Jerami Grant’s Double Dozen Paces Syracuse in Impressive Win Over UNC

The sophomore gave Syracuse 12 points and 12 rebounds as the Orange cruises.

In one of the most highly anticipated matchups of the Syracuse season, the #2 Orange took out UNC 57-45 in front of 32,000 at the Dome.

Syracuse is still perfect at 16-0 and Jerami Grant was the man who played a big role. The sophomore continues to fill in for DaJuan Coleman beautifully (Coleman is working his way back from an injury). Grant posted a thoroughly efficient 12 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. It was his defensive contribution that rally helped Syracuse seal the W.

Coleman has disappointed many fans during his time at Syracuse and now with Grant in, the Orange is getting more of a defensive contribution. Even with Coleman in the lineup, Syracuse is a national championship contender. But Grant can do so much, and has become a critical piece of the puzzle. Not only can he hit the mid-range jumper, but he always plays solid defense. He wasn’t in foul trouble either, which is a common problem for Coleman.

Rakeem Christmas also played solid defense and although the hopes offense impact have disappeared, his D continues to improve. Some days are better, but now the Orange know what to get out of him.

Another opponent, another victory. While the Tar Heels are Jekyll and Hyde, they have some really impressive wins this season. Louisville, Michigan State and Kentucky have all been beaten by UNC. Syracuse’s victory – and the ease in which it happened – is another bench mark for this team. Feels like we’re sitting on a a pretty special Orange team this year.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. OrangeCrush27

    SU looked good in the first half. Second half was a different story. UNC is just awful.

    Another game ‘Cuse should have won by 20-30 points, but i’ll take the win

  2. 16-0 wow!!!!! After beating UNC on Saturday the questions that needs to be asked are. Does Syracuse break it’s record for the best start to a sesaon ever by going 25-0? After the win on Saturday does Syracuse run the table and go undefeated in it’s first season of play in the ACC? If not then who’s left that you think will beat the Cuse? Go back if you can to when Syracuse first announced it was going to the ACC,the remarks the people who live below the Mason Dixon Line were making about the Cuse. They didn’t like them then and must be extremely worried now.

    We have 14 more regular season games to play. Syracuse as predicted will be league champions and ACC Tournament Champions in it’s first year of competition. Only wish that it could have happened in Madison Square Garden. That would have been special.

  3. Coleman spends more time in the tattoo parlor than he does getting serious on the gym floor

  4. RON-please forget about the BIG LEAST!!! SU is out of that lousy league and now in the national scene on all major sports fronts. Its ACC time and lets enjoy it. I’ll give up MSG for that!! The only thing that pisses me off is all the ACC-BB games on the tube with really no name teams-night after night. While SUFB season you had to contact a wizard and have one of his magic tricks to see SUFB live!! Not a huge fan of JB but he surely has a recipe for college BB. If he wasn’t so crusty I bet the CUSE BB team would be more popular nation/world too!! But I’ll take the old grump anyway!! LOL!!

    OC27 Your right about UNC and throw Duke in there to.

  5. I think Pitt @Pitt will be tough. SU never plays well at the zoo. Also at Duke will be tough. Duke still a good team.

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