wear the Orange.

    When I see things like that happening I see a natural born leader of men. Over the last week I’ve had the chance to talk with a few of the players and I will tell say, their confidence is at an all time high. Terrell Hunt has won their trust and I believe this team is going to show that they are behind him 100%.

  3. If Cuse wins this then it will be Terell Hunt’s coming out party as a legitimate Heisman Canidate.. because I believe he will need to play out of his mind to actually keep this competitive.. much less win.

    Ill be there screaming my head off, hope that helps Mr. Hunt.

  4. No shot the score will be that low. While I want Syracuse to win badly, Sammy Watkins on that turf will be scary. We need a pass rush and for our secondary to step up and play to their potential.

  5. CuseFanInTheSouth

    I’m from Cuse and live in the south now about an hour outside of Clemson. I was at their game last week against WF. Cuse is going to have to run the ball, use up some clock and keep their offense off the field, cuz they’re gonna score. Clemson doesn’t really run the ball very well, they actually set their run up with the threat of Watkins and their passing game. I’m sure Cuse is going to get burned on some big pass plays, they’re just going to have to minimize them as best they can. I do think the noise in the dome can be a factor as Clemson runs the no huddle. Clemsons D isn’t great, but it’s better than you think. They’re definitely a better at home then the road. Cuse does have a shot to beat them. The Clemson fans I work with are cautiously optimistic, but do respect what Cuse has done in he dome to some other teams so they do have some concern. Now if the game was at death valley they’d be saying they’d blow cuse out. My 2 cents is Cuse goes balls to the wall with nothing to lose and wins by 10 or loses by 30.

  6. 14 to 12.5 spread is way to low!! Unless the Bookies know something we don’t know?? Sorry Ron!! Clemson probably is better than PSU and NW and look what happened there. Yes Hunt did not play, but he wouldn’t of not made up that much either in the first 2 games!! We will be at the game hollaring like hell for the CUSE!! But as of now I’m picking Clemson 30 SU 14!! Lack of SU speed will show its ugly head at this game!! Ought to a good game still I hope!!

    Do Not forget the abused children of PSU. THE NCAA did!!

  7. @Terry;

    This comment was taken from a post on ESPN.

    This is about ND Football after they went to the national championship game against Alabama last year.

    “I’ve got a football team we’re trying to work with and develop,” Irish coach Brian Kelly said. “You guys can have your own comments and decide what happens and put us in any bowl you want.”

    I’m feeling pretty low knowing the mighty Irish are struggling this year. Where’s Ishaq? I thought he was one of those 4* recruits who went there to save them from embarrassment. Looking for Arizona St. to beat them this week giving ND a 3-3 overall record. THAT’S PRICELESS MAN,just makes my day. It’s just the information I needed to see on Thursday that helps me to get real pumped for the Clemson Game.

    Watch out Clemson you entering the Bermuda Triangle/CARRIER DOME,where strange things have been known to happen.

  8. BK SU FB fan

    I too have this weird feeling that the Cuse will hang tough and pull off an unlikely upset. Its just a gut thing with no real analysis. I can see a hyped up Cuse team running into a Clemson team that doesn’t truly take the Orange seriously(even on the road). Boyd throws an early pick that hypes the crowd up. Hunt leads the Orange down a short field for a quick score that basically stuns Clemson…like a punch in the stomach. Clemson steadies itself on their next drive…but the Orange keep coming leading to a relatively high scoring affair with a close fg at the end to decide it. 41-38 Cuse knocks off #3 Clemson and puts the ACC on notice that its a team on the come up.

  9. It’s only Thursday and over 49,000 tickets have been sold for the game on Saturday.

    Wish the game was tomorrow.

    GO CUSE;

  10. @Russell Stugots;

    Iowa St. just tied the game against Texas 10-10 with 4 minutes left in the game.

    If Iowa goes on to win the game mac Brown is definately gone at the end of theyear.

    Read last night that the mighty Irish are having their problems this year. Couldn’t be any happier than I am right now.

    Saturday Syracuse beats clemson in front of a sold out Dome. I MUST BE DREAMING. LIFE JUST DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.


  11. CORRECTION;Iowa St. just tied the game against Texas 10-10 with 4 minutes left in the HALF.

  12. Everybody knows that Clemson is talented team. Every big game that we face seems that we don’t belong in them. 2 yrs ago it was WV. Last yr it was Louisville. I just wonder why this is. Is it because they have more star players than us. What is it that makes us such an underdog. We have beat WV, and L’ville. And even destoyed WV in the pinstripe bowl too. I even remember way back in the late 90’2 that we played a Clemson team in the Gator bowl. Even then we didn’t belong on the field with them. Yet we went out and beat them 41-0. SO I ask again. What is it that make this game so over matched for us.

    One more thing is this. I have watyched this Clemson team a couple of times this season. I don’t think that they are national title contenders or will even compete for one. I don’t think that they ae a top 5 team either. This team will lose games late in the season when it matters and will knock them out of title contention. I have looked at their schedule. Clemson doesn’t even get a by week till nov. I’m sorry but I just don’t see it happening. By the way one of those losses will be this weekend. If I’m wrong them I’m glad that I was proven wrong.

  13. @Ron,I got 1 eye on IowaSt/Tex and 1 on your great comments!!We think alike…I’m looking for ASU to bring Wm of Orange down on the Irish(mostly Brian Kelly)cause I know Carlton is a big fan I can’t get too cheerful though!When you make friends its not easy to gloat on anothers suffering(as we know)!Cuse in a close one [email protected] didn’t deserve the “friendly fire” in the previous thread Ron!

  14. C’mon Iowa St show them what can happen to a brand on “Any Given Sunday”!!(or Thursday)

  15. Cuse Don't Luse

    cuse>clemson the dome becomes relevant again recruits like holley start committing the dome fills up more th atmosphere changes completely
    clemson>cuse in a blowout the dome is practically vacant the rest of the games commits like max beaulieau pick the orange so they dont have to work to get on the field end up scavenging diamond in the rough players like the marrone era atmosphere gradually decreases
    clemson>cuse in a thriller no big change either way

  16. Dome Officials;

    I don’t know what the walk up crowd is going to do as far as ticket sales go on Friday and Saturday but I want to offer a suggestion. If your already over 49,000 tickets sold and you don’t sell the rest of them on Friday,then why not donate them to the Army 27th Brigade Combat Team of the National Guards and the Air National Guard 174th Fighter Wing stationed in Syracuse NY and the 10th Mountain Division stationed in Watertown NY?

    I’m sure that the troops would love to spend an afternoon at the dome especially on Saturday. It would also provide goodwill for the community and show the troops that we appreciate the jobs that they do everyday of the week.

    Just remember now we’re already over 49,000 tickets sold,it’s going to be the biggest crowd since the opening game was played back in 1980.

  17. BK SU FB fan

    I agree Ron, donate tickets to the Military. Pack the dome and beat Clemson

  18. @BK SU FB fan;

    Wow,your up early on a Friday Morning. Thanks for agreeing,It wouldn’t hurt to show our appreciation and give thanks to the men and women that puts their lives on the line every day of the week.

    Have a great day today for tomorrow there will be no rest for anyone.

  19. bk su fb fan

    I work the 7×3…so I gotta be at the mercy of the MTA

  20. Ron,have you ever saw such biased officiating?The ref’s gave the game to UT who were lucky to score and couldn’t stop mediocre Iowa St who I was rooting for!!Mack Brown is a lousy coach!Talk about overrated?Why do you think I wanted UT in the Pinstripe bowl last year?Perception!We would have stunned them!

  21. @Russell Stugots;

    The two pass interference calls against Iowa State gave Texas the ball inside their 20 yard line and it cost them the game. The officiating in the game was lousy.

    Did you see how nervous Mac Brown looked when the camera was on him? I think he knows at the end of the year he’s history at Texas.

  22. @Russell Stugots;

    The reason we didn’t get them in the Pinstripe Bowl last year is I think they had a sub .500 record for the season. I think they went 5-7 overall in 2012. that was more than enough for them to dictate the point of having their own TV network and keeping the money to themselves aka ND.

    I starting to believe Russell that the Big 12 Conferenxce is going to be history in a couple more years anyways.

  23. zetabeta5

    The honeymoon is over…..A second rate quarterback who no one but SU recruited and Marrone relegated to special teams as a freshman has finally played against a real football team after a redshirt….The dreams of his future dominance as the quarterback of the future are relegated to the dustbin…Whose fault was the the disillusionment? Shafer and the schedulers! Why did we play #200 or so followed by #86…and then #3? And Shafer suggesting there was some equivalence between Allen’s performance against Linebacker U. and #17,,,and Hunt’s performance against two of the worst teams in the country….The real future? A hot shot coming in and bringing his own players with him…tall and talented receivers and big offensive linemen…The sun will come out tomorrow…For now, maybe back to Allen?

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