National Signing Day Now 3 Months Away: Who Signs With Syracuse?

The Fizz takes a look at the 14 recruits Cuse football has moving into November.

We’re just three months away from Signing Day 2014—and with it, head coach Scott Shafer’s first official recruiting class. The Fizz took a look at the progress over the last few months and broke down how things have shaken out for the Cuse as the calendar flips to November.

Syracuse Commits:

4-star              WR      KJ Williams

3-star              MLB    Colton Moskal

3-star              QB       Alin Edouard

3-star              CB       Lamar Dawson

3-star              OLB     Parris Bennett

3-star              RB       Naes Howard

3-star              OLB     Zaire Franklin

3-star              S          Rodney Williams

3-star              WR      Jamal Custis

*3-star            WR      Corey Cooper (*Playing this semester at Jireh Prep in N. Carolina)

2-star              G          Aaron Roberts

2-star              QB       AJ Long

2-star              RB       Ervin Phillips

*2-star            DT       Wayne Williams (*Playing this semester at ASA College in Brooklyn)


The Good

Syracuse has brought in an array of different players on both sides of the ball from all over the country. That’s difficult to do at this point in the recruiting season. The Orange has already addressed one critical need in the secondary by reeling in two 3-star DBs, Rodney Williams and Lamar Dawson, over the summer. And more good news could be on the way for the backfield if SU cashes in on the Josh Boyd sweepstakes. Bringing a quarterback every year is critical, and the Cuse has two signed for the class of 2014, including the leader of Syracuse’s Twitter Army. Adding Alin Edouard—who was coveted by schools like Arizona, Miami and Penn State—was an added plus.


The Bad

It’s something the Fizz has been saying for years, but SU needs another commit at the WR position. The Orange technically only signed two during the class of 2013 because Brisly Estime is primarily being used as an H-Back, and Corey Cooper is spending the football season at Jireh Prep attracting novel attention from some big time programs. Picking up Jamal Custis and KJ Williams are huge pickups, but let’s see if the Orange can grab one more before signing day. With the Cuse most likely losing DT Jay Bromley and Zian Jones at the end of the season to graduation, and with Wayne Williams’ status still a bit dicey, it would be nice to see SU nab a tackle. At this point, the realistic option for SU is unranked DT Zeek Rodney, who plans to visit the Salt City in January.


The Ugly

It’s pretty obvious when you lose commits this early in the recruiting period, it’s never a good sign. LB Jason Cabinda flipped to Penn State after the Nittany Lions were granted a few more scholarship offers after its sanctions were reduced. He visited the campus during PSU’s triple-OT victory over Michigan and Syracuse never had a chance afterword. In that same week, SU also said goodbye to 3-star OT Beau Benzschawel after the Badgers swopped in, offered the Wisconsin native, and he flipped. Syracuse has a good chunk of 3-star recruits already, which is better than previous years, but if better BCS schools keep leaping into the picture at the last moment, SU may be in for more losses.


Posted by: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. OrangeCrush27

    The Bad- I feel like we need more recruits at the offensive line position??

    The Ugly- Thats the way it will always be for ‘Cuse until it starts solidifying itself on the football field in terms of wins. I do Feel playing time should be enough for a recruit to want to come here and play opposed to going to a Big Time program, to just sit.

    Beau i totally understand the Flip due to proximity and family ties, Cabinda, well i’ll never understand a team telling you that they dont have enough scholly’s to offer you, but then all of a sudden they come in last second. If they wanted you that bad they would have offered way sooner. Wish them the best.

  2. AJ Long is a 2 star? I thought I heard he was a 3 or fringe 4.. ?

  3. Good – solid skill positions
    Bad – No muscle on the lines
    Ugly – star ratings, loss of critical NY players to other BCS programs

  4. Dr. bill

    The Good News….I keep saying this over and over: The fact that big time programs want in on our commits is Great! It is a sign our recruiting is improving!

    The Bad: We need to put a better product on the field. Until we start winning, we are going to struggle with recruiting.

    The Ugly: There is no ugly here…..Our program is on the rise. We need to give this staff support and a chance to grow! We need a star at the QB position. All really good offenses have good QB’s. We need a Star. With that player…..All positions around that player will get better. Big time players want to play with big time players!

    Go Cuse!!!

  5. The good news is that some of those currently ranked 3 Star players are far better than that ranking. Zaire Franklin is the most notable of those. Moskal may be as well.

  6. Zaire and Colton are legit

  7. The Fizz should get on the SU Ishmael connection if there is one. Ishmael would be that next big WR commit the team needs.Of course a big name DT would be more than helpful. Also the Fizz might want to explore the JC kids that GM is looking at besides the no way Mavety guy. There will be JC players coming into the team like last year. Various positions are still needed like CB DT and O-line. Whether there is a high end RB is also a possibility considering that Jerome and PTG are going one way or the other.

  8. LOL!! Yes there is some talent in this years class, but few at best. The WHOLE is lacking big time talent to beat BC,WF and Pitt. And you want them to throttle FSU/MIAMI and Clemson TOO-you’re dreaming with 60 rated classes. There are programs like Wisc,NW,Minn,Duke,Vandy, Miss. and Rutgirls that SU salivated over with easy wins years ago. Today their talent shows they are loads better than SU and it looks like that will last for years. Its talent and coaching that improved those teams. At SU they are satisfied with 2 star or troubled prep/Juco kids. That shows that SU is getting worse at farming talent into SU. HCSS so far has failed in getting let alone keeping talent here at SU. Coach McD has improved talent but a lower level to a low level and that ain’t going to buy good growth for the SUFB program!!

    Long has always been a 2 star. And labeled an athlete to not QB too!!

    Do not forget the 26 abused kids at PSABUSEDU. The NCAA did!!

  9. WF 30 SU 17!! Another heart break a-coming!!

  10. Your looking at 2014 recruits the morning of an ACC matchup!
    What’s that tell you?
    Wake by at least 6!
    Terry…your starting to sound like me…..there is very little recruiting help coming. Shafer and McD are the kind of coaches that get this kind of talent. We’re in for a long drought with this staff….
    I’m thinking 2017…
    Wake by 6
    Could end up 21!

  11. Best case this year….5 wins….I predicted 6
    Worst case 3..
    Probable outcome…. 4

    How many of these seasons do you guys need before your stop labeling anyone that has any sense a hater?
    Last two years we got in the toilet bowl because of the stupidity of the BCS.
    The kids are doing their best with….
    Bad coaching
    Being over matched
    Cuse fans have to start demanding better!
    It’s not the Dome…it’s the product…we filled Archdald in the snow when we had a team….

  12. n”Troubled JC kids is a Jurassic state of mind for far too many coaches and fans. Making that assumption is ridiculous.That was a Doug Marrone thought. Its stupid and shortsighted. The junior college route is valid and justification is a multi faceted in reality.

  13. OrangeCrush27

    Big Win fellas!

  14. Dr. bill

    Cuse 17..and Terry,
    You guys are some of the most negative fans out here on this site. I don’t know what you know or understand about recruiting and coaching, but your “the sky is falling” attitude is your own opinion, supported by who knows. The recruiting by this staff in the short time they have been together is better than it has been over the last two staffs. One half of a season does not make a career. It is way too early to evaluate this staff. they were hired..let them do their jobs..This mess that is Cuse football will take more than a year to turn around. Nice win guys!!! Keep up the hard work. Go Cuse!!!

  15. Here’s my take on the game fella’s;

    The GOOD—–Syracuse 13-Wake Forest 0. Syracuse improves it’s record to (4-4 2-2 ACC) and moves them to third place in the Atlantic Division of the ACC.

    The BAD—-a tough defensive battle in the first half of the football game ending in a 0-0 score. Wasn’t pretty,not pretty at all.

    The UGLY—-I know Coach Shafer can’t say anything about the officiating,so I will. Their just down right awful and should be thrown out of officiating college football. I think that their trying to send a message to Shafer that maybe he should keep his mouth shut. Remember their the one’s that’s going to protect the integrity of the old ACC,if you keep your mouth shut things will be good.

    TURNING POINT’S—there were a few things that happened that I thought were game changers. a)Syracuse’s Defensive unit knocking Michael Campanaro out of the game half way through the 1st quarter. b) completely different team in the second half,Syracuse took control of the game on both sides of the ball. c) Syracuse joined the rest of college football and started playing true freshmen today. AMAZING. Congratulations goes out to Brisly Estime and Isaiah Johnson,not bad for a couple of 2/3* players,job well done guys. d) we found someone who can catch the damn football. That’s truly amazing.

    Syracuse needs two more victories to become bowl eligible. I have them going 3-1 over the last 4 games of the season and gives them a (7-5 5-3 ACC) to make then BOWL ELIGIBLE.

    Sorry Terry I carried on tonight and if I upset you,well I don’t feel so bad in doing so.

  16. @terry;

    Wasn’t Isaiah Johnson one of those 2* athletes that you said couldn’t play the game? When he committed to Syracuse to play I know you didn’t have a good thing to say about the young man.

    Like I said before,you need to throw that damn star rating system out of the damn window.

    I’m watching the Florida ST/Miami game. They just put a list of the best recruits from the State of Florida on the screen and guess what. Miami got one of them and Florida State didn’t get any So if we were to use your reasoning,FSU is loaded with second tier recruits.

  17. Cuse Don't Luse

    my friend is a CB committed to wake forest who has started since he was a freshman at our high school named thomas dillon he said if cuse offered him he would accept

  18. @Carlton;

    What a game!!!!FSU 2013 ACC Champions,could be playing for the National Championship aginst Alabama kid they finish undefeated.

    Don’t forget now to pass it along to the team to take it easy on SU and remind them not to put a 100 points on the board against them.

    On the bright side though,by joining the ACC the competition has definately gotten better. Looking ahead to much improved games over the next few years.

  19. Very happy they won…can’t see the game from Fl….sounds like more of the same.. Defense hangs in there.. Offense sucks.
    It’s still a win. Wake looked good against Miami.. Thought their passing game would dominate. Their run defense sucked…we must be really weak up front.
    Shafer and McD still have to go….

  20. Recruiting will take care of its self as long as the team builds a good reputation providing academics and wins. Tradition, marketing of that tradition plus establishing new traditions creates positive sports reporting not only locally but nationally. Therefore, why doesn’t the ESPN ACC Blog provide positive Syracuse Football stories? They had stories about all of the ACC games except Wake Forest vs Syracuse game. Isn’t that strange? Cmon Doc Gross get that marketing machine going to make Syracuse Football a household name. I see more stories about BC Football than Syracuse.Bring 44 back in play! As I agree with Floyd Little that it is time to use the number.

  21. @Cuse17;

    It must be nice being a rocking chair QB and have all the answers. You had WF winning by 6 to 21 points over Syracuse. amazing truely AMAZING.

    As far as the recruiting goes,Shafer and McDonald has elevated the process and has/is going after better talent than what the last two coaching staffs have gone after. When I look at the current crop of the 2014 recruits I see at least 3 other 3* athletes that easily could be ranked 4* recruits. Turning the program around isn’t going to happen overnight,guys like you have to show some patience. If you can’t wait for that to happen then change your support to one of the southern schools and stay the hell off of this website. It’s bad enough to listen to Terry’s rants about the quality of the recruits coming to Syracuse,but when those recruits have a good game and over their careers at Syracuse turn into NFL prospects we hear nothing from guys like you or Terry. So please do us all a favor,if you have nothing good to say about the team please keep your thoughts to yourself,none of the true fans that show up at the dome to watch this team play want to hear/read anything that you have to say.

    I can see two players N/R Jason Bromley and 2/3* Marquis Spruill getting drafted in the next NFL draft. We have another half dozen under classmen that will also get drafter once they graduate. Not bad for a bunch of kids that some feel are unworthy of that recognition.

    I agree with Dr. Bill on this one,the coaching staff has been together for half of the 2013 season,lets let them do their jobs and see what happens 3 years down the road when the team is getting good 3 and 4* recruits. If at the end of that time things haven’t changed then I’ll join you in saying it’s time for change again at Syracuse and sending us again back to the dark side and and having the fans put into a state of uneasyness waiting another 15 years hoping that we get someone in hear that knows what the hell is going on.

    I believe that we have the right coaches here now and my support is behind Coach Shafer and his staff 100%.

    I thoughts should be turning to the Maryland game nextweek and hoping that they prove you wrong again by winning their 5th game of the season. and going 3-2 in conference and needing one more game to go bowling.

    I know Terry it’s the homie in me speaking. Just letting you know it’s not going to change.

    Go CUSE;

  22. I’m happy we got a win. It was a struggle but a win is a win. The defense is such a strong unit. I was very excited for Estime Brisley. That is a kid that needs to play way more. also happy for Isaiah Johnson. that kid will be a force to wreckon with in the next 4 yrs. I would like to see the orange go 3-1 over the next 4 games. I think that it will be more like 2-2. Have heard that Maryland is hurting with injuries, and we all know how FSU will go. I think that we can beat Pitt , but game with BC will be a ?.

    CUSE17…What is your reasoning for wanting the staff fired. I’m just wondering. I remember reading last yr. When Marrone left all of you guys said that we sound hire from within. Now you want him gone. Only to have another coach come in and cuse will struggle for yet another yr or 2. And you people will still not be happy and would want that coach gone too. Yes i’m frustrated too at times with how this team plays. but I’m letting this staff get their own players in. I feel that things will change with the class of ’14. I’, sure you will disagree. That’s your opinion.

  23. CUSE DON”T LUSE.. Who else is recriuting your friend or was recriting your friend? What would make him say he would commit to cuse? Was cuse even looking at him in the first place? If so why didn’t he commit in the first place and now he would? IU’m interested to see what a HS kid thinks and feels when they are being recruited.

  24. @Cuse17;

    Are you trying to pull a fast one over on the rest of us here? Changing your moniker from FloridaSteve to Cuse17?

  25. My god I feel like the later Coach P, GROB dougie and nearly HCSS in my predictions. I’m under .500(if you count Toledo for dougie) and really confused about this team at times. Great win, but I’m glad the ticket price was decent, otherwords the game was not worth the $$$$$!! SUPER WIN!!

    “O” is terrible!! HUNT is just not DIV 1 level at all. The stats show that!! As well as his play on the field!! Plus razzele dazzele plays show the staff has no real confident in him. The future is in the crop of 4 “new” QBs that haven’t played yet. Thank god for that or SU is in another bad run at QB!!

    The “D” played great. But WF was really down!! More players were down other than Campanaro on WF. Players were falling out right and left for them. But I’ll take it. Better them than us!!

    Got a new new nic name for RONETTE!! ROC n RON n ROLL. Because most rocks have more CFB knowledge than him. He persists on 2 star talent will win and he knows more than all the rating sites put together. I guess the fumes from the fertilizer he uses on his turnip crop make him MR FOOTBALL!! Go back to hoeing your a joke HOMER!! Your observation of the FSU/MAIMI game and talent tell all=STUPID!! If SU had the crumbs from those teams they would be at least 5-3 NOW!! Complaining about officals shows your homer side to. It always goes both ways. I was at the game. I thought the calls were equal. Enough of my time on this!

    Dr Bill!! SU will not get decent talent in SU until they win nationally!! You sound like RON here!! Bill I research what I say. The staff over shot the talent level (so far) this year. At best SU is .500 for the last 10/12 years that ain’t good enough in the CFB world. So the staff has to gamble on lesser talent and hope-n-pray!! Yes SU has some quality 5/6 out of 15 or more. But we heard from staff that SU has majority of 3/4 stars(yes Rocking Ron) looking SUs way. Well that ain’t true!! Do the reaseach guys. Good rated talent win NCs not hope and pray talent!! I love Brisley(watch his presser he’s great toward the media)and Johnson. Two hardnosed kids that staff gamble right on. But there is plenty of talent on this team that are not DIV 1 material staring at QB.

    Smith needs to stay. Disapointing season so far!!

    I see the Rocker watched the FSU/Miami game. That place is by far to me the best FOOTBALL enviorment(bar none) in all football-from pew-wee to nfl-no doubt!! I checked that off my bucket list!! AWESOME PLACE!! You watching Dr Gross??? PS where is the facilities-Doctor??

    I’m still concerned about this staff and their quality of coaching. But I just love HCSS pressers. But at the same time pressers do not win games. Talent and coaching do. Get them going coach. Win one for the hardnosers!!

    Sorry for Roc n Roning it!! LOL!!

    Do Not Forget The 26 Abused Kids from PSABUSEDU. The NCAA DID!!

  26. Cuse don't luse

    @upstate Andy he is also a very good basketball and wasn’t sure which sport he wanted to play in college he spent all his time going after basketball but changed his mind to football he had interest from Oregon like heavy interest but for him he didn’t care about the bright lights so when wake forest offered him his first bcs scholarship he accepted he picked it over Fresno state and a few other offers and have interest from everywhere from Bama to Oregon but now is rethinking wake because he wanted to play bcs for sure and got excited but now might want a better program

  27. Cuse don’t luse.. Well that is interesting to know. Hope that where ever your friend goes that it is the right choice. I’m sure that is a hard decision to make. I’m sure that whatever he decides to do that he is successful

  28. Not for nothing but you people put way way way too much stock in these star rankings

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