Amidst Winston Allegations, Syracuse Must Focus to Hang with Seminoles

Syracuse vs. Florida State: Winston Allegations, What if Syracuse wins and What to Watch For


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The Jameis Winston sexual assault allegations have caused a media storm. The biggest question in this, aside from whether he actually did it or not, is how might it impact his play? Florida State is flirting with a national championship game and it routinely puts up more than 50 points per game. Winston plays a big part in that.

The Syracuse defense has been dynamite the past two weeks. The Orange has only allowed three points in its last two games, and if these allegations happen to get to Winston’s head, perhaps Syracuse doesn’t lose by 30-plus points.

If Syracuse wins this game, it would be a miracle. Fortunately for the Orange, miracles do happen. The defense has to be better than what it has been in the past two games, and Winston has to struggle. Syracuse only has control over its defense—not how the talented quarterback performs. If these allegations get to his head, Syracuse has a better chance. This team is going into this game with confidence, knowing it is only one win away from being bowl eligible.

Syracuse football could be bowl eligible for the second year in a row and for the third time in four years. This sounds ridiculous, considering how this team got off to a shaky start. This team is 5-4 and 3-2 in conference. Yes, there are still three games to play, but I predicted this team to go to a bowl game.  If, not when, Syracuse beats Florida State, this team is going bowling. If it loses, as many expect, there are still two more games to get that sixth win.

Not to take anything away from Terrel Hunt, but the success pretty much all season has come from the defense and the running game, specifically Jerome Smith. Smith had two touchdowns against Maryland, and the defense only allowed three points. Smith is the biggest key to this game. The Seminoles have only given up more than 17 points once this season, and that was against Boston College. This team has a pretty solid defense, but Syracuse has shown the same in the past two weeks.

Hunt’s main job is to get the Orange into the red zone. Once there, the rest is a little bit easier, but it starts with the Syracuse offensive line. If it can create holes for Smith and PTG in the red zone, Syracuse has a chance to score. The defense should focus on Winston. Don’t give him open looks, and that makes everything much easier.

I think many saw this team only at four wins by now. Five is only one more than four, but it’s also just one from a bowl game. Don’t think Syracuse is done for this game. I think the defense will be great and that the allegations will get to Winston’s head. Still, Florida State will get the win, but it’ll be somewhat close.

Florida State 35, Syracuse 24.

Posted by: Austin Pollack

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  1. Syracuse, with Terrel the Good will Slay Felonious Jamies and FSU ,27-24.

  2. orangeinva

    Fla St. is at home….
    Fla St. is trying to stay in the top 2 to play for a national championship…
    Fla St. is fast…faster than CUSE in too many areas…

    Unless CUSE can throw down the middle, and deep, Fla St will have little trouble defending bubble screens with speed and our ground game with 8 in the box.

    Maybe we can “spread” them but Hunt hasn’t showed me he can manage that game…

    FSU 59..CUSE 6

  3. OrangeCrush27

    We have to be able to score with FSU and control the clock on offense, to stay in this game. Hunt needs to complete passes and receivers need to catch everything. RB’s will do their job.

  4. Five wins thus far is great – and I think they get to six. BC and Pitt are both toss ups in my mind; figuring one goes our way.

    But, Syracuse hasn’t shown they can remotely hang with an elite team (Clemson) or even a pretty good team (NW, GT).

    48-10 seems about right

    That must be what Vegas figures with the 37.5 line

  5. If Cuse can get a touchdown or two then I will be very pleased.

  6. Slobber Knocker. We aren’t going to try to play thier game. We are going to run the ball down thier throat, and beat the hell out of Jamies Winston, who has it coming to him!

  7. I hope I’m really wrong but I see SU gets ripped We aren’t close to the talent level of FSU.They will cover the spread easilyWinston will make a huge step forward in the Heisman race.

  8. Here’s my 2 cents I think Su is better than they get credit for the announcers of the Va Tech and Maryland game called SU mediocre must be Va Tech isnt as good with 4;26 left in 3rd Maryland Leads by a TD. NOw to get back to Su in the last 4yrs Su has pulled off a major upset of a Ranked team if Su can run the ball like they have in there wins averaging almost 220 yds a game on the ground I think they gave Fsu a tight game. Remember Su gave Clemson 21 pts on blown coverages on ran for over 300yds.

  9. Bobby Bowden

    Maybe a sinkhole will swallow the FSU bench and SU can win it .

  10. @JB

    1st quarter FSU 28-SU 0. FSU has 285 total yards of offense in the 1st quarter SU 10 yards. If the game keeps up at the current pace FSU will score 112 points for the game and set a NCAA record for most offensive yards ever gained in a College game.

    JB come back when you have something important to say,fool.

  11. Hey, you were successful Ron. The team went convinced that they couldn’t win. Between the media, the coach and the pathetic loser “fans” the young impressionable minds of our team were defeated before they even left Syracuse. Again congraulations your a real supporter.

  12. My thoughts and prayers go to Julian Whigham for a speed recovery. I just hope the doctors can stop the enternal bleeding.

    Good luck young man.

  13. @Carlton;

    Congratulations kiddo;you have a real nice team down in Tahallassee. The ACC Championship against Duke should be interesting.

    Don’t apologize to anyone for FSU. They deserve all the credit that comes their way. I hope someday Syracuse becomes that good.

  14. I bet and lost so much money on the game today that I’m now homeless. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  15. The FSU starting unit didn’t even work up a sweat in the 1st half against Syracuse building a 45-0 lead.

    Second half FSU called in the 2nd and 3rd string reserves and Syracuse struggled. And yet some of the people who new that the beat down was coming was called “serious losers by others”. Those who make those types of statements needs to go to his/her doctors and ask to be put in an institution and get some desperately needed help.

  16. ROF,You don’t have the heart to be a fan.You are more concerned with your malformed ego to show how smart you are.Anybody could figure out that FSU has a huge talent edge, not just some genious like you. So , I say again your not a fan and apparently don’t know what jt means to be a fan.And that’s what makes you a loser.

  17. Terry you must have gone crazy watching the Elmira Express beat CBA 24-18 today and you thought the home team didn’t have a chance. Good job.

    Congratulations to the Express on a fine season. Do they play for the Class AA championship next week?

  18. Russell Dangerfield;

    I guess what you and Malone was saying about Rutgers losing/decommitting recruits and new accusations of bulling ending with players quiting the team was true.

    At this moment in time,it don’t look good at Rutgers University for the football program.

  19. It kind of looks like the next two weeks are turning into the biggest and most important two weeks of the 2013 season for the Syracuse football team.

    Syracuse (5-5 3-3 ACC) faces Pittsburgh(5-5 2-4 ACC)at home in a must win for either team to qualify for a bowl. Going to be interesting people,real interesting.

    Prediction Syracuse improves to(6-5 4-3 ACC)to win a close one 24-21 and goes bowling.

  20. Ron,you did’nt think I was serious about the base at RU wanting to dump KF?The cracks in RU’s defensive backfield are exposing them!Maybe if we finish strong we can steal a couple of their recruits?If KF loses his job we should clean up in NJ.

  21. @Ron & Russ so my biggest issue with the whole Rutgers latest bullying thing is that the kid who was bullied and left was David Tyree’s nephew or something. That’s a legacy guy at RU!? Maybe this was an act of Orange allegiance? Go agent Orange

  22. Whose this JB kiddie????

    AJ SU is not that good. Both the MD and WF games were wins because of major injuries to major player on their sides. A number of these players SU didn’t see are nationally known. Who on SU’s team is nationally known?????? Sorry there are none!!

  23. Guys,I think RU is struggling just to make a minor bowl maybe worse than us?I think unless they make a smart move fast(spend money on a proven coach) which they won’t(too cheap) we’ll move right past them again and put our flag back into our traditional recruiting grounds very soon!Shady leaving might have been a blessing for us!

  24. @Russell Dangerfield;

    Damn Russell you got me fired up again about recruiting the NJ kids.

    Russell now come on bud,I’ve never doubted anything that you’ve had to say about anything. When I hve guys like myou and Malone saying the same thing how can it be wrong.

    I appreciate the information kiddo.

  25. @Terry;

    I know one thing for sure Terry,this JB person sure likes to talk s**t.

    I’m glad you had a good time with your grandchildren on Saturday. My day with all of my grandchildren will be a couple of weeks during the BC game.

  26. Ron and others CUSE-Nics out there enjoy your Grandkiddies they are of you after all!! Like it or not!! They will teach you also!!

  27. @Terry;

    I do enjoy them Terry,learning something every day. My wife and I have been blessed. Wouldn’t change the memories they bring/provide for all the money in China.

  28. My mom used to say when we were kids when we asked how we could repay her for kindnesses “not to worry about it,just give me lots of grandchildren”…they carry our legacies into the future!

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