Fizzmas Wish List: Top Football Recruits on Syracuse’s Radar before NSD

We’ve got a feeling these recruits are pretty high on the Syracuse Orange football Christmas list.

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There’s less than a week ’til Old Saint Nick pushes his way down the chimneys, but more importantly, there are less than 50 days to National Signing Day 2014.

Syracuse takes on Minnesota next Friday in the Texas Bowl, and right when the game concludes, it’s back to the drawing board for Shafer and company. The Fizz hopes for a very Merry Fizzmas not on December 25 but February 4, when recruits sign on the dotted line.. Perhaps some 2014 recruits decide to pledge Orange prior to the deadline?  We have some in mind.

The Fizzmas Wish List: the top recruits on Syracuse’s radar this holiday season.


Steve Ishmael             6’2” 170 lbs.               Wide Receiver


The Fizz has already reported of Ishmael’s in-home visit from OC George McDonald. Whenever “The Mailman” is around, it means he wants you badly. The Miami, FL product Ishmael has a boatload of offers, particularly from in-state squads like USF, UCF and Miami. The Orange knew there would be a backdrop in terms of WR production this year with Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales gone, but probably didn’t think this much. With 4-star talent KJ Williams and Corey Cooper on board for next season, the addition of Ishmael makes for a lethal group of Class of 2018 targets. He plans to visit SU January 17th (just about two weeks out from NSD).


Chris Slayton             6’3” 258 lbs.               Defensive End


Slayton has already narrowed his school selection to four: Kansas, Syracuse, Minnesota and Illinois . This could make for a great story line for the Texas Bowl. Depending on which team fares well may sway Slayton one way or the other. The Crete, Illinois bulldozer was up On the Hill two weeks back and really enjoyed his stay. Slayton would be a solid add to the young defensive core Shafer has already proved he can win with, in the ACC.


Micquell Cotton         5’9” 175 lbs.               Safety


Depth in the defensive backfield always seems to be an issue for Syracuse. Keon Lyn and Brandon Reddish were injured so that definitely factors into Cotton’s ability to provide depth. Julain Whigam stepped up in spots and intercepted Clemson QB sensation Tajh Boyd twice. After that, there’s nothing very clear with the secondary. Not giving Illinois-native Cotton a strong pitch would be a mistake. He recorded 11 sacks and 56 tackles as a junior at O’Fallon High School. Cotton is also down to four schools: Syracuse, Indiana, Iowa State and Michigan State.


Jonathan Thomas     6’3” 210 lbs.               Outside Linebacker


Arguably the Orange’s strongest defensive position this season, there’s not necessarily a desperate need at linebacker. Marquis Spruill is a departing senior, but the Orange hopefully returns juniors Cameron Lynch and Dyshawn Davis. JuCo transfers Luke Arciniega and Josh Kirkland have been more than reliable as well. The Suwanee, Georgia native could build the bridge to the next young core. He has offers from Cincinnati, Indiana, Marshall, Oklahoma and Syracuse. What’s great news is that he will visit Syracuse January 31st, just five days prior to National Signing Day.


Adly Enoicy               6’4” 215 lbs.               Tight End

Most Syracuse fans might be surprised by this. Adly Enoicy is a big boy at tight end and he could be the best grab, at least offensively, for the Orange for the remainder of the recruiting class. Coach McDonald struggled immensely to implement the TE position into the playbook. We rarely saw Beckett Wales or freshman Tyler Provo used effectively, though Josh Parris did catch a big one against Boston College to lock up eligibility. Enoicy is the 36th-ranked TE in the nation and is a Delray Beach, FL native. Like Thomas, he plans to visit Syracuse on January 31st. Not so hot news for the Orange is that its competing against USC, Auburn, Florida State and Florida for his services.


There’s still a significant amount of time until recruits have to make their decisions, but Syracuse can’t let Signing Day sneak up on them.

Posted by: Brendan Glasheen 

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  1. Finally some recruiting news. We need more of these updates.
    I’m thinking recruits visiting the weekend of 1/31/14 will get a real kick out of seeing 35,000 in the Dome for SU v Duke game on Saturday night. Will be a great weekend to be on campus. I know I’ll be there.

  2. The real surprise in this article is Enoicy.While it would be great for the team if he was brought in the effort doesn’t appraiser to have been strong in his recruitment. YET!!

  3. OrangeCrush27

    Lets not forget 3 star OL Denzal Ward, who recently de-committed from Purdue. Holds some big time offers from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio St. Wisconsin and Florida, along with us, to name a few.

    Has had contact with SU reently. Keep an eye on him

  4. I worry about depth for the interior of the defensive line. SU seems real thin at the tackle positions. Wondering why the SU coaches are not going after more

  5. The DL will be shored up. Give HCSS and “the Mailman ” some time.

    GO SU

  6. Pitt just got “another” verbal from a home town player!! OL too!! Pitt, ABUSERU, BC and sometimes Rutgirls are cleaning SU’s clock in NE talent. SU will never be a super stop off for South Eastern talent. SU will get some Fl/Georgia talent, but so will plenty of others. I’m still stunded about how there is no program or media interest into why SU is missing on the top NE talent. Instead SU gets the crumbs! No way to fight for a winning program.

    Cotton-5’9″ is just to small to play DB/S in this modern era of College ball. Most super talented and not so super talented players are over 6 ft!!

    Do not forget about the abused kids at PSABUSERU!! THE NCAA DID!!

  7. 5′ 9″ is too small for modern day college football? Tell that to Wes Welkurt who is one of the most gifted players in the NFL now at Denver after a very productive stint with the Patriots.

  8. Cuse don't luse

    4 star o line recruit just announced on twitter

  9. @Cuse don’t luse;

    I don’t do the twitter thing. Who and where did he commit to?

  10. Cuse don't luse

    I don’t either my friend said he saw it and said the guys name was Brian Wallace and that he committed to cuse

  11. Cuse don't luse

    He may be kidding but he sounded serious though he has no reason to text me out of the blue and be joking so hopefully he wasn’t

  12. Cuse don't luse

    I just feel like if someone that monumental commited it would be everywhere or we would have seen his interest

  13. OrangeCrush27

    Yeah Brian Wallace doesn’t have Syracuse listed at all on scout or rivals as having any interest.

    Be a very nice pick up if true.

  14. Cuse don't luse

    My friend said he is “intensifying his want for cuse” or something like that was what the tweet said

  15. Cuse don't luse

    Sorry at first he said he comitted

  16. For whatever it’s worth, 247Sports predicts Syracuse will get Slayton and Enoicy, not Cotton. No prediction on Ishmael. And a google search of Jonathan Thomas comes up with a running back from Mass. who’s committed to Penn St. We’re now losing imaginary recruits to P St. That is all.

  17. OrangeCrush27

    I just feel if your a top tier or even 2/3 star recruit, why not give Syracuse a look? Your looking for playing time, why sit/redshirt at a top program?? Not saying you wont have to work for a starting job at ‘Cuse, but I like my chances of playing 3-4 years, rather then 2 years to not at all.

    Your still going to get looked at by the NFL, your still going to play top competition and your still going to get national attention at a historic college institution. And your going to do it all while helping to rebuild a program.

  18. It appears that bringing in a top running back this year is out. Erv Phillips seems to be the designated slot receiver despite having Corey Cooper coming in as well. A big time RB will have to wait until next year’s recruiting crop.

  19. OrangeCrush27

    For RB’s we are looking at 2 Norcross, GA RB’s, Myles Autry (4*) and Josh Boyd (2* and supposedly has high interest in us).

    A couple recruits that should be on the watchlist are: Zeek Rodney, Mike Johnson and Dion Hallmon

  20. lets not dwell on Hallmon he’s a primadonna only seemingly interested in Hallmon! Thank god we got his “teammate” and solid citizen Cordell Hudson.

  21. From what I understand, Wallace is between Alabama and Iowa. I think your chain was getting pulled. As for Hallmon, I am almost certain that Cuse is not interested unless as a backup plan (from his mother). I think NIU is a real option for him. Zeek and Mike Johnson I think are still in the mix. Rumor has it that Zeek may have trouble with admissions. Cotton was hot for SU for a while, but it does feel like he’s turned. I think he’s still an option, but not confident. I think he may go Iowa St. Ward is visiting Nebraska last. I think Roberts will be key to landing him. I think they work out together.

  22. And Terry, I hear the IPF will be framed up and enclosed by April/May. The interior may take some more time, but to me that means July? Ready for preseason.

  23. Mr Humphies. Look at Missu’s WR 3 are all tree like in height. The move in college and NFL is tree tall WR’s. 5’9″ dwarfs surely are quick but against a tree they’ll just swat at the ball while the tree catches it!! Throwing over the top now and in the future with TE like WR’s is the new mode for top quality football. Small DB’s well be weeded out or play lower level ball!!

    Malone about time!! Thanks!!

  24. No one can say that Coach Shafer and crew isn’t giving their all in trying to bring in top talent for the program. While trying his damnest to bring in top talent for the class of 2014,it looks like he’s concentrated on finding and building a top 2015 class.

    The latest recruit that’s received a scholarship from Syracuse is;

    3* 6’6″ TE Chris Clark out of Old Farms HS (Avon, CT)

    With his efforts in PA,CT,and NJ it kind of looks like his early focuse is the northeast. Maybe guys we get re-established here again.

    To all of the Fizz Family that’s made this website interesting this year,I would like to say from my family to yours,

    Have a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Years.

  25. Same to you guys Ron,Terry,Malone,CDL and all the others!

  26. Happy and Merry all around! to everyone but Terry, I would like to give you a bowl win. Terry, I would like to give you the IPF and a 6’3″ 210 lb. 4* safety from NY.

  27. @Malone;

    Over the years the only person that I’ve really been upset with is Terry. Like you Malone I just love debating with him. His points are redundant and at times makes your head want to explode,but they’re also on point and makes for some great discussions.

    In the end I’ve come to consider Terry a formidable advisory and a friend,a family man who stands behind his family and doesn’t back away from what he says.

    I know Malone that when you wish all to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years,we all know that Terry is included when you send out those best wihes to everyone.

    There’s going to be a time when Terry isn’t going to be able to spout all of his complaints here because over the next couple of years all that he complains about should be taken care of. New IPF should be built,4* safeties should be here,better all around personnel should be playing for the Orangemen by the 2015/16 season.

  28. when I said “Terry a formidable advisory” it should have read “adversary” not advisory. Sorry

  29. OH! Hey Ron, and more importantly Terry; I was not saying that I don’t wish Terry and his family the best during the holidays.

    I meant that instead of giving Terry a bowl win, I would give him what I believe to be his Christmas wish, a big 4* DB from our back yard to go along with the IPF. These seem to be his biggest points of discontent. I’ll even throw in that the gift is fast… lets say 4.5 speed (just trying to be realistic for that kind of size).

  30. I really didn’t think that you were that type of person to ever disrespect another for giving their opinion Malone. I knew you meant well.

    I think it would be fantastic to get Russell,mademan,Terry,you and I in a room to talk some football and the current state of syracuse program.

  31. Well Terry you might not have to wait to much longer for your wish to come true for a 4* Cornerback to recieve a Scholarship to play at Syracuse.

    I’ve just read that 5’10” 160 lb 4* (CB) Mike Hughes out of New Bern HS (New Bern NC) has been offered a scholarship for the class of 2015 and said he’s interested in and wants to hear more about the program.

    Schools of interest are;
    Alabama, Clemson, Duke, East Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Miami (Fl), Mississippi, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, UNC Charlotte, Virginia, Virginia Tech.

    @Malone posted on 12/23/2013 that he wished he could give you a 4* CB to come to Syracuse,and on 12/24/2014 there is an article telling us that one is interested in the Syracuse program. That’s amazing.

    Yes Terry there is a Santa Clause.

  32. I think that things are starting to look really good this Christmas Eve for the Syracuse Football team and Coach Shafer,here’s why.

    3* 6’8″ 290 lb (OT) Denzel Ward de-committed from Purdue and is now back on play for Syracuse. The stars are starting to align and things are starting to get interesting folks.

  33. Merry Christmas everyone,I want to welcome 3* 6’5″ 230 lb (DE) Chris Slayton to the Orangenation after committing to Syracuse on Christmas Eve.

    Terry,can’t you feel the winds of change that’s blowing across the fields at Syracuse University? Isn’t it wonderful?

  34. One way myou can tell that Syracuse is damn close to being relevant on the national scene again is take a look at the schools that were after Chris Slaytons’ services;Illinois,Kansas,Miami(FL),Michigan St,Ole Miss,Nebraska and Wisconsin. His final decision was to come to Syracuse,my my. Scott Shafer and staff must be doing things right and has to be turning some heads while doing so.

    The other thing that I’ve noticed is that we haven’t gone after too many Juco players this year. That alone is amazing.

    I also believe that if we beat Minnesota on Friday that we get more top recruits from the mid west region. Just a gut feeling when I say,”Hello Denzel Ward and welcome to the Orangenation”.

    Go get em coach,go get em.

  35. While Shafer is preparing the team for the Texas Bowl on Friday,he continues to recruit and finish for the class of 2014 while looking forwards and starting the recruitment for the class of 2015. Here’s a couple more that he’s offered a scholarship too for 2015.

    3* 6’5″ 286 lb (DT) Andrew Hood out of Friendship Christian Academy (Lebanon TN).

    3* 6’3″ 210 (DE) Malachi Felder out of Eastern Christian Academy (Elkton MD).

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