Reunited in Syracuse: Will Football Recruit Adly Enoicy Join Brisly Estime?

The Fizz sits down with potential Adly Enoicy, who could don Orange next year.

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via Sun Sentinel

Adly Enoicy was sitting on his couch in warm and sunny Delray Beach, Florida just a couple days after Christmas. The Orange was on the television. And Brisly Estime was back to return a punt.

“I knew he was going to return it. It wasn’t very surprising because I expect that from Brisly. That’s nothing new to me.”

The 6’4”, 215-pound wideout is a wizard on the football field, and apparently he can also predict the future. Enoicy watched as his good buddy swerved around a handful of maroon jerseys and then sprinted down the sideline on the grass field at Reliant Stadium, only to be tripped up inside the red zone. You all know what happened next.

The 3-star Florida native is one of the top 75 WRs in the country. And he told the Fizz he could see himself wearing the Orange and Blue next season along with his friend Brisly. Adly just finished up his senior year at Atlantic Community High School, just an hour north of Miami—the same high school as Estime. The two keep in touch, and text often. Brisly has told him many times how much he’s enjoyed his first year at Syracuse. And Enoicy understands why.

“The program as a whole is terrific. Syracuse as an education, it would give me a great opportunity in the future to succeed in life.”

The wide receiver is making a visit to Syracuse the weekend of January 31. That’s just a few days before National Signing Day. He’s received offers from big-time schools like Alabama, Auburn and Florida, but admits he hasn’t heard from them lately. Enoicy is focusing solely on the schools that are showing him the most interest: SU, Temple and Florida International.

The good news for Orange Nation is that Enoicy has had great talks with recruiting coordinator Eric White and coach George McDonald. The two have told Adly that he could be a huge piece of the Orange’s offense this fall. And why not? Enoicy is a monster in the receiving game, and totally dwarfs smaller corners. For a big guy, he still runs great routes and has good hands. He’s been playing wideout his entire life. He’s successful on the gridiron because of his freak athletic ability.

 “My aggressiveness and my hands are my biggest assets on the field. My size and my height is my biggest advantage. I’m also a strong guy. The corners I go up against, I can tell they don’t really lift as much as I do, so it gives me a great advantage.”

Enoicy might not have to worry about watching the Orange on TV anymore. Odds say he and Brisly could be tearing up ACC defenders for years to come. 

Posted by: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Cuse Don't Luse

    sounds like a good pick up but more importantly we have to beat out non bcs schools for recruits he should be committed if thats his true top 3

  2. OrangeCrush27

    Nice article. This recruiting class may could shape up to have a great group of WR’s that ‘Cuse hasn’t had in awhile.

    Hopefully he commits.

  3. These are the gets HCSS and staff have to sign for the SU program to move forward!!

    Do not forget the kids of PSABUSEDU!! The NCAA did!!

  4. He and Brisly tweet back and forth. I think he may be a silent verbal. I believe if one of the Florida schools made the right push (immediate PT) then we might have a fight on our hands, but especially with the PT Bris has gotten (keep in mind Brisly is older than the average Frosh) I think we may be more solid here than we can possibly know at this point.

  5. @Malone;

    earlier in the year we were talking about the possibility of getting some more 4* athletes to commit and on NLI day we’/were going to be pleasantly surprised with a couple more highly sought after recruits committing to the orange.

    They have Adly Enoicy rated as a 3* WR,but I feel is underrated standing at 6’5″ and 200 lbs should easily be a 4*,joining the likes of Cooper,Slayton,Franklin and Custis that have already committed to the Orange and Alin Edouard,AJ Long and KJ Williams all 4* athletes that have also committed to the Orange.

    I feel Shafer is putting together the best group of athletes that we’ve seen here in a long long time,and the best thing about it is he isn’t done recruiting yet.

  6. cuse309

    He’s a 4 star wr on ESPN

  7. Lou Utica

    These are the types of players that we had in 1985 thru 1997 at SU. We had kids who flew to the ball defensively and were great on the O side of the ball.

    keep em coming Coach Shaf and “mailman”.

  8. Well there you go people. ESPN has him as a 4* WR.

    Thanks cuse309 for giving us that information.

  9. The “ACC all Bowl Team”;take a look at who made the team.

    •Guard: Laken Tomlinson, Duke
    •Wide receiver: Rashad Greene, Florida State
    •Wide receiver: Sammy Watkins, Clemson
    •Tight end: Braxton Deaver, Duke
    •Linebacker: Telvin Smith, Florida State
    •Defensive back: P.J. Williams, Florida State
    •Punt returner: Brisly Estime, Syracuse
    •Kickoff returner: Levonte “Kermit” Whitfield, Florida State

    With Brisley making this team would lead one to think that it would help Adly decide to come to Syracuse.

    One can only hope.

  10. thesackster

    i see a whole new crop of wr’s playing this upcoming season, and it may not be pretty for uperclassman. loyalty is important but the bottom line is you play the best player per position PERIOD.. this guy could be one of those up and coming players if he commits here..

  11. I salivate imagining Enoisy and Custis out there together. They make Williams and Ishmael look small at 6’2″ 190 (both of whom we are pretty solid with). These are 6’5″ receivers. I don’t care what you think Terry, that is an elite set of tools. I think it possible that Enoisy does play TE, but whatever, just get him out there. Bubbles and check downs to Bris and Erv (real scat back types). I am not a huge Broyld fan, but with talent like this, he and others will find themselves open. DB speed is less a factor if they can’t reach the ball (I know Terry, that’s why you want 6’3″ DBs, but they are more rare than 6’5″ receivers).

  12. Cuse don't luse

    That’s why eakridge is so good he is athletic and around 6’3 with speed he will have to be a leader with the loss of the true leader in spruill

  13. Up late looking at the UA all-star game form week ago. After it they did a recruiting show. ESPN has SU’s class ranked last in the ACC. How the hell does Duke have a better recruiting class then SU. Double checked to make sure it wasn’t hoops lol. Ouch.

  14. @Carlton;

    To answer your question about Duke rankings in the ACC ahead of Syracuse. The answer has to be that they were more exciting to watch than Syracuse because both schools are just about equal as far as recruiting goes.

    Duke has 16 total recruits 3(4*)13(3*) recruits for 2014.

    Syracuse has 15 total recruits 3(4*)3(2*)11(3*) recruits for 2014.

    Shafer has offered 3 more scholarships for the class of 2015;

    3* 6’6″ 215 lb ATH. Dave Edwards out of Downers Grove North HS (Downers Grove ILL.)
    3* 6’6″ 244 lb TE Chris Clark out of Old Farms HS (Avon CT.)
    4* 6’5″ 280 lb OT Pat Allen from Reisterstown Md.

    No one can say that this coaching staff isn’t trying their best to bring in some good talent to Syracuse.

  15. MALONE MR MALONE!! I have always said the WR’s verbaled to SU are decent talent to good talent!! No doubts!! At least 3 stars to one 4 star! But some of the DB/S are on the short side. 5’10” against 6’2/ 6’3′ is no mans land in todays college football!! I’m talking 6’0″ and above but not JB talent.

    Carlton who had a better year DUKE or SU!! Winning/exposer gets you better talent and better talent(not hope n pray NR/2 stars) get you plenty of wins. Even BC and Pitt are cleaning SU clock this year in recruiting!! The facts speak for themselves!! I really don’t understand PITT doing decent to great compared to SU. The only thing about really different than SU is PITT uses the Steelers facilities and it must catch the eyes of many NE/others kids!! Oh well SU facilities will eventually get built I guess. RIGHT RON!!

    And this so called 2015 to future talent players on recruiting is of no interest to me. Many will not choose the CUSE anyway. This years staff got me really excited about the talent coming SU’s way(2014), but really 1 or 2 of them so far only verbaled!! I’m not falling in that trap again. Concentrate on the class of 2015 next year! Yes show major interest in 2015 and future, but stop the look sees from a year or two away down the road. It didn’t work this year and it won’t work next year unless SU gets into the top 25-hopefully!! It works for FSU/ALABAMA/ABURN/OKL and etc. SU isn’t there yet but their inching their way there!!

  16. Terry,just because a new building isn’t completed when you think that it should be doesn’t mean it hasn’t been started.

    I’m telling you that things have started on the new building.

    Completion date is set for August of 2014. Why not wait until then before we start throwing barbs out to those who are at fault for not getting it done earlier?

  17. Thanks Ron. I appreciate the faith. things are going slower than they probably should have, but work/progress is being made in an effort to assure that time is not being lost. August is still a reallistic completion date.

  18. As much as its needed guys I think we overrate the recruiting magic Terry expects will get because of a new IPF? It’ll certainly help but people/AC’s are recruits greatest influence!! I wonder if Jeff Hafley is available? Malone will know what I’m talking about!

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