Football Recruiting: Cordell Hudson Expresses Syracuse Love on Twitter

Cordell Hudson’s visit to Syracuse may convince the 3-star defensive back to play for the Orange.

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Cordell Hudson is keeping Syracuse at the top of his list. The 3-star defensive back from Florida ventured up to Syracuse this weekend and was blown away during his visit on the Hill, according to his Twitter page.



Hudson was able to meet head coach Scott Shafer, tour the campus, and even check out Syracuse’s basketball game vs. Binghamton on Saturday. The 5’11”, 170-lb DB has garnered over ten scholarship offers, and it’s going to come down to Syracuse, Iowa State and Rutgers. Hudson told the Fizz a few weeks ago that he wants to get out of Florida to play his college ball.

The “Magician,” as he’s referred to on the football field, will be visiting Rutgers this weekend. Usually recruits these visits have more of a lasting impact on recruits when it is closer to signing. Yes, Coach and Flood and company will be freshest on Hudson’s mind, but his trip to Iowa State was all the way back in September. This could come down to a 2-team race between the Orange and the Scarlet Knights with Signing Day fast approaching.

Syracuse could use another defensive commit, especially in the secondary. So far Syracuse only has two DB commits:

3-star safety               Rodney Williams (Cherry Hill, NJ)               5’10”,  180 lbs

3-star cornerback     Lamar Dawson (Chicago, IL)                         6’0”,  190 lbs


With such high interest in Syracuse, Hudson needs to be a key addition to this class of 2014 for the Syracuse coaches. The Orange is set to lose plenty of DBs, including Keon Lyn, Ri’Shard Anderson, Jerami Wilkes, and even backup Joe Nassib. Syracuse has to fill the gaps by bringing in another 3-star defensive back.

After one successful visit in the Salt City, Syracuse fans will have to wait and see what happens down in Piscataway. Cuse fans may have a good old-fashioned battle brewing with the Scarlet Knights again. Just like old times.


Posted by: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. thesackster

    we could use another corner back in this class.

  2. Why can’t we play Rutgers. If there were some hot tempers during the conference merry go round and peoples egos got ruffled they need to address that,talk to the agreaved parties, and get over it. It hurts Eastern football,especially SU and Rutgers, to not have this game.

  3. Russ, I heard that we are in early with offers on a couple of ’15 players from Union City, NJ (just north of Hoboken for those who don’t know) Tough town and a pretty good football area. One is a 6’3″ 200 lb WR/SS and the other is a big OL who I believe took an unofficial and attended a camp. Their coach is a former Miami player. I would love to see us pull something out here.

  4. Add Naseane Howard to that list, as he was recruited as a DB.

  5. This young man has the talent to get some playing time immeidately and will be able to play in his home state.

    It would be huge to get him. Wilkes is from Florida also and he had a stellar career at SU.

  6. @Malone,that kid from Montclair was DE/T Darius Slade(6’5″ 240) not Slayton!?! My memories not so sharp these days but anyway he committed to Nebraska today according to reports!Good get for them a high 3 star with room to grow!! Ot OH Neb back recruiting Jersey?That’s all we need is for them to get their foot back in the door b4 we recover there(NJ)!!I guess Texas has’nt been good for them since there move(NU) to the B1G?

  7. I think we can win this Hudson kid cause RU has been loading up with DBs and I like his level headedness unlike Hallmon who only cares about reading his name in the news and playing games(I don’t mean FB)Haha!!Cordell will get plenty of opportunity here.Remember Cordell that KF is probably a lame duck at RU? HCSS will be here for awhile!!

  8. The secondary is a critical need. Hudson from all reports is an important prospect but no one can rely on these early words that these kids spout. I can’t help but recall those words from EBo and Edwards who we all know aren’t on the Orange roster. Is all until the big day in February. I think that date is entirely too long after the season is over. All it does is cost schools money and time and probably the nerves of the kids in prolonging the entire process.

  9. His height is still a concern. With movement towards taller and heavier WRs SMALL DBs are not the way to go. But to be honest with you the top programs know that too!! And they will sweep up those 6′ to 6’2 or so DBs out there before SU get a chance at them. Unless they are from NYS/NYC/LI or NJ areas. If HCSS loses these areas he’ll smell like GROB again!!

    DO NOT forget about the kids of PSABUSEDU!! THE NCAA DID!!

  10. Ed Brooks

    Good article Fitz. Any chance SU hits the JUCO ranks for some DBs in the event that Hudson spurns SU for Rutgers? Seems like they need as many quality players as they can get back there due to all the guys who will be gone after this year. Hopefully Wayne Morgan keeps progressing (I’m guessing he starts next year), but they need other guys who are ready to come in and contribute immediately. They need to increase team speed or they’ll be giving up 50 plus to FSU again next year.

  11. Cuse Don't Luse

    Can we talk about the Texas Bowl being a 20 minute drive from my house! I went to the dome for the clemson game (my first cuse football game in the dome) but I went to the Tulane game last year in the NOLA super dome and have been to the dome plenty of times for basketball and lacrosse but this is special to me 20 minutes away from my house I’m pumped

  12. CDL,that was the 1st thing I though of when I found out! Don’t worry CDL we all remember your Eastern Texas connection and are glad for you who sometimes feels isolated in a very large state!

  13. I thought the limit on recruits that any college could bring in was 25 tops. How in sam hell is Tennessee allowed to bring in 34 recruits? How is that even possible?Something just isn’t right here!!! That smells more than “Pepe Le Pew” during his hunt for a mate.

  14. No signatures yet. Risky if you ask me. Banking on either a lot of attrition after Butch’s first year or assuming to lose or worse quit on some. That’s their gamble to make. I am not sure, maybe they know of academic issues?

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