A Year in Review: Terrel Hunt’s Wild 2013 Syracuse Football Season

We recap Terrel Hunt’s wild 2013 season.

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Terrel Hunt has had a roller-coaster season. The Fizz goes through Hunt’s seasonal progression and what he needs to improve upon to continue on as Syracuse’s starting quarterback.

Let’s rewind to the start of the season. Terrel Hunt sat on the sidelines the first two weeks after losing the QB competition to Oklahoma transfer Drew Allen. Some would have given up after not winning the job. Although Allen’s struggles were the reason why Hunt was given a shot, Hunt, much like Syracuse football this season, thrived as the underdog. He was able to beat defenses this year with a balanced combination of passing and scrambling in space.

However, he went through stretches against tough opponents (Clemson, Georgia Tech, Florida State University), where he looked lost and unconfident on the field. But Hunt was able to improve each week.

In the beginning and middle of the season, Hunt was not able to make the big throw on third down and heavily relied on the running game, including his own two legs. By the end of the season, Hunt had gained the confidence to make the big throw—remember that 21-yard pass to Brisly Estime on a long third down with less than 6:00 left in the Texas Bowl?

The defender on that play? Brock Vereen, who will most likely be playing on Sundays next year.

The Queens native still has a lot to prove if he wants to retain the starting role next season. Hunt is clearly the frontrunner to win the job after a strong end to the 2013 campaign. However, there will be some hungry competition behind him if he cannot improve on his mechanics this offseason. Hunt’s Achilles’ heel is a lack of accuracy in his passing game. Hunt overthrew many of his receivers on deep routes throughout the year, causing Syracuse to miss out on plenty of scoring opportunities. Once defenses realized Hunt had a major issue throwing the ball, they would stack the line of scrimmage to eliminate the bread and butter of the SU offense, the ground game. Eventually, Hunt was able to marginally improve enough to convert third downs and keep the chains moving. Working on the deep ball is a must for Hunt heading into 2014.

Another issue was building connections with offensive targets. Many thought Hunt and Jarrod West would be the lethal combo for the Orange at the start of the year. In the end, the relationship did not develop and Hunt could not grow a consistent connection with a receiver. With the emergence of Brisly Estime and an incoming 4-star WR recruit, KJ Williams, Hunt will have another opportunity to gain a go-to receiver who could jump-start the passing game.

Some critics have said Hunt has not proven enough to be handed the starting role next year despite leading Syracuse to a winning season. While any competition is a good thing, wins speak for themselves. Hunt threw the game-winning pass to Josh Parris to gain bowl eligibility against B.C. and was able to run in for the touchdown after the Estime punt return in the Texas Bowl.

Hunt fits the SU offense and has shown flashes that he can take it to the next level. The starting job will be his to lose.

Posted by: Zephan Mayell

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  1. Hunt’s experience will count for a lot of chips on his side of the table next season but the big chip is the ability to play consistently in moving the team forward and practice sessions will continue to be critical. I think that both AJ Long and Alin Edouard will factor big for the starting job.Edouard will eventually win the job with the only legitimate question being “When”?

  2. I think it’s easy to say Hunt will have the advantage going into next season with both Allen and Loeb gone leaving only some untested players. I think part of Allen’s problem was the new HC and OC were trying to figure out the team and play calling and it took them a few games. I look for one of the newcomers to eventually win the starting spot.

  3. OrangeCrush27

    Chris/Charles – agree with both your posts for sure. Hunt has a lot of chips going into next season, has a better understanding of the offense and teammates. Love the kids size and ability to be mobile at times. Just feel like he needs to work on consistency, as well and also checking plays at the line by reading the defense.

    Def agree with you Charles on Allen, and would add that the O-line and wide receivers were nothing like what he had at Oklahoma.

    And let’s not forget Kimble and Wilson as well. Those two could be special . Got to love having the cupboards stocked at the QB position

  4. HUNT has improved, but how much is the question. The “O” is not scoring enough points yet HUNT wins games. His main problems are 2 fold now. One his down field efforts are miserable. Mid-range and parallel passes are ok!! The Texas Bowl game announcers kind of mentioned that kindly. His down field technique is wrong!! And his mental game is real slow to react properly at times!! The illegal grounding on the series before SU scored is an huge example of that!!

    But with 5 QB’s around next fall some of them will have to transfer!! I don’t see all of them staying around!! Maybe Edouard might be the guy!!

    Do not forget the kids of PAABUSEDU!! The NCAA did!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!! Even the homers. God bless ya all!! CUSE for ever!

  5. Agreed that Hunt has a leg up going into 2014. However his limiting factors have been well stated and I think one of the newer QB’s will eventually take over unless Hunt can improve his defense read and long ball accuracy.

  6. thesackster

    terrell really has improved over the year, and i beleive with his work ethic he will be better next year. the one thing that will make him great is his determination and drive.

  7. BK SU football Fan

    I’m loving the young guns behind Hunt, but just as I felt prior to this season, I want Hunt to be the guy. I feel like he has the capability to develop into a quality college qb. I suggested it before, but it would be nice to see Donovan McNabb come and work with all the qbs(but in particular Hunt) in the spring.

  8. The BC/Arizona game was interesting. The Arizona QB that no college program wanted(even Div. 3’s according to announcers) help blow out BC by over 3 TD’s. That just shows you how average HUNT really is. His completion percentage is better mainly from lateral dump offs. Down the field throws are a must for winning unless you have Jim Brown or Walter Payton in your back field. Some say(and are totally nuts)that HUNT is better than Nassib. How many 90 yard drives has HUNT done lately!! NO WAY. If Ryan played this year SU would of won 8 games!! Anyway HUNT has improved some, but needs tons of help on down field throws and a total better grasp of the mental game of football!! I hope he’s pushed the fullest so that SU can start the rebuilding process of national recognition it once had!!

  9. Well everyone have you all been watching the bowl games this season? Not including the Louisville and Notre Dame games,8 teams from the ACC have played already and only(newbe’s Pittsburgh and Syracuse) along with North Carolina have won their games for a winning percentage of 37.5%.

    If you all thought Syracuse had it rough in their 1st year of the ACC,wait until next year. After winning their bowl game against Minnesota,Syracuse won’t be thought of as one of the new kids on the block and things are only going to get tougher with Notre Dame and Louisville coming into the league. Did you watch the Duke game lastnight? If you thought they were a joke watch out because they’re the real thing.

    Which brings me to the QB problem that Syracuse faces for 2014. I agree Terrell Hunt had a good season,not a fantastic or great season,a good season. Terrell couldn’t throw the deep ball consitantly,had troubles throwing the short dump pass over the middle,decision making was medicore at best and his speed leaves a lot to be desired.

    Terrell’s desire to win and compete at the highest level is admirable and I have a lot of respect for him,but,but but.

    If you look at the Minnesota game they gave us the Texas Bowl victory because of the secondary missing their assignments. Terrell ran the ball on fourth and nine setting up his first TD run when they couldn’t tackle him and again while crossing the goal line. The second TD run Minnesota’s secondary really messed up by missing their respective assignments. In conclusion folks Minnesota really helped Terrell Hunt look good in that game.

    Which leads me to say this,I know Terrell looks like the man to beat for the starting QB for 2014. I know your all happy for him and so am I,but,BUT BUT,Terrell Hunt will not be the starter for next year. The primary two QB’s to fight to replace him will be Austin Wilson and Alin Edouard with my money on Austin Wilson winning the job.

    Terrell Hunt might start the first game of the season. If he stumbles and hasn’t improved over the winter,look for Shafer to do next season exactly what he did this year. He will inject Wilson and Edouard into the games and give them some game experience that will help decide who will be the next QB at Syracuse. After the first two games of 2014 the winner will be decided and will lead the team into the Notre Dame game the third week of the season at MetLife Stadium.

    Sorry for being so blunt people but really some people need to wake up get focused and get a grip on reality.

    This is only my opinion folks,it’s not gossple. Can’t wait for spring practice to start.

    Go Cuse;

  10. Terry I apologize for rambling on,that last post was a little long,even by my standards.

    Hope everyone had fun celebrating the New Year lastnight and made it home safely.

  11. vineyardjohn

    There is a football saying….”Everyone’s favorite QB is the 2nd stringer”. I think a little of that is going on here. We got two kids out of HS. It is a big jump to college no matter how talented you are. We have two other kids who have not taken a snap in college ( but have gotten familiar with the offense). And we have TH. As a starter he was 7-4 ( i know a lot of that was on the D). He clearly showed improvement between Oct and NOv. Remember he hasnt had a spring or preseason where he was “the” man. (had to split reps 3 ways which would have slowed his progress) He was the MVP in a bowl game against a good big10 D. I especially saw his long throws getting better and his game decisions. He is clearly a leader and seems to have the team behind him. I would be shocked if he wasn’t the starter next year.

  12. The thing with TH is. He was able to hold onto the QB job because Allen was just a turnover machine. We had nobody to back hunt up. If hunt went down do to injury it was allen the rest of the way. If allen could have throw the ball without throwing an int everytime he got the chance to play. Allen would have never have lost the job.
    The thing moving forward with TH is. I don’t see him being the starter for long next season either. He has to be able to throw the deep ball consistantly. He had way to many incomplete passes in the Texas bowl on long passes that should have been completions. I do feel that TH will have the same experience that allen had this season. Hunt will start the year but will lose it during the season. Who will be the player to take over I don’t know. When will it happen don’t know that either. Time will tell. I believe that we have players coming to the program to help us with and better the QB position.

  13. I would like to ask the staff here at the fizz one favor. As we have seen coaches being fired and moving already. I would like to know how this will effect players that have commited to programs. I have seen that PSU coach has taken the job at the texans. It is reported that schiano is the front runner for the PSU job. How does this effect recruiting for PSU? Does this help us with trying to get some of those players to change their minds and are SU coaches still going after some of these players? I saw that Holley was promised that O’Brien would stay and now that he commits he is leaving. So I ask that if there was a way that you guys could try and get the mind set of what these players are thinking at this point in time? It would be helpful to hear what these players are thinking and how they feel about the decision they have made. Also if you guys can keep us informed on how we are doing in the recruiting process and who we are going after. It would be helpful. Thank you.

  14. Cuse Don't Luse

    @upstate andy
    I agree that it would piss me off if I was Holley but keep in mind O’Brien was an offensive minded coach my guess is that if the new coach keeps the D-Coordinator that is in place then Holley will definitely stay

    On a side note besides the Wide Receiver Steve Ishmael what recruits are we targeting at all I come on this site for recruiting knowledge not a post about the year in review I mean come on we all watch the games and we all know about the year. I try to have my own 2 cents but I agree with the others that are saying the Fizz is slacking for good articles because ALL we want is recruiting insight… I only read the comments I didn’t even bother reading this article so can anyone tell me our recruiting targets?

  15. @cdl
    I agree with you. The thing that I will be looking for is. How many coaches does O’Brien take. I saw in an espn report that PSU made the dl coach an interm hc. I wonder why that was. This is only till they find a HC. I also saw a report that said that O’Brien had made a promise to holley that he would be staying. I’m thinking just to get him to commit and that I’m thinking that holley is now rethinking his desicion. Guys I just see this as an opportunity for su. Things like this make me hope that players do see that maybe they should rethink thier thoughts.

  16. I want to ask all of the people who believe that none of the QB’s currently on staff or the two that are coming in in 2014 will be able to replace Terrell Hunt as the starting QB because they haven’t thrown a pass in a college game yet. We’re you all saying the same things about the last two Heisman TGrophy winners?

    Look at the last two Heisman Trophy winners,Johnny Manziel and Jamis Winston,both redshirt freshmen who led their teams to the 2012/2013 Cotton Bowl and the 2013/2014 National Championship.

    Both of these young men had one thing in common,neither had started or threw a pass in a college game prior to them getting the starting job at quarterback.

    Hello Austin Wilson.

  17. No problem Ron I’ve been long winded to lately!! Some fans just don’t get it and are subjective in their thoughts. So I rant on!! LOL!!

    Ron I don’t know if the Red Shirt QBs or the Recruited QBs are the answer, but truthfully we are stuck with HUNT or one of the 4 newbie’s. Spring and fall will surely bring up some debate on who should QB the CUSE!!

  18. @Terry;

    According to Ryan Murry at Cuseconfidential,Syracuse is close to signing an All American 3* 202 lb WR Demetrius Johnson out of Annapolis Christian School (Annapolis MD). He will play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl this week and will make his decision between Syracuse and Rutgers after the game.

    Lets hope he comes to the Cuse.

  19. Cuse Don't Luse

    @Ron and Terry

    You guys are spending too much time on the topic of quarterbacks. I think Hunts 7-4 record proved him capable of being our starter but if we have better options then they should become the starter of all positions you guys are arguing and overly concerned about possibly our deepest position.

    @upstate andy
    if we got Holley that would be huge (literally he is massive)

  20. CDL QB position in College or NFL is always the major concern for a program!! Ron and myself feel if that position was slightly better(and really that should of happened)this years so wouldn’t SU be better!! We are concerned that HUNT is at his best now and any improvement would be slight!! He’s been here at SU 3 years and really can’t hit the bomb at all or think straight during a pressure situation. Just grabbing the ball and running does not make a great QB!!

  21. @Cuse Don’t Luse;

    my comments about the current state of the QB at Syracuse was in no way an argument,I was just responding to all of the comments others were making about the performance of Terrell Hunt over the 2013 compaign.

    In no way did I ever think that guys like Terry and I were in any kind of an argument,we both were trying to make people see and recognize the deficiencies in Terrell Hunts performance that needs to be corrected before next season.

    I also know that because of our statements both Terry and I stand alone in giving our opinions on the situation. If you believe that both he and I are over analizing/talking about the QB problem that we face now,wait until when spring practice starts in March and April. It’s only going to intenseify and will be the main topic for conversation on this board.

    Have a nice day young man.

  22. I’m going to change the subject a little here. Did any of you out there watch the UCF/Bailor game lastnight? Did you see the performance of the RB #28 William Stanback?

    In the past we’ve talked about the lack of getting NY talent to come to Syracuse. Did you hear the announcers say that he was from Hempstead NY and that Coach Marrone had made a telephone call to George O’Leary telling him to come and get him to play for UCF? Watching that kid run made me sick,why in sam hell would Marrone ever do a thing like that?
    Can you invision a player like William Stanback running the ball with an orange uniform on. It’s no wonder we’re having troubles recruiting players from NY with coaches having an attitude like that.

  23. Marrone had him coming here,HCSS didn’t want him.

  24. @JB;

    your information may be true. I didn’t think an assistant could override a head coaches decision as to who or what they should bring in to play. It just seems awful funny to me that we let this player go to another school. I can understand Marrone helping this kid if our recruiting was over with and we maxed out on the number of recruits that we could have brought in. I just don’t get it. Maybe that’s the reason for the current NYS talent snubbing Syracuse year after year.

    Thanks for the information.

  25. As incredible as it may seem Stanbeck didn’t have any other offers and wasn’t thought of as a major college program type player. The current staff didn’t want him and Marrone called O’Leary because they have known each other ffor a long time.

  26. @JB;

    I guess the old saying “you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover” applies in this case.

    That’s exactly why I hate the star rating system. I’ve read to many articles about these 4 and 5* athletes not making the grade and getting released from their scholarships.

    No one and I mean no one really knows what to expect from any of the recruits that they bring in for their respective programs. Especially a person who set’s behind a desk some where trying to figure out just how good the players are by watching tapes of them and then giving them a few stars.

    I guess after his performance this year,HE PROVED ALL OF HIS CRITICS WRONG,DIDN’T HE?

  27. Ron,
    I thought I mentioned the Stanback thing once before. Stanback’s HS coach was a teammate of Marrone’s at SU. From what I heard, O’Leary, a coach of both guys during their time at SU was also told of the player. Marrone seemed to have the inside track, but left. He may have called O’Leary to let him know that he was out of the fight for the kid.
    CDL (and all probably) Holley is not coming to SU. How’s that for not being a homer Terry? SU just wasn’t a draw for him. I think he was surprised by SU on his unofficial, but that only means he had them low enough to be surprised. He came up to see, and to hang with his boy TH. The only way SU gets Holley I am afraid is if JB offers. If Holley decides not to go PSU, I have to believe the battle is between Ohio State and Florida (where he actually took officials). Where this creates potential help for SU is in next year’s class and moving forward in the region. The best news about BOB leaving is the way he threw mud on the administration as he did so. That might scare some good coaches away, but even Schiano (a PSU guy) is trouble for SU recruiting in the region. Schiano is a good recruiter, he just can’t coach offense. As for the DL coach, he is the last hoold over from the old regeim and probably their best recruiter. Those are the biggest reasons he is being held.

  28. And Ron, be careful talking about recruiting anything less than a 4 star or Terry will be on your case! lol.

    As for Stanbeck, it’s easy to see him as one that SU didn’t want and passed up, but don’t forget that at that point, we had Laray Smith and Gus Edwards. It was painful watching the Miami game and seeing Gus get carries and having to listen to the announcers talking about what a great recruiting get Gus was and how he is the future at Miami. Never once did they mention that he was Cuse bound till Marrone left and not a Miami get. They didn’t out recruit us for him. I am sure the turmoil that happened when Marrone left had SS and whoever else scrambling to shore up all those guys and Stanbeck slipped through, if he wasn’t already on with UCF at that point.

  29. From what I am hearing, we have a shot at flipping some guys still. I believe there is a DL verbal for Kansas that is thinking of flipping after talking with Chris Slayton. Also, I am not convinced we have given up on the BC commit Landry. I hear that Thomas, the LB prospect in Georgia, is an OU guy, but OU is making him wait. He is not crazy about it and supposedly realizes that he’s #2 there and #1 for us. That and we were in on him early and he appreciates our confidence in him. I heard that MD WR recruit (Demetrius Johnson) is between us and Marshal. I like our chances. I think this could be a great class. I hear ATH/RB Tommy Mister is strongly considering a visit. He was an Iowa State guy but is looking at options since they had a bad year and a few firings, including RB coach. Story is he wants to stay closer to home, but who knows what a visit can do. I have similar thoughts on Domer the Illinois verbal, but less optimism. If Vandy loses their coach (some have said he’s a Texas and a PSU target) then there is another RB (Wilbon) that is classmates with Aaron Roberts that might work free.

    Class of ’15 is already starting to show some thoughts and high hopes. Lots of NJ work being done.

  30. @malone;

    you may have talked about Stanback at one time or another and I must have forgot. I was surprised when the announcers were saying that Marrone gave him up to O’Leary.

    I read last night that we could be getting Demetrius Johnson and today I read that your boy Adly Enoicy is down to two schools and will be making his decision soon. It sounds like we have a good shot at landing him also.

    I believe that we have a good shot at landing some very good 3* athletes that could elevate themselves to a 4* by the time it’s all said and done.

    I’m not worried about Terry,I feel we’re two peas from the same pod. He has his points,stands behind his remarks and is a very strong family man. It took me a while to understand his logic/reasoning and I know that he’s going to say something that I’m not going to like and we will go after each other like we’ve done in the past.

    Malone ,thank you for all of the helpful information that you provide. I for one really appreciate it,and yes we are going after a bunch of recruits from NJ for the class of 2015.

  31. I like debating with Terry and value his opinion. I hope he knows that. I like to be a little lighthearted and have some fun. I truly think this class will surprise, and I mean that a couple ways. One, the guys we know are quality guys and quality football players. Two, I think we should expect a few happy surprises. I know nothing, just a feeling.

  32. I’m with you all the way man,feeling the samething.

  33. I’m here!!! Look another issue that SU has to deal with is CFU and their success. Florida might be a 2 star place too for SU!! SU has to go else where now since the NE is not a hot spot for them now also!! If PSABUSEDU signs Schiano SU is in deep do-do!! You’ll have plenty of your 2 star players to choose from because PSABUSEDU/ND and other monster programs will eat up the best talent in the NE!! HCSS/Coach McD has their work cut out for him!!

    Here is where I and RON maybe Russ(where’s he RON) and other SU HOMERS differ greatly. I feel there always a FEW spots for NR/2 star talent, but YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE A SUCESSFUL YEAR IN AND OUT WITH THOSE KIND OF PLAYER-period!! The facts show it. The top 25 shows it!! The recruiting rating systems is pretty close to being right-on(showing my 60’s culture) about the national HS talent. Sorry guys-but I trust them a hell of a lot more than you guys!! The NC game is full of high 3 and 4 star players. Decent # of 5 stars to!! That’s why these programs are on the top of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! YOU would not see these teams in the NC game with a ranking in the 60’s for the last few years. Facts prove that. SU shows that to playing nearly to a .500 record yearly!! Its very simple better talent=better growth and winning. This years recruiting class is in the 60’s and better than last years class(maybe) but just another .500 or so team until SU gets into the 40/30s like the good old days. Then dreams can or might come true. But not at 50/60’s!! I’m just tired of these high ranked classes.

    I’m just not crazy about flipping a player to your program. If it happens its better to be flipped to than to be flipped off. LOL! Wouldn’t you say. But it happens to all so I guess its fair game.

    Back to shoveling!! #@&%#!!!

  34. @Terry,Right here pal!! Went to visit relatives on PEI,Canada and NS over the the week!! Like I told Ron and Malone just said I expect a few NLOI day surprises this yr !?! Like Malone its just a feeling with the changes and fickleness of kids today.

  35. @Terry;

    I think Russell was away for the holidays visiting family. He’s back now and has posted on other threads.

    Look kiddo,I’ve never said build the team with N/R or 2* players to be successful. What I did say was just because they don’t get ranked by some idiot setting behind some desk doesn’t mean that they’re a bad athlete. Let the kid play to see what he has before passing judgement on him.

    Watching William Stanback(UCF)run the ball and impose his will on the Baylor Defense only lends credibility to my side of the arguement. One of our main differences Terry is that you believe in the rating system,that’s your right and I’m not going to tell you any different. Me,well I think they’re a joke and mean absolutely nothing.

    @Malone told us the other night that when Marrone left we lost Laray Smith and Gus Edwards. Based solely on the star system William Stanback probably wouldn’t ever have played here if all three players were to come here,and for me that’s a shame.

    Terry I have to ask this question. We’ve all condemned the OL & DL when they play poorly and praise them when they jell and start playing as a unit. Do you actually believe that all of those OL and DL that play college football are 4-5* athletes?

    A couple of years ago when Auburn won the National Championship game and as good as their OL line was,there was only one member of that unit that went to the NFL.

    Also two years ago three of the top 4 draft picks were N/R players.

    I honestly believe Terry that things are changing here at Syracuse and Shafer is bringing in good talent. Have you noticed that we haven’t talked about bringing in JUCO players this year? I also believe that some of those 3* athletes that have committed to Syracuse could very easily be ranked 4* athletes.

    I will never dismiss a player that comes with a N/R or 2 stars after their names. Coach Bobby Bowden said it best when he said “you gotta have heart”to play the game. I believe in that Terry,a player has to play the game with heart.

    Thank you for calling me a homer again this morning. I’ll wear that badge with honor and be damn proud to display it whereever I go.

  36. @terry;

    There is a God and he has to be listening and reading what we put on this website.

    I posted after O’Brien left Penn St that if I were Shafer I’d make another run for Cabinda and hope Holley and others decommit and decide to commit to Syracuse.

    This was just posted on syr.com. Syracuse reaches out to ex-commit Jason Cabinda, who is ‘somewhat open’ after Penn State loses coach.

    If he changed his mind and decided to come back to Syracuse,chances improve tremendously for those recruits that we’re after in NJ for 2015.

    The winds of change are blowing across the fields at Syracuse University.

  37. I mentioned it on Twitter to someone that I saw Cabinda tweeting with Rodney Williams. I am not sure that it means much, and everyone there told me it was a no go (and he has since retweeted a lot if his own re-commitment to PSU) but with these kids and all the stuff that goes on “behind the curtain” it just seemed too coincidental to me that he was tweeting an SU commit on the day the O’Brien announcement came out. I don’t think Holley is in the same category.

  38. @Malone;

    I think if Cabinda decommitted from Penn St(after he decommitted from Syracuse)and committed back to Syracuse for football,that alone would fuel the fire that burns in peoples hearts that hate the Nittney Lions.

  39. Hey guy’s, you all had me worried when you said that Greg Schiano was the front runner for the Penn St. job and that we’d be in trouble(recruining wise)if he were to get the job.

    It looks like Penn St. has different ideas,the following was taken from an article on ESPN this morning.

    Vanderbilt’s James Franklin, Miami’s Al Golden and former Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak top the list of Penn State’s candidates to replace Bill O’Brien, a source told ESPN.

  40. Well fella’s things are getting real interesting with all of the coaching changes being made at the college level.

    Charlie Strong leaving Louisville and going to Texas. Wow wow wow!!!!!!

    The experts are telling us that Texas is the most fertile ground for recruiting in the country. Can you imagine that? Better than the States of Florida,California,and New Jersey that’s hard to imagine.

    If it’s true,Strong won’t have to go into Florida for talent. This year Louisville has approximately 35 players from Florida on it’s roster. What happens if he continues to recruit Florida and turn his back on all of that talent in Texas? If he decides to stay in Texas,will that open some doors for a school like Syracuse to go in and get some more of the top talent in Florida? Last year he told his AD that he was staying at Louisville because of the school giving him a chance to be head coach and that Louisville’s Adminstration was the best in the land. Terry Bridgewater graduates,and Strong is gone to. SO MUCH FOR A COACH TALKING ABOUT LOYALITY TO THE SCHOOL THAT GAVE HIM THE CHANCE TO MAKE $5 MILLION PER YEAR.

    From what I’m reading guy’s it doesn’t look good for Schiano to be hired as head coach at Penn St.

    Hello Dr.Gross,are you paying attention to what’s going on here? We have a great coach in Scott Shafer. I think you better get on board and start paying the man more that what you’re paying him now.

    My concern is after Shafer’s children graduate from high school,will he stick around and finish the job building Syracuse Football into a player on the national scene?

  41. Your Shafer thoughts are good ones, especially the thoughts of his children’s ages. I think he still needs to show some as a head coach before throwing cash at him, but we’d better be ready to pony up when he does.
    Penn State seems to have been scared off Schiano, but apparently he was pressing for the Texas spot. He may have renewed interest in PSU now that Texas is gone.
    Texas is the real deal talent wise. That was a big reason we hired Robinson. The Texas faithful will require that Strong recruit hard in Texas and Oklahoma. That said, that school is bug enough and rich enought to do that and still use Strong’s connections to pluck Fla. talent, but he is more likely to be in on the top 5-10 guys, and not the whole state. That helps us a bunch and makes McDonald that much more valuable. Golden at Miami might also help us. Franklin headed to PSU is a danger as he is good on and off the field. I hear him mentioned for other spots in the NFL, like Washington and Tenn.

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